The Twilight Saga

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My cousin made this :o I don't think this exactly fits the story too well.. But oh well! It was still sweet of her, and I still love her VERY much :)

Made by the amazing THE brand of heroin :)!! (This actually inspired one of my chapters..)

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I lifted my head slightly and saw one of them advance on me. I felt tears that would never come sting my eyes. He would give no mercy. I could see that in his eyes. And I knew, somewhere deep in my heart, that I could not win. But I had to try... I had to... I quickly lifted myself off of the ground and bent into a preditorial crouch. That was the first time I had ever felt so drained. Nothing had ever sucked the powerful feeling I had pulsing through me away like these stupid... I noticed that the others were getting impatient, and were starting to get ready to attack as well. Hissing, I threw myself at the one advancing on me.

Chapter 1 - Drifting

I'm drifting in my pain, in my sadness... I should have saved my mother. Heck, I should've done a lot of things. Just like I shouldn't have done a lot of things. Right now, I'm in Alaska, on the ground, where I've been for the past forever. I'm not sure how much snow is on top of me now. I stopped paying attention after a while, and just let myself float. Float in my misery, my pain, my anger, and my hatred. The Denali's tried to cheer me up, tried to make me happy. But I threw up a wall and never let them inside. You know that one saying? 'Sometimes we put up walls. Not because we want to keep people out, but because we want to see who cares enough to break them down.' That's a lie. I don't want anyone to break down my walls. I just want to hide behind them. I want to die alone. Sometimes the Denalis would drop by and let me know what year, month, and day it was. I never really cared. Sometimes when they came, they would also throw news about Edward at me like one would throw darts at a balloon. It's like they were trying to pop me, but I didn't even know why. Edward was all that I had left of my past life.. I loved him like a brother. I missed him more than anything right now. Why did my sort-of brother have to dissapear, while my stupid collection of gifts have to always be there? Why couldn't there just be an off button..? That's when it happened. The snow around me was suddenly parted on either side of me, kind of like the red sea parted in the Bible. I mentally rolled my eyes at myself and then looked up at a strange creature. It was a tall man, who had long blond hair and sinister scarlet eyes. He would be handsome to human eyes, and slightly scary, but in my eyes; he looked evil. I guess you could say that he was a vampire, but he wasn't solid. He was like a shadow, subtract the featureless black blob part. He was glaring down at me, and from his thoughts I learned that he wanted me to stand up. I could tell that he expected me to be terrified of him. That made me angry, so I stood up slowly and glared at him. "Who are you?" I demanded, my wind-chime voice harsh. "I am Archibald. Yes. I'm a vampire. Yes, I'm shadow like. I am a shadow vampire." His thoughts quickly caught me up on what and who he was. Shadow vampires are the most powerful living things in the world. They beat the Volturi by a long shot. Not many knew about them, and those who did kept the shadow vampires a secret from the Volturi or died. The shadow vampires made some vampires do things for them, like help humans or vampires to fullfil their fates, and a few other little favors.. "You have to be Bella Swan's protector." Isabella Swan. I know her.. I had a vision with her in it. Her blood appeals to him on a level that's not safe for any human, and her thoughts are a complete mystery to him.. "Right. You have to protect her. Not only from Edward, but from everything. Anything that can bring any type of harm to her. Mentally or physically." He said, sounding awfully bored. "And if I don't protect her?" I challenged. I really wish I wouldn't have asked that question. That's when the pain ripped it's way up my spine and through my entire body. It was like I was being burned, battered, and stabbed at the same time. Like someone was slamming a bat into the middle of my back and running over me. It was the second most painful thing that's ever happened to me in my life. Finally, it just.. Stopped. The pain was gone! I looked up at the man and then mumbled, "If that's all that you needed to tell me, then I should be off to Forks right about now." Archibald grinned at me and then dissapeared.

