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Hellloooo! Well, I had another story called cheater in all IM from and now I'm going to continue it as a mix between IM and a just regular story. Uhhhh....Enjoy!(: signed in signed in Hey baby<33 Hello my sweet teehee R U gonna tell that little monster? Ness? ... Why? Why cant this be our little precious secret? I mean....I love you, but I love Renesmee too. Thanks for being honest, but you know me and you are meant to be. How do you know? Well you imprinted on that devil..... You mean Renesmee I imprinted on you:} O.... So no one knows about this, okay jakie-poo? okay...... Meet you at the usual place? alright Love you so much I love you too.



       "Alice!" I screamed from my room. 

      "Yes, princess?" Alice said sweetly.

       "Ugh, Alice, you know I hate being called that. I'm not a princess. Now get my outfit ready" I said, finally opening my eyes. Alice gave me a menacing look, I withered in fear. "Please."

       "Fine, Renesmee. But only because its the first day of school." She snapped. 

       "Thank you my favorite aunt. I love you! And your shoes!" I gushed as I walked out the door to the bathroom. 

        "Thank you! I got them at Papayas they werent on sale but..." 

        I shut the door behind me....This was already gonna be a long day.

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write it it seems good

Good! I love it... More soon!:D


i like it

sounds interesting


keep me updated please!



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