The Twilight Saga

Plot: Chris and Wyatt have been sent back from the Future to change the past, in order to restore what should have been in the future. Will they succeed in their task in saving the young witch Bella Swan with the Charmed One's help?

Chapter 1


It was rather silent in the Halliwell Manor, as any week-end that was not interrupted with demons or warlocks.  The Charmed sisters were in the kitchen, Piper was making some breakfast for everyone. Well everyone that was in the house: That was her, her 2 sisters, her husband Leo and their charge Bella. Bella was a young girl aged 15, she lost her parents in a fire house and she was also a young witch coming into her powers. The elders wanted the sisters to protect her. Since Leo and Piper’s sons Wyatt and Chris were on a school trip, the house was rather silent. Wyatt was about 18 now in the Present and Chris was 16. They both knew Bella, from school. So they had nothing against her staying and being protected.

Phoebe was trying to write her advice column when Coop appeared out of thin air with their daughters Prudence and Parker he kissed her head softly. Phoebe smiled at them “Is Bella still asleep?” Coop asked, seeing it was rather silent in the kitchen.

Piper nodded “Yeah, she’s still asleep. Henry is gone as well and since Wyatt, Chris are on a school trip with his and Paige’s kids, its bit quite around the house, more than usual.” She said

Coop nodded “Oh, well breakfast smells nice.” He said as he sat down at the table with the kids smiling.

Prudence and Parker giggled “Well, Aunty Piper has always been a good cook.” They said looking at their dad. Phoebe just giggled smiling softly. Paige laughed softly “They know her better than you do.” She teased Coop.

Coop laughed softly. Piper laughed shaking her head as she put the plates on the table and she was about to serve breakfast, when the air around them all changed. It was like the windows swung open, when they were shut and not letting in any air inside the house, since the sisters had the air conditioning turned on. Chris and Wyatt suddenly appeared in the kitchen, right from the future.

Everyone looked at them confused, Piper was the one to speak first “Wyatt...Chris..what are you both doing here?” she asked “Not that I am not glad to see you, I am. I am just confused.” She said looking at her 2 sons from the future.

Chris and Wyatt looked at their mother “Good question.” Wyatt said “I was trying to calm Chris down just a few moments ago, when we suddenly appeared here.” He told Piper. Piper nodded, she then noticed how pale Chris looked, like he did not sleep for weeks. She frowned and she pulled out a chair for them both to sit on.

“You must be here for a reason.” Coop said “Why else would you be sent here?” he asked.

Just then, they all heard footsteps down the stairs. Bella was awake and she walked into the kitchen pulling her brown hair up into a pony tail, she was still wearing her pj’s.  “To change the past.” Wyatt suggested, just as his younger brother saw a picture pinned to the fridge. He pulled it from the fridge and he breathed out a shaky breath. It was a picture of him and Bella, Bella was kissing his cheek while he was smiling at the camera.

Phoebe looked at Chris “Chris?” she asked and she waved a hand in front of his face slightly, just when Bella walked in.

She stopped dead in her tracks, when she saw Wyatt and Chris from the future. She looked confused and she blinked “ are you back and why do you both look older?” Prudence and Parker giggled slightly under their breath, not because Bella’s question was slightly stupid, but because Bella looked so adorable when she was confused.

Wyatt chuckled softly, knowing Bella was still new to this and he smiled at her “We’re from the future, Bells.” He told her.

Bella slapped her forehead “Right...of course.” She said “Stupid question, Bells.” She said to her self and she noticed Chris looked stiff in his position, like he’d seen a ghost “Chris? Are you okay?” she asked as she was about to step closer to him, but instead he just stepped back from her.

Bella looked confused and slightly hurt, by his gesture. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She just sighed as she sat down beside Leo and she stared into her plate. Piper looked at Chris and Wyatt, she was giving them a look, that demanded she would be told what was going on with Chris.

Wyatt sighed “I’ll explain it later.” He said and he nudged Chris “Snap out of it, brother.” He said to him in the ear as Paige watched Bella worried.

Bella sighed as she pushed her plate away “I am going for a walk.” She said and she went back to her room, upstairs to change into something else. Chris sighed, watching her leave. He looked heartbroken, like he was reliving a painful memory all over again.

