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I own no characters, they are all property of Cassandra Clare.

I have written a fanfic about Clary and Jace from the mortal instrument series by Cassandra Clare. If you have been reading the series and you haven't finished it yet please don't read my fanfic because it has a few spoilers but if you haven't read the series it's ok you should still understand most of it. If not please message me and I will tell you all you need to know about the stories in order to understand my fanfic properly. Please enjoy.

"Mom why? Why are you ruining my life, again?" I shouted from across the hall. "Clarissa Fray you stop that right now. You are not aloud to go to the institute any more. No more wepons, no more fighting, no more Jace." My mother yelled back at me. 
I could understand where she was coming from. All of my life she had tried to keep me from everything I was running back to very eagerly. 
" Mom I am a big girl. Nothing can keep me away from Jace." I screamed. Then with a pause I added. "And the other lightwoods." 
"Hello, I'm here." we heard Luke yell from the entrance way. "is everything ok in here?" he asked when he got upstairs. 
"Everything is fine, I was just leaving." I said with a very mean voice that sounded foreign coming out of my mouth. 
Luke stood there confused, my mom glared at me angrily. 
"you are not going anywhere Clarissa. You said your a big girl, your not, you are behaving like a very little girl righ now. Your not leaving." 
"watch me." I yelled back at her. 
I stormed out of the house. 
My phone buzzed in the left pocket of my jeans. 
Clary, you ok? I was gonna come get u but I heard yelling.......

I texted him back. 
Ya my mom got pissed. I'm coming to the institute righ now. R u there?

I hit send and waited for a reply. 

Ya I'm there. Where r u. I'll come get u. 

What don't you think I can get there by myself? 
I joked back. 

Haha very funny. But seriously where r u?

:) I'm at the corner of 1st and dunbar. 

Ok... Stay there c u in 5...

Jace is always trying to keep me out of trouble. So protective.
I waited for a few minuets on the corner if the buisy street before I saw a god-like figure. Then I saw the beautiful golden hair, and the marks all around his body like tiny tatoos etched into his skin. 
"Hello beautiful." he said as he pulled me into his firm grip. 
I melted in his arms. 
"Hi Jace." I said smiling into his chest. 
He pulled me out of our hug and grabbed my hand, we started walking to the institute together. The entire way girls stared and giggled at Jace, and gave me murderous glares. 
"Does that bother you?" Jace asked pointing at a small groupof girls who were blushing an staring at Jace and I. 
"Kinda, I mean your you, and you look like wow, and all of those girls are like uhh..." I said at a loss of words.
"Clary, seriously, no one else means as much to me as you, Clarissa I love you, and I will love you untill the day I die."
He said pulling me in front of him. He held both of my wrists stroking the back of my hands with his thumbs. 
"I will always love you." he repeated. 
"Pinky promise?"  I looked at him questioningly. 
"Clary, Clary, Clary. Why won't you believe me? Why is it so hard for you to see that I love you and I will love you untill the day I die, and if there is a life after that I will love you then too." Jace told me. 
He pleaded with me often. He couldn't understand why I always thought I was going to loose him. It was hard to explain even to myself, but he had obviously been with a ton of other girls before me, how do I know I won't end up as just another girlfriend. Why should I be any different?
"I will always love you to Jace, but how do I know you won't leave me? How am I suposed to know I won't be another old girlfriend you had fun with but now your over her? I can't have my heart broken by you again." I said staring into his eyes, his golden, topaz, beautiful eyes. 
"Clarissa," I shuddered. "no other girl has ever meant as much to me as you. I have dated alot of girls ya, but, every single one of them, EVERYONE has just been an experiment, I thought my father." he shuddered everytime someone mentioned valintine." my father broke that part of me. The part that loves and can care for people fully, Clary remeber To love is to destory, I always believed that. Clary ever since I meet you I have known that love exsistes and love is good and makes us all better. Makes us all sane." he told me. 
Jace often told me how he thought Valintine had broke him, and how I showed him how to love.
I hadent realized I had tears slowly streaming down my face. Jace took his finger and wiped them away.  
He doesent realize that the lightwoods were the first to love him, he loved them much before he loved me.
"Clary, If you want me to prove my love for you, my undying love, god knows it for you Clary I will do anything. I will get down on my knee right now and propose. I will do whatever you want. I will secure your hand in marraige. And hold it with me for eternity. I will die to show my love for you." 
Marraige? Was Jace thinking about that? I know I wasn't. 
"Your joking aren't you? You cannot seriously be thinking about maraige already. I mean only 2 months ago we found out we could actually be together, that we wernt brother and sister." 
I said in shock.
"No Clary, I am not joking at all. Give me  a few days and I'll prove it to you."
I don't wanna know what that's supposed to mean....             

