The Twilight Saga

Chpt 5 adding to after breaking dawn with Nessie, Nahuel and Jacob

Chpt 5

POV: Nessie


I heard mom ask dad where the school is on our way to see where we will be moving too. I am so glad that we are about to move into our own home again. I will not have to see Eric much now. Dad didn't answer mom when she asked him about school. I was wandering the same thing where school is located. Is mom and dad going to go too or just Aunt Alice, uncle Jasper, Nahuel and myself.

"Dad, are you and mom going to go to school too?" I asked

"No honey, your mom and I are going to open a business and run it. Too many people would realize how much you look like your mom and I so we are going to stay home so that people wont talk about all of us. Ok?" dad asks me.

"That is fine but how are you going to enroll me?" I wanted to know.

"Well, your grandma and grandpa are going to take you while your mom and I are out looking for a place to open a book shop. Is that ok?" dad asks me.

"Yes dad, that is fine. How far is school from where we are going to live?" I wanted to know how far I was going to be going.

"Honey, school is right around the corner from us. You will be so close that you can walk every day to school if you want to." Dad let me know.

"That is great. So that means that I can come home for lunch right?" I ask.

"No Nessie, you will not be able to come home for lunch. The school doesn't like for it's students to leave school until school is out for the day. Tomorrow you will be starting school. So you need to go your Aunt Alice. She has new clothes for you." Dad told me.

I am so excited to be starting school for the first time. I just hope that I am not to far advanced in schooling since I have never been to one. I wander how they are getting me in school with no transcripts to my name. I geuss they already have what they need or just told the school that I have been home schooled to explain why I don't have any transcripts. I need to go see what aunt Alice bought me. "Aunt Alice, where are you?" I ask

"Up here Nessie." Aunt Alice calls to me.

I went upstairs to see her. I got up there and she had all of my clothes laid out on the bed, that is in her room. "Aunt Alice, I am scared about tomorrow. What if the kids in my class don't like me or they make fun of me."

"Nessie, nobody will make fun of you. Everyone will be trying to get to know you so that they can be friends with you cause you are so pretty. You don't have anything to worry about ok?"

"I am still scared. Will you be in any of my classes?" I ask aunt Alice

"No honey, you are only a freshman and your uncle jasper and I are juniors. We will have lunch together though. Eric and Ella will be in a few of your classes as well as Nahuel. You wont be alone in your classes ok?" Aunt Alice tried reassuring me.

"Ok thank you Aunt Alice. I just wish that you or Uncle Jasper was in at least one of my classes because I would feel better knowing that I had you with me. I am ready to try on my new clothes that you bought me." I let Aunt Alice know

"Ok sweety, You first outfit is a navy knee length skirt with a light blue blouse as well as blue heels and purse. There is also pants there as well. Try them all on and then take them home and hang up in you closes ok? I also got you new tennis shoes as well cause I know that you like to run too. They will go with any of your outfits." Aunt Alice let me know.

I started trying everything on as well as mix match some of my clothes. They all fit. I told Aunt Alice thanks for my new clothes as I left so that I could go home and hang them up in my closet. I got home and saw that mom and dad where in the kitchen and they are worried about something but I do not know what they could be worried about. I went to my bedroom hung up my clothes and went back to the kitchen to ask mom and dad what is wrong.

I went into the kitchen and mom and dad didn't even notice me coming in. Something must be wrong but what. "Dad, mom what is it? Please tell me."

"It is ok Nessie. Your mom and I are just trying to figure out a good place to put the book store so that when you leave school you can come to it. That is the only thing ok? We were not trying to scare you it's we were talking about it and can't figure out where we want it and what kind of store for books that we should have. I promise everything is fine honey." Dad let me know.

"Ok Dad. Thank you for telling me. I was worried when I came in and you looked so worried I was afraid that something was very wrong."  I told them

"It is ok sweety. We should have realized that you were home but we were concentrating on what we were thinking about and didn't see you come in. I am sorry that we worried you. That is the last thing that we want to do." dad told me.