Wyatt looked at Chris “Maybe, you should go and speak to her.” He suggested.

“I...I can’t.” Chris said as he gripped onto the chair that was in front of him as he closed his eyes and he sighed. The picture slipped from his hands and landed on the floor.

Parker picked up the picture that fell onto the floor and she looked at it with her sister Prudence. “Is it about Bella?” she asked, trying to be cautious and she bit her lip, as she saw Chris grimace uncomfortable and shiver.

Phoebe looked at Chris “ need to tell us what is going on. Or we can’t help you.” She told him. Chris just shook his head as he orbed out of the room. Wyatt sighed as he leaned his head against the fridge door.

Piper looked at Leo, who was focused on Wyatt at the moment “Can you tell us?” Coop prompted Wyatt.

Wyatt sighed “It’s a long story. Besides, I think Chris should explain it to you all, when he’s up to it.” He said and he looked at Piper “Is the book still upstairs in the attic?” he asked.

Piper nodded “That’s where it always is.” She told him. Wyatt kissed her cheek nodding, before he jogged upstairs to the attic and he went to look at the Book of Shadows.

Leo sighed as he looked at the ceiling, his mind was on Bella. The way she looked so hurt when Chris stepped away from her, he knew what ever happened, it was not good.

Phoebe looked at them “Do you think, Chris will ever tell us what happened?”

“Let’s hope so.” Paige said “I will go and check on Bella.” she said and she got up from her chair and she went upstairs, just as Bella was coming back down a Demon appeared in front of Bella and shoved her over the railings of the stair case. Bella gasped as she fell down, the railing broke with her and she landed on the floor, unconscious.

The demon then threw a fire ball at Paige. “Fire Ball.” Paige said and the ball appeared in her hand and she threw it at the demon and the demon exploded.  Paige ran over to Bella, who was bleeding from her head slightly “Wyatt...Leo!” she called out.

Leo rushed over from the kitchen with the sisters, Coop and the kids. Wyatt orbed beside Bella and he kneeled down and he held out his hand over Bella’s wounds, his hand started to glow as he was healing her, it was rather slow, so Leo helped him out.

Bella came around while she was being healed and she blinked, as her vision was bit blurry. Wyatt helped her up and he looked at her worried “Are you okay?”

Bella nodded slightly as she held onto him, to regain her balance “I just feel dizzy.” She said and she leaned against the banister that was behind them. She looked at the mess “Umm sorry about the mess.” She said

Piper looked at Bella “Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up. Maybe you should rest and not go for a walk. “

Coop looked at Bella “Piper is right, who ever it was that attacked you, could have send more people after you. You’re safest here.”

Leo looked at Bella and Paige “How did the demon look like?” he asked

Paige looked at Leo “I’ll go check the book, I didn’t take a closer look, the book might jog my memory.” She said and she patted Bella’s shoulder softly. Wyatt helped Bella upstairs and to her room and he helped her sit down.

Bella looked at Wyatt “Thanks.” She said, giving him a sad smile.

Wyatt looked at her and he rubbed her arm softly “Rest...I’ll check on you later.” He said as he left Bella’s room, he noticed the pictures of her with Chris on her wall and desk. He smiled to him self, at the memories he was there to witness in the past. He left Bella’s door open and he went into the attic to help Paige.

Bella laid back against her pillows and she fell asleep. She looked bit shaken up and pale from the attack, so she needed to sleep it off.

Wyatt got to the attic, to see everyone else was there with Paige. “Found anything yet?” he asked as he raised an eyebrow slightly.

Paige nodded “ was a tracker.” She said

Wyatt frowned nodding “So, that means there might be on the way for Bella.” he said.

Paige nodded “Most likely.” She said and she looked at Leo “Go and see if the Elders have any leads on who send the tracker after Bella.” she said. Leo just nodded before he orbed out of the room.

Coop had his arm around Phoebe and Prudence was sitting on the couch with her sister Parker, they all looked worried.

“Do you think, Chris loves Bella?” Prudence asked, out of the blue. All eyes landed on her, Wyatt was the only one who was silent.

