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Cold (An Edward and Bella VAMPIRE story) Free For Adoption Just Message Me

Bella is fifteen and spending her last summer in Forks, only something happens that changes her life forever. How will this effect her and edward's relationship?

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The cruiser drove smoothly down the road as I glared at the sky and the slowing cars interchangably. Both deserved by furry. Why did Charlie have to drive the police car everywhere? Another good question, Why did Charlie insist on on living on a town that didn't have sun? I'm not kidding, there seriously is no sun, unless you get one of those rare days. I think there's ten out of the entire year. I grumbled under my breath, half wishing they wouldn't, half daring the clouds to open up and rain on my parade. I was finally getting to go to La Push, where the beach was, and some sort of decent entertainment. I had already finished the two books I had brought with me for my visit to my dad's.

Forks was extremely dreary and small. Entertaining yourself seemed quite impossible, especially for a fifteen year old girl used to getting to sit out and read her collection of books in the midday sun. Here I had about four books altogether and we already talked about the whole no sun thing? Plus as if to add to the pleasure of these little visits, Charlie couldn't cook to save his life...literally. I was used to cooking for my mom and having basically free rein at both the grocery store and the kitchen, Charlie didn't think I should be near a stove. Didn't he know I would be moving out of the house in only three years?

"Cheer up Pumpkin, we're almost there." Charlie said, trying to be comforting. I shifted looking down at the uncomfortable one piece, bright red swim suit I was wearing. I grimaced slightly, it was too small, but I didn't have the heart to tell him, like I couldn't tell him how much I truly hated this place.

"Yea, dad what ever you say." I answered, locking my eyes on the road in front of us. Everything in front of me was green, to the sides, green, behind us-green. It was sort of disturbing. Finally the trees started to thin and houses started to become more frequent. I waved to no one as we passed Billy's house, Charlie best fishing buddy, and we continued till the sign the read La Push Beach cam into view. I was excited, the sky looked like it was going to hold and the water was slick calm, like a piece of slate. I tried to ignore the fact that the site sent a longing from bright blue beaches like the ones in pictures. Living in Arizona and Washington didn't quite give you the chance to see things like that.

"Be careful." Charlie called as I ran for the shoreline, a huge grin stretched across my face. Throwing my stuff down on the pebbles that formed the beach, I ran into the water, but immediately jumped back out.

"Shoot! It's cold!" I yelled, internally scolding myself for being such an idiot.

Charlie chuckled behind me. "I bet it is, try going in slowly." He recommended.

I took his advice, slowly going in and letting my body adjust to the temperature. Soon I was waist deep. I turned around to smile at Charlie comfortingly. I knew he worried about me, and I didn't want him too. I took another step back, not paying attention to where I was going. I froze as my foot perched, half off a ledge and half off.

Charlie seemed to realize what was going to happen before I did, his eyes were bright, alert, and somewhat pained.

The current tugged at me and shifted my weight enough that the ledge collapsed throwing me back into the swirling water. I started to sink, realizing the drop off was very steep. I looked around frantically for a way to get to the top, my lungs already starting to burn. It all looked the same! I couldn't distinguish up from down.

Out here the current was a lot rougher, pulling and tugging in all directions, as if it was fighting over me like a piece of meat. My head hit something and a bubble of air popped out of my mouth and water filled my lungs. In a last attempt I shoved against what had hit me, hoping fervently it was the bottom and pushed my legs to work harder against the cold. My head was spinning wildly and I could see the darkness starting to close in.

In a brief moment of complete incoherency my mind spewed out this stupid thought. 'Huh this is what it's like to drown.'

I shook my head, or at least I thought i did, but the blackness was coming closer. I worried, this would break my mom's heart and Charlie would be devastated. I guess i didn't have any friends to worry about. I decided that it hurt to much to fight the blackness, my lungs hurt, my legs hurt, my arms hurt, my head hurt, everything hurt and I wanted it to stop.

I closed my eyes.

Someones sobs woke me, or at least I think i was awake...sort of? I couldn't really see anything but I could hear noises.

"Bella! WHY MY BELLA!" Someone screeched and I flinched as I recognized my mothers voices.

"We tried to save her, but there was too much water in her lungs, and her body had gone into hypothermia." A cool calm voice said, it tone was racked in grief but he was still professional. I tried to figure out what was going on.