I hope you guys liked it. I am also posting this fanfic on if you are on that site let me know.

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It will have spoilers in it that will ruin all of the books if you are reading them.
this is amazing alexis! u HAVE to keep me updated! is this how great the books are?!
Hey buddies. I have added more to it. Please comment asap!!!!!

Here it is!

We walked to the institue where Jace lived with his adopted family, Maryse and Robert Lightwood, where his parents, Alec and Isabelle where his brother and sister and Max was his younger brother who was killed by Sebastion who was really Jonathan, who was really my brother. But Jace killed him right before he could kill Jace. 
We walked hand in hand silently towards Isabelle's room, she wanted to talk to me about something, I am not sure what. 
Isabelle didn't like me when we first meet, Jace said it was because she was always the only girl in a group of adoring boys, I personally do not understand why she should be jelous of me, she is tall and beautiful, she has long waist length jet black hair, and she has curves. 
Especially compared to my small 5 foot 2 inches. I have caroty orange hair that comes slightly below my shoulders, I have a tiny chest and no curves, I have always been slender, but not beautiful, just little girl cute.
We approached Izzy's room, Jace nocked on the door. 
"Who is it?" Isabelle said from the other side of the door in her singsong voice. 
"It's us." Jace said back to her. 
"Jace go away, I just want Clary right now. You can hang out later, you can go do what we were talking about earlier." she said once she opened the door. 
"Why? Isabelle what's going on?" I asked confused. "Can someone Please include me in this conversation." 
"Just come inside Clary, we have girly stuff to do, Jace go get everything ready."
And with that I was dragged into Isabelle's room. The last thing I saw of Jac was him turn on his heel muttering something about chicks. 
Isabelle had my arm in her firm grip. The kind of grip you have when your a shadowhunters. She has been fighting and training since she was a little girl. 
She towed me towards her bed. "Sit." she comanded. 
I did as she said. When Izzy had her mind set there was no changing it. 
"Can you please tell me why I'm here and why Jace had to leave?" I ordered as sternly as I could, it probably ended up sounding more like a child pretending to be a parent. 
"Just don't talk and relax, we are doing a makeover day, you are sleeping over here, we are going to have mandatory slumber party stuff. Mani-pedis, facials, makeovers, pillow fights, popcorn and movies, we are going to gossip and have a ton of fun." she informed me. 
I had never had many girl-friends, my only real friend was Simon, and he wasn't really into mani-pedis...
"whatever Izz." I said. "Crap, my mom probably won't let me, she just gave me crap before I met up with Jace." I informed her. 
"You say Jace's name funny, it's like dream-like when you say it. It's odd." she said. 
I have never noticed that I do that. But it would make sense, I love hi
 and his name is just... I don't know. Maybe I'm just an abnormality.
"Hmmm." was all I said to her. 
" Clary I have to know, and you don't have to tell me if you don't want to but." She looked uncomfertable now. "Have you and Jace, you know." she blurted out. She made a funny noise after she said it. She seemed embarassed. "Have you done 'it'?" she asked putting air quotes around 'it'
"No Isabelle, I have not slept with Jace." I half screeched. "Why would you think that?" 
"Clary, you honestly haven't seen anything new with Jace? He hasent been acting wierd or said anything strange?" she asked. 
I was about to say no when I remembered what he said earlier, about marying me. 
"Um, Iz, do you know why he has told me he would marry me? Do you have anything to do with that?" I asked, she was always meddling with Jace and my relationship.
"Um well, Clary I umm.." she said, stumbling around her words. 
"Just spit it out Izzy." I yelled at her.
"Well, I just, I mean... Ya I know what Jace meant when he said he would prove his love to you." Isabelle said, while looking down at the comferter on her bed. 
"Well for the love of god Isabelle please tell me what is going on!" 
"I can't." she whispered. " I promised I wouldn't tell you." 
I just stared at her in confusion. 
"Please Isa-" I started
"Please let's talk about somethig else now, or I will do something I shouldn't." 
For the next few hours we did makeovers and facials and she talked about some new shadowhunter she has been seeing. 
She talked about Simon, and how she wishes he would ask her out. 
"Isabelle, honestly you should dump James." I said. James Is her new boyfriend. "Because Simon was going to ask you out, untill he heard about some other guy. He thinks you have moved on." 
And it was true, Simon seemed actually sad when Jace told him about James. 
The new relationship between Simon and Jace was amazing. They were like best friends. Jace had asked Simon where he should take me out on dates when he didn't know what to do. 
And Simon was always asking about isabelle and dating advice. It was good to see my boyfriend and bestfriend getting along.   
I called my mom around 10 pm to make sure it was ok that I stayed at the institute, not that I was going to come home if she told me too. 
Apparently Jace went over to my house after he dropped me off. He wanted to be nice to my mother, and make a good impression. But my mom was stubborn and still didn't like him. 