Piper noticed Wyatt’s expression and she looked at him “Spill it.” She said and she gave him a warm smile.

Wyatt looked at his mom and he chuckled softly at the way she said spill it. He looked at them “Prue’s hunch is right.” He said “They were together in the future...that’s all I am saying. It’s up to Chris, to tell you the rest. If I told you, he might get mad at me, for even saying it. It’s not my place.” He said as he sighed as Paige closed the book.

Phoebe looked at Wyatt “His reaction from earlier, would say something different.” She said

Wyatt nodded and he sighed “I know. But trust me, I seen the way he is around Bella. Just observe the present day Chris around, Bella when he gets back with my younger self.” He told them “You will see what I mean.”

“I think, I know what you mean already.” Piper said

Paige looked at Piper “You do?” she questioned as she rose an eyebrow at her slightly.

Piper looked at Paige “Did you ever notice, how much Chris, present day Chris always talked about Bella, non stop before he met her?” she asked her.

Paige thinks “Now, that you mention it.” She nodded “Yes.”

Piper nodded “He has feelings for her. Present day or from the future.” She said. “There is one question one. Does Bella know?”

Paige looked at Piper “I don’t know, If she feels the same way about him, she might know it, but is not saying anything, or she is confused about what she feels for him and is not sure if he feels the same way?” she suggested.

Coop looked at them “Maybe we can find out.” He said “Didn’t you say, that Paige once cast a spell to find out what you felt for your ex?” he asked Phoebe.

Phoebe looked at Coop “Well yes...but the spell won’t work, if we don’t have Chris here.” She said “Maybe someone should get him.” She said as she looked around at them all. Paige suggested she would go and find him, so she orbed out of the attic.

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Wonderful chapters. Sorry I missed when you first posted.

It's okay :) glad you liked the chapters

 Chapter 5

It had been at least a week since Prue was returned, since the power of 5 was formed. Demon free week at least for a while. Everyone was glad off that, as Prue could spend some quality time with her family and get to know them, she also started to teach Bella more about Astral projection and telekinesis, while Wyatt carried on training her. Chris helped out where he could as well. While Piper taught Bella potions and spells with Phoebe and Paige.

It was mid morning and Bella was taking a break from her school studies and potion/spell studies. She got a letter from younger Chris and present from his school trip with Wyatt. They would be home in a few months, since the school trip would last over summer. It was the third time that Bella was reading the letter and it made her smile.

Dear Bella,

I wish you would have to Italy with me and Wyatt. There are so many things to do, some many wonderful and nice places to see.  But I know, you had some things to deal with so could not come. Anyways, I hope that one day I could take you here, just us two. I am sure you would love it here. I know, I’ve been gone a few days but I already miss you to bits. Gosh I know I probably sound bit odd right now, but it’s true. J I will make sure to take lots more photos, so me and Wyatt can show them to you and the family when we get back from our trip at the end of Summer. I miss everyone back home including you. Tell them me and Wyatt said hi. I know, I won’t be around for your birthday this year, so I sent you a little birthday present all the way from Italy. I know, you might tell me I shouldn’t have gotten you this, but here is it anyways. We will make sure, we will do something after we get back from the trip. I will call you later this week.

Missing you lots, Chris. XOX.

Bella closed the letter as she tucked it away into the envelope again. She smiled softly as she looked down at the silver locket he got her. It was beautiful. Inside was a picture of them both. She already had it around her neck.

Prue looked over at Bella from, her newspaper and she gave her a soft smile. Bella smiled back at Prue softly as she sipped her orange juice. She then heard music from upstairs, it sounded like it was coming from Chris’s room. She was curious so she went upstairs quietly. She saw Phoebe on the landing; she looked like she was watching something. She poked her head around and her eyes widened slightly in shock and surprise as she saw Chris dancing to Pump up the Jam. She bit her lip trying not to laugh at his dance moves; he did not seem to notice either of them watching him, as he was so absorbed into the music.

After 1 minute, Phoebe and Bella sneaked downstairs biting their lips, suppressing their laughter so Chris would not see them. As soon as they got to the kitchen, they both burst into laughter in Unison. Prue and Wyatt looked at them confused, then at each other “What did you two do now?” Wyatt asked his aunt and his friend, he raised an eyebrow at them.

