The Twilight Saga

This story is about Bella and Edward. Bella is a quiet first chair flute player in the band at Forks High School, she's very pretty, but she's so quiet, that her sister Alice and her friend Jasper are her only true friends. While Edward is the first chair cello player in orchestra class. They are paired to play a duet in the upcoming concert. So here's the first chapter! By the way all of the characters area Stephanie's, not mine!



Chapter One- Just the Flutist


The bell just rang for band to start, I'm Bella Swan, I'm seventeen, and the first chair flutist, it's nothing that special. I'm probably the least known person here at Forks High School in Forks, Washington. I know I shouldn't think that, but it's pretty true. Now, my sister Alice, is a complete different story, I love Alice, don't get me wrong, I think she's such a fun person! She's also a great violin player, she's first chair in orchestra class. She's my faturnal twin, people never even know we're related unless we say we are. She's a lot prettier than me, that's why she's dating Edward Cullen. I would never tell Alice this, but I've liked Edward Cullen since we first moved here three years ago. I think Jasper is in love with Alice, and give almost anything to go out with her. So Jasper and I just watch in sadness when Edward and Alice hold hands.


The most Edward has ever said to me was a "Hello Bella." when he comes to pick up Alice for their dates. It sickens me, to watch them walk out the door. I always feel sad. Jasper and I met in Chemistry and we've been friends ever since, that's when he fell head over heals for Alice. I'm always just the flutist. I sort of know Rosalie Hale, Jasper's older sister. I don't know her well enough to call her a friend, but she actually says hi to me in the hallways. I don't really know her boyfriend and Edward's older brother Emmett, he always comes across this really scary, buff guy... I guess you could say I'm not the most popular person ever.


"Good afternoon band friends. Today, before we start, I have a very exciting announcement to make; as you all know we have a concert in a few weeks, so as a special treat, I talked with Mr. Carlson, the orchestra director, and we might have a flute and cello duet." Everyone, including my myself gasped, then everyone looked at me. We all know that you DON'T EVER collide band geeks and orch dorks! It's like when a trumpetier and a bassest go out, it just ISN'T DONE.

And once he said flute and cello duet, I knew who he was talking about, everyone knew who he was talking about. Edward Cullen, and me. Awesome, this is just fantasic! I've hardly ever said a WORD to Edward Cullen in my life! Much less played a duet with him! But Mr. Buddy just kept on talking.


"Now I know this is different, but I think this duet will really wrap up the concert nicely. Now, we have already selected the two students we would like to have be in the duet, our own Bella Swan, and Edward Cullen from the orchestra class. They will be playing 'Clair De Lune' by Claude Debussy. It's a great classical piece, and I think they can pull it off. Okay, now let's get practicing!"

So we praticed our pieces for the concert, but I kept thinking about how much time I'll need to spend with Edward Cullen, great, I'm so not excited.


Band ended and I as I walked out of the class with my flute in my case that's in my hand, Alice comes up behind me and starts jumping up and down and yelling into my ear, "YES! THIS IS SO AWESOME!"

"Why is this awesome Alice?" I said very monotone.

"Well, of course this means Edward will be over more, so I'll see him more," She was interrupted,

"I'm sure you're excited about seeing me." Edward was here, yay. They were kissing so I just walked away, and met up with Jasper in the hall.

"Yuch! I'm disgusted!" I ranted to Jazz.

"Yeah, I know how you feel, but just keep on walking and act like you don't see them holding hands and gazing at each other. So I heard you're playing a duet with Edward."

"Yuch, yes, now Edward will be over so that means Alice will be screaming and happy sitting with us, never giving us time to practice, but the good news is I get to play Clair De Lune, so that makes it alittle better I guess."

"Didn't you memorize Clair De Lune already though?"

"Yeah, but still, I bet Edward plays beautifully."

"Yeah, that's nice, but right now, they're going to walk over here, so stop talking about them."

We waited a couple of seconds and heard Alice's squeal.

"Hi Alice. Hi Edward." I said and turned around.

"Bella, would you join me at my after school at my house at maybe 3:30?" Edward asked innocently.

"WHAT?!" Alice had an outburst.

"I thought you were coming over to our house!" Alice objected.

"Alice, love, don't worry, I'll come over to your house tomorrow, promise, I just want to get going on the duet."

"Well, okay, as long as you mean it." Alice was turning on her super prettiness, and I could see Jasper's knees shaking.

"Of course I do. Now, come on guys, we have to get to lunch." Edward said.


That was weird, Jasper, Alice, and I always sit alone, Edward always sits with all of the populars, like Mike Newton, Jessica Stanly, Angela, Ben Chenney, Eric, Tyler, and other populars. Alice only sits with us out of sympathy.

"Hey guys, do you mind if Bella and Jasper sit with us today?" Edward asked everyone.

I heard murmurs of yeses, sures, and they're weird.

"Cool, guys, have a seat." Jasper and I sat awkwardly next to his sister Rosalie and Emmett was on my right, I barely had enough room to breathe.

"So Bella, right?" Emmett asked me.

"Ye-yes." I studdered.

"Oh Bella, don't be afraid of him, he's just a big teddy bear." Rosalie reassured me.

"Oh, okay." I mumbubled softly.

Lunch went on like that, Emmett asking random questions, I would studder, and Rosalie would save me.

Jasper looked about as uncomfortable as me. We sat kind of stiff like boards, and kept glancing at the clock to see when lunch would end.

Finally we were released and Jasper and I made a speedy getaway. We hurried off to Chemistry, sadly the same class Edward and Alice have.