I was able to calm down once dad explained what was going on. I was afraid that Jacob had found us.

"No honey Jacob didn't find us." Dad says.

I keep forgetting about dad being able to get my thoughts. I know that I should remember but sometimes I just forget cause I have other things on my mind like school. I am excited but scared at the same time. "Mom and Dad when are we going to go and hunt?" I asked

"Are you already ready to go hunting Nessie?" Mom asks.

"Yes mom. I need some nurishment. So can we please go and hunt." I let them know.

"Ok. Lets go." Dad says.

I was so excited about going hunting. I am looking forward to what ever we find. I need something to distract me right now. I saw a great big lion and went for it. Um. This lion taste very good. I wonder where mom and dad is. Then I heard dad shout that they were on the other side and would be right with me. I was so glad that I didn't have to worry about anyone sneaking up on me. I sent the thought to mom and dad that I was ready to go so that I can get a bath and go to bed for school. Right after I thought it they were right there. We went home. I started a bubble bath for myself when I heard something down stairs. It kinda sounds like arguing. I don't reconize the voice though. I wonder who it is down stairs. I will just worry about my bath and when I get out I will go see what is going on. I am so glad that I am having this bubble bath. It is relaxing.

I need to go ahead and get out of the tub and see what it is going on downstairs. I just want to make sure that every thing is ok. As I get downstairs I hear mom getting real upset and dad trying to calm her down because of the stranger down stairs. "Hi mom and dad. Who is this?" I asked

"Honey. It's a friend of Eric and Damon's and he was just trying to find out what was going on here and see what we were doing. It just upset your mom cause the guy didn't know who we were because your grandma and grandpa bought the houses and the gentlemen didn't know who we were so we were explaining it to him. Your mom is ok though. She just got upset because she didn't like the stranger being here. Your mom is upstairs if you want to go see her and know that she is ok. The gentlemen's name is Victor." Dad told me.

"Thanks dad. I just know that I heard mom yelling and I wanted to find out what was going on." I told dad.

"Everything is fine honey so you can go and check on your mom and know that she is ok. You can let me know how your mom is ok?" Dad asks

"Ok dad. I will go check on mom. I will let you know how she is doing." I let dad know.

I went to find mom so that I could make sure that she was ok. I don't like it when mom or dad get upset like this. "Mom!! Where are you?" I hollered

"I am here Nessie." mom let me know.

I found her in her and dad's room laying on the bed in the center of the room. I don't think they use it much though. "Mom, are you ok? I heard you yelling when I was taking my bath and I want to make sure that you are ok. I seen dad and he told me what happened. Are you ok?" I asked her.

"Yes honey, I am fine. I am glad that you were worried for us but there is nothng to worry about ok? I just got upset with the stranger because I didn't know who he was and he was asking us questions that I was not happy about. Your dad took care of it though. I was ready to do some kung foo on his butt but dad stopped me. I just need to calm down ok?" Mom tells me.

"Mom, I just don't like you being upset like this. I should have been down stairs instead of taking a bath. Is there anything that I can do for you?" I asked mom.

"No honey. I will be fine. Where is your dad at?" Mom asks

"He is down stairs. Do you want me to tell him to come up for you?" I ask.

"Yes honey. Please tell your dad that I need him right now." Mom tells me.

"Ok. I will let dad know." I let her know.

"Thanks honey. You go ahead and go to bed after you get your dad ok? I want you nice and refreshed for your first day of school. I understand that you are nervous as well. I was when I had transferred to Forks for school myself. I ended up being ok. I saw your dad on the first day and I just felt wonderful when I seen him and I know that you will be ok like I was. So please don' t worry ok?" mom tells me.

"Thanks mom. I will go and get dad and then I will see you in the morning. I love you and have a nice night. I will see you in the morning" I told her

"I love you too Nessie and good night honey." Mom says.

I left mom's room and sent a thought to dad so that he knew that mom needed him and that I was going to bed and that I love him. I heard him say I love you too sweetheart and night. I know that he was in the room with mom when he said it. I could hear him trying to calm mom down. If anyone can get her calm it's dad.