Bella tried to stop giggling “Wh...what ma...makes thi...nk we done som...ething?” she asked through her laughter. Phoebe was laughing so hard, she almost fell back but she gripped onto a chair that was standing in front of her.

“Because, you and Phoebe don’t usually laugh like maniacs unless you two got up to something.” Wyatt said.

Phoebe laughed softly “Gee thanks, Wyatt.” She said shaking her head “Plus, it was not use two. It was your brother Chris.” She told him.

Wyatt looked confused “Chris got Bella in trouble?” he asked.

Bella laughed as she shakes her head “No, you’re the one who usually gets me in trouble.” She told Wyatt and she gave him a playfully smirk. “We saw Chris dancing, it was rather funny. Didn’t how what moves he could bust to Pump up the Jam.” She said laughing more, with each word she said.

Wyatt then laughed softly “Oh god, tell me he did his but wiggle.” He said and the girls nodded laughing more, which amused Wyatt as well as he chuckled softly. Prue just laughed shaking her head softly at them 3. Bella tried to stop laughing with Phoebe, but Chris’ dance moves kept replying over and over in their heads and it was bit hard to stop.

They heard footsteps down the stairs few minutes later, so they both tried to compose their selves by biting their lips to stop them laughing. Chris walked in, like nothing happened and he saw their red faces from laughing and he raised an eyebrow at them both “What’s going on?” he asked.

Phoebe bit down on her lip harder, to stop it from trembling as she wanted to laugh again. “Nothing...nothing...nothing...nothing...nothing.” Bella said, biting down on her lip.

“One nothing would have been plenty Bells.” Chris told her and he kept his eyebrows raised at them both, waiting for one of them to crack and spill the beans on, what was going on. Wyatt looked amused but he was not laughing. He was sitting beside his aunt Prue at the table and he was sipping a drink from a glass, watching his other aunt, his brother and Bella. Phoebe bit down on her lip harder, but a giggle escaped her lips and she could not her self but dance one of the dance moves that Chris did upstairs. Bella just burst into laughter when Phoebe done that, as Chris’ eyes widened in horror “Oh my god! You saw!” he said and he turned bright red, he looked really embarrassed, they both caught him dancing.

Just at that moment, Leo orbed in with Paige and Piper and they looked confused at them all “What did we miss?”

“Oh just this.” Bella said as she joined in dancing with Phoebe and they both dancing around Chris and into the living room, in fits of laughter. They were both playfully teasing him. Chris groaned as he hid his face between his hands “This is so embarrassing.” Wyatt just chuckled again and he patted Chris’ back softly after he stood up.

“Next time, you might want to bust your moves in private, little brother.” He told him.

Paige laughed softly “I gather, they caught him dancing?” she asked.

“What? Chris never lets us watch him dance.” Piper said, giggling as she watched her sister and Bella carrying on in the living room. They seemed to be having fun. She smiled shaking her head softly.

“For a good reason.” Chris muttered under his breath as he went to the kitchen and he caught Bella and he started to tickle her. Bella wiggled in his arms laughing as she leaned her back against his chest trying to wiggle out of his arms.

Phoebe laughed and she smiled softly. She playfully got Chris in an arm hook and she ruffled his hair, as she soon as she did. She had a premonition, or rather an chain of events, she was sure some of them were from the past, some would be from the future? But the only issue was, she was not sure which future, the one from where Chris came from or the near future?:

It was rather windy day and Bella was sitting outside in the garden, on the step by the door. Tears were running down her cheeks, as she had lost her parents a few days ago. She was shaken up about it. Seeing her parents get killed and discovering that she was a witch in the process. She was not sure where to turn. She had no one left apart from her school friend Chris, his brother Wyatt and their family. The Halliwells.

Chris was watching her from the door way and he sighed. He walked over to her and he wrapped his arms around her tightly. As soon as he did, Bella broke down in his arms. Chris placed a soft kiss to her hair as he rubbed her back softly and he rocked her back and forth, soothingly. “Shh, it’s okay. I am here.” He told her as he held her close and he was rubbing her back softly.