Tried to save me? Didn't they though? I wasn't dead. I think. I suddenly realized my body ached, pain was every where. It was horrible! No I had to be alive, pain like this couldn't happen when you were dead.

"It's all my fault." Someone whimpered. I wanted to reach out to the voice I identified as Charlie. This wasn't his fault, it was mine, all mine! And I'm not dead! I'm here! But I couldn't find them, all there was was the swallowing darkness.

"I recommend a closed casket service, her body will be quite damaged, due to the force with which she was hit." The smooth voice was back. "Why don't you go down and get something to drink, coffee maybe? And I'll take her down to the morgue so we can do a final autopsy and determine her actual cause of death. It's hospital procedure, in order to insure we had no hand in the death." AN AUTOPSY!

BUT I"M NOT DEAD! They were going to cut me open, look at me, but I wasn't dead! I heard the scuffle of feet and assumed they were following his orders.

Suddenly the voice, who I assumed to be the doctor was whispering. "I'm sorry, you'll be dead within the hour if I don't do this." Wait was he talking to me? "It will be painful, extremely, you'll want me to kill you. I won't." He said determinedly. I felt like shivering at his words, but I couldn't find my body. "You can scream, but it won't do any good. Where we're going no one will hear you." I was deathly terrified of this man. What was he talking about, what was going on? "Isabella, I'm a vampire." He stated bluntly.

You've got to be kidding me. Phyco doctor dude was truly phyco.

"I'm turning you into a vampire too." Oh, well that just clears everything up, doesn't it! I though sarcastically.

Then it felt like I was flying, soaring through the air. I wanted to laugh in the good doctors face, tell him I was already dying, he couldn't fulfill his warped plans, of course i couldn't find my mouth at the time.

Then it stopped and the burning started. I cried out in pain. Screamed, now my mouth worked! It started in my neck and spread, like I was literally on fire, the heat of it seeping into my veins. My skin had to be charred, burning and falling away. My entire body was engulfed and then to my immense displeasure it got hotter. My arms and legs were probably gone now as the fire ate away at me like some sort of hungry creature, the more it ate the hotter it got. Pain had an entirely new meaning in my book.

"KILL ME!" I screamed knowing full well it was useless.

"Bella, your turning into a vampire. We are immortal, we do not sleep, we drink blood, you may choose to drink animal or human blood, we are extremely strong, and fast." I wanted to tell him to shut up, and stop using the plurals.

He mumbled more apologies and went into further explanation as the pain grew, but I listened, listened in another part of my head to what he was saying, knowing somewhere in me that it was true, that I'm becoming some sort of odd monster.

I was torn between crying out in relief or screaming louder as the fire retreating from my finger tips, only to rush to my heart searing it with it's painful flames. Slowly it left my body, gathering in my heart, I could hear it speeding up, fighting the fire, it's all consuming heat. My back arched in the pain, and my heart continued to speed up flying like a helicopters blades.

And then with one last dull thud it cut off, the fire gone having consumed me entirely. I was alive and dead at the same time. I was literally undead.
Okay i know its still slow, but Carlisle and bella have to build up their strong daddy daughter relationship, its required later on.

Chapter two-

I opened my eyes, and saw everything with a new light. The colors were vivid, and brilliant, and there were more than I was used too. My mind had more space too. All at once I realized I wasn't in the hospital anymore. A golden haired man sat above me, staring down at me with soft, caring, sympathetic eyes. "Bella?" He said hesitantly.

But I couldn't respond I was staring transfixed at his face. He was beautiful, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. His skin was pale white and smooth, like pebbles that have been rolling in a river for thousands of years. His eyes glowed a soft ocher color with golden hues and his extremely pale blonde hair was combed back and professional looking. "Bella?" He asked again gently. My eyes widened a bit at the sound of his voice. It was soft and had so many different notes to it, like an entire orchestra. The sound was hypnotic. "Bella. I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen. You are at my home. Do you know what you are?" He asked hesitantly.

I nodded my head. Despite the flames, and the scorching, I knew exactly what I was. Or at least I knew what he was. "You're a vampire." I whispered, shocked by the sound of my own voice. I looked down to see my limbs were just as pale and smooth as his, and I could feel the strength in them.

