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Summary: After Edward leaves Bella in New Moon, she is completely broken and finally gives up. She finds herself standing at the edge of a cliff, welcoming death and without hesitation jumps only to wake up the next day back on her first day of Forks High School..the day she first met Edward.--given a second chance to be with her true love. However, will Bella choose to allow history to repeat itself or will she give Edward up completely?


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Chapter 5

I woke up Monday morning thinking I'd be ready for school and ready to deal with how the Cullens would react about me knowing everything about them and about how I was more or less a part of their family until Edward left me. I already knew Rosalie wouldn't be welcoming me though I still didn't understand what her problems with me were. Regardless, when I woke up and tried getting out of bed, I was overcome with so much pain. I was blindsided by it. I knew my muscles were still sore after that fall and waking up back here but I thought it was getting better. It wasn't as difficult pretending to be fine everyday since the pain began to subside. But this seemed to come back tenfold and moving around was extremely difficult. It was still early so I knew Charlie would be home; I decided to tell him I needed to stay in today. Whatever this was would pass, I was sure of it but I needed to take it easy today. I...barely and painfully...made my way down the stairs to see Charlie sitting at the kitchen table drinking his morning coffee.

"Morning dad," I managed to get out, pain evident behind my voice. I place both hands on the counter for support but even that motion didn't get off easy.

"Morning," he responded before looking up at me and seeing the state I was in. "Are you alright Bells?"

"No dad, I'm extremely sore this hurts to move around," I told him. "I guess the extreme body workout I did during the week is starting to catch up to me big you think I can sleep it off today?" He eyed me, thinking before he finally agreed. To say I was thankful for this would be an understatement. Not only was I escaping a day of school that I knew would be terrible due to my sudden immobility but I was escaping a day of facing the Cullens after they would have been informed. Seemed like a win, win to me. A few moments after Charlie said I could stay home, he had to leave for work. Now all I had to do was manage to get myself back up the stairs. I had thought getting down the stairs was the hardest part...I knew I'd be wrong with that. But before as I managed to get to the first step, the door bell rang. I instantly cursed whoever it was at the door because I knew how difficult it would be for me to even reach the door without being overcome with the pain.

"Who is it?" I called out, hoping they could come in if I told them they could.

"It's Alice!" I heard from the door.

"Come in, door's open," I said quietly this time. I knew she'd hear me without difficulty. As soon as I granted her permission she walked in; she failed to mention Jasper was with her. I didn't have a problem with him being here though. I was never mad at him for what happened.

"Hey Bella, you know Jasper don't you?" Alice smirked while I rolled my eyes at her.

"Hi Jasper," I said, staying where I was by the first step. The less I moved, the better.

"Hello's a pleasure to meet you," he said politely. "again...I pressume." I nodded in agreement, knowing officially that the Cullens had been informed over the weekend. I could see in his eyes something was bothering him...possibly the knowledge of what he had done at my birthday party but that was just a guess. I just hoped he wasn't picking up on how much pain I'm in.

"It's nice to see you again," I reassured him. "Feel free to take a seat if you'd like," I told them both. Without thinking about it they both took a seat on the couch, still not paying close attention to my place by the stairs.

"So Bella, we wanted to see if you wanted a ride to school today," Alice started. "But then I saw you weren't going in today but Jasper and I wanted to come see you anyway. The others don't know though..."

"I'm not avoiding you if that's what you think," I told her.

"Well I sure hope not!"she scowled as she crossed her arms. "Why don't you come over here and sit with us? Then you can tell us why you just decided to stay home."

"I can tell you from over here, you know..."I tried avoiding having to mention the pain for as long as I possibly could. Though as I stood watching them and as I spoke with Alice, I noticed Jasper trying to figure something out.

"Bella...I know we've met and have known each other for a while based on what Alice has told us but I hope I don't overstep my bounds when I ask you this..."Jasper started, trying to say the right words. "But, I'm sensing an extraordinary amount of pain from something wrong?"

"Of course something is wrong with her, she's giving up the love of her life because she's convinced herself he doesn't want her because he stupidly lied about it!" Alice answered for me, though that wasn't exactly something I would've answered with. She saw passed my facade though.

"I'm not refering to emotional pain Alice,"Jasper told her, then looked back to me. "I'm sensing an incredible amount of physical though you were in some sort of accident that's had severe effects on your body. I don't understand how you're able to tolerate it."