Chapter 2 - Bella

It only took me a little over an hour to get to Bella's house. She had just arrived today, and I peeked into her window to see that she was sleeping. She was tossing and turning, because the rain was driving her crazy. I smiled to myself. I felt like I knew her already. Eventually she got up. I hopped off of the tree I had been sitting on and then hid in the woods. Bella came out of the house and ran to her truck. She tried to stop to admire it, but she was getting soaked, so she decided against it and hopped in. I ran beside her truck on the way to school. No one noticed me because I was just a blur. When Bella got to the school, I circled the parking lot, trying to figure out what I should do. Then I noticed Edward and two couples were getting out of his car. I ran to the car and got inside. Alice grinned at me and mumbled, "I saw you coming. We've got you registered for school. And I have you a backpack with everything you'll need for school right here," Alice said, pulling out a nice backpack. "But you have to explain everything later." She said. I nodded and then stepped out of the car. I had changed before I came to Bella's house, so that my clothes weren't cold and wet from the snow I had buried myself under. Everyone was staring at me as I walked toward the office. My eyes kept changing colors, instead of settling on one color and staying there. I'm different from other vampires because my eyes aren't golden or scarlet. I don't drink blood; there's no reason for them to be either color. My eyes are the same way that they were when I was a human. They're constantly changing colors. My eyes change to the oddest colors, like lime green or violet. I stepped into the office and the secretarys eyes widened. "Er.. Hello." She mumbled, sounding slightly awed. "Hello. I'm Chey.." I started, but then she cut me off, saying, "Chey Cullen? Yes, I have your schedule right here... And a map of the school.." She said, digging through a giant stack of papers, and then handing me two pieces of paper that she retrieved from it. She quickly showed me where my classes were on the map, and the best route to them. I smiled at her and politely said, "Thankyou, ma'am." And then turned and left. Behind me, she was wondering if I was as smart as the rest of the Cullens. Actually, with my gifts, I could play the part of "Smart Adopted Child Number 6". It looks like Alice had gotten Esme to tell everyone that I'm from Carlisle's side of the family, and that my father died of a heart attack, and that my mother died while giving birth to me. I didn't need to look at my schedule anymore, because of this beautiful little thing called "photographic memory". My first period class was English, with Bella. I stepped into the class and handed the teacher the piece of paper Mrs. Cope had given me earlier to him so he could sign it. Bella came up and handed him a paper too. I smiled at her and she smiled back shyly. The teacher, whose name I didn't care enough to ask for, turned to the class and made us introduce ourselves. Bella barely got out the words, "I'm Bella Swan.." And then she turned tomato red and stumbled back to her seat. I turned to the class and said, "I'm Chey Cullen.", and then I walked back to my chair with everyone's eyes following me. Seriously. The teacher sat there staring at me for five minutes, along with everyone else, until he caught himself and then started the lesson. I didn't pay attention to him, I didn't need to. With my visions, I would probably ace whatever tests or work sheets that he would decide to pull out on us, anyway. Plus, if he decided to ask me a question, then I could just grab the answer from his thoughts. I got a pencil out of my backpack and grabbed my schedule and started doodleing on the back of it. The bell rang and I grabbed my stuff and got up. The rest of the morning classes just sort of dragged. The classes were extremely boring. This was my first time ever going to school, and I hated this place. At lunch, Alice and Jasper came to me and dragged me to their lunch table. "Ready to explain?" Alice asked. I could tell that she had updated everyone on who I was and a few other things. Edward smiled at me. "Chey. How've you been? What happened after I got the.." I cut him off and said, "Long story." My voice sounded darker than before, and I could see my face in their minds. My eyes had darkened and my face was twisted in pain. I composed my features so that I looked bored and then said, "But I can tell you why I'm here." I said. I was going to leave the part about the shadow vampires out, and just explain to them that I was here to protect someone. I quickly explained that I came here to protect someone. I told them I didn't want to talk about it so that I wouldn't have to answer any annoying questions that might give me away. They nodded and didn't push me to tell them anymore, and we sat there staring off into different directions, ignoring everything and everyone around us. Edward heard Jessica say his name in her mind, and his head lifted to look at her. Then he turned his face to stare at Bella. I could tell that he couldn't read her mind, and that he was getting frustrated. "She's a shield." I murmured. Edward looked at me, kind of surprised, and said, "What?" He didn't know that I could read minds. "I have a lot more gifts than a normal vampire should have." I explained and then continued to say, "And Bella is a shield. I have the same shield, so I know how it works. She unintentionally let me in because I have the same shield, so her shield thinks it's taking in a part of herself. I can hear her thoughts." I took Edwards apple off of his tray and shifted into my human form. I took a bite and then looked up at Edward. "Wanna bite?" I asked, holding the apple out to him. He rolled his eyes and me and then shook his head no. Jasper sort of tensed up when I shifted into my human form. "Oh, don't worry. You can hear my blood pulsing through my veins, you can hear the beat of my heart... But you can't smell my blood." I whispered. My blood didn't have a smell. I didn't know why. The Denali's tried to figure it out when I morphed into a human on accident one day. They freaked when my heart started beating and when I got my blood back, but then they noticed that my blood didn't have a scent and they stopped freaking out. Jasper still didn't breath, and he held his stiff posture. I rolled my eyes and then used his power on him so that he'd calm down. Then I used my other gift, which was kind of cool. I could make people do what I wanted them to do. I made Jasper start breathing. When he noticed that my blood had no scent, he stared at me, his face a giant question mark. I smiled at him and shook my head, mumbling, "I'll explain everything later.. Promise." He shrugged. We all got up and then went to put our trays away. Edward headed off to his next class, which was with Bella, and I went to spanish. I was keeping an eye on Bella to make sure she made it through the day in one piece. When she was wallking toward her teachers desk in bio, Edward suddenly stiffened and glared up at her. I hopped into his mind and gasped when I felt the affect Bella's blood had on him. I used Jaspers power to calm him down, and then I made him stay in his seat so he wouldn't hurt her. I was barely able to keep him sitting from such a distance. If I had to, I would've ran into that classroom and killed him myself if he would've tried to harm Bella. The bell finally rang, and Edward ran out of the classroom. I went out to his car, too, and climbed into it. "Eddie," I began, but he cut me off. "Did you see? Were you the one that kept me from.. Killing her?" He asked, sounding horrified. I nodded and gave him a sad smile. "Your leaving?" I asked. Even though he kept thinking about sneaking into her house and killing her, I could still see that he was also thinking about leaving.

