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Authors note: Hi guys! Quick up date. This story is about Seth && His imprint Arizona. I thought the names went very well with eachother! PLEASE DO NOT COPY! Thanks!


CHAPTER 1: Meeting

    I remember the day we first met.  It was in the cafeteria in the La Push high school. I actually remember everything about that day. It was the best day of my life to be exact. Why? Because I had a major case of love at first sight. I don’t know how, he was just an average 15 year old, except the big muscles he had on his arms. His hair and skin were dark, like almost everyone else’s on the La Push reservation. His dark brown eyes twinkled as he laughed at his friend’s joke. The he looked at me and OHMYGOSH I was in love! Inexplicably, I had fallen head over heels for him before I even knew his name! He stared at me for a moment, a confused look on his face. I suddenly became very self-conscience. Did I look a mess? Is that why he’s looking at me funny?

  But then a smile broke out on his face, revealing his perfect white teeth. I smiled back shyly. He sauntered over to me.

“Hey, I’m Seth.” He said, holding out his hand. I shook it; it was smooth and very warm. “Welcome to La Push.” 

“I’m Arizona and thanks.” We stood there awkwardly for a moment. Then he said, “Wanna sit with us at lunch?” He gestured towards where his friends were sitting, watching us with amused eyes.

 “Sure I guess,” I said sheepishly. The entire lunch period I was at their table, talking to them and interacting with them. I found out that a boy named Embry was in my 2nd period class and the boy named Quil was in my 4th. It was nice talking to all the boys. But what I really enjoyed was catching Seth looking at me more than once. I really enjoyed that part.


(After school)

That afternoon when I was heading out when someone tapped on my shoulder. I jumped and turned around, my heart skipped a beat when I found out it was Seth. “Hiya,” he said and smiled his handsome smile.

“Hi,’ I smiled back. He just stared at me for a little bit then shook his head. “Um, I just came by to give you my number. I’d really like it if you would just call me sometime. And since it’s Friday and all then I think this is the best time don’t you think?” He smiled again. 

I almost fainted. “Yeah, I’ll call you tonight then.”

“I’ll wait by the phone,” he whispered teasingly and then walked off to some boy’s car. I breathed in deeply and started towards my car.

I rounded the corner and heard voices. It was Embry, Quil, and Jake. The guys I met earlier.

“Yeah, Arizona is great for Seth.” Quil said.

“Yeah, good thing that Seth didn’t practically fall over when he saw her. I remember how I and Jackie were. I almost fainted! But then there WAS Jake and Bella,” Embry said, laughing a little.

“Hey that was totally natural. I was thinking that we can have a bonfire tomorrow night? Ya know the usual? Jared can invite Kim, Seth can invite Arizona and Sam can invite Emily. It’ll be a way for Arizona to meet everyone.” Soon they walked off talking about the bonfire.

 I ran to my car and hopped in. Excited that Seth might invite me to a bonfire! As I rode home I wondered what they meant about natural things about their girlfriends. Had they fallen in love too?

When I got home I immediately dressed for bed, it was a habit that I always liked to do before doing anything else. Then I felt excitement. Why?

Around six o’clock the next day I decided to call Seth. As I dialed his number I got butterflies in my stomach. What if he wasn’t home? What if he didn’t want to talk to me? I swallowed as it started ringing.

“Hello?” a husky voice answered.

“Hey Seth!” I said. There was a paused and then a door slam.

“Hey, Arizona,” He laughed.

I laughed and asked him what was up.

“Oh nothing, just the usual I guess, bored out of my mind. Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” I said, my heart was pounding in my chest so hard I thought it was going to come out.

“Do you want to come to a bonfire with me? It’ll be fun, everyone will be there and don’t worry, and I’ll be there too.” He laughed.

“I’d love to!” I said. After we agreed to meet at 7 at the beach I hung up and decided what I should wear. It was kind of chilly tonight and I didn’t want to catch a cold. That’d be just great when summer was starting in a couple of days.

  Finally I decided on a purple dress (which looked like a shirt) then some skinny jeans and tennis shoes. And my favorite sweater, a grey one with a wolf on it; I loved wolves, they were my favorite animals. I had just left the house around six-fifty and got there a little late. But when i did i found Seth sitting down on a log.

He turned around and smiled his prize winning smile. Aw, isnt he just adorable?


Authors note: Please comment and give me any ideas if you have any. If you want to hate then dont bother commenting at all unless your being helpful! Thanks! I'll have the next chapter up as soon as i can! :)

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I thought her eyes were brown? And... I'm really confused... how did she become a wolf? I'm really confused. lol

thank you


Chapter 7: What happens?