I thought for a few moments how to respond. Of course, on some level I had expected Jasper to sense the pain I was feeling. It was impossible to hide it from him but what was I really supposed to say? I had no explanatoin behind this pain and I didn't want it open for discussion and I certainly didn't want to be taken over to see Carlisle for him to run tests. I bet there wasn't anything wrong though. I just assumed my muscles were sore because nothing had happened to caused there to be problems...not in this reality at least.

"I'm honestly not sure why you're feeling that because I feel fine," I told them both. In order to completely convince them, I forced myself to move from my standing position and sit down on the couch. I had to keep reminding myself to not flinch or cry out in pain with every step I took, even more so when I started to take my seat. If I managed to do that without indicating any pain, then they would drop it.

"Bella...are you sure you're not just trying to cover it up?" Jasper asked as he stared at me intently...I was sure the pain had crept its way to my face here and there. Even if I remained calm, the pain was still there. I did the only thing I could think of...something I wanted so badly to not ever have to do but I allowed all of my good memories of Edward resurface. I thought about everything we had done together, everything we'd talked about, every touch and every laugh...just enough for Jasper to not be able to detect any pain. The happiness seemed to make me forget about the pain I was feeling and as soon as it set in, I saw Jasper relax. He believed it and that was enough for now.

"Like I said, I'm fine," I told him, allowing a smile to form on my face. The thoughts of Edward just made me miss him even more.

"So why aren't you going to school then?" Alice asked once again.

"I just couldn't sleep the other night so I wanted to stay in, catch up and come to school tomorrow refreshed," I told them,hoping they were buying my lie. I was never really good at lying but in this case, I needed them to believe it. I didn't need unnecessary worrying.

"Oh...well that's ok then," Alice said and gave me smile. I wanted so badly at that moment to sign in relief but they'd catch that. I wondered if they planned on staying here the entire day, which I normally wouldn't have minded but I wasn't sure how long I could keep up the facade of not being in pain. Just then, thankfully I might add, Alice checked her watch. "We should go before the others get suspicious." I nodded my head in understanding as I forced myself to stand up to say goodbye. As soon as they were out the door, I turned to head back up the stairs, ignoring the pain with each step I took. I sat down on my bed, relieved the facade was over but was startled when Alice showed up at my bedroom door.

"Hey, you scared me!" I exclaimed, completely taken back by her sudden appearance.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," she said as she made her way over to sit beside me on the bed. "I just really needed to talk to you before I left, Jasper went on without me."

"Ok...?" A part of me already suspected it would be about Edward. I was almost surprised when they never mentioned what happened the other night when she told everyone but I finally understood. Or at least I was starting to.

"I think it's obvious that I told everyone what we discussed the other night..." she started. "Of course, everyone is completely taken back as to how this is even possible and Carlisle immediately hit the books. But while he's busy doing that...everyone wants to get to know you...again," she laughed after she said that part. I wasn't surprised that Carlisle would start doing research about what happened to me though I didn't know if I actually wanted answers. I had my own I was sticking was to give Edward that clean break he had wanted without wasting his time until he realized that's what he wanted. Clearly he regretted ever pursuing a relationship with me and this was fate giving me the chance to give him what he wanted from the beginning.

"That's fine I guess..."I wasn't sure if Edward was included with everyone. I also wasn't sure if being friends with him is something I could bring myself to do. I needed as much seperation as possible because I knew that no matter how much I tried, I'd never get over him. I was better off never waking up at a second chance. I thought it'd be better giving him what he wanted but it was worse knowing it hadn't happened yet.

"I should also give you a heads up about Edward..."she hesitated, eyeing me trying to see if I would be able to handle what she wanted to warn me about. I smiled, trying to encourage her to continue. "He's upset...typical Edward and beating himself up over what he did to you. He finally gets why you've been acting the way you have been towards him but he says he isn't giving up on you...but don't tell him I told you that." Why was he not going to give up? I was doing him a favor by keeping him at arms length!

"He really shouldn't try Alice, you can tell him I said that." I told her, trying really hard not to break down in front of her.

"Bella, why not?" she asked. I saw the confusion on her face and I understood it. But I needed her on my side with this.

"Because I'm giving him what he wants by doing this." I knew this was more me convincing myself that this was the true reason and it was, wasn't it? I just couldn't go back and let things be the way they were only to have him leave me again. Having that happen in one reality was enough for me. I didn't survive it the first time, I knew I couldn't a second time either. I could tell Alice had more to say but I needed time alone. I needed to prepare myself and figure out why I was in so much unexplainable pain. "I think I'm going to catch up on some sleep, ok? I don't want to have to miss another day tomorrow."

