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Im only doing this because i found a story that had the same plot and i got kind of angry about it and i dont want people to steel my idea. so please dont use my idea or i will be really angry

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so here it is i hope all of you like it thanks so much to kiersten clearwater for the amazing tittle
*I do not own any of these characters they belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyer*

It’s been a week since Edward left. It’s been hard. My grades were dropping and Charlie keeps threatening me that he is going to send me to live with Renee.
All I wanted to do was be with Edward. Why would he do this to me? I thought he loved me, but I guess I was wrong. No one besides my parents loves me. And right know Charlie was mad at me.

I woke up on Monday dreading going to school. I didn’t talk to anyone anymore.
I looked in the mirror and my eyes were red and puffy from crying all night. I didn’t even have anything to remember him by. He took all my pictures and all the presents that I got from him and his family.

I got dressed in sweets and drove to school. I didn’t even eat breakfast.
When I got to school the parking lot was filled. I got the last parking spot as far away from the doors. And I was running late. I only had a few minutes before I was late, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care about anything.

I took my seat in English right as the Bell was ringing. Luckily we had a sub so I didn’t get marked late. All we did all hour was do homework for other classes. I didn’t have any so I didn’t have anything to do. I didn’t even read. So I sat in class thinking about Edward. But it hurt so much to think about him. I almost started crying. I quickly changed my thoughts to thinking about school.

When school was over I went straight home and up to my room. I didn’t even cook for Charlie anymore. He ordered takeout every night. And most nights I didn’t even eat. I haven’t eaten in a while and I was starting to lose weight. Maybe that’s why Edward left, because I was fat and ugly.

I started to think about Edward, and like always I started crying.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to pack my bags. I grabbed my keys of my desk, opened my door. I slammed it and ran downstairs with my bags packed.
“Bells what are you doing,” Charlie asked as he looked up from his football game. He got up and ran toward me. I was opening the door when he stopped me.
“I’m going away, I’m not happy here dad, I need Edward,” I started to cry. Charlie hugged me.
“Bella, please don’t go, I know you miss him, we can get you help if you need,” He said and he started to cry.
“Dad I have to chase after him, I can’t just let him go,” I was crying too much. Charlie let go and I fell to the floor crying.
I can’t hurt him, I love Charlie, but I need Edward. I didn’t believe Edward when he said he didn’t love me. I knew he did. The only reason he left was to keep me safe from Jasper.
“Bella, don’t go. Think about this for a few days, please for me,” Charlie said as he sat down on the floor next to me.
“Dad if I wait to long, he will be gone, I need to find him,”
“Bella you can’t just go looking for him its going to take awhile, you’re not going to find him over night,” he started hugging me.
“Dad I don’t care how long it takes me, just as long as I find him, I love him, I cant live without him.” I said as I pushed Charlie away a stood up.
I opened the door, walked out and said “I’m sorry dad, I need to find him, I love you,” Then I shut the door. Leaving Charlie on the floor shocked.
I got in my car and drove off, crying.

I drove on the highway; I wanted to stop by his house. I needed to.
I pulled off the road onto his driveway. I pulled up next to his house, got out of the car and went inside.
When I opened the door I fell to the floor crying, and screaming “Edward, Edward,” over and over again. I wish he could hear me. I just wanted to see his face anywhere.
I got up off the floor. I looked around. Everything was just like they still lived here, nothing was moved or gone. I went and sat on his piano bench. I played a few keys, not knowing what I was doing. It made me cry even more so I had to stop.
I got up and walked up the stairs. I went down the hallway to his room. I opened the door and went in.
It was the same as before he left. His couch, his stereo, everything was the same.
I went and sat down on his bed. I grabbed a pillow and lay down, crying. I knew I should have never come here. It was just going to make me cry. At least I was closer to him.
His pillow smelled like him.
I got up, grabbed the pillow and left his house.

I drove off not knowing where I was going. I decided to head north.
I drove for a while until I got tired. I pulled over to the side of the road. And fell asleep with his pillow.

I slept for a few hours then I woke up to my phone wringing.
I looked at it and or course it was Charlie, “Hello,” I said in a hoarse voice.
“Bella, where are you,” he sounded worried.
“I’m the side of the road, I pulled over to sleep and you woke me up,”
“Oh I’m so sorry Bella, do you need me to come get you,”
“No, I’m fine, I just need to find him,” my voice was cracking.
“Bella don’t do anything stupid or I’m going to have to chase after you,” he said in his fatherly voice.
“I won’t Dad, I promise,”
“Ok Bells, call me every day, and tell me where you are, please,” He sounded like he was crying.
“I promise, everyday, and thank you, I love you so much,”
“Love you Bells, bye,”
“Bye Dad,” I said and hung up.
I started to cry again. I knew I was hurting Charlie by leaving but I needed Edward.

I put my truck in drive and drove off.

so how was it hit or miss
good or bad
please tell me and if u dont like it i will stop writing just let me know
thank you

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Aww thanks i really didnt think i was that good. sorry i havent wrote in awhile i havent been on in a few months and i lost all my ideas but i will try im thinking maybe i might write a chapter today its been awhile since i have read the story i have to look through it again. But im not promising anything. =)
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