For the rest of the night Isabelle and I watched movies like Wild child starring Alex Pettyfer (who looks alot like Jace!) and Emma Roberts. We also watched twilight & New Moon both stars Kristen Stewart, Taylor lautner, and Robert pattinson. 
We ordered pizza for dinner and Isabelle complained about the calories she was taking in. 
We finally fell asleep around 3 am, I think Izzy could have stayed up way later but I was exhausted so we slept... 
I woke up on isabelle's floor, I felt around with my eyes still closed, for Izzy, but she wasn't there. 
I heard a familiar voice. 
"She has gone for a run, she thinks she's gonna get fat because of the pizza last night." my increadibly beautiful boyfriend said. "Good morning beautiful." 
I opened my eyes to see my perfect boyfriend staring down on me. 
He is wearing a plain white tshirt, which hugs his perfectly sculpted chest nicely, and a pair of distressed jeans. 
I stood up and sat down on Isabelle's bed with him. He pulled me closer into his chest and held me tight. 
"How was your sleep? You slept for a long time. It's already 11:30." he said and kissed my hair.
"It wasn't that long, we fell asleep around 1:30, thats like 10 hours!" I complained
"Compared to the time a shadowhunter wakes up it's extreamly late, Izzy woke up at 6:30." He told me, I just stared with wide eyes,  at how early she wakes up. I would never wake up that early, NEVER!
Jace left to give me privacy to shower and get dressed.
He said he would be in the library and he would wait for me there, then we were going to go hang out  in downtown New York City... It should interesting...!
I showered and got dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a graphic tee that Isabelle had left out for me to wear because I hadn't brought any clothes.
They were both WAY to big on me, so I had to roll up the jeans, but there was nothing I could do about the shirt-dress!
I had to admit I looked pretty good, even kinda hott, that's alot different than the way I normally look. I awlays wear loose fitted jeans or sweatpants, and a t-shirt with a sweater covering it.ut  today I WAS HOTT.
I went out to meet up with Jace, when I rounded a corner and saw Magnus and Alec holding each other in a tight imbrace, sucking each others tounges out. AKWARD!!! I quickly turned around, hard on my heel and sprinted in the opposite direction towards the staircase that would take me downstairs so I could avoid Alec and Mangus makeout scene!!!

