The Twilight Saga

This story is about Bella and Edward. Bella is a quiet first chair flute player in the band at Forks High School, she's very pretty, but she's so quiet, that her sister Alice and her friend Jasper are her only true friends. While Edward is the first chair cello player in orchestra class. They are paired to play a duet in the upcoming concert. So here's the first chapter! By the way all of the characters area Stephanie's, not mine!



Chapter One- Just the Flutist


The bell just rang for band to start, I'm Bella Swan, I'm seventeen, and the first chair flutist, it's nothing that special. I'm probably the least known person here at Forks High School in Forks, Washington. I know I shouldn't think that, but it's pretty true. Now, my sister Alice, is a complete different story, I love Alice, don't get me wrong, I think she's such a fun person! She's also a great violin player, she's first chair in orchestra class. She's my faturnal twin, people never even know we're related unless we say we are. She's a lot prettier than me, that's why she's dating Edward Cullen. I would never tell Alice this, but I've liked Edward Cullen since we first moved here three years ago. I think Jasper is in love with Alice, and give almost anything to go out with her. So Jasper and I just watch in sadness when Edward and Alice hold hands.


The most Edward has ever said to me was a "Hello Bella." when he comes to pick up Alice for their dates. It sickens me, to watch them walk out the door. I always feel sad. Jasper and I met in Chemistry and we've been friends ever since, that's when he fell head over heals for Alice. I'm always just the flutist. I sort of know Rosalie Hale, Jasper's older sister. I don't know her well enough to call her a friend, but she actually says hi to me in the hallways. I don't really know her boyfriend and Edward's older brother Emmett, he always comes across this really scary, buff guy... I guess you could say I'm not the most popular person ever.


"Good afternoon band friends. Today, before we start, I have a very exciting announcement to make; as you all know we have a concert in a few weeks, so as a special treat, I talked with Mr. Carlson, the orchestra director, and we might have a flute and cello duet." Everyone, including my myself gasped, then everyone looked at me. We all know that you DON'T EVER collide band geeks and orch dorks! It's like when a trumpetier and a bassest go out, it just ISN'T DONE.

And once he said flute and cello duet, I knew who he was talking about, everyone knew who he was talking about. Edward Cullen, and me. Awesome, this is just fantasic! I've hardly ever said a WORD to Edward Cullen in my life! Much less played a duet with him! But Mr. Buddy just kept on talking.


"Now I know this is different, but I think this duet will really wrap up the concert nicely. Now, we have already selected the two students we would like to have be in the duet, our own Bella Swan, and Edward Cullen from the orchestra class. They will be playing 'Clair De Lune' by Claude Debussy. It's a great classical piece, and I think they can pull it off. Okay, now let's get practicing!"

So we praticed our pieces for the concert, but I kept thinking about how much time I'll need to spend with Edward Cullen, great, I'm so not excited.


Band ended and I as I walked out of the class with my flute in my case that's in my hand, Alice comes up behind me and starts jumping up and down and yelling into my ear, "YES! THIS IS SO AWESOME!"

"Why is this awesome Alice?" I said very monotone.

"Well, of course this means Edward will be over more, so I'll see him more," She was interrupted,

"I'm sure you're excited about seeing me." Edward was here, yay. They were kissing so I just walked away, and met up with Jasper in the hall.

"Yuch! I'm disgusted!" I ranted to Jazz.

"Yeah, I know how you feel, but just keep on walking and act like you don't see them holding hands and gazing at each other. So I heard you're playing a duet with Edward."

"Yuch, yes, now Edward will be over so that means Alice will be screaming and happy sitting with us, never giving us time to practice, but the good news is I get to play Clair De Lune, so that makes it alittle better I guess."

"Didn't you memorize Clair De Lune already though?"

"Yeah, but still, I bet Edward plays beautifully."

"Yeah, that's nice, but right now, they're going to walk over here, so stop talking about them."

We waited a couple of seconds and heard Alice's squeal.

