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         Im kinda new here, so i was thinking of writing a Twilight & Percy Jackson crossover. I f u people think this is a gud idea, i won't mind starting it.

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Chapter 1   

Date Night

                 I was practically running out of school and jumped into Edward's waiting arms. I myself didn't know why I was jumping for joy. I was looking forward to the date Edward had planned for me with Jasper's assistance. The boys had planned something for me and Alice but wouldn't tell us. Even Alice's future seeing ability didn't work out.

" Well, someone's excited today," Edward said kissing my forehead.

" And you don't know the reason is it," I asked my eyebrows raised.

" Its good to know that you enjoy surprises once in awhile," he said.

Just then Jasper walked up to Edward with Alice jumping around him and babbling about dressing up. We both burst out laughing, Jasper tried hard not to laugh but failed miserably. 

" Bella, you are coming to my house this evening so I can dress you up," Alice said sternly. I couldn't refuse her even if I wanted, but today I didn't mind dressing up. Maybe it was just my imagination but I felt like something important was going to happen today.

" Earth to Bella, " Alice said. " Sorry, I was daydreaming, " I replied a little sheepishly. Alice turned to Edward and Jasper. She said, " You both are taking the Volvo and going home. I have to pick Bella's outfit at her house."

My face must have fallen because Alice said with an exasperated look, " You'll see him in a bit ." Edward came towards me and pecked me on the lips gently, whispering, "See you in awhile ." I waved goodbye as I watched Edward and Jasper get inside the car and speed down the highway. Alice grabbed my hand pulling me towards the back entrance of the school and we both took of running from there.

We reached my house in matter of minutes and didn't bother walking through the front door. Charlie knew what I was and wasn't in the least bit frightened. He had only wanted me to stay with me.

We scaled the wall and got in through my room window. Alice and I immediately went to my closet which was brimming with clothes ( courtesy of Alice ) to the point where there was no room for more clothes. After 15 minutes of searching I pulled out a cute dress which I knew would make me look good. I t was a dress ending just above my knee. The top half was covered in black while the bottom was the color of beige and light grey with a black bow near the bust. I pulled it out and showed it to Alice.

" Its beautiful. My fashion sense is finally rubbing of on you," she squealed. I was really surprised. I hadn't expected her to approve of it.

" Come on, I have the accessories and shoes at my house and please shield my mind. I don't want Edward seeing the dress," she said.

" Alice, don't you think you're going a little overboard with...... ," I never got to finish my sentence. The look on Alice's face told me otherwise. For a small person she could be extremely frightening.

" Don't even think about it," she glared at me. I did as she asked me to and we jumped from my window and ran to her house. When I walked through the living room I saw Jasper and Edward playing a game of chess, Esme was upstairs going through blue prints and Carlisle was in his study.

I was just about to ask where Rosalie and Emmett were, when Alice replied hunting.  

very good start...write more soon please


"Freaking psychic pixie," I thought in my mind. I was about to make my way to Edward when Alice pulled me back saying, "You'll have plenty of time for that later."

" But Alice," I whined. " No buts. You're coming with me," she said grabbing my arm and pulling me upstairs. We both entered her huge bathroom. She immediately pulled me to the chair, but this time I was quick.

" Alice, please can I give myself a makeover ?" I didn't want Alice to make me pretty, I wanted to do it myself. I didn't know why, but I just blurted the question out. I must have been surprised myself because Alice's expression was concerned.

" Bella, did you hit your head or are you feeling ill ?" she asked. " I know you're surprised, but please. You can give me tips here and there," I said.

" Fine," she pursed her lips and said. So saying this I went to sit and started applying make-up for the first time by myself. I didn't apply a lot to my already pale skin, just mascara, a little blush and lip gloss. Alice did her make-up while I did mine. 

After I was done, I slipped on my dress. It looked extremely good on me. Alice's dress was the color of cobalt blue with a thin silver clasp around the waist. It had a V-neck and ended at her knee. She looked as usual, pretty in it. Then I put on the accessories, a pair of dangling ear rings and a few bangles in my left hand. Alice's ensemble was silver. She had diamond studs, a snowflake shaped chain, a diamond bracelet and to top it off  grey and silver pumps. I never did like heels so I settled for a black with bronze beaded ballet flats.

Then I turned to my hair. I brushed it and curled the ends. I took one side and clipped it with a black clip. Alice left her hair in its usual spiky hairdo. 

When the both us were done we turned towards the mirror. Alice squealed that I had finally learnt to dress up.  I was slightly embarrassed, but I did felt good deep inside.

"If you could just wear heels........ ," she started, but I cut her off. " Alice I'm making an effort to dress up, please don't ruin it, " I pleaded with her. She pursed her lips but said nothing.