(Alec is isabelle's brother who is gay. Magnus is a 1000 year old warlock who is also gay. They started dating officially in city of ashes.)
love it!!
THANKS GUYS!!! I am glad you all like it so far!!!!

<3 Alexis <3
hey guys, I have written more!!!!!
hope ya'll like it!!!!!

I made it to the library with out a repeat of before...
I entered the library and started looking around for Jace, when I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist and pull me backwards, I would have been concerned if the familiar laughter didn't give him away.
I looked up at Jace, who was laughing at me.
He threw me down onto a soft bean-bag chair that I had never noticed before, and he kissed me.
I could feel the smile on his lips as he pressed his body to mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist.
"Ahemm." I heard in the far distance. It wasn't important right now, we were occupied with other stuff.
"Clary we have a guest." Jace said against my lips.
"Ughh." I moaned.
Jace and I sat up to allow are still unknown guest talk to us.
Jace pulled my legs over his lap, I blushed a little.
It was Alec, his hair was still a little messed up from Mangus, and his skin a little red.
"Hello Jace, good morning Clary." He said akwardly, Alec didn't like seeing Jace and my physical relationship. Not only because Alec used to have a crush on Jace, but he also took a new like to me, he acted like my older brother should, if I had one... who wasn't dead.
"Hey Alec, have fun on your date with Mangus?" Jace asked, a little mockingly. He must have also seen there earlier PDA.
Now it was Alec's turn to blush.
"Well, um, it was fine-ish I guess." He stumbled over his words, which is something Alec ever did unless he was embarassed.
"Alec, god just spit it out, what did you guys do?" Jace half yelled at his elder brother.
"We just hung out at his place, then went for a walk around Pixie Park." He said. "Nothing more."
Alec grabbed a chair and sat down. He now looked at me.
"Oh and Clary, we ran into your mom, and Luke." He said and scrunched up his perfectly sculpted eyebrows. "She wants you to go over there, she has to talk to you. Both of you."
My mom had grown to really like Alec, he usually came over with Jace, because Shadowhunters were supposed to go out in groups now, due to some small attacks on teenage Shadowhunters.
"oh god what could she want now?" I complained.
"You are such a teenager!" Jace said.
"What the hell do you mean by that?" I asked with a tone of annoyance in my voice.
"Nothing it's just that teenagers in movies always complain about how annoying there parents are, I thought that was funny." He told me.
Jace seemed kinda out of it today, he never kissed me like that before, and he usually wasn't very distracted like he is now.
"Um ok then." Alec said, I had almost forgot he was here. " She said it was important, she wants you there around 1."
So now I have to have a appointment to talk to my mom?
"Thats fine we'll go, if I have to." I told him.
Alec said goodbye to us, and left to go find himself some lunch.
I heard my stomach grumble.
"Looks like it's time for lunch. where do you want to go? A mundie place? Or a real resturant?" Jace asked. "We have an hour, I could show you a really good resturant."
"Ya that sounds good, wherever you want." I answered.
He took my hand and led me out of the Institute.
We walked for about 15 minuets, till we got to this little resturant in the heart of the big city.
"Aw it's cute." I said about the little cafe.
"Hmm. Ya, it is. And the food here is really good." Jace said lightly, looking up at the cafe.
We walked in and got a seat. When our waitress came she took one look at Jace then turned around and walked into the kitchen, she came back with her chocolate brown hair down flowing around her shoulders instead of in the messy bun it was in before. I could also see a layer if new lip gloss covering her thin pale lips.
"Hello I'm Kaycee, I will be your waitress today, can I start you off with some drinks?" Kaycee asked, she never once looked at me, I don't think she even aknowledged my exsistance.
Jace started off by pointing at me. "Clary, what would you like?" he asked.
"Oh um, a coke?" I said, it sounded more like a question than anything.
"Oh ok then and for you." Kaycee said, she tore her eyes away from Jace long enough to write it down.
"I too will enjoy a coke." he said.
The waitress scurried away, to get our drinks, if she remebers mine!
Kaycee came back with our drinks only seconds later, I noticed Jace had a pink straw.
Shut up Clary, your paranoid! He won't leave you.
And again she was looking at my boyfriend! No I think gawking was the correct word.
I could see why, I mean he is beautiful, and his shirt hugs his sculpted body perfectly.