"Hi Alice. Hi Edward." I said and turned around.

"Bella, would you join me at my after school at my house at maybe 3:30?" Edward asked innocently.

"WHAT?!" Alice had an outburst.

"I thought you were coming over to our house!" Alice objected.

"Alice, love, don't worry, I'll come over to your house tomorrow, promise, I just want to get going on the duet."

"Well, okay, as long as you mean it." Alice was turning on her super prettiness, and I could see Jasper's knees shaking.

"Of course I do. Now, come on guys, we have to get to lunch." Edward said.


That was weird, Jasper, Alice, and I always sit alone, Edward always sits with all of the populars, like Mike Newton, Jessica Stanly, Angela, Ben Chenney, Eric, Tyler, and other populars. Alice only sits with us out of sympathy.

"Hey guys, do you mind if Bella and Jasper sit with us today?" Edward asked everyone.

I heard murmurs of yeses, sures, and they're weird.

"Cool, guys, have a seat." Jasper and I sat awkwardly next to his sister Rosalie and Emmett was on my right, I barely had enough room to breathe.

"So Bella, right?" Emmett asked me.

"Ye-yes." I studdered.

"Oh Bella, don't be afraid of him, he's just a big teddy bear." Rosalie reassured me.

"Oh, okay." I mumbubled softly.

Lunch went on like that, Emmett asking random questions, I would studder, and Rosalie would save me.

Jasper looked about as uncomfortable as me. We sat kind of stiff like boards, and kept glancing at the clock to see when lunch would end.

Finally we were released and Jasper and I made a speedy getaway. We hurried off to Chemistry, sadly the same class Edward and Alice have.



