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Okay everyone, I thought this would be fun to do for the holidays. I would like to get at least ten different one shots all aiming to do a Christmas Twilight.


The rules are as follows:


1. It has to be about the Twilight characters, no cross-over's, sorry.


2. The one shot has to be no less than 5,000 characters long and no more than 10,000.


3. Please make sure you save it to Word.


4. All one shots have to remain anonymous to the readers who are voting. This ensures that no one is voting simply because they know the person. Please, if you send me a one shot, do not tell anyone that you have done so. I would hate to withdraw a story because of this.


5. Once you are finished with your one shot, send me a shout out through my inbox so that I can give you my email. All stories will be directed to me in this manner to keep the stories unknown to everyone except the author and me. I will ask certain people to help in editing the basic essentials as in Grammar and punctuation. The editores will not know who wrote what story either.


6. You can send in more than one story per author if you have the time.


7. Please author's, try and edit as much as you can of your own work. Check for Grammar and Punctuation closely.


                                   There will be only one winner.


The winner will have a banner made for their story which will also include; Winner of the Twilight Christmas One shot on the banner.


The contest will begin on December 10th. You will have until December 20th to send in your one shot and the winner will be announced on Christmas Day.


I may have forgotten a few things to mention. If so, I will add them as I go. If anyone has any questions about the contest, please ask below.




Also, I will not be taking part in this contest. I feel that it wouldn't be fair to those of you who send me yours. So have fun and I hope to hear from you soon.



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Also, if you would like to participate in the contest, do not announce it in the comment section of this thread. Send me a private message.


Thanks D

Yes, me too, I would love to do that!!!

Not including. You should be fine.

Hey everyone,


Just giving a shout out here. I have one story already sent in and edited and will be posted later for everyone to read. When I am sure that I have all the stories posted, I will let you know when you can begin voting. Try as readers to read as many as you can and vote on the one that truly made you feel that the holidays are upon us.


Yes, I may begin the votiing sooner than the 20th depending on how many stories get to me before that. The sooner they are all in, the sooner everyone can get to reading and the sooner the voting can begin. So I look forward to those of you who contacted me and please...please remember, try and refrain from posting anything on here giving away that you are in the contest. Inbox for whatever it is you may need.



Would love to edit!

Hopefully I should be posting the first Twilight Christmas one shot today. I hope everyone is ready to begin reading them as they come in.



I am looking forward to see it here!

I'm looking forward to seeing them too! I love reading Christmas stories!



Okay everyone! The first Twilight Christmas One Shot is now up and ready for you to read. Feel free to leave comments on it, but the writer cannot reply back until after the contest is over. It should be interesting to see who wrote what in the end. Happy Reading...


                                                              Good Luck Author!






Home for the Holidays


Rosalie’s Point of View:



It was Christmas Eve, my personal favorite part of the holidays. Every year, Emmett took me to some nice place; Paris, Rome, Greece, it was a different place every year, and a different story every time.


This year was different. Emmett approached me a week ago, asking where I wanted to go this year, or if I wanted it to be a surprise. I surprised him by saying a simple “No.” We were standing on the balcony that connected to my room, watching Renesmee play in the snow when he asked me.


“No?” he asked, confused. Without turning to him, I repeated myself. “No.” He immediately assumed that I was angry about something and wrapped his arms around my waist. I couldn’t help but smile, picturing the two of us on the balcony. What a pretty painting it would make, the two of us perfect creatures together surrounded by pile upon pile of snow.


“What’s wrong, babe?” he asked me. It was clear that there was a grin on his face as he spoke to me. There always was.


“I want to spend Christmas here,” I said simply as I watched little Nessie. She was so adorable the way she balled the snow in her hands and threw it with all her power, which wasn’t much. It amazed her the way the snow suddenly fell back into a million little pieces after being thrown. I laughed to myself, and hoped that Emmett understood without me having to explain.


And he did. Emmett always understood me, the way no other creature did. He simply nodded, and for a split second, held me tighter before letting me go. “Guess I’m going to Peru without you,” he joked and made his way back into the house. I laughed at his silly, yet somehow lovely joke. What would I do without him?






At dawn, I sat up from the leather sheets on our bed and gazed momentarily outside at the snow. It was still just as high as it had been yesterday, a small shine to its glory. Emmett and I quickly changed into different clothes, purposely not putting on the ridiculous ones that Alice had bought for us, and headed downstairs. Of course, it was in her nature to look at what we were wearing first thing.


