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Authors note: Hi guys! Quick up date. This story is about Seth && His imprint Arizona. I thought the names went very well with eachother! PLEASE DO NOT COPY! Thanks!


CHAPTER 1: Meeting

    I remember the day we first met.  It was in the cafeteria in the La Push high school. I actually remember everything about that day. It was the best day of my life to be exact. Why? Because I had a major case of love at first sight. I don’t know how, he was just an average 15 year old, except the big muscles he had on his arms. His hair and skin were dark, like almost everyone else’s on the La Push reservation. His dark brown eyes twinkled as he laughed at his friend’s joke. The he looked at me and OHMYGOSH I was in love! Inexplicably, I had fallen head over heels for him before I even knew his name! He stared at me for a moment, a confused look on his face. I suddenly became very self-conscience. Did I look a mess? Is that why he’s looking at me funny?

  But then a smile broke out on his face, revealing his perfect white teeth. I smiled back shyly. He sauntered over to me.

“Hey, I’m Seth.” He said, holding out his hand. I shook it; it was smooth and very warm. “Welcome to La Push.” 

“I’m Arizona and thanks.” We stood there awkwardly for a moment. Then he said, “Wanna sit with us at lunch?” He gestured towards where his friends were sitting, watching us with amused eyes.

 “Sure I guess,” I said sheepishly. The entire lunch period I was at their table, talking to them and interacting with them. I found out that a boy named Embry was in my 2nd period class and the boy named Quil was in my 4th. It was nice talking to all the boys. But what I really enjoyed was catching Seth looking at me more than once. I really enjoyed that part.


(After school)

That afternoon when I was heading out when someone tapped on my shoulder. I jumped and turned around, my heart skipped a beat when I found out it was Seth. “Hiya,” he said and smiled his handsome smile.

“Hi,’ I smiled back. He just stared at me for a little bit then shook his head. “Um, I just came by to give you my number. I’d really like it if you would just call me sometime. And since it’s Friday and all then I think this is the best time don’t you think?” He smiled again. 

I almost fainted. “Yeah, I’ll call you tonight then.”

“I’ll wait by the phone,” he whispered teasingly and then walked off to some boy’s car. I breathed in deeply and started towards my car.

I rounded the corner and heard voices. It was Embry, Quil, and Jake. The guys I met earlier.

“Yeah, Arizona is great for Seth.” Quil said.

“Yeah, good thing that Seth didn’t practically fall over when he saw her. I remember how I and Jackie were. I almost fainted! But then there WAS Jake and Bella,” Embry said, laughing a little.

“Hey that was totally natural. I was thinking that we can have a bonfire tomorrow night? Ya know the usual? Jared can invite Kim, Seth can invite Arizona and Sam can invite Emily. It’ll be a way for Arizona to meet everyone.” Soon they walked off talking about the bonfire.

 I ran to my car and hopped in. Excited that Seth might invite me to a bonfire! As I rode home I wondered what they meant about natural things about their girlfriends. Had they fallen in love too?

When I got home I immediately dressed for bed, it was a habit that I always liked to do before doing anything else. Then I felt excitement. Why?

Around six o’clock the next day I decided to call Seth. As I dialed his number I got butterflies in my stomach. What if he wasn’t home? What if he didn’t want to talk to me? I swallowed as it started ringing.

“Hello?” a husky voice answered.

“Hey Seth!” I said. There was a paused and then a door slam.

“Hey, Arizona,” He laughed.

I laughed and asked him what was up.

“Oh nothing, just the usual I guess, bored out of my mind. Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” I said, my heart was pounding in my chest so hard I thought it was going to come out.

“Do you want to come to a bonfire with me? It’ll be fun, everyone will be there and don’t worry, and I’ll be there too.” He laughed.

“I’d love to!” I said. After we agreed to meet at 7 at the beach I hung up and decided what I should wear. It was kind of chilly tonight and I didn’t want to catch a cold. That’d be just great when summer was starting in a couple of days.

  Finally I decided on a purple dress (which looked like a shirt) then some skinny jeans and tennis shoes. And my favorite sweater, a grey one with a wolf on it; I loved wolves, they were my favorite animals. I had just left the house around six-fifty and got there a little late. But when i did i found Seth sitting down on a log.

He turned around and smiled his prize winning smile. Aw, isnt he just adorable?


