The Twilight Saga

Plot: Chris and Wyatt have been sent back from the Future to change the past, in order to restore what should have been in the future. Will they succeed in their task in saving the young witch Bella Swan with the Charmed One's help?

Chapter 1


It was rather silent in the Halliwell Manor, as any week-end that was not interrupted with demons or warlocks.  The Charmed sisters were in the kitchen, Piper was making some breakfast for everyone. Well everyone that was in the house: That was her, her 2 sisters, her husband Leo and their charge Bella. Bella was a young girl aged 15, she lost her parents in a fire house and she was also a young witch coming into her powers. The elders wanted the sisters to protect her. Since Leo and Piper’s sons Wyatt and Chris were on a school trip, the house was rather silent. Wyatt was about 18 now in the Present and Chris was 16. They both knew Bella, from school. So they had nothing against her staying and being protected.

Phoebe was trying to write her advice column when Coop appeared out of thin air with their daughters Prudence and Parker he kissed her head softly. Phoebe smiled at them “Is Bella still asleep?” Coop asked, seeing it was rather silent in the kitchen.

Piper nodded “Yeah, she’s still asleep. Henry is gone as well and since Wyatt, Chris are on a school trip with his and Paige’s kids, its bit quite around the house, more than usual.” She said

Coop nodded “Oh, well breakfast smells nice.” He said as he sat down at the table with the kids smiling.

Prudence and Parker giggled “Well, Aunty Piper has always been a good cook.” They said looking at their dad. Phoebe just giggled smiling softly. Paige laughed softly “They know her better than you do.” She teased Coop.

Coop laughed softly. Piper laughed shaking her head as she put the plates on the table and she was about to serve breakfast, when the air around them all changed. It was like the windows swung open, when they were shut and not letting in any air inside the house, since the sisters had the air conditioning turned on. Chris and Wyatt suddenly appeared in the kitchen, right from the future.

Everyone looked at them confused, Piper was the one to speak first “Wyatt...Chris..what are you both doing here?” she asked “Not that I am not glad to see you, I am. I am just confused.” She said looking at her 2 sons from the future.

Chris and Wyatt looked at their mother “Good question.” Wyatt said “I was trying to calm Chris down just a few moments ago, when we suddenly appeared here.” He told Piper. Piper nodded, she then noticed how pale Chris looked, like he did not sleep for weeks. She frowned and she pulled out a chair for them both to sit on.

“You must be here for a reason.” Coop said “Why else would you be sent here?” he asked.

Just then, they all heard footsteps down the stairs. Bella was awake and she walked into the kitchen pulling her brown hair up into a pony tail, she was still wearing her pj’s.  “To change the past.” Wyatt suggested, just as his younger brother saw a picture pinned to the fridge. He pulled it from the fridge and he breathed out a shaky breath. It was a picture of him and Bella, Bella was kissing his cheek while he was smiling at the camera.

Phoebe looked at Chris “Chris?” she asked and she waved a hand in front of his face slightly, just when Bella walked in.

She stopped dead in her tracks, when she saw Wyatt and Chris from the future. She looked confused and she blinked “ are you back and why do you both look older?” Prudence and Parker giggled slightly under their breath, not because Bella’s question was slightly stupid, but because Bella looked so adorable when she was confused.

Wyatt chuckled softly, knowing Bella was still new to this and he smiled at her “We’re from the future, Bells.” He told her.

Bella slapped her forehead “Right...of course.” She said “Stupid question, Bells.” She said to her self and she noticed Chris looked stiff in his position, like he’d seen a ghost “Chris? Are you okay?” she asked as she was about to step closer to him, but instead he just stepped back from her.

Bella looked confused and slightly hurt, by his gesture. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She just sighed as she sat down beside Leo and she stared into her plate. Piper looked at Chris and Wyatt, she was giving them a look, that demanded she would be told what was going on with Chris.

Wyatt sighed “I’ll explain it later.” He said and he nudged Chris “Snap out of it, brother.” He said to him in the ear as Paige watched Bella worried.

Bella sighed as she pushed her plate away “I am going for a walk.” She said and she went back to her room, upstairs to change into something else. Chris sighed, watching her leave. He looked heartbroken, like he was reliving a painful memory all over again.