“I don’t want to lose you.” Bella sobbed into his chest. She was scared of losing Chris too, she was always closest to him, since they met when she was 10 years old.

Chris held her close “You won’t, I am not going anywhere.” He told her as he placed a soft kiss to her hair rubbing her back.

Bella noticed Chris looked stiff in his position, like he’d seen a ghost “Chris? Are you okay?” she asked as she was about to step closer to him, but instead he just stepped back from her.

Bella looked confused and slightly hurt, by his gesture. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She just sighed as she sat down beside Leo and she stared into her plate. Piper looked at Chris and Wyatt, she was giving them a look, that demanded she would be told what was going on with Chris.

Wyatt sighed “I’ll explain it later.” He said and he nudged Chris “Snap out of it, brother.” He said to him in the ear as Paige watched Bella worried.

Bella sighed as she pushed her plate away “I am going for a walk.” She said and she went back to her room, upstairs to change into something else. Chris sighed, watching her leave. He looked heartbroken, like he was reliving a painful memory all over again.

Bella and Chris were standing by the lake. Chris called it their ‘spot.’ He called it like that for a reason, it was the place where he first realised that he was in love with Bella. Bella was leaning against his chest as she was watching the stars in the sky. Chris had his arms wrapped around her waist tightly and he looked down at Bella softly smiling.

Bella smiled up at Chris, with a bright warm smile, that caused her eyes to sparkle. It was a warm evening. Chris turned her around softly and he ran his hand down her cheek softly, caressing it with the tips of his fingers, it sent warm tingles down Bella’s skin. He smiled softly, seeing Bella’s cheeks turn rouge as she blushed, she bit her lip in a shy manner as she looked down at the floor slightly.

He then gently lifted her chin up, gazing into his eyes for a long moment. He finally had the guts to lean down and he pressed his lips against hers softly in a soft and tender kiss. As Bella kissed him back touching his cheek softly, the kiss grew slightly more passionate, her arms travelled around his neck after a few moments and she let her fingers curl up into his hair softly, kissing him more deeply.

It was a calm day at the manner and Bella was in the kitchen with everyone else. They were talking and laughing about something. They were all like one big happy family. Even Prue was there, but Phoebe did not see her in her vision.

Chris orbed in later into the living room, he had a smile on his face when he saw Bella. Bella turned around and she gasped as a demon appeared behind Chris “Chris watched out.” She yelled and she ran to him, to push him out of the way, but the demon hurled a fire ball at Bella. She gasped as it threw her up in the air and she flew back into the wall, the wall broke with the impact and she fell in the hall way, the wall crumbled around her. She was limp and out cold, blood was oozing from her forehead, nose and left ear.

That was the last image that flashed in Phoebe’s vision before Bella’s voice snapped her out of the trance “Phoebe, you okay?” she asked looking at her.

Phoebe looked at Bella, seeing the worry written in her face, all over their faces. Especially Chris. She just managed to nod a bit. “It’s nothing, don’t worry.” She said giving them all a reassuring smile. She did not want to worry them, especially not Bella and Chris. Or Chris might have a lot more to explain to Bella, than he might wish. She did not want to force that vision or past memory on him, if it was even a past memory. It went by so fast, she could not make out how old Bella was in it. But she looked just like she did not, so maybe it was not so far off?

Bella looked at her still concerned and she nodded. She was about to go to the kitchen, but Phoebe stopped her and pulled her back into the living room. “Maybe, you should stay here.” She told Bella.

“Why?” Bella asked “What’s wrong with the kitchen?” she rose an eyebrow slightly.

Chris now looked bit confused with the others. What was Phoebe not telling them. He went to sit down on the couch when a dark lighter appeared out of nowhere. He threw a fire ball at Bella but she managed to notice as she looked back at Chris and she levitated in the air. The ball hit the wall as she landed back on her two feet.

The dark lighter glared and he took a shot at Chris “Chris watch out!” Bella yelled, in panic. But before she could do anything, the dark lighter shot Chris with his bow and Arrow. Chris groaned as he fell back onto the floor, the arrow went almost straight through his entire shoulder, bit was just stuck.