"We both know I won't let that happen," she smirked at me before heading back out the door. Once I was alone and in the clear, I did my best to get comfortable in my bed. Each movement I made didn't go without a rush of pain surging through my body and again, left me with confusion as to why it was there to begin with. I hoped that the next morning would be better but only time would tell.


At six in the morning my alarm was once again going off and I was hesitant of reaching over to shut it off. My entire night consisted of pain with each toss and turn that came as I slept. Though instinctively, I still reached out to shut it off and was surprised when the pain I expected to feel didn't come. In a fast motion, I sat up. I wanted to dance around the room to celebrate that pain being gone. That was, until I got out of bed and needed to sit back down. It seemed the pain which I had throughout my body decided to shift and now resided as a migrane. I wouldn't let it hold me back today though, I had to get to school. So, just like any other day, I grabbed my toiletry bag and headed to the bathroom to shower. Once I was refreshed and dressed for school, I headed down to the kitchen in hopes of taking medicine for my migrane and a quick bite to eat.

"Morning Bells," my dad greeted me as I made my way into the kitchen. I was honestly surprised to see him. Normally at this time he had already left for the station.

"Hey dad," I didn't turn to look at him since I was on a time limit. Instead I continued getting what I needed so I could go.

"How are you feeling today? Better?" he asked.

"Stiffness is gone. Now I just have a migrane," I told him as I took motrin out of the cabinet.

"Migrane, huh..."he uttered, mostly to himself but I still heard. "Bells, if you're starting to get sick, I want you to go see a doctor ok?"

"Ok dad, but I'll be fine," I grabbed an apple. "I'll see you after work."

Today was yet another rainy day, though while I'm sure I preferred for it to be one of those sunny days that kept the Cullens out of school, I was grateful for the lack of sun. I knew if the sun was out and shining, I wouldn't have made it past my drive way with how the brightness would have hurt my eyes. I hid it well in the kitchen but the closer I got to the school I knew if the medicine didn't kick it, I'd be miserable all day. And it was exactly as I predicted it would be. I suffered through all of my morning classes and I wasn't sure how much more suffering I could take. All I knew is I needed to get to every class considering I missed a whole day yesterday. The medicine did nothing. My migrane just continued to get worse and by lunchtime, I was ready to rip someone's head off--metaphorically speaking of course. I stood in line with Jessica, waiting to grab something from the lunchline though I wasn't even that hungry. I felt sick.

"Edward Cullen is looking at you," Jessica whispered to me. I didn't want to look but I couldn't help myself. I looked over at the Cullen table only to see he wasn't there with them, even though they were all looking my way--Alice with a big smile on her face. That's when I remembered the day he first chose to sit away from the Cullens' and gave up trying to stay away from me. He had chosen a different table and wanted me to come over to sit with him that time...yet again, he did this. I looked at him, seeing the pain and hurt in his eyes. He gestured for me to come sit with him but I couldn't handle that right now. I couldn't think straight with this damn migrane. Instead of going over to him, I followed Jessica to our usual table and sat there as everyone else joined the table.

"So did you guys hear about our Bio lab today?" Mike asked everyone as he took his seat across from me.

"We don't have some like, pop quiz or anything do we?" Jessica asked, clearly annoyed already at the thought.

"No, better than that! We're bloodtyping!" he exclaimed. He was acting like a little kid at Christmas morning at the news, which to me, made no sense. Instead, I remembered the first time we had to do this and how quickly I got sick as soon as someone pricked their finger. Mike had to take me to the nurses office but I couldn't get there...I needed to sit from how sick I was...and then of course, Edward came to the rescue and carried me the entire way there. Not this time! I couldn't believe I had forgotten about the bloodtyping though...I would definitely be skipping Biology next period. I needed a get away though. This migrane kept getting worse by the minute.

"And how do you know that?" Eric chimed in.

"A friend of mine had that lab already earlier and gave me a heads up," he shrugged his shoulders. "Hey what's his problem?" Mike gestured behind me and of course, everyone looked to see who he was referring to. I already knew but looked anyway. Edward still sat there, alone at the table as though he thought I would change my mind and sit with him. I wouldn't.

"I don't think I've ever seen Edward look that angry before," Jessica commented, though I knew he wasn't angry. That was Edward beating himself up over everything that had happened between us in my reality. He was probably wallowing over the fact that I jumped off a cliff because he left. He felt guilty, not angry. "It's kinda hot.." she added. Immediately, my hand balled into a fist underneath the table. Even though I was ensuring our seperation, I still felt a bit possessive over the man I loved.