"We would like to order now." Jace spoke up, I could tell he was uncomfertable with the akwardness of the girl's gaze, going up and down Jace's body, ALL over his body.
"Oh right, umm what do you want?" she asked scrambling for a pen.
Jace motioned at me to start.
"Im going to have the mushroom lasagna." I told her akwardly.
"I'll have a cheesburger." Jace told her.
At least I knew we would get our food fast.
Jace noticed I was uncomfertable so he winked at me and turned to the waitress, and made shooing motions with his hands.
She scurried away, probably to reapply her already placked on makeup.
"Sorry about that, girls just have a natural want for me. It's nothing to get upset over." He said sweetly and sacastically.
He reached across the table and took my hand from my lap and held it in the middle of the table.
I just stared into his eyes.
He chuckled. "See, it's working on you too, your dazzled by my wit and charm."
I just dropped my head and turned red.
"Jerk." I muttered under my breath
"Hey, I heard that!" He joked.
We talked for a few minuets untill our lunch came, then we ate.
Once we finished eating Jace paid the bill, threw away the receipt with the waitresses phone number on it and we left.
"Time to go talk to my mother! Joy oh joy!" I said sacastically as we walked the short distance towards my house.
When we got there it was 12:57, I opened the unlocked front door and with Jace's hand wraped in mine we walked upstairs.
My mom, Luke and I had all moved together into a small apartment closer to the institute and to Luke's bookstore.
I walked into the living room where my mom and Luke sitting beside each other on the loveseat holding hands.
People said I looked alot like my mom, I personally could not see it. She has long deep red hair that flows in perfect ringlets, while my carroty hair was always a curly, fizzy mess. My mom was also tall and she had a good figure, curves in all the right places, like Isabelle.
Jocelyn had such a grace, it always had people turning heads. And she is beautiful.
"Clary, Jace, sit down please. I- I mean we have something to tell you." my mother said.
Jace lead me towards the couch on the other side of the room.
"Yes mom." I said. "What do you want to say?"
Jocelyn looked at Luke for support.
Luke has been my mom's best friend forever, since they were little kids, Luke says he has always loved my mom, and she never felt the same, up untill about 3 months ago, when we were in Alicante (Shadowhunter's home country.) and my mom had to make thee decision about Luke staying there or not. Luke is also a werewolf.
"Clary, what you said last night, you were right. You are a big girl and I should let you make your own decisions." My mom started.
"And when Jace came by last night, he showed me I could trust him with my daughter's safety. So I- I am." Jocelyn, scooted closer to Luke, and looked at him for help.
"What your mother is trying to say is, she is giving you permission to live at the institute if you want to." Luke finished for her.
I just stared blankly back at them. Jace was too.
We were both in compleate shock at the news, I was thrilled but it felt as if she was trying to get rid of me, like she wanted me gone.
"Are you serious?" I asked when I finaly had enough air in my lungs to be able to say anything.
"Yes Clary, I am sure. I have talked to Maryse this morning, and she agrees that you staying there will help your studies a great amount." My mom told me.
"This is good." Jace whispered so quietly I could barely hear him, much less my mom or Luke hear him.
"Ok, then I will move into the institute. I'll go pack." I said akwardly.
I stood up and walked towards my room, Jace followed me.
"Clary this is great." He said as he shut my bedroom door. "We can be together with out it being a secret now."
I thought about it, Jace and I could finally be together, all of the time, whenever I want. YAY
I looked at my room for one of the last times.
It was very personalized to my taste, I had drawings covering the walls, all my own. I had a few of my attempts at drawing Jace, with and without the fuzzy wings I had dreamt one night. Also a ton of drawings and sketches of Idris, while were there I spent alot of time drawing.
The walls underneath all of the drawings were a light purple, and the carpet was a warm beige.
The comferter that was now messily thrown across my bed, is a color that most would call blue, or turquois, but to me it was a green. My mom always said I saw colors different than others, because I have art in my blood.
I tried to grab the suitcase that was on the top shelf in my closet, but my small 5 feet couldn't reach it.
"Umph." I said.
Jace laughed at my failed attempts.
He on the other hand had a 5'11 build, so he easily pulled my suitcase of the shelf.
"Thank you." I said, feeling deffeated.
"Anything for you, my tiny little pixie." Jace said.