Piper blew up the dark lighter before he could shot someone else. Bella ran over to Chris and she kneeled down. She pushed the rest of the arrow out using her powers and it landed on the floor. Chris groaned in pain as he gripped onto her arm.

Wyatt kneeled down beside his brother and he started to heal him. But it was not working. It was like something or someone was blocking him from doing so.

Oh no!  What is happening to them and why?

Nothing Good, as always :( more demons are out to get them, especially Bella and Chris.

Why are the demons going after bells and chris? Cant wait to find out post soon.

They are after them as they either want their powers, or they want to stop Bella being protected, if they get rid of Chris, Bella is slightly more vulnerable to attack with a broken heart and there would be one less person to protect her from her fate of dying.

Chapter 6

Bella watched as Wyatt was trying to heal Chris, but it was not working. “What’s wrong? why isn’t it working?” she asked, she sounded bit panicked and worried as she saw how much pain Chris was in.

“I don’t know.” Wyatt sighed as he dropped his hands “It’s like something or someone is blocking me from healing him.” he told them all.

“What?! There’s got to be a way to heal Chris!” Bella said as she looked down at Chris, who looked slightly pale and shaky. She closed her eyes, why did the demons have to go through all of this, just to get to her? She knew just getting her would be way easier rather than hurting the people she loved first. Leo and Coop helped Chris up with Wyatt and they laid him down on the couch and Bella put pillows behind him to keep him prompted up slightly.

Prue came back from the bathroom with some medical things, like a bandage and what not. Bella carefully wrapped Chris’s shoulder up with the bandage and stopped the bleeding. She got a big jug of water and a glass and set it by the table.

“The book.” Piper said and she looked at Bella, then at her other Chris.

“I’ll stay here.” Bella said.  

Piper nodded before she, Phoebe, Paige and Prue went upstairs with Wyatt to the Books of Shadows. She looked at Phoebe “I know you saw something before the attack.” she said “What was it?” she asked her.

Phoebe sighed softly as she looked at them once they all reached the attic “It was mostly Bella and Chris.” she said looking at them “First it was Chris consoling Bella after her parents died.” she said “The moment you two arrived.” she said looking at Wyatt “Then I saw Bella and Chris kissing by what looked like a lake.”

Wyatt looked at his aunt “That’s their spot.” he said “What was the last bit of the vision?” he prompted her, knowing something bad was coming.

“Bella got killed by a demon, it looked like she wanted to push Chris out of the way but it was too late.” he said and he sighed softly.

Paige and Piper frowned with Prue “How did the demon look like?” Prue asked.

“Similar to the one that attacked Today, but he didn’t resort to using a bow and arrow, he just killed Bella with a fireball.” she said and she looked at Wyatt “Is it the demon that killed Bella in your future?” she asked him.

Wyatt shakes his head “No, it wasn’t.” he said as he was standing over one of the books flipping through the pages.

Prue then backed up for a moment “Wait...go back to that kissing thing.” she said “I thought, Bella and Chris were just friends.” she said looking at them.

“Not in the future.” Wyatt said looking at his aunt “It’s a long story. Try not to figure it out too much, it might give you a headache.” he said as he looked through the book. Prue nodded and she stood by her sisters looking through the other book, to see if they could find anything to help. They looked through the demon sections and some spells as well, but they skipped over the section where Life energy swap was mentioned.

Wyatt sighed “What about the life energy swap?” he asked.

Piper shakes her head “We would need someone, who controls that power.” she said and she looked at him “I think, we found 2 possible demons that we could go after.”

“I got 2 as well, but 1 of them is already one you vanquished a few years ago.” he told his mom.

“Maybe, he got summoned back?” Paige asked “You know, we faced some demons more than once.” she said. Wyatt nodded as his aunt had a good point. He started to make some vanquishing potions for the two demons he found.

Piper and Phoebe wrote down the vanquishing spells for all 4 demons while they let Prue and Paige help Wyatt made the potions. It took them about an hour to get that all done. Wyatt put the different potions in viles and each of them stocked up on them and tucked them in a little bag.  They than walked downstairs to see Bella by Chris. She had not moved since they went up to the attic.

Bella looked at them “How did it go?”

