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important note:::this story is COMPLETE!

So, many of you follow three of my other stories and those who have know I started working on a new one with the intention of completing it before I post. Well, good news! It's complete which means there are high hopes for the other stories you may follow!


Summary: After Edward leaves Bella in New Moon, she is completely broken and finally gives up. She finds herself standing at the edge of a cliff, welcoming death and without hesitation jumps only to wake up the next day back on her first day of Forks High School..the day she first met Edward.--given a second chance to be with her true love. However, will Bella choose to allow history to repeat itself or will she give Edward up completely?


***I'll post this chapter at a time..there is a total of 6 and they are long...depending on how well of a reaction this story gets, I'll post the rest The characters of this story do not in any way, shape or form belong to me..they belong to Stephenie Meyer!....




Read, review and enjoy!


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lol it's no problem...and i'll make sure to keep those last few words when i have the rewritten ending :) thanks for the advice..i always love feedback!
Thanks Twilight.....does this mean that you'll finish the other stories now.....................I also want to see the the other ening...........I like te concept that Bella was in a coma that whole time and that she really died.................very good.please post the othing ending so I can see what you were going to do.............until you post again

yes, im going to finish my other stories now..starting with "not what it seems" i just reread the last two chapters to get back in the feel of the story and i'm going to write the last chapter soon.

i haven't started the other ending for this, but i know where it'll pick up from and what i'm going to do, all i need to do is have the time to write it lol this weekend should be good!


YAY!!!!!! Cant wait for the end of NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!!!!!!!!
I can't wait for not what it seems too .. but I'm dying for the ending of Be with me .. I really can't wait for that story ..
love it soooooooooooooooooooo much <3 you did wonderful
I like your story.  I am eager to read the alternate ending.  But can you repost chapter 4?  I couldn't find it.  Can't wait for more!  :)
hey sorry for the late reply, it seems they delted it, i'll send u chapter 4 some time next week!
I don't know if you sent it to me or not but I don't think I got it....I haven't been keeping up with the stories on here like I used to :(  Life has just been so crazy lately.  But if you would send it to me I would really appreciate it.  :)


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