Wyatt looked at Chris “Maybe, you should go and speak to her.” He suggested.

“I...I can’t.” Chris said as he gripped onto the chair that was in front of him as he closed his eyes and he sighed. The picture slipped from his hands and landed on the floor.

Parker picked up the picture that fell onto the floor and she looked at it with her sister Prudence. “Is it about Bella?” she asked, trying to be cautious and she bit her lip, as she saw Chris grimace uncomfortable and shiver.

Phoebe looked at Chris “ need to tell us what is going on. Or we can’t help you.” She told him. Chris just shook his head as he orbed out of the room. Wyatt sighed as he leaned his head against the fridge door.

Piper looked at Leo, who was focused on Wyatt at the moment “Can you tell us?” Coop prompted Wyatt.

Wyatt sighed “It’s a long story. Besides, I think Chris should explain it to you all, when he’s up to it.” He said and he looked at Piper “Is the book still upstairs in the attic?” he asked.

Piper nodded “That’s where it always is.” She told him. Wyatt kissed her cheek nodding, before he jogged upstairs to the attic and he went to look at the Book of Shadows.

Leo sighed as he looked at the ceiling, his mind was on Bella. The way she looked so hurt when Chris stepped away from her, he knew what ever happened, it was not good.

Phoebe looked at them “Do you think, Chris will ever tell us what happened?”

“Let’s hope so.” Paige said “I will go and check on Bella.” she said and she got up from her chair and she went upstairs, just as Bella was coming back down a Demon appeared in front of Bella and shoved her over the railings of the stair case. Bella gasped as she fell down, the railing broke with her and she landed on the floor, unconscious.

The demon then threw a fire ball at Paige. “Fire Ball.” Paige said and the ball appeared in her hand and she threw it at the demon and the demon exploded.  Paige ran over to Bella, who was bleeding from her head slightly “Wyatt...Leo!” she called out.

Leo rushed over from the kitchen with the sisters, Coop and the kids. Wyatt orbed beside Bella and he kneeled down and he held out his hand over Bella’s wounds, his hand started to glow as he was healing her, it was rather slow, so Leo helped him out.

Bella came around while she was being healed and she blinked, as her vision was bit blurry. Wyatt helped her up and he looked at her worried “Are you okay?”

Bella nodded slightly as she held onto him, to regain her balance “I just feel dizzy.” She said and she leaned against the banister that was behind them. She looked at the mess “Umm sorry about the mess.” She said

Piper looked at Bella “Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up. Maybe you should rest and not go for a walk. “

Coop looked at Bella “Piper is right, who ever it was that attacked you, could have send more people after you. You’re safest here.”

Leo looked at Bella and Paige “How did the demon look like?” he asked

Paige looked at Leo “I’ll go check the book, I didn’t take a closer look, the book might jog my memory.” She said and she patted Bella’s shoulder softly. Wyatt helped Bella upstairs and to her room and he helped her sit down.

Bella looked at Wyatt “Thanks.” She said, giving him a sad smile.

Wyatt looked at her and he rubbed her arm softly “Rest...I’ll check on you later.” He said as he left Bella’s room, he noticed the pictures of her with Chris on her wall and desk. He smiled to him self, at the memories he was there to witness in the past. He left Bella’s door open and he went into the attic to help Paige.

Bella laid back against her pillows and she fell asleep. She looked bit shaken up and pale from the attack, so she needed to sleep it off.

Wyatt got to the attic, to see everyone else was there with Paige. “Found anything yet?” he asked as he raised an eyebrow slightly.

Paige nodded “ was a tracker.” She said

Wyatt frowned nodding “So, that means there might be on the way for Bella.” he said.

Paige nodded “Most likely.” She said and she looked at Leo “Go and see if the Elders have any leads on who send the tracker after Bella.” she said. Leo just nodded before he orbed out of the room.

Coop had his arm around Phoebe and Prudence was sitting on the couch with her sister Parker, they all looked worried.

“Do you think, Chris loves Bella?” Prudence asked, out of the blue. All eyes landed on her, Wyatt was the only one who was silent.