"You would say that," Mike laughed at Jessica, though this clearly angered her. I knew she liked Mike,even in this reality.

"What's that supposed to mean?"she asked, crossing her arms. But before he could say anything, the bell for the next period rang and everyone was out of their seats headed towards the doors. With the crowd piling around the door which led outside, I took this as my opportunity to leave without anyone--including the Cullens--seeing me. I was not setting foot into that Biology room while they were blood typing. Instead, I headed over to my truck to lay down inside. I'd be away from all noise, lighting, anything that helped the migrane cause me pain.

I didn't even get five minutes of solitude before a knock came from my window. I glanced up from my position and saw it was Edward. Of course he'd be here. I sat up and motioned for him to come around the other end. Not a second later, he was on the passenger side and I was being stupid by letting him into my truck.

"I never pegged you for the ditching class type," he said, obviously trying to break the ice.

"I'm not."

"Then why are you out here instead of in Bio?" I could tell it was more curiosity behind his though trying to get to know me in this reality.

"Blood typing," was all I said to him.

"You get sick around blood?" he asked, surprised. This reminded me a lot of the first time we had this conversation.

"Yes, I can't stand the smell of it," I told him but quickly went to add something before he commented on it. "But before you scrunch your face and say humans can't smell blood, I can. It smells like salt and rust and it makes me sick." I looked over at him to see the expression on his face. He looked taken back until understanding grew on his features.

"I take it we've had this conversation before?" he asked.


"So did you skip first originally?"

"No, I didn't take your advice that time," I told him, trying not to smile at the memory.

"What advice was that?"

"That sometimes it's healthy to ditch classes." he didn't respond right away after I told him that. I wasn't pushing for him to say anything either. I wanted silence and all the talking was making things worse for me. I thought maybe he'd take the hint that I didn't want to talk, but I thought wrong. Of course.

"So why wouldn't you sit with me at lunch?" he asked. I thought I could hear the desperation in his voice.

"I have my reasons."

"Which are?" he pushed.

"One being I don't exactly have much to talk about. I told you, we can't be friends. Second being that I have a migrane, so I prefer silence and dark lighting compared to noise and lit rooms."

"Bella...we do have a lot we should talk about. And I don't want to just be your friend...I can't stand not being with you..." I cut him off before he could finish. I couldn't sit here and hear these words from him. Not when I needed to keep him away.

"Edward..I already told you where I stand. I'm not going to change my mind." I told him, trying my best to sound sure of my decision. I was never able to fool him in my reality...I hoped it was the same in this one. I didn't look at him as we sat in awkard silence. I felt his eyes on me but I wouldn't give in to the temptation to see his face.

"Bella, I don't understand why your doing this..I can see it's not what you what...but we've been given this second chance to make things work, why do you want to throw it all away?" I could hear the pain behind his voice but instead of allowing myself to feel remorse for my actions and decisions, I was angry. No, I was beyond it. Why do I want to throw it all away? I couldn't believe he had the nerve to say it was what I wanted. I was giving him what he wanted and I was saving him from all of his regret! He truly was masochistic! He wanted to pursue a relationship with me...knowing that not even a year from now he would be telling me I wasn't good enough for him and breaking my heart. He wanted me to suffer! I wanted to hit him and I would've if it would have actually done damage to him.

"Get out!" I said through my teeth. By now my hand was gripping tightly to the steering wheel and I could see my knuckles turning white.

"What?" he asked, clearly taken back.

"Get out of my truck Edward!" I raised my voice slightly though the seriousness was more evident then before. I saw him reach hesitantly for the handle before turning back to look at me.

"I don't understand...if I said or did anything wrong please tell me and I will do everything within my power to correct it..."he pleaded.

"It's too late for that Edward. What's done is done and you got what you wanted," I turned to look at him, trying to convince myself not to jump into his arms and tell him I didn't mean it. I didn't expect him to suddenly be sitting so close to me when he had just turned to finally leave. The proximity took me back and I almost lost track of my thoughts. I collected myself but before I could say anything, I felt Edward's lips on mine. He kissed me with such passion, such urgency...I couldn't help but return the kiss. A second time I let my emotions get the best of me only to result in yet another broken heart. When I needed air, I pulled away. His eyes were dark...possibly filled with lust and desire. I saw him tilt his head as though to go for another kiss but I couldn't do this. I pulled away.

