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So, many of you follow three of my other stories and those who have know I started working on a new one with the intention of completing it before I post. Well, good news! It's complete which means there are high hopes for the other stories you may follow!


Summary: After Edward leaves Bella in New Moon, she is completely broken and finally gives up. She finds herself standing at the edge of a cliff, welcoming death and without hesitation jumps only to wake up the next day back on her first day of Forks High School..the day she first met Edward.--given a second chance to be with her true love. However, will Bella choose to allow history to repeat itself or will she give Edward up completely?


***I'll post this chapter at a time..there is a total of 6 and they are long...depending on how well of a reaction this story gets, I'll post the rest The characters of this story do not in any way, shape or form belong to me..they belong to Stephenie Meyer!....




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no problem lol

i'm almost done reviewing the last chapter so soon it'll be up! :)

u definatly havent posted soon


its not as easy since im working every day but im working on it

Chapter 6

When I finally came to, there was so much noise I couldn't wrap my head around it all. Between constant panic, to random beeping noises to someone was too much. I wanted peace and quiet! It was bad enough I basically got sick after kissing Edward...I could just begin to imagine how much he's beating himself up right now..His fear--in his mind coming true---of hurting me. We'd have a constant discussion for days over how we were fine and it wasn't his fault until he'd even start to relax. I groaned aloud, from the noises, internally willing them away. As soon as I made that noise, everything else stopped and I suddenly felt like I was being watched.

"O thank god, she's ok," someone exclaimed, though I couldn't be sure who.

"Isabella?" someone asked.

"She goes by Bella," someone corrected the person, thankfully.

"Of course...Bella, can you hear me?" the person spoke again. I tried to respond, though my throat felt so dry. I needed water.Slowly though, I felt my eyes begin to open, though it was so bright in the room I had to close them. It took a few minutes to adjust but once I did...I was caught off guard. I was in a hospital bed. Had Edward rushed me off to the hospital? He knew better than that..I hated hospitals. Surrounding me was a doctor I didn't know, Edward and my dad in the far corner. This time, when I tried to speak, the guy who looked like a doctor got me some water and helped me get ahold of the straw. It felt so good to have water going down my throat.

" you know where you are?" the doctor asked. I cleared my throat before responding.

"The hospital," it was pretty obvious considering I was been hooked up to stupid machines. "Which brings me to my next point...I don't need to be here so how about we get those discharge papers and I'll be on my way." as I said this, I tried sitting up but instantly went down. My body had that same familiar pain and stiffness it had before. Of course it'd still be there.

"Sorry're in recovery and are in no condition to be released yet," he told me. He looked at Edward and at my father before addressing me again. "I'll tell you what, I'll let you rest but then when you're up to it, we'll discuss your current condition." I didn't care what he had to say, I was fine. I just nodded, acknowledging him and he left. Suddenly it was really awkward in the room...I watched as my father shot daggers as he glared at Edward. I didn't get this reality they would have been fine.

"You can leave now." Charlie barked at Edward. There was no way I was letting that happen.

"You're kidding right?" I said in disbief. They both look at me confused, though Charlie was more angry than confused.

"Bella I should respect your fathers wishes and leave the two of you alone," Edward replied...being too kind for his own good. I shook my head, refusing to let him leave. I needed to talk to him, without Charlie here.

"No," I simply said. "Dad, I don't mean to insult you but I need to speak with Edward alone please." Charlie said nothing. He just stormed out of the room trying to mask the hurt that was on his face. Edward stayed by the door..which confused me.

"Aren't you going to come sit with me?" I asked...trying not to let myself think he changed his mind and didn't want me. The heart moniter began to speed up as I internally began to panic and he was by my side, staring at the moniter panicking on his own. "It's nothing, I'm fine." I told him. As the machine slowed down, Edward began to calm. "So the hospital...I highly doubt it was necessary, don't you?" He looked at me, confused.

"Bella...the hospital is exactly where I needed to take you," he said, hurt in his voice. "I'm honestly just surprised you remember any or all of it."

"It's hard to forget any time we're in the meadow," I started. "But it's fine, soon I'll be released and I can tell you more about how we were when it first all happened. You won't have to go through Alice anymore." I laughed.

"The meadow?"he asked, confused. "Bella...what do you remember?"

"We were in the meadow...I finally told you about got me to admit I loved you...we were kissing, and then that pain I'd been feeling intensified and everything went black...I never had that pain in my reality, it's weird." I told him.

"Your reality?"

"I have to go over this again?"I asked, slighlty annoyed. "Remember...I woke up back on my first day of Forks High School...reliviing everything that had already happened for me..."

"Bella...that didn't happen..." he told me...what? of course it did! "Bella...I didn't bring here from the meadow..."

"Then where did you bring me here from?" I asked, annoyed. I wouldn't forget something like that. The pained expression was back on his face.

"Bella...the cliffs, do you remember them?" he asked me.

"Yes...I jumped and didn't make it. Then woke up in a different reality" I told him.