Piper noticed Wyatt’s expression and she looked at him “Spill it.” She said and she gave him a warm smile.

Wyatt looked at his mom and he chuckled softly at the way she said spill it. He looked at them “Prue’s hunch is right.” He said “They were together in the future...that’s all I am saying. It’s up to Chris, to tell you the rest. If I told you, he might get mad at me, for even saying it. It’s not my place.” He said as he sighed as Paige closed the book.

Phoebe looked at Wyatt “His reaction from earlier, would say something different.” She said

Wyatt nodded and he sighed “I know. But trust me, I seen the way he is around Bella. Just observe the present day Chris around, Bella when he gets back with my younger self.” He told them “You will see what I mean.”

“I think, I know what you mean already.” Piper said

Paige looked at Piper “You do?” she questioned as she rose an eyebrow at her slightly.

Piper looked at Paige “Did you ever notice, how much Chris, present day Chris always talked about Bella, non stop before he met her?” she asked her.

Paige thinks “Now, that you mention it.” She nodded “Yes.”

Piper nodded “He has feelings for her. Present day or from the future.” She said. “There is one question one. Does Bella know?”

Paige looked at Piper “I don’t know, If she feels the same way about him, she might know it, but is not saying anything, or she is confused about what she feels for him and is not sure if he feels the same way?” she suggested.

Coop looked at them “Maybe we can find out.” He said “Didn’t you say, that Paige once cast a spell to find out what you felt for your ex?” he asked Phoebe.

Phoebe looked at Coop “Well yes...but the spell won’t work, if we don’t have Chris here.” She said “Maybe someone should get him.” She said as she looked around at them all. Paige suggested she would go and find him, so she orbed out of the attic.

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Thanks :) You will find out soon. But as I said to Seugnet, they are not the only one's after Bella or the Charmed one's.

We are going to read this really soon and we can not wait to read more when we get done with these two-James & Stacey

I hope you will enjoy it :) thank you.

Oh we hope we will to :)-James & Stacey

post more soon 

I will update, as soon as I can :)

Chapter 3


Leo looked at Bella as she helped out two of the sisters “I think, Wyatt was right. Bella will need some training when it comes to her powers.” He said

Bella looked up at Leo “Powers? As in more than one?” she asked, she looked slightly horrified by that thought.  “Do you know, what powers I have?” she asked and she raised an eyebrow slightly, since Leo was an elder, maybe he knew what gifts she was blessed with.

“Well, the other elders have blessed you with both of the powers that Prue had and you will also have one of Piper’s and Phoebe’s powers, but I am not sure which of their powers you will have.” He told her. He noticed Chris biting his lip in a casual yet nervous way and he raised an eyebrow at his son softly “You know don’t you?”

Chris nodded “Of course I know, but I think, I should let Bella find out on her own.” He said

“Yet you’re not willing to let me help, when it comes to demon hunting.” Bella said as she looked at Chris. She crossed her arms softly over her chest. Piper just looked between them two, she agreed with Bella on that, since she had a point.

“Bella, does have a point.” Paige was the first one to speak up for Bella “As Wyatt said, you should have more faith in Bella.” she said “I know you’re worried, but if we teach her well enough, she will be alright with us.” She said

Chris sighed, he looked at his aunt “I know, but still.....” he got cut off before he could finish the rest of the sentence

“You’re stubborn.” Bella finished

“Oh, and you’re not?” Chris asked as he raised an eyebrow at Bella.

“I never claimed, that I wasn’t.” she said truthfully “But, you should go and rest.” She said, as it was clear Chris did not rest, not even since he arrived here in the past with his brother, earlier that day.

“But..I am fine.” Chris said defending him self.

Bella shakes her head softly “Chris, you’re not fine.” She said “You look paler than the spider demon and a Vampire put together, you need to rest, need the energy if you want to help out, not just with me, but with the demon issue. But you need your strength, you look like you didn’t sleep in weeks.” She said as she looked at him “I know, we’re both stubborn, but you should listen to me on this.” she looked worried, as he looked increasingly more paler as the time went by.

Parker laughed softly “It’s so amusing, watching you two argue. You’re like an old married couple.” She said.