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I don't know if this chapter is too dramatic...but here it is...
Chapter Seven- Breathe (AN: Inspired by Taylor Swift’s song!)
Magical, that was all I could come up with. Edward missed me. Mike was gone. It was good, but Bella was sick, which is very unusual because we always get colds at the same time every year, both of us getting the same cold. Is something wrong I wonder? This is weird because up until today she looked almost in love…I’m so curious as to what is going on…
Alice dragged me to the mall today, so NOT how I planned on spending my day. I would have preferred to throw myself into Pride & Prejudice but Alice refused to let me refuse.
“Okay, so what do you think of this outfit?” She asked holding up but another flashy and glamorous outfit.
“I think I’m going to go on a date with Jacob Black.” I said looking up from Wuthering Heights.
“What?! How can you even think like that?! He’s, he’s my boyfriend biggest enemy! My boyfriend plays cello and he plays the ELECTRIC GUITAR! He doesn’t even go to our school! Have you lost your mind?! You aren’t serious! Please tell me you’re not serious! I’m begging you for the ‘gotcha!’ part, because you dating the ENEMY of my BOYFRIEND would be like putting a plugged in HAIRDRYER in a BATHTUB! I just, how would EDWARD feel?! He’s your solo partner!” I cut her off.
“How EDWARD FEELS?! How about ME FOR ONCE ALICE?! YOU KNOW EDWARD BROKEUP WITH YOU FOR ME! And I didn’t tell you ‘cause you would have hated me! But guess what! He dumped me for you! He never loved me! And that date you had yesterday was the SAME date he took me on a couple days ago! I blew off the rest of the day not because I was sick but because he was going on another date with you! So yes, I will be going on a date with Jacob Black! And there is nothing you can do about it! So go off with the love of my life, and leave! I hope you two are happy!” She ran away and I stood there until I felt someone’s lips on my lips, and it could only be one person.
Edward. That jerk.
But I pushed, he stayed. He refused to be moved.
“Edward! Stop!” I got him off and glared at him.
“Don’t talk to me. Got it? You never loved me. You loved Alice. I can’t even believe how STUPID I was to believe that you actually loved me.”
“Bella, listen to me. I meant everything I said about loving you. I shouldn’t have loved you, but I did. I still do. I will always love you. You don’t even know how much it killed me to see you tearstained inside your house, not looking at me. It hurt knowing even more that the wrong girl was in my arms, and I had let the right one go. And when Alice told you about our date and then you wouldn’t look at me, and even now, Bella, love, you still refuse to look into my eyes. You are the love of my life, the one who cares, who listens, who occasionally falls down, and whose eyes are the prettiest shade of brown, and I still get lost in them, even when you won’t look at me.”
“That’s nice, but I’m sorry, what’s that sound I hear, oh yeah, it’s the little voice in the back of my mind that’s screaming at me to leave you standing at this very spot.”
“Bella, I love you.”
“Yeah, and I love to eat raw onions. I’ll see you later to practice the song.” I turned and left in disgust.
“Alice? Are you home?”
“Yes-yes.” She answered shakily. She’s been crying too.
“Where are you?”
“In here.” She called from the living room. I walked in to see her curled up on the couch bundled in a blanket.
“Oh Alice!” I rushed over to her and pulled my sister into a hug.
“Hi Bella, I got home, and cried.”
“I’ve been crying too. Trust me.”
“I do Bella, I trust you a lot!” For the next 3 hours Alice and I cried. We sat together and sobbed about our hearts broken.
Then we heard the phone ring. And ring. And ring on and on.
And then we heard our voices chorus from the answering machine.
“Hi. This is the Swan residence, sorry we can’t come to the phone right now, but say your message after the tone and leave your name, we promise to return your call as soon as we can! Bye!”
“Hey um this is Edward, Edward Cullen calling. I just wanted to apologize and I would like it very much if um Bella were to come over and practice our solo piece. Uh, thanks, bye.” He frantically said at the end and hung up.
“I um, awkward.” I said, unsure on how to respond. Alice threw off her blanket and stood up. She started pacing back and forth across the room.
She halted to a stop and faced me, “Well, I know what you need to do.”
“You need to go other to his house, practice, and leave all while not saying a single word.”
“Because then we can evaluate his reaction to your silence and see whether or not he loved/loves you.” She said as if it was obvious.
“That’s not a bad plan. But I don’t think I should go, I mean, how would you feel?”
“Oh, I’m over him. If he really was dumping me for you, then I am so over him. You’re my sister, I love you, and you’re my best friend!” She hugged me.
“I love you too Alice, but are you sure?”
“Yes! Besides, I think I’ll ask Jazz out, he’s really cute...” Whoa. Didn’t see that one coming.
“Wait, since when have you thought THAT?”
“I’ve always thought Jazz was adorable, but Edward asked me out before I could ask Jasper.” She shrugged like it was no big deal.
“How are you so nonchalant about all of this?!” I asked shocked out of my mind.
“Easy, I just imagine this is all a story and none of this is actually happening and we’re still back in Arizona and mom and dad are still married. It’s a nice vision actually, you should try it!” She said perky.