Arizona’s POV


I was still pretty furious with Seth the next day. I still couldn’t believe that he said that. I mean maybe I’m overreacting but something in my heart told me that there was something else to be mad at his word I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

  I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. Of course my dad wasn’t home so I was a little surprised to hear someone banging around in the kitchen.

“You have absolutely nothing!” Embry complained.

“What are you doing in my house?” I demanded.

“Hey, I came to make sure you’re alright. Quil came too but he had to go drop Claire off at daycare. Just because we just found out that you’re our cousin means that we have a lot to discuss!”

I sighed and sat down on the table.

“How’s Seth?” I whispered.

“He’s okay; still hurting when you left. He left about an hour ago to the funeral home.” Embry whispered back. My chest hurt so badly. I knew it was because of being separated from Seth and not being with him in almost a day but it felt like it was slowly being torn away.

“You okay?” Embry asked concern on his face.

“Yeah.” I grimaced then looked at Embry. “What are we eating?”

“Just eggs. I don’t know how to make anything else!” we both laughed at that and dug in.

Suddenly the phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Arizona, it’s your dad. Listen, I’ll be gone a while. I have something to do down in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s business so ask one of your friends to stay with you or whatever. Gotta go, bye.”

  I just had my mouth wide open. What the heck? That was random and weird at the same time! I didn’t really care though. A while without my dad? Awesome! But still. What business? They only meeting he’s ever had been with his beers and smoking!

 “Who was it?” Embry asked.

“Eh, my dad. Not going to be here for a couple of days.”

“Perfect,” Embry said, smiling evilly. “I’ll be back around five.” Then he walked out of the house. I didn’t know what to do next. Seth was at the grave yard and the others were with their imprints or on patrol. There was no cleaning needed since my dad nor I have been in the house long enough to make a mess. Finally I just decided to go phase. Relieve anyone who was on patrol.

 When I phased I felt Paul and Quil running through the woods.

Hey guys need any help?

Oh, hey Arizona. Naw I think we got it.

Oh, well maybe I’ll just hang out with ya’ll? I’m super bored.

Sure, they both said. It was quiet after that. We all just laid in the grass, talking about nothing in particular.

Hey, guys do you smell that? I asked. They shook their heads no.

I took in a deep breath and cringed. Vampire

They immediately got up and we looked around. Two, I decided. I could hear the leeches running towards us. The smell was revolting.

  Good ears, Quil praised. We kept a look out until suddenly we saw two of the most beautiful people in front of us. I shook my head to clear my mind and growled.

“Whoa, don’t worry. We come in peace.” The girl said. Her voice was a light soprano. I growled but more quietly. They didn’t look like much of a threat.

 Don’t underestimate them, Paul warned.

I nodded. I’m going to phase, cover me.

Got it.

 I let the heat run out of my body and I ducked under Paul so they couldn’t see me.

“What do you want?” I demanded. The male spoke this time.

  “My name is Stephan. This is my sister Camry. We came because we have a vampire following us. We heard all about you being wolfs and we need your help. There is another male vampire following us. He says he wants us to kidnap you, Arizona Shepard.”

 Paul and Quil growled, stepping forward. “Whoa,” I said, pulling their fur.

“Yes, his name is Tony. He says that if we don’t he will kill us. We are very frightened and come to you for help,” the girl named Camry said.

 “Are you vegetarians?” I asked.

“If you mean that we drink animal blood then yes, we are. We like to follow the Cullen’s example.”

I thought about it for a minute. Hmm, they hated Tony too. And we could always use the extra help. I glanced at the wolfs and nodded. It was silent for a while until Paul and Quil grunted and nodded.

  “Follow us,” I said and phased again.

My house. I told the wolves and we ran. The vampires caught up nicely but I noticed the girl, Camry, slowing down a bit and clutching her bag tightly as she ran. Hmm.

 When we got to my house Quil called everyone to meet us here. In the meantime I filled in Camry and Stephan in on everything. Sam and Seth came at the same time and demanded to know everything. Me and the guys explained to them and to the others until we were on the same page.

  “I can’t believe you let bloodsuckers on to our land! Do you have any idea what this might mean?”  Sam demanded getting in my face. I cringed but stood my ground. “Just because your Seth’s imprint and part of the pack does not mean I can’t kick you out and let the bloodsucker take you.”

  Seth slowly got in between me and Sam, glaring at Sam the whole time. As if saying, do it and die.