Bella looked at her “Well, I am glad you find it amusing.” She said, in a slightly sarcastic tone. Parker just laughed shaking her head softly, with Coop and Leo who laughed along with her.

Chris tried not to chuckle at what Parker said, but it was bit hard not to. He then looked at Bella “Either you been in the book too much, or you watched too many horror movies.” He said

Bella rolled her eyes slightly “Okay, you have a point about both, but you need some rest.” She said as she looked at him

“You’re not giving up are you?” Chris asked as he smiled softly, He was silent for a few moments “Fine, I’ll go and rest.” He said and he gave her a soft smile, before he orbed out of the attic and into the guest room for him and Wyatt and he laid down on the bed and he soon fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the attic books were clean again. Bella looked at one book shelf in particular; It had Prue’s books on astral projection and fighting. Piper noticed Bella looking at the books and she smiled softly “You can take them, they might be useful for you, since you have both of Prue’s powers.” She said

“You don’t mind?” Bella asked her.

Piper shakes her head smiling “No of course not. No one in the family uses them anyways.” She said and she patted her back softly and she let Bella take the 4 books. They all went downstairs into the living room and Bella sat down by the fire as she studying the book and she made some notes for her self on a note pad.

It was a few hours later, that Wyatt arrived back. He had the other book of Shadows with him and some other things, but they were all in a bag. He saw they were all in the living room “Where’s Chris?” he asked.

Bella looked up at him “He’s upstairs, sleeping. I told him he should rest.” She said and she noticed Wyatt looked concerned and worried. He dropped the book as if he sensed something was wrong and he ran up the stairs. Bella ran after him “Wyatt!” she called after him, as she took 2 steps at one time.

The sisters and Leo with Coop were right behind her, When they all burst into the main bedroom, they saw a demon had Chris and disappeared with Chris before any of them could do anything about it. Bella gasped in shock while the others looked shocked as well. Wyatt let out a growl as he hit the wall “Damn it!” he said. He knew it was one of the trackers that was after Bella, they resorted to a new tactic. By getting to Chris first, they would be able to get to her.

Bella sighed as she covered her face with her hands “This is my fault.” She said

Piper looked at Bella “Don’t say that.” She said shaking her head “You can’t blame your self, for the demon taking Chris.” She said

“They did it, to get to me. Surely.” Bella sighed. She knew she would never forgive her self, if something bad happened to Chris. She would not live with it. Phoebe looked at Bella sensing her worry and concern and she squeezed her hand.

“We will get him back.” Phoebe said “All of us.” She said and they all went downstairs, while Bella took the other book from the attic.

Wyatt looked at Bella “Come on, I will need to teach you a few things before we can go.” He said and he looked at her “Try to move something.” He told her. Bella closed her eyes as she concentrated on something from the top of her head, but Wyatt did not see anything move in the room, until he could hear shaking from the hall way, he poked his head around the door way, to see the big statue in the hall way, levitating up above the ground. His eyes widened slightly in shock, no one could move that statue on their own, but Bella was doing it. It was slightly shaky and uneven as it floated back down with a soft thud. But Bella moved it.

“Well that was not what I had in mind, but it will work.” Wyatt said and he took Bella to the hall way, maybe closer proximity would help her move it. Meanwhile Piper and Phoebe were looking through the book to find a spell, or something to help find the tracker demons and their leader. Paige was scrying for Chris, but she had no luck.

Bella looked at Wyatt, Wyatt just gave her a nod “Try to move it into the living room.” He told her smiling “I know you can do it.” He said, he had faith in her, He kept by her side keeping an eye on her.

Bella took a shaky breath as she was nervous and she concentrated on the big statue in the hall way and it started to levitate in the air, as it did, Bella softly moved her hand with it keeping it in the air. She then showed her palm towards the statue, causing it float backwards and into the living room. She followed it with Wyatt, keeping it clean in the air.