Next thing I know I am hearing my alarm going off. It's time for me to get ready for school now. I think that I will take a shower just in case I sweated through the night so that I don't smell. Oh that was nice. Pulling the brush through my hair is a little hard this morning for some reason. I heard foot steps coming and I could tell it was mom. "Hi mom. How are you this morning? Could you please brush my hair for me? I am having trouble getting my brush through it for some reason." I asked her.

"Sure honey. I will be glad to help you with your hair. How do you want to wear it today? Do you want it up or left down?" she asked.

"I want to wear it down today. Do you like my outfit? I think it's pretty." I told her.

"Honey you are very beautiful. You are beautiful no matter what any way." Mom tells me.

"Thanks mom. Who is comeing and taking me to school? Am I walking by myself or am I having company on the way?" I asked.

"Your grandma, grandpa, Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper and Nahuel will be picking you up sweetheart." Mom tells me.

"Ok. Thanks for combing my hair for me mom. Where is dad? I thought that he would be in here with us." I ask.

"Your dad is down stairs with everyone waiting on you honey. I just came up to make sure that you were ok. I had been down stairs and you hadn't come down yet so I was worried and wanted to check to make sure that you were ok. I am glad that I did now so that I could comb your hair and make it as pretty as possible with all those curls. You look beautiful Nessie and I know that when you come home you will be talking about all the friends you made today. Your dad and I will be here when you get home. We are going tomorrow to find the store that we want to open. Do you have any idea's on what kind of books we should carry?" Mom asks me.

"I think that you should have all kinds of books mom. If you can carry famous artist, children's books, and possible college books cheaper than what they would pay for them at school for college. You do remember how difficult it is to have money to buy books and all. If you and dad carry college books cheaper then people that coudn't afford there books will be able to." That is what I let mom know.

"Thanks honey. I will let your dad know. I think that is a good idea." mom lets me know.

We both went down stairs together and sure enough everyone was there waiting on me. I hate it when they do that. I was looking around when all the sudden I heard Uncle Emmett whistling. I turned around to see what he was whistling about. Seen that he was whistling at me. I didn't understand why until I looked in the mirror. When I seen what I looked like in the mirror I understood why uncle Emmett whisteled at me and then I hear another one and could not figure out who did that one when all the sudden I felt Nahuel's arm around me waist and then I knew who did it. I looked at Nahuel and just smiled. He knew what I was thinking and what I was saying without me having to say a word. I liked that so much. Him and I can talk without saying a word and no-one knows what were saying except dad.

Nahuel reassured me even though he was just as nervous. I am so glad that I am not the only one nervous about today. Then I heard grandma Esme saying something but I wasn't sure until I felt mom and dad both at my side so that pictures could be taken. Aunt Alice had brought her camera with her. Mom and dad kissed me good bye and told me to have a good day at school. I let them know that I would see them later.

I got to my first class room not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised but the way I was being treated by everyone. Nobody seemed to be jealous of me. I am looking forward to this class of English. Next is biology and I will get to see Nahuel. As I was leaving class there was a couple of girls that wanted to talk to me but I was suspicious of them. I went ahead and decided to talk to them. They just wanted to introduce themselves. Their names Jessie and Lisa. They let me know that we were going to have classes together and wanted to introduce themselves to me. I was so glad that it was just that and not something else.

I got to biology and I saw Nahuel sitting at a table waiting for me. I was so glad to see him. Then in comes Eric and Ella. Those strange feeling's came back again when I seen Eric but I remembered what mom told me. I smiled at them. They smiled back. Then all the sudden this tall tanned and big muscled guy came into the class room and my heart just started pounding. I didn't know why. With Nahuel sitting here with me I never dreamed that all the sudden another guy could make my heart skip a beat just like Nahuel does when I see him. Mom told me that this would probabley happen and boy was she right. His name is Jerry. This makes me worried a little bit that someone else can make my heart skip a beat just like Nahuel does. Hopefully this is the only class that he is in with me. Then on my way to my next class I ran into Jerry and I wanted to introduce myself but I couldn't even get the hello out. I have to ask mom why this is happening does it mean that I am interested in someone besides just Nahuel now.