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Sorry Bella, I'm writing the chapter right now, so I'll have it up real soon. See? No more problem! :)

So here it is, (FINALLY) the FULL chapter nine, Work of Art. I hope you all love it and read and comment!

Chapter Nine- Work Of Art (Inspired by the Demi Lovato Song!)


Well, that...was awkward. I felt the stares of everyone, and the clicks their cell phones were making as they sent rapid text messages to their friends about what had just happened. I looked at him, just as he looked at me. I stood up, and walked out into the hall with Edward following just behind me.

“So I take it you seem to be experiencing some sort of concussion? Because no coherent person would have kissed me in the dead silence of a lunch room full of immature high schoolers.” I said with my arms folded across my chest.

“Well, I just needed to tell you, and that’s when it popped out...” He said looking down.

“Nice timing, you should give yourself a pat on the back.” I retorted.

“Are you angry with me?” He asked quietly.

“No, but I need to go now, so bye!” I said quickly turning away from him as I started to jog to the art room.

I heard his footsteps as he attempted to follow me.

I wasn’t entirely sure why I went to the art room when I was in an awkward situation, but I gravitated there often. I walked in to find no one but Edward and me. I stopped walking and so did he. I looked up at him to find him a mere foot away.

“Hi.” I said shyly waving my hand.

“So, what are you doing here?” He asked quietly.

“I come here, whenever, whenever I need to think things out.”

“Why?” He asked after a pause.

“I don’t know.” I said quickly.

“What are you going to paint?” He said pointing to the paints on the counter next to me.

“Why don’t you have a seat and find out?” I asked.

“I would love to.” Edward said pulling the stool up and a seat. I peered around my easel and saw Edward looking around the room, almost like he was avoiding my eyes.

I shrugged it off and starting by dipping my brush in the brown color, my thin brush stroked the canvas and started to outline a cello, or some large string instrument.

After moments of silence I noticed I had drawn a silver flute right across the bottom of the mahogany cello. Stupid subconscious mind; I guess I gave myself away since Edward asked, “Have you finished?”

I nodded my head slightly and turned the canvas toward him looking down.

“You’re missing just one thing I think,” He said slyly.

“And what’s that?”

“A rose of course.” He said with a cocky smile, as I tried to hide the smile forming on my lips; I didn’t hide it well.

He spun the easel toward him and started to furiously paint across the top of my canvas. Green, red, yellow paints splattered across my face and arms, the bright colors splashed the both of us as he worked perfecting my work.

After about five minutes of the paint flying, he looked up at me, noticing the splatters of paint that marked my face. He started to stifle a laugh and I gently tapped him in the shin, but couldn’t stop the giggle that was starting to bubble from my lips.

Soon we were full on laughing, so much we couldn’t breathe and were crying. He started to wipe tears away from his eyes, which only made us laugh even harder.

I was the first to say anything after my breathing started to regulate.

“Oh dear, so, why was even that funny?”

“You know, I don’t even know,” He said smiling.

I just shook my head with a smile, and walked over to the easel and stared wordlessly at the red rose that seemed to pop off of the canvas. It’s how I imagined my first rose from a boy to look like.

“Do you have talent in every area?” I asked him.

“Maybe...that depends, is my kissing up to par?”

I shook my head with mock dismay.

He gaped at me, and I smiled, maybe smirked a little, and grabbed my painting, kissing him lightly on the lips, and walking out.

“Fine, date, you and me, Friday.”

“Nope, sorry Mr. Cullen; I don’t go out on dates with boys who don’t ask properly.”

“Okay, turn around Bella,” I spun around to face him.

“Yes?” I replied sharply.

I tried to hide the smile as he got down on one knee in the middle of the hallway; that was starting to fill with people, and took both of my hands in his.

“Bella Swan, will you go out on a date with me this coming Friday?” His eyes a brilliant shade of green.

“Sure.” I said shrugging, trying to be casual, but on the inside my heart seemed to have sped up much too fast.


I was folding laundry with Alice while watching some cheesy TV show on a station neither of us liked.

“So, why are we watching this?” I asked after I became so fed up with the silence.

“I don’t know really.” Alice pondered.

“Okay,” feeling nonchalant.

Then an idea popped into my head.

“Hey Alice, how would you feel about going to see mom this weekend?” I asked spontaneously.

“But you just made plans with Edward...” she said slowly.

“Yeah, but we could leave right after. We haven’t seen her in forever and I know you miss her like crazy and I do too. And this cold is going to freeze us both. Come on Ali, you know you want too.”

She stood there and questioned for about five minutes, leaving my anxious.

“Sure, why not?” she shrugged. I ran over and hugged her.

“Bella, okay here’s what we need to do,” she said pulling away, “One, call are boyfriends, two, call the airports and mom, and pack, and call dad’s secretary and tell him that we’re at mom’s.! Go!” and we ran to our bags to call the boyfriends.

I heard Alice talking to Jasper across the room as I waited for Edward to pick up.

“Bella? Hi, okay, so about the date, is there any place in particular you wanted to go?” I heard is musical voice ring through the receiver.

“Uh, nope, you pick, and um, just so you, this weekend we decided to visit my mom, Alice and me. So we have to be back by ten. Okay?”

I waited for his response,

“Oh, okay, well, just, be safe, and I’ll see you tomorrow in school. Love you.”

“Love you too.” I heard the line go dead and I smiled, he loved me. HE LOVED ME! I wanted to shout, but I kept my happiness internal.

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