“Listen to me; both of you. These vampires are friendly I swear and they hate Tony as much as us. If we talk to them we can make a plan to defeat Tony.”

 Sam thought a moment and then walked back into the living room. “Why do you hate this leech?” he asked.

 Stephan answered, “He killed my mate. Ali was Camry’s best friend. He tried to kill me, Ali got in the way, now she’s dead. We want revenge. We heard that Tony is making some sort of army to get Arizona and no one can stop him.”

 We all looked at each other and sighed. Seth pulled me into his arms and hugged me. “Why all this just for me?” I whispered mostly to Seth.

  “He wants this too,” Camry whispered and took a bundle out of her bag. It was a baby.

 “I found her; he killed her parents and almost got her. I couldn’t leave her there defenseless,” she said, holding the baby softly. Stephan put his head in his hands. We all gathered around the baby, she had a mark down the side of her face. “He cut her,” Camry whispered.

 Crash! We all jumped and went outside. There he was, Tony.

“Ahh, I love even more challenges.” He sneered. Suddenly I got anger. Really angry. Why did he have to do all this stuff? Just to get me? And that innocent baby? Why? How could he? I ran toward him and met him head on. I threw him into a tree and then threw him against the rocks.

  “Arizona! No!” I heard Seth yell, but I let instinct take over. I got all my anger out on him. Anger about him killing me mom, about him trying to kill me. I didn’t realize that he backed me into a corner. I growled at him uncontrollably.

  “Poor doggy,” he smirked. Suddenly Seth got him in his teeth and threw him across the yard.

You ok? He asked.

Yeah, let’s true to get rid of him, I told him. Soon everyone was joining, I thought we were winning until three more vampires ran over the field and joined, hitting and trying to bite us. Quil got bit and so did Sam but Camry and Stephan sucked the poison out. They really were good.

 I almost lost faith when I saw five more newborns run towards us.


Amazing!! Cant wait to see how it turns out!!!
Hmmm... I wonder what happens~! I can't wait for the next chapter~!

 Chapter 8: Life can’t go on.

Seth’s POV

I couldn’t believe Tony had thrown an attack on us, especially right now. I could tell Sam was warming up to Camry and Stephan every time one of them sucked the poison out of someone bit or killed a vampire every time one got even remotely close to the village.

  I tried to keep Arizona out of Tony’s way but it was getting harder and harder because more vampires came piling in. suddenly I heard someone scream.

 Arizona!!! We all screamed together in our heads.

As I watch in horror Tony grabbed Arizona’s throat and suddenly there she is, dangling with her feet a good foot off the ground. She was naked and full of blood, I ignored her being naked and tried to tackle Tony but Quil stopped me.

Dude, step closer he might kill her. You never know.

Fine, I growled. I watched closely as he sat her down on the ground and kissed her forehead while looking at me.

“Good luck now,” he said, smiling then sprinted off. Sam, Paul and Jared went after him while everyone else got Arizona. Me and Embry phased and checked over her. We got covered in blood but we didn’t care.

“Where is she bleeding from? I can’t find the cut!” Embry said his voice panicking. I quickly checked her back then I felt something. A big cut on the right side of her back. I gently turned her over and checked it. The cut was deep and bleeding bad. I picked her up and jogged as smoothly as I could to Emily’s house. Embry and Quil covered me while everyone ran to get Tony and finish off the vampires.

  When we got there Emily immediately got to work, beads of sweat were dripping down her face from concentrating.

“Seth, let’s go outside.” Embry whispered and dragged me out the door.

 “I’m going to kill him!” I yelled. I was so angry right now I was shaking. “He turned her human Embry! What if she can’t phase anymore? Then she will be extra vulnerable!  He can take her out in a single blink of the eye! Ugh!” I punched a tree, it fell over almost landing on Embry. Whoa.

 “Calm down,” Embry said. I shook my head.

Suddenly I heard Arizona scream, my reaction was falling to the ground.



Authors note: I'm sorry this is short!! i didnt have enough time to get it all done so i'll repost as soon as i can!! for now just comment on what ya think! thanks !!(:

this is gr8 does arizona survive???

omg what will happen to her ??

i want to snap tony's neck :@@

poor seth :(

post when you can sry about your cousins :/

i like it
I like it too! It was so short this time but a very good cliffhanger!!!

im sorry about how short it was. My cousins were in a bad car crash and this week has been hectic so im sorry its short.

This is all i had time to write but i swear i'll try to finish at least tomarrow. Sorry for the inconvience.

I'm so sorry about your cousins :(


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