Piper noticed Bella moving the statue and the sisters stared at the statue and Bella in shock as Bella lowered it silently and neatly in the living room, by the tv set where there was space for it. “” she said “It took Prue a spell to move that thing in the air, and 8 friends of Phoebe’s to move the whole thing into the hall way.” She said

Wyatt looked at his mom and he chuckled softly smiling “Bella is very powerful, even if her powers are tied in her emotions, her emotions double her strength like they did now.” He said “I think, she is concentrating on Finding Chris as much as the rest of us, which helps. Since she can be deadly when it comes to battling Demons, especially when she gets angry. One time, she almost blew up the whole attic, when demons attacked.” He said

Bella looked at Wyatt “Wait did you say, blew it up?” she said. He just nodded and Bella went to the kitchen and she grabbed an Orange and she handed it to Wyatt “Throw it up in the air for me.” She told him.

Wyatt threw it up in the air and he watched as Bella did the same hand movement as his mom when she was using her fire power and the orange exploded cleanly and loudly in the air. Piper smiled softly “Nice exploding.” She told Bella and she looked at Wyatt “You do know you just told Bella about one of her powers.”

Wyatt chuckled “I did? Didn’t Chris tell her him self?”

Bella shakes her head “No, he wanted me to find out on my own. But thanks for telling me.” She said as she patted his back and he just chuckled and he nodded.

Piper smiled softly and she went back to looking at the Book of Shadows with Phoebe. Wyatt looked at Bella “Now, for astral projection.” He told Bella, whose eyes widened slightly, she was bit freaked out about that power. He chuckled softly and he patted her back “Don’t worry, your power might be a little more advanced, but it will be okay.”

“How advanced?” Bella asked looking at Wyatt, not even noticing that she was already using her astral projection power as she spoke.

Wyatt just nodded to her side and Bella looked to her left, to see her own replica standing to her left. She blinked “Wow.” She said. She did not even have to close her eyes, to astral project her self like Prue used to do. “I see what you mean by advanced.” Bella said and Leo just nodded with Coop.

“Very advanced.” They both said softly and chuckled. “Now, since you been reading how to teach your astral self to fight, try it out.” He said smiling.

Her astral self clicked her fingers and she focused on the table, there was a fork on the plate there. She waved her hand at the fork, but it barely shook. So she tried again a few times, until it flew in the air and hit the wall, where there was a hole from demon fighting anyways. She then held her hand out and the fork flew back into her hand.

Piper, Phoebe and Paige watched her and they smiled “Nicely done.” They said and Piper looked at Wyatt “You know, you’re a good teacher.” She said to her son smiling.

Wyatt chuckled “You sound so surprised mom.” He said as Bella’s astral self disappeared and Bella caught the fork before it hit the floor. “I learned from you.” He told her smiling.

Bella smiled softly and she shakes her head softly at them, giggling a bit. “Did you teach me in the future?” she asked and Wyatt nodded. She nodded even though she looked slightly surprised, he just chuckled.

He then summoned his sword Excalibur into his hands. Bella stepped back “ that Excalibur?” she asked with wide eyes.

Wyatt nodded “Yep.” He said and he threw Bella a sword that he picked up from the floor, Bella caught it. She looked at the sword and then at Wyatt. “Sword fighting teaches control.” He said “Come on.” He said and he smirked playfully at Bella.

“Just don’t break anything.” Piper said as she watched them starting to fight with swords. Wyatt taught Bella some basic moves, that could also be used in hand to hand combat.

 Bella was a fast learner and she was also skilled. They fought their way across the house, on the ground floor mostly and didn’t break anything. They finished fighting when Paige announced that she found Chris, after 3 hours.

Piper and Phoebe in the mean time found a vanquishing potion for the demons so they started to make it. It was almost done. Wyatt and Bella set down the swords as they took a drink and dried them selves off as they were both sweating. They were both already dressed in combat wear. So Bella did not change, nor Wyatt.

Bella helped put the potion into viles when it was finished and each of them took 4 viles each. Only Coop and Leo stayed behind to look after Parker and Prudence. Wyatt looked down at the map, Chris was in the woods, few hours away. They all joined hands and Wyatt orbed them there.

Wow, she is powerful!  I hope they can rescue Chris in time!!