“I’m just going to go now...”
I grabbed my flute and ran out of the door.
He stood outside waiting for me, holding roses. Original.
“Hello Bella love.” He said holding out the flowers. I took them and walked inside.
“Would you join me in the music room?” He asked me.
I walked into the music room, sat down, put my flute together, and started warming up.
“Are you going to say anything?” He asked.
I started playing and he jumped right in. Our instruments blended into a beautiful song, it was music. He kept looking at me, staring at me, into my eyes, as I continued to play, over and over.
I felt it was time to go, so I stopped playing abruptly and put my flute back in its case.
He stopped playing curiously and looked up at me.
“Bella, are you leaving me?” He asked softly. I didn’t answer.
“Well, don’t forget my flowers for you. I hope you’ll speak to me some day.” He said looking at me.
I lightly picked up the flowers and my flute and walked out of the door to my truck. I still waited for the “I really do love you Bella, you brightened my world.” But he just stood there with his hands in his pockets and looked down. Well, Jacob Guitar Playing Black here I come.
I made it down to the reservation Jacob lived at. Dad took Alice and I here many times when he was here in the state of Washington.
I knocked on the door and Jacob answered. “Hey-“ I was about to say until he pulled me into a hug.
Okay, so he’s a hugger, I’ll need to remember that.
“Hey Bella! Wow, you and Alice haven’t been here in such a long time! You two should come more often! Is your dad still in D. C.?” He asked.
“Yeah. But hey, um, do you want to um, go to the movies, tomorrow?” I asked him.
“Sure, that’d be awesome. Do you want to come, inside for a minute?” He asked.
“Well, actually I need to get home soon, Alice is expecting me soon, but I’ll see you tomorrow...?” I asked slowly.
“Yeah, see you tomorrow!” He said. I turned around and waved. He waved back and I hopped into my car. I backed out and drove home.
We walked into the movie, (Roses on Your Front Porch). And Edward was sitting there, (Alice got him and Jazz to come). Jacob had his big hand around my small hand.
Edward turned his head and saw us walk in. His teeth automatically clenched and he glared at Jacob. I had to keep from cracking up. This was too rich to describe! I swear I thought I was going fall on the ground from the hysterics I was holding back.
“Hello Alice, Edward, Jasper.” I said turning as I sat down.
Alice and I shared that look like, “My gosh, I this is the richest thing ever!”
I settled into my seat and looked behind me. Jasper’s face was priceless, he gave that look like, “Bella, you’ve lost your marbles.” And Edward’s was the best look out of all, he first look was at me, like, “Why are you doing this to me? I’m sorry.” Then he turned to Jacob and glared in disgust at him.
I instantly felt bad for agreeing to this, but then I remembered exactly what Edward did to me.
The movie drowned on and on. It was one of those annoying obvious ending movies where the girl finds out who left the roses on the porch and they end up together. Jacob continued to hold my hand; it started to become a little uncomfortable because I wasn’t feeling anything besides sweat and the feeling of him as a brother, not at all a boyfriend.
The movie came to an end, and I started to walk out of the theatre when I felt two very different hands on both of my wrists.
I was flung back, only to be caught by the two of them.
“Bella! How could you?! I’m sorry for what I did, but why him?!”Edward yelled.
“I don’t know if you know this, but what you did was terrible! If you really loved me, you would have cared.”
“But Bella, did you ask me out to make him jealous?” Jacob asked.
“Yes? I’m sorry, I do really like you though, you’re a great friend, but I’m not feeling anything, I really am sorry Jacob.”
I got the exact opposite reaction than I thought I would.
“Thank goodness, I didn’t feel anything either.” He said relieved.
“I’ll see you later though?” I asked him, I’d love to hang out as friends with him.
“Totally, we should hang out again. Bye!” He turned around. What a nice person, so different from my ex-boyfriend.
“Bella why?” Edward asked me.
“Why do you think?! Edward that hurt for your information. You do understand that right?”
“But you do or did love me, am I correct?” WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!
“Yes, and when I told you I did, I actually meant it, unlike some people, cough Edward cough.”
“Bella, do you still love me?” He asked me.
“I don’t know, maybe...” I said looking down.
He grabbed me by the waist and put his lips to mine, and he kissed saying, “I truly love you Bella.” I kissed him back, not saying a word. I wasn’t sure on what to say.
We stood there, face to face. Neither of us saying a single word; we just stared. Now until he said, “I understand if you hate me, but if you do love me, just take my hand.” I stood there and I fainted.
love the new chapter! <3
please post more soon!
Thanks Christina! I'll post as soon as I can!
Woooooowwwww !!!!!!!!! Awesome !!!

Thank you Katherin!


great chapter post more soon :)
OMG Kallie why did he do that in the first place? But I love the whole movie escapade!! Post more soon. I am hating your Edward a little less right now LOL!!
Big Em Hugs
Lol! Thanks Sarah! I can't say why....but I'll post as soon as I can!
Thanks ana banana! I'll post as soon as possible!
Thanks Lee-Anne!
Lol! Thanks Paula! I'll post soon!


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