Authors note: Please comment and give me any ideas if you have any. If you want to hate then dont bother commenting at all unless your being helpful! Thanks! I'll have the next chapter up as soon as i can! :)

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please hurry i love ur story soooo much!
thank you and i will try!! (:
Spechles :D Its amazing
hahaha glad ya'll like it!!(:

Very intersting story wont be online till wed

Chapter 9. Powers?!

Arizona POV


When I saw Seth kissing Camry my mind went racing and my heart stopped. What the crap! He was mine! How could she! Or how could he? Ugh I was so mad!

 “Arizona!” Seth called up to me and started towards me. I grimaced in disgust and walked away as fast as I could.

 “Arizona, wait up!”

I kept walking, I couldn’t believe him. Why did he-? I mean they didn’t really mean to-? Seth grabbed my arm and turned me around. I glared at him while he tried catching his breath.

 “I’m sorry,” he breathed. I shook my head, refusing to talk. “I just sorta, you know.”

“Seth I don’t know! Why did you do that? How come when I walked out I found you kissing another girl!? Explain that!” Seth kept quiet, he just looked down.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“You say that but do you really mean it? I mean c’mon! Why can’t you just admit that you like Camry? Apparently you don’t think I’m beautiful or anything anymore!”

“What? Of course you’re beautiful! Why did you just say that?” I thought a moment, what? He told me I’m beautiful a million times. Why did I just say that?

“Maybe I just don’t believe it,” I wondered a little too loud.

“Arizona Shepard you are a beautiful girl and I love you since when I met you.”

“Well, obviously you don’t if you’re kissing some other girl!” Suddenly I got an idea. I grabbed Seth’s face and kissed him. I pulled back and looked at his face. It was surprised yet didn’t look like when he was kissing Camry.

 “Kisses can make a big difference in millions of ways,” I whispered then walked away. From my love, the love of my life. The only reason I loved La Push.



I ran to my house but I knew that it wouldn’t help me get rid of the feeling I had inside. I slowed to a walk and looked around. I felt like I was going to cry, I couldn’t phase to go into the woods and I had no way to get all the way to my house. I looked around my surroundings. Embry lived close to here, and Quil. Maybe Quil’s grandpa, or in my case, my great grandpa can tell me why my chest felt like it was breaking into a million pieces. I ran until I couldn’t breathe. When I reached Old Quil’s house I knocked rapidly on the door.

“Yes?” an old voice said from behind the screen door.

“I need to talk to you grandpa.”

Old Quil wasn’t surprised to hear me call him grandpa. Sam had told him everything right after Jacob told Sam.

“What is it?” he asked as he opened the door for me. I went inside and closed the door. “I don’t think Seth loves me the same way anymore.” I whispered.

“What are you talking about? Of course he does! He imprinted on you didn’t he?”

“Yes, but I just saw him kissing that vampire girl, Camry.” Old Quil thought for a minute.

“Have you imprinted on him?” he asked me. Everything went silent. I looked down.

“I think so.”

“Listen, you’re away from your soul mate, your true love. Of course your heart is breaking. What do you expect?”

“I don’t know.”

“Go back to him. Apologize and maybe you’ll get what you’re looking for.” I nodded, thanked him and ran out of the house. He wasn’t much help. But I decided to go back. Camry was at the front door.

“You really hurt him Arizona.” Camry walked toward me and I backed away. “I have a special power and I really don’t want to use it right now,” she threatened. I froze.

“I really like Seth and I really don’t want him to be hurt by someone like you.” Suddenly she threw her hand at me and a scorch mark appeared on my forearm. It burned like crazy and I screamed. It bled and I fell to the floor holding my arm.

“Next time you hurt Seth, that’s you punishment.” She whispered then went inside. Leaving me holding my arm and crying for my mom.


Authors note: i'm sorry it's so short. I'm running out of ideas!!!! please help me with ideas! if you have any ideas just inbox me or comment! thanks! sorry its so short!! :/

That chapter is awesome!

Please post more ^.^


- LoveCookkies

maybe seth finds out that camry's just using him to get rid of arizona and give her to tony?

or she'll chase airzona away into tony who takes her and seth has to get her back??? idk

just a thought ! i love airzona and i hope she gets seth back!

I think that's a really good idea ScaryEyes! I feel that would help with the story if your use it wolf girl but really good story so far~!

I really like that Idea!! :D

omg!!! thank you SO MUCH i could kiss you!! but oh no i aint gunna do it!!! just a figure of speech lol!! thank you so much!! thats a GREAT AWESOME WONDERFUL idea!!! YAY!!




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