“Going after 4 demons now.” Wyatt said “Will you be okay?” he asked looking at her. She gave a slight nod keeping beside Chris.

“What if we need the power of 5?” Piper asked looking bit unsure.

“Well, the power of 4 and me will have to do.” Wyatt said before he orbed them out. Coop stayed with Bella and Chris to look after them. Parker and P.J also decided to stay, they were sitting by their dad.

Chris was sweating and he winced as he tried to get comfortable. Bella shifted the pillow behind him slightly to help. She set a cold cloth on his forehead to bring down the fever, to try and stop him from sweating so much. She then poured Chris some cold water into a glass and she prompted his head up slightly as he drank. He was burning up, as the dark lighters poison worked his way through his body. Because it went almost all the way through and as Chris was part Witch, it was taking much longer, slower and more painfully for it to work. She then set the glass down and she laid his head back softly against the pillows.

Chris reached out with his good hand and he grabbed hers into his. Bella held onto his hand as she kept by his side and she sighed softly. She closed her eyes as she leaned her chin against their hands softly and she hoped the sisters and Wyatt would get who ever was causing this.

“S...stay.” Bella heard Chris mutter, weakly. His eyes were closing. She knew he was falling asleep, as he was exhausted from the fever and the pain.

“I am right here, I am not going anywhere.” Bella said softly as she softly ran her fingertips across his jawline and she set her hand on his chest watching him, while she held onto his other hand still.

Coop looked at Bella worried “Maybe, one of should take a shift?” he suggested and Bella just shook her head. She didn’t want to leave Chris’ side.  He nodded and he sighed softly.

“Could one of you get the book please?” Bella asked. She wanted to try something.

“Why?” Parker asked Bella as she stood up to go the attic.

“Just….please.” Bella said, she looked at her friend, begging her with a sad look in her eyes.Parker nodded as she hurried up to the attic and she grabbed one of the books from the stands and she then took it downstairs and set it in front of Bella. Bella flipped through the book with her other hand until she found the power switching spell.

She started to chant:

What's Mine is Yours,

What's Yours is Mine

Let our powers cross the line

I offer up this gift to share

Switch our powers through the air.

Sparks appeared around Bella and Chris as their powers were lifted from their bodies and they switched in the air and they re-entered the bodies. Bella softly set Chris’ hand down on his chest and she then held her hands over his wound, she was going to try and heal him. But nothing, the sparks appeared again and their powers were automatically switched back into the right bodies. Bella sighed as she leaned her head against the book of shadows and she sighed.

“It won’t help.” Coop said as he walked over to Bella and he rubbed her back softly “I know you’re scared about losing Chris. But I promise, that it won’t happen.” he told her and he gave her a soft squeeze “Wyatt and the sisters will find a way to help.” he said.

Bella was holding back tears that were forming in her eyes “I never seen him….so helpless. It hurts to see him like that.” she said and she let some tears ran down her cheeks.

Coop sighed as he rubbed her arm softly “I know.” he said and he sighed “But he is a fighter. He can hold on.” he said and he hugged Bella softly and his two daughters joined in and they hugged Bella tightly rubbing her back softly. Bella closed her eyes tightly as she held onto them 3 and she tried not to cry, but the tears ran down her cheeks in silence. Hours dragged by rather slowly and painfully for all of them. Chris was in pain and it hurt Bella to see him like that, while P.J, Parker and Coop worried about both of them.

Chris was mumbling here and there in his sleep. His voice shaky and weak from the pain “B...Bella…’t….lea….ve….me. “ he was sweating and his breathing was bit more shallow than usual. “I do….n’t….wa...want to….lose y...ou.” he breathed out shakily, his eyes struggling to open.

Bella kneeled down by the couch, as she looked down at Chris “I am right here.” she said softly as she softly touched his cheek, he was burning up. “I am not going anywhere, I promise.” she cooed softly and she leaned her forehead against his softly “You will get better, just hang on.” she said as tears ran down her cheeks softly. She then softly pressed her lips to his for a few moments, in a soft tender kiss.

Chris managed to open his eyes weakly just as Bella leaned down kissing him softly. His lips weakly moved against hers, before she pulled away softly leaning her head against his chest. He closed his eyes as he trembled slightly below her and Bella’s body seemed to slowly go numb and limp in his arms.