I will be so glad when lunch gets here. I am going to get Aunt Alice to tell me instead of mom. I want to make sure that dad doesn't know. I am so glad that it is lunch time. I just need to find Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. Oh there they are. "Hi aunt Alice and uncle Jasper. Aunt Alice can I please talk to you outside?" I asked

"Sure Nessie." Aunt Alice says

We went outside and I told her what happened when I seen Jerry and I didn't understand why I was having these feelings when I know that I belong to Nahuel. "Aunt Alice please don't tell dad or mom what we talked about." I asked her

"Honey, I wont say a word to anyone but remember that your dad can read your thoughts so you might want to think of something else instead of Jerry." Aunt Alice says.

I looked at her strangley cause I didn't realize that I was thinking of Jerry.

Aunt Alice let me know that she saw it. Then I understood. I let her know that I wouldn't be thinking about him again. She breathed a sigh of relief when I told her that. We went back in and uncle Jasper and Nahuel was at the table with trays of food. I know that we have to act human but I still don't like regular food all that much. I just nibbled at the tray. Uncle Jasper must have used his powers cause I all the sudden felt calm again. Lunch was over and I had to go to my next class. I was so glad that I had different classmates in p.e. It was mainly girls but I was still glad that I didn't have to do gym with any boys. I don't know if I could have handled it.

Boy time sure did flye by cause next thing I know it's time to go home. I met a bunch of people today but I am going to have to figure out a way to remember names. There was so many people wanting to be friends with me. I can't remember everyone's name but I am sure going to try. It may take me a few days but I know that I will have my true friends within a few days and I will know there names. I just hope that I can get some true friends. I was leaving my last class when Jerry came up to me again. I just stared at him for a minute and then I was able to find my voice to introduce myself. Jerry let me know that he wanted to meet me cause Jessie his girlfriend had told him about me and she had told him that she thought that all of us including Nahuel could be great friends in fact she thinks that we can be best friends. I sure hope so.

I was at my locker when Nahuel came up behind me and put his arms around me. I just leaned back into him and let out a nice long sigh....I heard Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper so I knew that it was time to go home. Boy I was so glad that the hosue is right around the corner cause I was ready to get home and talk to mom too about Jerry.

"Hi mom and Dad I'm home." I hollered not knowing where they are. I all the sudden heard creaking upstairs. I went up to investigate and I got close to dad and mom's room and heard the same thing that I heard when I came in. I know what they are doing. I will just go back down stairs and wait on them to finish and then I can get mom to go to my room and help me figure out why I am attracted to Jerry. I know that I am fully committed to Nahue but for some reason I am also finding Jerry the same way. I know that I shouldn't but I do and I really need to talk to mom but when her and dad are busy they forget everything around them so I know that I am gong to have to wait. So I went back down stairs to wait. I will do my homework while I wait. It might be tonight though before I will get to talk to mom about Jerry.

I know that I have to be careful about who I get involved with but I have so many people wanting to be friends that I don't know what to do cause I don't want to have to leave to soon. I know that we can live hear for a few years but I don't want to ruin that by inviting the wrong people. I geuss what I will have to do is get dad to read there minds so that I know who will be a true friend and who wont be. Ah here they come.

"Hi dad and mom. How was your first day without me being home? I had a big day. I have so many people wanting to be friends but I am not sure who will be my true friends will be though. So dad I am going to need you to tell me ok?' I let them know.

"Are day was very good honey. I will be glad to see who will be your true friend that you can confide in and know that they won't care." dad told me.

I was so glad to know that dad is willing to do that for me. Then all the sudden I heard dad ask me about Jerry. I didn't even realize that I had been thinking about him. Needing to talk to mom like I do I geuss that dad caught a wif of the thought. I geuss I better tell him.