“Are you two blind? I picked out clothes for you!” she whined as she swiftly arranged the topaz garland above the fireplace, which was crackling with a small fire. I made my way to the living room to check for Renesmee’s arrival, but she was not here yet. I sighed and went to the couch to sit down. I would just wait for Renesmee.


“Aren’t you so excited?” Alice said over-enthusiastically as she skipped to me. She grabbed me hand and gestured toward the dining room.  “Would you mind helping until Nessie gets here?” she asked. Before I could respond hastily to her request, she dragged me to the dining room in her joyful mood. Emmett sufficed a small chuckle, which I would punish him for later.


“Okay, the rest of the garland goes here, these bows will go here, and don’t forget to straighten them out after you hang them up!” she ordered me and handed me the decorative items. As I hung them up, Alice continued her earlier question. “So, aren’t you excited?” she asked once again, causing a small imaginary headache.


“For what?” I asked unenthusiastically as I hung the garland. “Of course!” she answered, “It’s Nessie’s first Christmas! I can’t wait to see her face when she opens her gifts! This Christmas is going to be all about her!” she giggled as she hung the last of the ornaments on the tree.


I said nothing for a few moments, just focused on straightening the bows Alice had given me, careful not to let one wrinkle stay. I then sighed. “I hadn’t thought about it,” I said as I hung the first bow, perfectly centering it on the right side of the fireplace. Alice snickered. “Yeah right! It’s all anyone can think about!” she said excitedly. Then she turned to me and smiled. “I mean why else did you decide to stay home for the holidays?” she laughed and placed the finishing touches onto the tree, a small angel that Emmett had drawn vampire teeth on last year as a prank. Alice had tried her best to get the marker off of it, but some things just didn’t go away.


She crossed her arms and shook her head as she admired the angel at the top. “You just had to ruin our Christmas angel,” she said to Emmett, causing him to burst in laughter. Despite his booming laugh, nothing distracted me from the sound of Nessie’s angelic voice.


“And is it going to be shiny?” she begged from outside the house, causing a sudden burst of excitement within me. I composed my face in the small reflection from the picture in front of me. I did not want to show how much she affected me, for it would show the one weakness I truly had.


“Yes,” I heard Bella’s voice answer sweetly. “It’s going to be extra shiny, just for you,” she laughed as she entered the door with Edward and her daughter. Nessie’s eyes immediately shot around the room, admiring the many lights that hung around the room.


“Wow.” Her eyes were wide, pure excitement rang within them. Nessie looked at the room, but the rest of us watched her and her beautiful expression. I couldn’t help but notice the look Edward gave her, pure love and adoration. He had never expected to have a child, and yet he had one. There was probably nothing more beautiful to him. You could see, just from the look in his eyes, that he would do anything for her. I suddenly looked away, keeping my thoughts away from what they had just held. Pure jealousy sprang within me as I thought of having a child for myself, so I could look at her like that.


I knew Edward had heard my thoughts, but luckily, he just acted like he hadn’t and made his way to the kitchen to get Nessie her breakfast. I sighed and sat on the couch. As soon as I did, Nessie heard me, and her eyes grew even wider. “Aunt Rosie!” she said, her young voice slightly squeaky-like. I smiled as she jumped into my lap. “Aunt Rosie! Aunt Rosie! It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” she giggled and hugged me. I hugged her back, enjoying the moment.


She made her way around the rest of the family, hugging and rattling on about what she wanted for Christmas. We were all in complete awe of her. I thought briefly of how fascinated I was by her excitement and joy. It was mostly a human thing to become so affected by the mood of Christmas, yet she still acted nothing like a human at the same time. It was adorable.


A car pulled into the drive way out front. I could tell just by the sound of it that it was an older car, one that was probably done with its years. I rolled my eyes remembering how junky the car looked. It made no sense for such a grand house as ours to be corrupted by such a cheap automobile. And even worse, any minute now, the house would be filled with the smell of-


“The wolf’s home!” Jacob beamed, as he entered the door, not bothering to knock; a habit he had created long ago. I whined quietly to myself, curling my nose at the sudden burst of a disgusting smell. In all the time that he had spent here, I had never gotten used to his foul smell.


“Jake!” Nessie yelled, suddenly done with her breakfast. She sat the half-filled cup of blood on the floor and ran to Jacob. Edward had to fetch it quickly before it spilled onto the floor. I turned away as he went into the kitchen with it, trying to get my mind off the fragrance the cup gave out.