"I shouldn't have done that," I said as I untangled myself from him and turned to face the steering wheel. I needed to distance myself from him.

"But the fact that you did just shows how much you want to be with me too Bella," he whispered to me. I hated that he was right. But just because he was right, that didn't mean that I would give in.

"No," I shook my head, wanting to deny it all. "NO! I can not and will not do this!"

"Why...I don't understand how you can clearly be in love with someone but push them away...why do you insist on pushing me away?"he pushed, though he confused me. I figured it would be obvious to him why I'd be this way. So why would he want to pursue anything with me yet again knowing the outcome? Did he really want to see me in pain? The more I thought about this, only to grow more confused, I questioned how much Alice really had told him...did he even know he left me? Did he know what I did to bring me this new reality? He wouldn't be this persistent and carefree about this if he knew...would be? I liked to think I knew Edward taking that into consideration, he didn't know and that made me angry.

"Alice didn't tell you, did she?" I asked, which only brought confusion to his face.

"Tell me what?"

"What did she tell you?" I ignored his response, wanting to hear conformation that he indeed, knew nothing of what happened to our relationship or to me.

"She told me that you had an accident and woke up from it reliving your first day of Forks High; she told me you know about our family, that we were all close and that you and I were together," he answered, still confused. "She also told me since it worked with us in your reality, I should stop sulking around thinking I'll kill you with the slightest touch..."

Alice was relentless...if I wasn't sure of this before, I was positive of it now. I hoped she would actually listen to me and leave well enough alone but of course, she wouldn't have it. She wanted me with Edward and by leaving out the was her way of making sure it would happen. I couldn't deal with was all too much. With trying to process the events that had just occurred, I became even more aware of my already unbearable migraine. Usually after taking medicine they would go away, but strangely this time it didn't. I needed to get out of here.

"I have to go," I quickly told him. "Please leave Edward."

"No, I want to know what you know," he insisted. "Obviously Alice hasn't told me everything..."

"Then it's her you need to be talking to," I simply said. "I have to go.I won't ask you again." I saw anger and curiosity and hurt clear in his eyes but there was nothing I could do. I knew if I tried to comfort him, I'd give in and I couldn't do that. A moment later, I found myself alone in the truck and feeling like the biggest idiot. Instead of heading home to get rest, I headed toward finding the one place I could finally relax and safely give myself to my emotions. The meadow.


I didn't imagine how difficult it would be for me to find the meadow on my own, having only being there once before. The first time, I was too distracted with the fact that I was hiking to pay attention to the path. There was even the chance that I would only reach there--if I did--by night fall and then getting back would be another problem. I almost siked myself out of the search but I was determined. I needed the safest escape considering which choice I made the last time. It took me two hours, a few wrong turns and a hell of a lot of determination until I finally stumbled upon my destination. There it was, in all its glory, our meadow. Or in this reality, just a meadow which warmly invited me in. I layed down in the center of the field, welcoming the serenity and willing my migrane to finally seek residence elsewhere. Unfortunately, it never left. It stayed put, happily where it was, taunting me. I had gotten so focused on figuring out where this migrane even came from that the sudden sound of a branch cracking took me off guard. I sat up, a little too quick for my liking only to be welcome by not only the migraine but the same pain in my chest I had first had when I woke up in this reality. It seemed every pain I had experienced was starting to come back to me and each one brought along a friend. To my slight...and I mean the slightest..disappointment, Edward was here. I saw remorse on his face for disturbing me but I couldn't say I was surprised.

"There's just no escaping you, is there." I said sarcastically.

" 'Fraid not," he responded though he couldn't look me in the eye. I stared at him for a few moments until realization hit me. He knew...right?

"You know now, don't you?"I asked.

" least not everything. Alice said you had to be the one to tell me, not her," he told me as he took a seat beside me. "What I do know is that the accident you had killed you...and then you were here. I don't know what happened before your accident Bella, but however you came into this reality, I'm thankful. I can't live in a world where you don't exist...please, tell me..." I looked into his pleading eyes...knowing the truth would clearly break him. But it was what he wanted and I did love him; the truth was the least I could give him. I took a deep breath, ignoring the pain that accompanied it and started.

"We were loved me, I loved you...I still do no matter how much I try to avoid these feelin--" he cut me off before I could continue.

"Bella,I love you too! More than you could possibly imagine.." he said with urgency.