"Nessie, you don't have to tell me who Jerry is if it is bothering you that much, I caught your passing thought of him. Just wanted to know who he is that's all." Dad told me.

"It's ok dad I don't mind. He is a guy that is in one of my classes and he looks like you. I just need to talk to mom about something that has to do with Jerry that is why you caught the passing thought. Nothing to worry about." I told dad.

"Do you have homework Nessie?" Mom asks.

"Yes I do. Will you help me mom?" I asked

"Honey I would love to help you with your homework. Your dad would probable be better though but yes I will help you. Where do you want to do your homework at?" Mom asks me.

"Upstairs if you don't mind mom?" I told her,

"That is fine honey. You go on up and I will be up there in a minute ok?" Mom says.

"Ok mom. I will meet you upstairs. Please don't be long though." I told her.

I went upstairs and got my books out of my backpack so that mom can help me with my homework but also so that I can let her know that I need to talk about Jerry. I was sitting at me desk when I heard mom come in. "Hi mom. I have all my homework done. I need to talk to you about something else. I need your promise that you are not going to let dad know though." I told her.

"Honey, I didn't tell your dad about how you were feeling towards Eric so why would I tell him about Jerry?" Mom asks.

"It's just that dad knows there is a Jerry and I was trying to keep him from knowing cause I don't want you or him to get upset with me." I told her.

"Honey, we would never be mad at you. What is it?" Mom asked me.

"Well, I am not sure how to begin." I told mom.

"It's ok honey just begin however you need to. Is it similiar to how you reacted to Eric or is it completly different?" Mom asks.

"This is completly different. When he walked into my second period I got wet between the legs even though I have only felt that with Nahuel. What do I do about it?" I asked

"Well honey, does Jerry have a girlfriend? Are you ready to give up Nahuel for Jerry? Or is it just a funny feeling you got cause you have never been around to many strangers and with you in school now you are around a bunch of strangers and jerry just peeked your curiosity?" Mom asks.

"No I do not want to give up Nahuel. I don't know if Jerry has a girlfriend or not. I just don't understand how I can get this funny feeling for another guy. I didn't understand what had happened back in forks with jacob and Nahuel and now it's happening again but I don't want Nahuel to go any where and I do not want Jerry instead of Nahuel. I just want to understand how I can feel like this for another guy when I am with the one that I want." I told mom.

"Honey, sometimes you will be attracted to another young man because you have never seen other humans. It is ok. These feelings will pass I promise." Mom let me know.

"Thanks mom. Please don't tell dad ok?" I asked

"Honey, I won't tell him but you know that he can still find out if you or I either one think of this even for a brief moment. Don't you think it best just to tell him instead of keeping secrets from him. You know how he hates secrets." Mom says.

"I know mom but I just want to keep this a little longer so that i can get over it and then I will tell dad what was going on. I promise." I told her.

"Ok sweetheart if that is the way you want it. Just realize that it could accidently pop into my mind when I don't want it to cause of me being in your dad's head ok?" Mom asks.

"Ok mom. Just please try and not think about it. I will tell dad." I let her know.

"Alright. Did you get your homework done or do you need help? Do you want me to fix you some human food or are you okay?" Mom asks.

"I got all my homework done. I would like a light snack if we have anything. I am a little hungray but not to the extent that I need you to fix human food. I know that it makes you gag to fix but I wll go down and fix myself a little snack. That way you don't have to worry ok?" I told her.

"What makes you think that I gag when I fix human food sweety?" Mom asked me.

"Well I have watched you fix human food when papa would come around and I noticed on your face this funny look when you would fix it. I figured that human food bothered you. That is why I think that it makes you gag." I told her.

"Oh honey, no human food does not make me gag. I just don't know how to fix certain things and it upsets me that is all. I do not mind fixing human food for you at all. I will go down and fix you a light snack. What do you want?" Mom told me.

"Thats ok mom. I am not sure what I want yet. Lets go down stairs before dad comes up looking for us. I can also see what I might want." I told her. We went down stairs and sure enough dad was about to come up cause he was on the bottom step when we started coming down.