Yeah, Bella is one of the powerful one's, just like Wyatt. No wonder demons want her powers.Yeah :( hopefully they can get to Chris in time and get him back :)

 Chapter 4

When they got there. It was nearing the middle of the night, but there were fires in the middle of the woods, keeping the light around everything and everyone. It was arranged into a circle. It looked like the perfect battle field. But Chris was no where to be seen, they just knew he was close by though.

“Mhh, I didn’t expect to see all of you.” A deep voice came from deep within the shadows. “I was rather hoping for young Bella and Wyatt.” The voice carried on.

“Well, you got all of us.” Piper said and she glared into the shadows “Where is my son?” she demanded.

“Chris is it?” the demon smirked as he stepped out from the shadows. The sisters stared in shocked when they saw who it was. It was Zankou. Zankou was the one who sent the tracker demons after them. “Long time no see.” He said smirking at the sisters.

“What did you do with him?” Bella glared at Zankou and she saw his tracker demons around and she glared at them too. One of them stepped closer to her, but she just blew him up with one smooth and angry blast.

Zankou laughed his evil laugh “Oh, how sweet. You came to save the little whitelighter.” He said, in a mocking tone. He looked at Bella as she blew up one of his demons “That was one of my best trackers.” He hissed.

Bella looked at him “I will say it again! What did you to Chris?!” she yelled now. Her voice boomed through out the entire forest “We will just keep blowing up your tracker demons, until you tell us what we want to know.” She said

Zankou looked at Bella and he smirked “Fine, have it your way then.” He said as he looked at all of them and he clapped his hand and all of the demons ran at Bella, Wyatt and the sisters. The potion viles flew through the air and it killed 8 groups of the tracker demons. They saved some of the potions for later. Only about 5 demons were left, as the sisters killed the others at the house.

Zankou growled out and he threw a fire ball at Bella. Bella gasped and she somehow found her self levitating in the air, she lowered her self down when the fire ball hit the tree and she used her mind power to send him flying back a few hundred feet. He hit a tree and fell down with a big thud.

Zankou struggled to get up, but Bella’s astral self appeared by him and knocked him out for a few moments. Zankou woke up and he grabbed at her uncle, thinking it was the real Bella, but her astral self disappeared and Bella smirked at him “Missed.” She said.

One of the tracker Demons dragged Chris over, Chris looked pale because he lost bit of blood and he groaned and he saw Bella “Bells.” He breathed out.

“Let him go!” Bella hissed at the demons with the sister and Wyatt at the same time.

Zankou smirked “Fine, I will let him go. But you will need to battle the trackers first.” He said looking at them “One of you, only.” He said.

“Fine!” Bella said as she stepped into the fire circle before Wyatt could grab her and pull her back. Even Chris exclaimed the word no and he looked horrified that Bella was doing this.

Zankou smirked as he looked at her “Ah...bravery.” he said and he clicked his fingers and 2 larger tracker demons appeared in front of Bella. They looked brutal, like wrestlers or something “Since, you are so powerful. I thought I’d even up the challenge.” He said

Bella looked at the 2 larger demons in front of her and she pulled her hair up tightly into a pony tail and she got her self ready. She then levitated up in the air, kicking both of the demons in the jaw, it sent them tumbling to the ground as she landed back on her 2 feet. Phoebe and Piper looked at each other, than Chris worried. This reminded them of years ago, when Prue was still alive.

The demons flipped them selves back onto their feet and one of them threw Bella. But Bella flipped her self up in the air and she done a back flip, kicking them once again. She glared at the demons who summoned their swords, she kicked one of their swords from their hands and she stabbed the demon who she got the sword from and the demon exploded. She then leaped at the other demon with her sword, doing a back flip and stabbing him in the process.

The demon fell into the fire and sizzled out as the sword disappeared from her hand. She then threw one of the potion viles at the demon that had a grip on Chris. The Demon exploded as he dropped Chris to the floor. Bella ran over to Chris with Wyatt who healed his younger brother straight away.

Chris blinked as he hugged Bella and he closed his eyes as he breathed in her scent. He got up with her and Wyatt, they all stood by each other and the other tracker demons and Zankou threw fire balls at them.

At the same time, all 3 of them held out their hands and it sent all of the fire balls hurling at the demons instead. It was like they all challenged Wyatt’s powers. The blast took all of the demons out, but left Zankou standing weakly. As the blast took everyone out, the wind picked up around them as they lowered their hands.