~Sorry, this is a list of the chapters and their names, so I won't get confused and use the same chapter names again. Just ignore this :)!~
Chapter 1 - Drifting
Chapter 2 - Bella
Chapter 3 - Werewolves
Chapter 4 - Carlisle
Chapter 5 - Best Friends
Chapter 6 - Imprint
Chapter 7 - Guilty
Chapter 8 - Seth
Chapter 9 - Unwanted Visitor
Chapter 10 - Trapped
Chapter 11 - Lies
Chapter 12 - Accidents
Chapter 13 - My Big Mouth
Chapter 14 - Plan
Chapter 15 - Fail
Chapter 16 - Dead Meat
Chapter 17 - Preparing
Chapter 18 - Easier Than I Thought?
Chapter 19 - Surrounded
Chapter 20 - Saved
Chapter 21 - Internal Fight
Chapter 22 - Gray Eyes
Chapter 23 - Illusions
Chapter 24 - Strange Places

Chapter 25 - Coming Soon! (Hopefully)

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Chapter 2 - Bella (Continued..)

"Well.. I can't.. I can't kill her!" He said, turning to glare at me. I rolled my eyes at him. "I'm not suggesting that you kill her. I'm just saying.. I doubt you'll hurt her. I won't let you hurt her. Plus, you need to face this head on. After this, not only will you have more self control, but you'll also have more confidence in your self control, and.." Edward cut me off by giving me the mother of all glares. The Death Glare. "I am leaving. That's final." He snapped. I didn't bother to argue with him; he was too stubborn. He wouldn't listen to me. I just sighed and gave up. "Whatever you say, Eddie..."