"Edward, you need to let me asked to know this." I told him; he nodded. "I planned on being with you forever, but you left me. Alice threw me a party at your place for my 18th birthay and I got a paper cut. Silly injury really, but the blood flow was enough to send Jasper into a pushed me back, to protect me. I crashed into the glasses which cut my arm...making the situation worse than it already was. You became distant from that moment on...until you decided your world wasn't for me. I wasn't good enough for didn't want said I'd get over my feelings for you in time..have a normal life...well, there was nothing left in me when you left. You took my heart, my soul, my reason for being. The accident Alice told you about was no accident. I jumped off a cliff." Edward was still as a statue...could vampires go into shock? "Edward?" I asked, concerned. I guess I expected this type of reaction from him...I gave it some time until after what felt like hours, Edward "came back" from his statuesque state.

" yourself?" he fought with the words.

"I couldn't live without you..I promised I wouldn't do anything wreckless but you promised you'd never lied." I said, looking away.

"I just..I just don't stupid could I have been to actually bring myself to lie to you in such a horrible way!" he said with disbelief. "Bella...if how I felt for you in your reality came any close to how I feel in this one...then that decision I made--one which shouldn't have even be made without talking to you about my concerns--was all a lie. You are good for me...too good. In fact I wonder why you even chose me...a soulless monster, but you did. I do want every way I could have you Bella...I just can't believe how stupid I was in your reality!" I stood up, needing to get away from the proximity as I tried to process what he had just said.

" say this all now but what happened will happen in this reality...just like it did in mine. I know that because no matter how much things turn out differently here, in some way they are similar to what was meant to happen!" I insisted. He was standing in front of me, cupping my cheek with his hand in less than a second.

"Bella...I will never forgive myself for what my lies did to you. I can simply make up for my foolishness here, in this reality...don't you realize what all this means?" he asked, whatever thought he had brought a light to his eyes.

"What what means?" I asked, confused.

"This...your death and then you waking up the day it all began for us...we're meant to be Bella. The decisions that happened in your reality weren't supposed to be that way and as soon as they went wrong, fate gave us our chance back. We belong together..." I heard his much of me believed it...I just couldn't hurt anymore. I couldn't.

"Edward...I can't relive you leaving me...I can't," I shook my head, trying to get the thoughts out of my mind.

"Bella...I swear to you...I will never disappoint you again. If I have to spend eternity making it up to you, I will do so gladly as long as I have you by my side...I love you and I know you love me." He hid whatever guilt he had from what I told him well; instead there was such joy.

"I don't know..."I continued to struggle with what to do.

"Say it Bella." I shook my head no. I couldn't. Once was enough.

"Say it." he repeated, more serious. The look in his eyes...his amazing eyes caused me to cave.

"I love you," I whispered, knowing he could hear. Within an instant, he was kissing me and I found myself not even questioning if I should kiss back. I did what came naturally to me. Staying away was not natural and of course I'd get hurt...maybe I'd keep coming back to him like he said...maybe fate really did work in weird ways and its plan was to ensure Edward and I are never apart...I pulled away to look at him, gasping for air. "This is going to be really difficult for me...I hope you know that.."I warned him.

"I'm not going anywhere..." he told me. I couldn't help but smile.

But just as easily the smile went. The pain increased in that moment and was even more unbearable than though that could even happen. I screamed out in pain, causing Edward to instantly go into panic mode. He was probably thinking he broke me! So much for getting another kiss...I was nearly tumbling over in pain though Edward held me, badgering me with questions about what was wrong...what hurt...etc.

"How long have you had these pains?" he asked, serious.

"Ever .....since I woke..... up.... in this ....reality...they went away but .....the last... few days different...symptoms came ...back. It's...never...been....this....bad..." another wave of pain hit me, this time directly in my chest. I couldn't even describe the type of pain it made no sense to me at all.

"Bella..I need to get you to Carlisle," my vision was blurring. I could vaguely see him pull his phone out. He spoke so fast..even if I was in good condition and was trying to hear I couldn't. "Carlisle's coming's best not to move you Bella..." I didn't respond. There was ringing in my ears...tightness in my chest...pressure in my head...almost the way it was when I was under that water. I couldn't make out his screams for my name though I knew they were there. But I kept slipping and slipping...until I couldn't see him at all and the meadow disappeared...

good, good vry good post nxt 1 now!

wow,wow,wow........that was so amazing!!!

i cant wait for the next chapter.!!!!!!!!!!1

whoa love it post more soon
Omg what happen to Bella??

Love it

can't w air for more
more!!! and pls update me
Awesome chapter.... can't wait for the next chapter!!!


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