" did make it, but just barely," he started. "Alice had a vision of you jumping off the cliffs and not making it. I rushed to stop you and I was almost too late. I only got to you after you'd been under a little more than a minute...I barely made it in time. You've been in the hospital and in a coma for a little over a was touch and go for a while but pulled through..."

The alternate reality was just a dream? It couldn't be...could it? I thought I died...but I didn't?

"It did happen though...maybe I dreamt it all..." I thought out loud.

"What was it about?" I looked at him and smiled, though there was no smile on his face. He was still in pain.

"Us being destined to be together...fate doesn't seem to like the idea of us not existing without the other," my smile grew bigger at the thought.

"Bella.." he looked down, afraid to look me in the eye. "This is all my fault...that day in the woods...the things I said...I was so stupid to think I could live with such a lie...I wished, so much that you would see passed the lie...but I will make this up to you Bella...if it takes the rest of my existence, that's what I will do. I will never disappoint you again..."

"Edward....I love you and I know all of this now. I want to be with you," I paused. "and when I say that..I don't mean until I grow old and die. I mean eternity Edward. This is us I'm talking about and fate already showed me what would happen if I died...we'll just end up starting over from the beginning until it gets the ending it wants..." I laughed.

" don't know what you're asking..."he shook his head, trying to deter the idea of me being changed.

"Edward...I know what I'm asking for. I know what I'd be giving up. And as long as I'm with you, the rest of that stuff doesn't matter. What matters is we spend the rest of eternity together, taking advantage of every moment and showing each other just how much we love the other...this isn't your's mine. But I can't do it alone..." I watched as he battled with himself over which choice was the right to make, until finally, he decided.

"Is this what you really want?" he asked, staring intently into my eyes.


"Then ok...but, after graduation...."he told me.

"You've got a deal...but if I decide I want any moderations made to our deal I hold the power to request them..."I added. Thankfully he agreed. I didn't know right then and there if there'd be anything to add but I didn't want problems later.

As the months went on after my release from the hospital--which didn't happen until psych evaluated me and determined I wasn't a threat to myself--I grew more and more anxious for graduation. Charlie hadn't warmed up to the idea of Edward being back in my life and I have trouble at times leaving the house unless Charlie takes me...the last time that happened, I lied and jumped off a cliff. That nearly destroyed Charlie and I felt bad, especially since I'd have to say goodbye after graduation.

Though while I grew anxious for the change...I realized a month later there was something I didn't want to miss out on. Since we were reunited, Edward didn't hold as many restrictions on our physical relationship, much to my pleasant surprise. Though it made me realize I wanted every experience with him. When I brought it up, of course he panicked. "Bella, it's too dangerous." he told me. Though, after much convincing and bringing up our agreement...the human experience I wanted so badly became my condition. Edward, of course, said he would change me but there was a condition...

Needless to say, we ended up engaged at the end of that conversation though he claims he would have proposed either way. Why wouldn't I want to be with Edward? We had three months without the other person and clearly, as I had learned, fate had other plans for us. Despite the choices we make, things always have a way of working themselves out in the end...

The End


A/N: demands have been somewhat out of the norm for me to post this last chapter and I'll tell you now, it's shorter than I'd like and too much to the point for my liking. I think most of you will agree this is not where or how it should end. Here is what I want to all enjoy this chapter but, in your reviews let me know if I should go ahead and pull the alternate ending I've been trying to write without hassles. If everyone agrees for an alternate ending, I'll start as soon as I can. It really isn't as easy as it was to post new chapters seeing is I work everyday but I do let me know and I'll send updates for this chapter later tonight because I'm on my way to work now..enjoy


Write the alternate ending...plz


i really like it but as you said a little to the point and the ending seems a little off.
go ahead and write the alternate ending and post anytime you can.
BTW:It was amazing anyway!!
I loved this chapter Twilight as always but I agree with u it was way too short and much to the point especially at the end of the chapter ...  so go ahead and write the alternate ending .. and I'm sure it'll be great !!

thanks...both of you...i think now you see why i wasn't rushing to post it lol but after constantly getting those messages of how i haven't posted yet when i can..i just decided to let everyone see for themselves why i am not happy with this ending at all lol


ill start may even go into two more chapters instead of the one...who knows

Okay that ending little thinng like made me want to cry. and I am SO not emotional. Like I just wanted to hug u. I wish I could writee something like that. so obviously you are AMAZING and need to write something else and prove that I too have emotions. haha; thanks for writing :D <3



lol my ending (which im not pleased with) had that reaction from you? i must say, i've very happy to hear you enjoyed the story..i'm keeping most of this chapter for the alternate ending..but i'm taking out the part where i start skipping to what happens from that scene..i hate it lol i'm extending it pretty much...

i have something i'm working on right now along with my other stories, so when that goes up, maybe that'll have some sort of reaction from you as well lol

thanks for reading :)

Well the way you wrote those last few sentences was just like, WOAH. so, keep them... Please? ;) And no, thanks for writing:)


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