They all then threw the rest of the potions at Zankou, killing him off for once and for all this time. “Now that was a vanquish.” Piper said.

Bella looked at Chris and she hugged him again and she closed her eyes “Are you okay?” she asked as she looked up at him. Chris nodded as he leaned his forehead against hers softly for a few moments and he closed his eyes.

“Thank you, for saving my life.” Chris said and he looked at her and he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear “But, It’s my job to keep you safe.” He told her

Wyatt chuckled softly and he smiled “And sometimes, it’s our job to keep you safe brother.” He told Chris and he smiled “Come on, let’s go home.” He said and he took Bella’s hand, while Bella held onto Chris’s hand. The rest joined hands as well and Wyatt orbed him, Bella and Chris home while Paige orbed her and her sisters’ home. They all arrived in the living room at the same time.

Leo and Coop sighed in relief when they saw them all arrive at the same time “Thank god. We’ve been worried over here.” He said and he looked at Chris “Are you okay?” he asked his son and he smiled.

Chris nodded smiling “I am...if they didn’t come and get me and if Bella didn’t risk her life, then I am might not be standing here.” He said.

Coop looked at Bella “You risked your life?” he asked, he looked shocked. She was willing to put her self in danger at such a young age. He then saw the way she looked at Chris, who did not notice. He knew she did it out of love.

“For Chris.” Bella said and she smiled softly “Always.” She added. Wyatt smiled softly and Chris bit his lip slightly and he gave Bella’s hand a soft squeeze. Bella then noticed something odd going on with the book of Shadows. It was shaking slightly while glowing a bright orange colour, the triqautra seemed to change it’s shape slightly. Instead having 3 points like it usually did, it had 5 now.

As it finished it’s transition, an Elder orbed in with someone by their side. The blue orbs around the other person died down after a few moments and Piper and Phoebe gasped in shock with Leo “Prue.” They breathed out. Prue was standing in front of them, well and alive. She looked just like the day she died.

“The power of 5.” The elder said as she looked at Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Bella smiling softly. “Bella has shown great courage today to save one of her childhood friend, and you girls have done good things over the past few years. This is your reward.” She said as she looked at Prue.

“” Leo stumbled as he looked at Prue

The Elder looked at Leo “We made Prue, whitelighter, but she still has her witch powers.” She explained and she smiled softly “I will let you all, greet each other.” She then orbed out, leaving Prue there.

Prue noticed young Bella, who watched her in shock. Prue smiled softly at Bella “Are you Piper’s daughter?” she asked.

Bella looked surprised at that question and she shakes her head softly “No...I am just a friend of the family.” She said and she smiled softly “I am Bella.” she said

Prue smiled softly “Nice to meet you Bella.” she said and she smiled softly as she shook her hand softly, she then looked at Chris and Wyatt “And who are these handsome young men? Boyfriend? Husband?” she asked Bella.

Bella blushed a bit and she giggled softly “Very good friends.” She said and she smiled softly

Wyatt chuckled and Chris smiled softly “We are Piper and Leo’s sons, Wyatt and Chris.” They said “From the future actually. It’s a long story. Our younger selves are on a trip at the moment.” Chris added.

Prue blinked “Oh gosh, I did miss a lot while being dead.” She said

Piper looked at Prue and she hugged her tightly and Prue smiled as she hugged her sister back and she then noticed Paige, who stood by Phoebe. “This is our sister Paige.” Piper said and she smiled

Prue looked shocked “We had another sister?” she asked, her eyebrows raised in curiosity and shock.

Paige nodded “Half sister.” She said “My father is Sam, our mom’s whitelighter.” She said as she looked at Prue.

Prue looked at her youngest sister “Oh, well welcome to the family.” She said and she smiled softly. As the evening went on, everyone was introduced to Prue and Prue was filled in, on what went on while she had been dead.

Interesting twist!  I wonder what will happen next?

Yeah :) I wanted to bring Prue back, so it would make the family stronger, given that Bella needs protecting from being killed. So I guess that is why the twist came about :)

More twists might be up my sleeve :)


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