Just then we heard the boys making their way upstairs so we both grabbed our purses and opened the door. Jasper and Edward had their mouths open wide which made the both of us giggle hysterically. Both of them were dressed casually but they looked dashing in it.

Esme came downstairs and saw the boy's expressions and joined in our laughter.

" Boys, please close your mouths. You're going to catch flies," she said. They came out of their reverie and offered their arms to the both of us. We once again giggled and took their hands and walked downstairs.

" You look alluring, Bella," Edward whispered in my ear too soft for the others to hear but enough to make my heart melt like chocolate.

" You don't look half bad yourself," I replied back. He grinned and suddenly he was behind me putting a blindfold on my eyes. I heard Jasper doing the same to Alice.

" Hey, isn't it enough that this is a surprise already ?" I asked, my voice some what grumbling towards the end.

" Sorry Bella. It has to be a total surprise," he replied. His voice was full of mirth. Edward pulled my hand and lead me towards his car. He put me in the passenger seat while he went to the driver's side. 

Jazz and Alice slid into the back seat. And then we were speeding towards the place where Edward and Jazz had planned for me and Alice. The ride was filled with non-nonsensical talk. And then it was over as soon as it had started.

Girl's Outfits


Sounds fun!  I would like to read more!

Sounds like it would be a cool story!! Hope you write more! :)

really good update, please post more again soon, can't wait to see where they are taking the girls!

grrrrr *angry face* write more

Chapter 2

Meeting Family

           I didn't know why Jasper and Edward were bothering with the theatrics. The minute we got out of the car they had me and Alice in their arms carrying us to who knows where bridal style. We walked in a a direction where there was nothing but trees, but after 15 minutes our surroundings started to change, I could hear humans. 

Then suddenly we were put down and Edward and Jasper blindfolded us again. 

"Edward, when are you going to take this cloth out of my eyes?" I grumbled. He laughed good naturally. I was really starting to get irritated when suddenly the blindfold was out of my eyes.

I gasped the moment my eyes took in everything. Even with perfect clarity, I had trouble looking everywhere.I could see Alice's reaction was the same as mine.

The place was just like Edward's meadow and yet not the same. It was a clearing in the middle filled with wild flowers of a variety of colors surrounded by trees, in which thousands of fairy lights hung giving the place a magical feeling. But that wasn't the only part, there was a lake a little ways to the right. The place was filled with people and when I say people I mean couples. All of them were talking or just cuddling, enjoying their time with their girlfriends or wives. Some of them had picnic baskets with them.

Edward took my hand and led me forward. Only then did i realize my mouth was open and I closed it quickly. Alice and Jazz must have gone off because I couldn't see them next to us. 

"Do you like it?" Edward whispered in my ear.

"Its so beautiful and pretty",I whispered back still not able to tear my eyes away from the place. Edward took my hand and led me to secluded corner of the clearing, near the water. I never understood, but when I was in water or anywhere near it I felt absolutely calm. I took my shoes off and put my feet in the water, leaning my head on Edward's shoulder. I instantly felt energy surge through my body.

We continued to talk about random stuff and joked quite a lot until I started to feel that something was going to happen. I knew I was right when a couple walked up to us. They both looked human but there was something about the man that gave me a warm feeling inside. Edward must have felt me tense up because he asked me what was wrong.

"Is something wrong Bella?". I didn't know to explain it but nevertheless told him. He didn't know what to make of it and was about to answer when the couple reached us. The woman had brown straight hair that looked disturbingly like mine. Her facial features resembled mine too, but when I looked at the man beside her, my breath caught in my throat.

Edward must have found the same thing as me because his face was stunned. The man was easily handsome for a human. He had jet black hair and a black beard. He was wearing a sea green shirt and trousers and his eyes, my eyes , they were a sea green color just like mine. When I was turned into a vampire my eyes hadn't changed color. I had the same speed, strength and reflexes of vampires but my eyes were different. They weren't topaz or ruby red. They were the same eye color I had when I was a human.

Nobody had a reason for it so we had just dropped the subject. But now looking at the man I couldn't help feeling that he knew the answers to my life. And I mean my whole life.I had had the most bizarre childhood experience. Sorry I can't share them with you, its quite a long story.

The man emanated power like nothing I had seen before and he had smile wrinkles around his eyes which told me he smiled a lot.

Sorry for leaving you in a cliff hanger. But isn't it supposed to be like this ?

Who is that man?

Who is that woman?

How are they related to Bella ?

Interesting!  Seems like Edward was also surprised!

very interesting...i wonder what the man has to say to Bella and Edward!

So here are the pics for the characters

Bella ( I cudn't get her real pic !!! she didnt look gud with green eyes )

This is my version of her


Poseidon ( This isn't the best, but its all ive got........ I'd appreciate some suggestions )




Alice and Jasper

I'll post pics of the characters in due time !!!!


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