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I have written a fanfic about Clary and Jace from the mortal instrument series by Cassandra Clare. If you have been reading the series and you haven't finished it yet please don't read my fanfic because it has a few spoilers but if you haven't read the series it's ok you should still understand most of it. If not please message me and I will tell you all you need to know about the stories in order to understand my fanfic properly. Please enjoy.

"Mom why? Why are you ruining my life, again?" I shouted from across the hall. "Clarissa Fray you stop that right now. You are not aloud to go to the institute any more. No more wepons, no more fighting, no more Jace." My mother yelled back at me. 
I could understand where she was coming from. All of my life she had tried to keep me from everything I was running back to very eagerly. 
" Mom I am a big girl. Nothing can keep me away from Jace." I screamed. Then with a pause I added. "And the other lightwoods." 
"Hello, I'm here." we heard Luke yell from the entrance way. "is everything ok in here?" he asked when he got upstairs. 
"Everything is fine, I was just leaving." I said with a very mean voice that sounded foreign coming out of my mouth. 
Luke stood there confused, my mom glared at me angrily. 
"you are not going anywhere Clarissa. You said your a big girl, your not, you are behaving like a very little girl righ now. Your not leaving." 
"watch me." I yelled back at her. 
I stormed out of the house. 
My phone buzzed in the left pocket of my jeans. 
Clary, you ok? I was gonna come get u but I heard yelling.......

I texted him back. 
Ya my mom got pissed. I'm coming to the institute righ now. R u there?

I hit send and waited for a reply. 

Ya I'm there. Where r u. I'll come get u. 

What don't you think I can get there by myself? 
I joked back. 

Haha very funny. But seriously where r u?

:) I'm at the corner of 1st and dunbar. 

Ok... Stay there c u in 5...

Jace is always trying to keep me out of trouble. So protective.
I waited for a few minuets on the corner if the buisy street before I saw a god-like figure. Then I saw the beautiful golden hair, and the marks all around his body like tiny tatoos etched into his skin. 
"Hello beautiful." he said as he pulled me into his firm grip. 
I melted in his arms. 
"Hi Jace." I said smiling into his chest. 
He pulled me out of our hug and grabbed my hand, we started walking to the institute together. The entire way girls stared and giggled at Jace, and gave me murderous glares. 
"Does that bother you?" Jace asked pointing at a small groupof girls who were blushing an staring at Jace and I. 
"Kinda, I mean your you, and you look like wow, and all of those girls are like uhh..." I said at a loss of words.
"Clary, seriously, no one else means as much to me as you, Clarissa I love you, and I will love you untill the day I die."
He said pulling me in front of him. He held both of my wrists stroking the back of my hands with his thumbs. 
"I will always love you." he repeated. 
"Pinky promise?"  I looked at him questioningly. 
"Clary, Clary, Clary. Why won't you believe me? Why is it so hard for you to see that I love you and I will love you untill the day I die, and if there is a life after that I will love you then too." Jace told me. 
He pleaded with me often. He couldn't understand why I always thought I was going to loose him. It was hard to explain even to myself, but he had obviously been with a ton of other girls before me, how do I know I won't end up as just another girlfriend. Why should I be any different?
"I will always love you to Jace, but how do I know you won't leave me? How am I suposed to know I won't be another old girlfriend you had fun with but now your over her? I can't have my heart broken by you again." I said staring into his eyes, his golden, topaz, beautiful eyes. 
"Clarissa," I shuddered. "no other girl has ever meant as much to me as you. I have dated alot of girls ya, but, every single one of them, EVERYONE has just been an experiment, I thought my father." he shuddered everytime someone mentioned valintine." my father broke that part of me. The part that loves and can care for people fully, Clary remeber To love is to destory, I always believed that. Clary ever since I meet you I have known that love exsistes and love is good and makes us all better. Makes us all sane." he told me. 
Jace often told me how he thought Valintine had broke him, and how I showed him how to love.
I hadent realized I had tears slowly streaming down my face. Jace took his finger and wiped them away.  
He doesent realize that the lightwoods were the first to love him, he loved them much before he loved me.
"Clary, If you want me to prove my love for you, my undying love, god knows it for you Clary I will do anything. I will get down on my knee right now and propose. I will do whatever you want. I will secure your hand in marraige. And hold it with me for eternity. I will die to show my love for you." 
Marraige? Was Jace thinking about that? I know I wasn't. 
"Your joking aren't you? You cannot seriously be thinking about maraige already. I mean only 2 months ago we found out we could actually be together, that we wernt brother and sister." 
I said in shock.
"No Clary, I am not joking at all. Give me  a few days and I'll prove it to you."
I don't wanna know what that's supposed to mean....             

I hope you guys liked it. I am also posting this fanfic on if you are on that site let me know.

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Jace's POV.