"Is everything ok?' Dad asks

"Yes honey. Everything is fine. Nessie made a suggestion for the book store. She thinks that we should carry all kinds of books including college books to help out students that couldn't otherwise afford there books for class. She also recommended that we carry kids books as well. I think that is a very good idea. What abot you?" Mom tells dad.

"Ok Bella. That works for me. I do have a question though. How are we going to get all these books including the one's on Nessie and Nahuel?" I heard dad ask mom.

"I am not sure Edward. We will figure it out though. We always do. I love you Edward my love." I heard mom tell dad.

"I love you my Bella. You are my whole world. I know that we will figure it out." I heard dad tell mom that things would work out.

I am so glad to have to most wonderful parents in the world. They love me unconditionally and I do not know what I would do without them. "Dad and mom I have a sentence to finish on my homework and then I am going to get a bath and go to bed. I will see you in the morning." I told them.

"Ok honey. We will see you in the morning. Your mom and I will be walking you to school so that we can go and find the building for our bookstore. Have a good bath and sleep tight sweetheart." My dad told me.

I can't believe how easy this one sentence is. I thougt that it would be hard that is why I left it. It was just to easy. Well I geuss I will just get my shower. While I was in the shower I heard mom and dad come upstairs and go into there bathroom and start the water in their big tub. I wish I had one like it in here. I know what they are going to do. I will be as quiet as a mouse so that they can have peace while they take a bath. Oh my bed feels nice after that long hot shower. I am just going to lay here and think about my day. Not realizing it but I had fallen asleep. I must have been screaming because next thing I know mom and dad both were sitting on my bed asking me what was wrong. I could see the worry on their face. "I was just having a bad dream. I am ok. You guys can go on back to bed." I let them know.

"No sweetheart, we will stay with you until you go back to sleep." dad says.

I must have fallen asleep again cause next thing I know it's morning. Without realizing it I sent a message to Aunt Alice like I do mom and dad. I could feel her jolt. She did call me though to let me now that she would be right here. I was about to do it again when she pops up behind me and lets me know that she is there. I started talking to her about Jerry while she fixed my hair. It was so good to talk to someone else about it besides just mom. "Aunt Alice please don't tell dad or mom that I talked to you about Jerry." I said

"No problem honey. I won't say a word." Aunt Alice told me.

"Thanks Aunt Alice." I told her. I am so glad that she is here to do my hair. I know that mom and dad are busy trying to get ready themselves. After Aunt Alice was done she leapt out the window the exact same way she came in. I got all my books together and sent a message to dad and mom that I am ready for school. They sent their own thought back to me to let me know that they are in the living room waiting for me. I got down stairs and I was completley taken away with how beautiful mom looked and how gentlemenly dad looked. I love it that they look so good. It also makes them look a little older as well. So glad that they are taking me to school today. I asked them if they were going to come and see me for lunch so that they can tell me about there new shop. Dad let me know that if possible that yes they would meet me for lunch and have lunch with me. I knew that they wouldn't eat but at least they would be with me. Then I thought of something.

"Nessie, that is up to you. You can  introduce us as your mom and dad or you can say something else. We do not have a problem with it either way," Dad told me.

I looked over at mom and could see the wishful looking on her face that I introduce them as my parents. I have four periods to think about it in. "Dad and mom good luck on finding the building for your shop. I hope that you will make it to have lunch with me. Just one thing does Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper know that you are going to possible be here?" I asked dad.

"Yes Nessie, they know that we may be here to join you all for lunch. We talked to them about it last night. By the way you look very beautiful." Dad told me.