“Bella?” he asked softly as he shook her softly to see if she was okay, her body gently slid off the couch landing on the carpet, she looked pale and did not move or respond. Suddenly a bright glow appeared around both her and Chris, just as Wyatt orbed back in with the 4 sisters. They all looked shocked at what was going on.

Wyatt saw Chris’s wound was healing on it’s own and he saw Bella on the floor out cold where Coop was already healing her, once the glow around her had faded away. “What just happened?” he asked confused as he saw Chris was looking like his old self in a matter of seconds. He helped him sit up on the couch softly.

“I think, Bella just saved Chris by switching their energy life forces.” Coop said, while he was healing her. Wyatt helped out as well as Bella was rather weak and it took slowly for her to be healed.

“What? how?” Prue asked shocked “I thought, that people had to have that power in order to save someone in that way.” she said. “And wasn’t the only way to save Chris by killing the demons that were blocking us from healing him?” Paige added after.

“That was one way, but not even demons could block out love.” Coop said “That is what saved Chris, aswell.” he said looking at them  “Some witches can do a life energy swap, without having that power like Bella, but it is rather risky.” he told them

“Is she going to be okay?” Chris asked worried as he set the cloth down on the table and he drank some water as he was thirsty.

Coop nodded “Yeah, she will just sleep it off for a few hours.” he told Chris as Bella’s faint breathing could be heard while she was sleeping. Chris looked down at Bella as he bit his lip softly, he still could feel her soft lips against his. He got from the couch as Coop scooped Bella up and he laid her down and Chris put a duvet over her.

That evening everyone managed to persuade Chris to come to P3 and just let loose for a few hours. Parker stayed behind to watch over Bella until she would wake up. Even though Chris worried, he knew Bella would be in good hands. It was around 8.30pm that they were sitting by the bar and Chris was tapping his fingers nervously on the table.

“What happened between you two?” Wyatt looked at his brother “It must have been pretty something special, that Bella ended up saving your life.” he said, he was curious, and he knew that their parents were too, even their aunts would be curious as well.

Chris looked at his family and he smiled a bit as he said: “Bella kissed me.” he said.

“Hah!” Prue said smiling “I knew, you two were more than just friends.” she said looking at him smiling “For what it’s worth, you both make a cute couple.” she said. Chris smiled softly and he chuckled at his aunt, while the other just smiled softly.

Meanwhile, back at the manner Bella was awake, so she and Parker got dressed. Bella had a black skirt that somewhat showed off her legs and t-shirt with skinny straps, it was given to her by Phoebe, it fitted her quite well. The top showed off her slim posture and her stomach slightly. She had her hair pinned up nicely, with a few loose curls. Parker was wearing a dress that was similar to her sister P.J’s. After the girls were ready, they walked to P3. Bella closed the door to the house behind them locking it.

They got to the club just shortly before 9. Chris was talking to his brother when Wyatt didn't slightly pay attention and he nudged Chris slightly. Chris looked back over his shoulder and he blinked seeing Bella. She looked stunningly beautiful, which made him slightly nervous. He took a deep breath as he set his glass down and he stood up from his seat.

He walked over to Bella as Parker joined the others. Before Bella could ask Chris how he was feeling, she found herself being pulled into his embrace softly as his lips crushed against hers. Chris softly touched her cheek as he kissed her. Bella gently wrapped her hand around his wrist for a few moments as she kissed him back, their lips moved in perfect sync with each others.Bella then softly slid both of her arms up around his neck and she let her fingers curl into his hair softly. He rested his other hand on her waist softly as he brought her hips in closer to his, as he deepened the kiss slightly.

The power of love?

Basically: Bella is in love with the younger Chris. but whatever she feels for him, she also feels for the older Chris! Now Chris loves Bella also, and the demons can't mess with that, as love is stronger than death basically. Because of the love that Bella feels for Chris and he for her, she was able to swap their life energy to save him.

I thought it was something like that, and it seems very powerful too, something special.

Yes, very powerful. I guess the best word to describe Bella and Chris would be soulmates


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