"Don't call me a pixie. if you don't remember it was a PIXIE who made me kiss you, back when we thought it was forrbidden." I said.

And it was true, the seelie queen had made me kiss Jace before I was alowed to leave, she thought it was what I wanted most, and to be compleatly honest, it was what I wanted.

Jace laughed, and apologized.

Then together we started packing, without any disruptions... Untill my mother came in.

"Clary, Jace, can I come in?" Jocelyn said.

Hope everyone liked it... more soon... hopefully!!!!!!!!!!

Alexis <3
update really sooon
Here is more!!!!!

My mom entered the room, she looked at Jace then at me.
"Jace, can I have a oment with my Daughter?" She asked quietly.
He looked at me, as if wanting my approal, I just nodded.
"Kay, I'll go wait in the living room." He said.
Once he left my mom came and sat down on my bed.
"Clary, you don't have to do this if you don't want to, you can stay, I just thought that you needed a way to express your freedom, and money isn't good right now. Also you spend so much timen there anyways." she rambled on.
"Mom," I finally interupted. " I am not moving away so that I can express my freedom, or because you feel I should, I am leaving for me. I need to do this, and you and Luke need a place for just you two." I told her compleatly honestly.
"Clary, there is another thing I wanted to tell you about, but i'm not sure how too." My mom said. She turned bright red, which is something I have never seen my mom do my life.
"Mom what is it? whats wrong?" I had to ask, concerned.
"Nothing is wrong Clary, in fact everything is right. We are having a baby. Luke and I." Jocelyn said.
I froze. A baby, so kicking me out was just a way to make room for a kid? I was being replaced...
"Mom thats-" I started before getting cut off.
"Clary, you are going to be a big sister, I want you to paint the room for it too, once we know if it's a boy or a girl. You can design the room." My mom started gushing. She seemed really excited.
But isn't she to old for a baby, she is 45, I know thats not old, but it's still to old for a baby, right?
"Really? I thought you would want to do that." I said, dumbstruck. I had always thought she awould take any chance she could to paint and design a room for someone.
"Clary, I want you to be here even when your not. I want a part of you left here for this child." She said stroking her stomach.
"Mom this is great, for you and Luke, but haven't you told me, from the day I was born that you would kill me if I got pregnant before I was married. How is this any differet for you?" I asked getting mad at her.
"Clary, I don't think you get it, Luke has proposed to me, that is why I had sex with him. I would never unless I was already in that position." She told me.
I cannot believe Luke proposed and no one told me anything.
"How long ago did all of this happen?" I half shouted pointing at her stomach.
"About a month ago, I just found out a few days ago." my mom said not looking up.
"You have been engaged for a MONTH and you haven't said anything to me, NOTHING! I cannot believe you." I shouted, not trying to keep my voice down.
And with that I stormed out of my room, into the living room.
"Luke, how could you not tell me?" I asked impatiently.
"Tell you what?" He asked looking at me.
"Seriously! How could you not tell me you proposed to MY mother. And you made her pregnant...!" I yelled.
"Holy crap dude, you made her pregnant!" Jace said in compleat shock.
"Jace, shut up." I complained.
"Now that is not good for a healthy relationship." Jace said to me. I shot vicious eyes at him.
"I'm really, truley sorry Clary, but I didn't know how things were going to go with your mom, and I thought she should tell you, not me. And I thought she would have done so by now." Luke said, looking ashamed.
"Whatever Luke, It's my mom's fault, and I'm leaving now, I'll come back to pack later, so my mom can think of everything else she hasn't told me yet!" I said and walked out the front door.