Nessie was in Jake’s arms in seconds, her long bronze hair swooshing as he lifted her up. Even though she was in his arms, I couldn’t help but smile as I had done several times today. It had probably been a long time since I had smiled so much in such little time. It made me… happy.






It was in no time that Charlie made his way over with his new fiancé Sue. I could tell Sue was slightly uncomfortable with the situation, but took it very well. I watched silently as Nessie ripped open her gifts as fast as her little arms would go. She opened Jacob’s first, then Bella and Edward’s, and then mine. A surge of happiness overwhelmed me when I saw her reaction to the diamond earrings I had picked out especially for her.


“Thanks Aunt Rosie.” She smiled at me and hugged me. She let me help her put the earrings on, and when she looked at herself in the reflection, she glowed. I felt sudden pride in the jewelry I had picked out for her. I had picked it with the intention that it would go well with her shining eyes, and it did, and she could see that. For the rest of the present opening, I watch the way she would briefly touch them with her fingers, silently admiring them. I had done well, just as I had hoped.


Others presents were passed out among the family after Nessie was done opening hers. She seemed just as happy watching everyone else open his or her own presents. Alice gifted to Bella many tops, style jeans, and extraneous accessories that went well with the tops. She mentioned that Bella actually use them once all was done.


Carlisle had gotten Esme a beautiful bracelet, one that had probably cost more than most people’s car payments, which was hand-crafted in Italy. Jasper got Alice tickets to tour many boutiques and fashion shows in Paris, which made her extraordinarily happy. Many other things were gifted among the family, but the real excitement came when Emmett came to give me his present.


He got me several pieces to a highly expensive collection of jewelry, all green, the color of my birthstone. Emmett had always put thought into what he got me for special occasions, but it was rare that he got me something so detailed. Being with Emmett made me feel so special, and I was glad I had him.


The present-giving continued on, but I paid no attention to it. I just stared continually at the jewelry Emmett had given me. I suddenly felt a pang of sadness, but did not want it to show in front of everyone. “Excuse me,” I said quietly to Emmett as I quickly sat up and left the room. I went out onto the second-floor balcony opposite my room and placed my head in my hands. What was wrong with me?


Emmett’s arms were suddenly around me as they always were. “Sweetheart?” he asked me, a grin on his face. I shook my head. “Please go away,” I mumbled. He laughed. “Do you not like the color green?” he asked, the stupid grin still on his face. He let go of me so that I could turn around and face him. I shook my head again.


“It’s just… I just…” I didn’t know how to put it. I growled angrily, not used to being speechless. I could tell Emmett was on the brink of laughter at my small tantrum. “What are you laughing at?” I growled.


“You’re just so… sexy,” he said, lifting me up onto the railing of the balcony. He kissed me lightly on the lips, and then stared into my eyes. “You going to tell me what’s wrong?” he asked, his arms around me. I surrendered and explained. “Every year we go to some other country and see things, but I never realized…”


“It’s beautiful here too, isn’t it?” he smiled. My eyes widened. “That’s it! We leave every time Christmas comes around to see beautiful things, yet its even more pretty here. With them.” I looked at the ground, Emmett’s arms still around me. “It’s like I was searching for something that was here all along,” I said quietly. We were silent for a minute. I didn’t know what he was thinking of, but all I thought about was Christmas, and how beautiful it really was.


“Do you want to go back down?” he asked me, the grin finally gone. I had been angry with him for having the grin, but now I suddenly wanted it back. “Smile again,” I whispered, and he did. I kissed him again and then smiled. “Let’s go,” I said, and we held hands as we went back down.


Paris was beautiful, it had many amazing artifacts and people, and Rio de Janeiro was beautiful too. In fact, I’d been to many countries, and most of them were extremely beautiful, but compared to the look on Nessie’s face when she received my gift… there was nothing else as hauntingly beautiful as that. Absolutely nothing.


So I had missed many Christmases celebrated here at the Cullen house. I knew my family would forgive me. And I would never be able to show Nessie how much she had really done for me, because she had once and for all proved to me that Christmas was best celebrated with your family. 


For the first time, I was glad that I was home for the holidays.

This story has a good meaning to it and just wondering ( this doesn't have to be answered until we know who wrote it author) how old is Renesmee in this story exactly? Don't answer just yet anonymous author but wait until the contest is over

This is Renesmee's first Christmas, so she's only a few months old. I would guess she looks about 4 or 5 years old at this point. I'm glad you like it :) Thanks!

Aw! That was so adorably sweet!! A perfect story!


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