Chapter 3 - Werewolves

When the bell rang and everyone started pouring out of the building, I got out of Edwards car. I walked out of the schools parking lot and down the road, trying to escape for a little while. Can you believe it? My first day, and I already need a break... I wasn't paying attention to where I was going anymore. I just kept on walking, thinking about random things. Then the smell hit me. I stopped right in my tracks and glanced around. It smelled like a dog, and it had a woodsy smell to it. I stepped into the woods, because I sensed something with a heart that was beating faster than any heart should beat. I started to run, searching for the unknown being, when I almost slammed into a giant wolf looking think. It was black and was staring down at me curiously. On one side of the black wolf there was a russet wolf that was almost as big as he was. On his other side, there was a chocolate colored wolf. They were all staring at me.
'What is she?'
'Could she be a vampire?'
'She doesn't stink.'
'Well... I dunno..'
'Is she human?'
'No beating heart = Not human.'

Their thoughts all ran together, and it was actually kind of like a regular conversation. At first I started to wonder if they were somehow connected so that they could hear each others thoughts, and then I realized that that was probably why one of them would think some kind of a question and then one of the others would answer it. "I'm a vampire.. I guess. And I can be a human if you want me to be." I said, morphing into a human. My heart started beating and they all stared at me, their eyes wide. "Can I try something real quick? I come in peace, I promise." I said, grinning at the black wolf. They didn't know what to make of me, but they did have a feeling that they could trust me. I reached out and touched one of his ears, and then felt myself start shuddering. I looked down and watched as I exploded into a wolf. I had fur that was, somehow, darker than Sams. It was amazing. I wasn't connected to the others thoughts, but one of my gifts was that I could send my thoughts to someone if I wanted to.
'This is cool.' I thought. Sam recovered faster than the others did. 'Come back with us to my place. I trust that you won't hurt anyone or anything...?' I mentally rolled my eyes at him and tought back, 'Please. Blood doesn't appeal to me on any level. Don't worry.' Sam nodded and then started running. The other two wolfs followed him, so I just trailed along behind them. When we reached Sam's house, I saw a pretty lady standing on the back porch. Well, half of her was pretty, anyway. Half of her face was beautiful, the other was a living nightmare. It was covered in scars, and from what I gathered, it was Sams fault. She gave Sam three sets of clothes, and the others ran out into the woods. She stared down at me, looking kind of confused. Sam stepped out of the woods and then ran up to me and.. Emily. That's her name, Emily. "I'll explain later. Can she borrow some of your clothes?" He asked her. She nodded and then dissapeared into the house. A few seconds later, she came back out and handed me some clothes. I took them into my mouth, and before going into the woods, I turned to Sam and sent him, 'How do I change back..?' He shrugged. "How did you change out of your vampire form and into your human? Just do what you did before." I nodded and then ran into the woods and changed back into my vampire form. Then I threw on the clothes Emily had given me, and ran back to the house to find the other two wolfs back. They were in human form, of course. What were their names?? "This is Jacob and Quil." Sam said. I nodded to them, and then turned to Sam. "Okay.. Now, why did I come back here with you guys?" I asked. "I don't know why, but my gut is telling me that I can trust you. We made a treaty with the Cullens, in the past? Well, it applies to them. But it doesn't apply to you all." Quil explained to me what the treaty was and I smiled to myself. "I'm allowed on your land?" I asked Sam. He nodded and then turned to kiss Emily on the cheek. Jacob and Quil groaned and turned away. I couldn't help but laugh at them. Jacob pushed me playfully while Quil grimaced. It looked like my time in Forks protecting Bella wasn't going to be so bad after all.
please write more and let me know when you post more
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