A few minuets later I could hear the light padding of Jace's feet trying to keep up with me, when he finally reached me, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to a stop.
"What the hell is going on?" he asked, he was very annoyed.
"I'm leaving, I don't want anyrthing to do with that baby and I don't want anything to do with my mother." I shouted at him. "Now if you would be so kind as to letting go of my arm, I would like to go to my new home."
He let me go, and it turns out he grabbed the suitcase half full of my clothes before we left.
Jace had my hand intwined with his, and my old suitcase in the other.
He was pulling me in a very familiar direction, but it wasn't to the institute like I had requested. Then it dawned on me, Simon's house!
"Why are you taking me to Simon's house? I want to go to the institute." I complained.
"Well, I have something planned, that you cannot know about yet. So I need to put you somewhere." He told me.
"What? What is going on?" I stuttered.
"Clary, take a chill pill. Everything is fine, I just have a surprise for you, It has to do with the promise I made you yesterday." He said.
I had to think about it for a minuet. What promise?
The promise he would prove his love for me?
Is he seriously still going on with that?
"Seriously, the promise from yesterday?" I asked.
"Yes Clary, the promise from yesterday." He answered with a sigh.
And with a smile and a small kiss at the front door of Simon's I went in to hang out with my best friend for a few hours.
I walked in the door, and saw Simon's mom in the kitchen making some sort of food.
Whenever I came over as a kid, she would always be in the kitchen, making food or cleaning up from making food.
"Hey Marie." I said "Is Simon home?"
"Oh um yes he is, he's in his room with some girl, Isabella or something." Marie said.
"Clary, you and Simon have been friends for a long time, so you know him. Has he said anything to you about a Maia person? Because I have meet her, a few times now, and I think they like each other, but he also seems to like Isabella, alot too." She told me.
Marie was always very protective of Simon, she always wanted to know his buisness. Apparently she is still like that.
"Isabelle, is her name, and she is really sweet, and strong. I think they are both really good for Simon, whoever he choose." I told her, without wanting to give to much away to a outsider.
"Ok, I will let you go now, have fun." She yelled behind me as I walked the familiar path to Simon's small bedroom.
I followed the hall from the kitchen, through the living room, up the winding staircase, to his bedroom.
I opened the door and my jaw dropped.
I walked in on Isabelle with her short skirt, and low cut shirt drapped all over Simon.
Simon had no shirt on, revealing his pale white chest and stomach, even though he had abs now, due to the vampirism he still looked funny without his shirt.
Simon and Izzy were wrapped together in a tight, passionate embrace, full on making out.
I cleared my throat. Simon looked up to see me. His face turned into compleate shock, then embarrasment, then horror.
"Good thing I wasn't your mom, she would have killed both of you right there." I said sarcastically, but I am still frozen.
"Clary, I didn't knw you were coming over, I would have made sure things wern't like this."
Simon said, obviously embarrased.
"Ya I didn't know I was coming over untill I arrived here, Jace made me come." I said, my eyes still on how close they were still sitting together.
"Um, I feel really akward now. I'll just go now..." Isabelle said for the first time.
She stood up and ran out of the room, Simon watched her leave, with his mouth wide open, he just gawked at her perfection.
I sighed.
"Simon, what is going on with you and Izzy?" I asked. "Do you want her more than Maia?"
He didn't talk, he just stood there.
"Simon? Is everything alright?" I asked, very concerned with my best friend.

"No Clary, everything is very wrong, very."

Sorry it was so short, I hope you enjoyed it! please comment ASAP!
y'd u sop writing


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