"Thanks dad. You and mom look really great too." I told them. I waved good bye to them as I headed into my first period. The day just flew right on bye with out me realizeing it. All the sudden I realize it was lunch time. Boy did the day go. I saw mom and dad sitting with Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper through the window as I was heading up to the lunch room. As I was about to head into the lunch room all the sudden Nahuel was there and opened the door for me. I didn't even see him. I walked through the door and out of the corner of my eye I saw dad and mom tried to figure out what I wanted them to do. I sent them a thought letting thm know that I am going to introduce them as my mom and dad and would they please come with me to get my tray. I saw a great big smile come across mom and dad's face. They came up to me and we went to get me a tray. On the was some of the people that I met yesterday came up to say hi to us and see who I was with. I introduced them as my mom and dad. I heard alot of people compliment my parents. Everyone told them that they look amazing. I heard my parents thank everyone very graciously. I was never prouder of my mom and dad then I was at that moment. I heard them tell everyone that they are opening a book store two blocks over from school. When they open they will have flyers put out so that everyone can come to the grand-opening. I could see in dad and mom's eye's that they had whanted to tell me first but they hadn't had the chance and that they are sorry. I sent them this little but very special message through my thoughts. "Dad and mom I undertand. I know that you wanted to tell me first. I am the one that kept that from happening by not asking. Know that I am very happy for you guys. I love you more than life it's self. You guys are my world. I know that you would have told me if I would have asked. It's just that today flew by. I didn't realize it was lunch until I felt your presence. That is how I knew it was lunch time and that you were here. Dad, you told me this morning that if at all possible you guys would have lunch with me. I had a decision to make and I know now that I made the right decision to introduce you both as my parents. I love you." I thought to them. I coudl see the smile on their face and new what they would say without them having to say a word. The only thing that I hated was that lunch just flew by without any of us noticing. I watched as dad and mom headed to the office. To go and talk to the principle about their bookstore and getting books. I will see them at home. I just wonder what dad thought of Jerry. Might have to think about asking him. If I do that then he will know something is up and I am not ready to tell him yet.

I am still curios at how dad thought of Jerry but I am not sure how I can go about asking without getting into trouble. I have a couple more hours to figure out how to ask dad without getting his suspicion up. Maybe tell him that Jerry wants to be friends and see what dad says. That would work. I know that mom will go along with it. But dad might figure it out. I don't know. A girl that I was sitting next to all the sudden turned to me and introduced herself. "Hi, my name is mandy. What's yours?" she asked. "My name is Renesmme. I go by Nessie though." I said

"It's nice to meet you Nessie. I hope that maybe we can be life long friends. I just moved here from the USA. What about you? Are you from here?"She asked.

"No, my family and I just moved here as well. We also moved from the us. What made your parents move here?" I asked her.

"My dad is in the service and he got transferred here. What about you?' She asked me.

I had to think for a minute before I answered that one. "My family has family here and they had been trying to get my dad and mom and grandpa and grandma and my aunt's, as well as my uncles to move here. They finally gave in to my Aunt Safrina. So here we are. I am enjoying it though. My mom and dad just bought a store. They are opening a book store." I told her.

Something doesn't seem right about her. I can't quite place it yet. I may have to get dad to check her out for me. I just wish that I could read minds like dad does and it would be so much easier. Did she really just move here cause of her parents or is she from where I am hoping that I am wrong about. She looks more like grandpa and grandma as well as dad. I need him to tell me. I will tell him when I get home what I suspect. That way dad or Aunt Alice can see for me. Boy I was never so happy when last class was over so that I could get to Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. I don't see them. Where are they?

Ah. I see them now. Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper I shouted. They both were at my side in a flash. It least no-one noticed. "What is Nessie?" Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper both asked at the same time.

"Do you see the girl with real long hair over there?" I asked.

"Where Nessie?"Aunt Alice asks.

"Over by the cafeteria." I told her. I watched as she looked and a confused look came over her face that scared me. "What Aunt Alice? Who is she? She told me her name is Mandy. Aunt Alice who is she? Your scaring me. Who is she?" I ask.

"Come Nessie we need to go now." Aunt Alice told me. We went straight to grandma and grandpa's without even stopping to get mom and dad. When we walked in mom and dad where already there. What is going on? I am wondering. I let the thought go into my mind for dad but he didn't answer me.




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