I dropped my true love of at her ex-boyfriend's house, the VAMPIRE!!!
He wasn't as horrible as he used to be, but he was still rather annoying, nowthat I wasn't the only onne around here with a annoying sarcasm problem...
I walked away, though it was hard.
And off to the institute where I would make my life perfect, hopefully.....
With the help of Isabelle and Alec, I would make everything different. And better.
With every step I took I only got more excited to get home, to have all of this over with, and have it just be Clary and I, together, alone...
I steped in the door to the most familiar place in the world, to me...and got mobbed by my sibilings.
They were on me like panthers attacking there prey, or like a cat on a mouse.
"So my brother and sister, are we going to make this work? It has to be done for tonight." I told my adopted siblings.
"Let's get this started, we have only hours untill she arrives, I arranged it with Simon." Isabelle squealed. "Clary will be home around 6, she is staying for dinner there. Mrs. Simons mom is cooking for them."
"Good to know Iz, good to know." Alec said, patting Izzy's head, which was at least 2 inches higher than his own.
The 3 of us walked into the greenhouse, which had been kept in imaculate condition especially considering Hodge was the only one whom actually cared about any of the plants inside it. And it turns out he was a creeper who was still very loyal to Valentine.
But Sebas- I mean Jonothan had killed him.
The greenhouse was where I kissed Clary for the first time, granted it was an accident. I remember it perfectly...
I got Clary from her bedroom in the institute, she looked beautiful, as always.
I brought her to the greenhouse, which Hodge cared for and loved.
I had gotten her a witchlight runestone, so she could see light in the darkest of times. I had also gotten a picnic ready for her earlier, I had come equiped with apples, and knife to cut the apples, and a few sandwiches.
We talked and I told her about my stupid birthday present when I was 5, I had wanted to take a bath in spaghetti, and my father had let me, He had the servants fill the bath-tub with noodles and spaghetti sauce. I was a rediculous child.
We talked for almost an hour, untill she yawned. We stood up and started walking towards her room.
When out of nowhere Clary, jumped to the side ramming into my side, I caught and stabled her before she had time to comprehend what had happened. Then after resisting the urge all night, I kissed her. At first we were both surprised, my lips moved in sync with hers, I soon relaxed and just let the moment be perfect. My hands wrapped around her wasit pulling her closer to my body, and her hands knotted in my hair. Thats when I noticed church, Our white-blue persain cat.
"I think we have a guest." I said against her lips, she immediatly pulled away from me looking embarassed, I grabbed her hand and we walked down to her room.
Once we got there I pulled her back into my arms, and kissed her, with as much passion as I felt I had in me, I kissed her until that stupid mundie, douche came out of her bedroom and totally freaked out on her, I could hear him shouting all the way from my room, which is where I went because I do not want to get caught up on his drama...
That was the night Clary figured out how to find the Mortal Cup...
* End of flashback*

And now almost a year later, and many kisses, I was ready. ready for my life to change forever.
I thought I had loved many people before Clary, I always thought it was true love, but one thing I had never realized untill I met Clary, is that you can feel like you have fallen in love hundreds of times, but you won't know how real love is untill you meet the one person who takes your breathe away just by thinking thier name, and fall flat on your @$$ when someone says her name out loud. The thing with love is no matter how hard you try to forget them, they are all you could ever think about, and the only thing you could ever want. No matter how much a player you are, once you kiss her, you will never want to even look at another girl. Ever.

I felt Isabelle and Alec clapping in my face, trying to get my attention, then Alec slapped me hard on the back of the head.
"OW!" I yelled. "What the freaking hell was that for?" I grabbed the back of my head.
"Dude, what was that? You just like stopped walking and stared into space." Alec told me.
"Ya and then you got some stupid grin on your face. Kinda like the one you've got on your face right now." Isabelle told me. I immediatly composed my face.
I loved Alec and Izzy, but sometimes they drove me crazy!
We continued to the greenhouse, to get set up for tonight.

Clary's POV!

"Simon seriously, don't lie to me, just tell me what is going on!" I said as I sat on his bed.
"I don't know if I can. Clary I don't know what has happened yet." Simon said, looking very nervous, more nervous than when we were about to face Valintine, both times. I couldn't tell what was wrong this time.
"What are you talking about? What happened?" I asked running my mouth a mile a minuet.
"Clary, can I tell you something, you can't tell anyone, not even Jace." He asked, he stared straight into my eyes, something was clearly wrong.
"Anything, anytime, anything." I said repeating myself.
"Clary, I-" Simon started.....

a longer chapter next time... maybe... If I get lotsa comments!!!!

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Ok I freakin loved this series(:
Andd this is actually pretty good follow up for such awesome books:)
But I am a bit confused as to why they are back in New York or whatever, when at the end of City of Glass Clary said they would be staying there, in Idris I mean...? Haha!

Andd just a side note, She actually is making a 4th book, they city of fallen angels I think... I dunno Im pretty sure thats it!!!
HEy u cant do that its ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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