"Yes." He answered slowly. "And you are too." I nodded my head, I knew this for a fact, the dull burning in my throat that thirsted for something more than water proved that. "Bella, would you like to get up? I could show you around the house, or if you prefer we can go hunting, I would ask that while you are here you try to stick to our preferred diet of animal blood, rather than taking human lives." he said kindly.

I stared at him blankly. The burn in my throat increased slightly at the mention of blood, but it was still nothing more than a dull ache, nothing I couldn't manage. "I'd like a tour." I replied shortly, slipping off the bed I had been laying on. I noticed I was still dressed in the red swim suit, and the heavy fabric was uncomfortable on my skin, rough and course.

"Would you like to change first?" He offered kindly. "I believe we may have something of Alice's that would fit you." He moved across the pale yellow bedroom to a wide closet door and opened it to reveal a huge walk in closet. Suddenly a phone rang and Dr. Cullen reached into his crisp white coat to pull out a tiny silver cell phone.

It surprised me that I could clearly hear the voice on the other end, and as i listened i realized i could hear a lot of things, birds, cars, a soft rustling sound that I took to be the swaying of grass, the creak of branches rubbing against each other. I could hear it all.

"Hello Alice." Dr. Cullen said evenly into the phone, his tone off hand, as if he already knew what was coming.

"I can't believe you saved her!" The voice on the other end said excitedly. "Thank you so much!" She squealed for joy. "Oh and by the way, Edward still doesn't know, but I'm trying to keep everyone here at Denali till you give the okay that we can come back home."

"Thank you Alice." Dr. Cullen answered, he sounded a tad more relaxed at this news and I wondered curiously who Alice was, and Edward, and who the others were.

"One more thing." Alice hurriedly added. "She's special Carlisle, and give her the blue dress near the front, four hanger down from the right." She giggled once more and the line went dead. Dr. Cullen sighed heavily and located the garment Alice had instructed he give me.

I couldn't help but let the questions bubble forth. "Who's Alice?" I asked curiously, cocking my head to the side. I wasn't sure but I thought I had just heard a rabbit somewhere near where the sounds of cars were coming from, the soft patter of it's feet, and what chilled me more, the rush of blood through its veins and the steady thumping of it's heart.

Dr. Cullen smiled, his weary eyes sparkling a bit. "You could say she's my daughter for all intents and purposes, much like yourself now." I stared at him shocked. He was quick to recover though. "That is if you would accept the invitation."

I bit my lip, surprised at how different it felt now with my sharper teeth and skin. Slowly I nodded, unsure of how this would work out. is smile grew. "You'll meet Alice in just a short while actually. The rest of the family will be coming too. See, there is a tiny problem though." He explained, his smile faltering for a fraction of a second. "The others don't know about you though, so you'll be a surprise when they get here." I nodded once more.

My insecurities came flooding back and I was instantly worried. "Dr. Cullen, what if they don't like me?" I asked shyly. He chuckled.

"Call me Carlisle." He replied kindly. "and there is no way on this earth that they wouldn't like you Bella." I wasn't so sure, but I let myself be consoled by the fact that he believed this.

Carlisle let me change in Alice's immaculate bathroom, and then showed me around the house. Each room was beautiful, with the enticing smell of flowers weaving through the left over smells of things like cinnamon and my favorite was one that smelled like pure sunshine. It still amazed me that I could pick the different scents right out of the air. Finally we reached Carlisle's office, and he explained that his door was always open if I ever needed to talk to him, and that the family knew to leave someone alone when they were in here.

I stepped through the door, and my breathing stopped. Inside the walls were lined with book after book, the rich smells that linger in the library of old books was overwhelming here, and I closed my eyes soaking it all in. "This is magnificent." I whispered, my eyes fluttered open and I moved to the bookshelf that was closest to me, running my hand along its faded green leather spine. In cursive letters, it read "Irish Tales of Faeries". I had read at least four books with old tales just like that, and It almost pained me not to take it, oh so gently, off the shelf and open it, reading from what ever page it fell to.

Carlisle was still standing in the door way, watching me intently. I turned to smile at him. "Am I allowed to read these?" I asked hesitantly. The small smile on his face grew immensely.

"Of course you are." He answered, and I couldn't help my enthusiasm. I was by his side in a movement I didn't even conciously tell my limbs to make and squeezing him in a hug.

"Thank you!" I said ecstatically.

He laughed again. "Just wait till Esme gets her sights on you." he said playfully. He had explained that Esme was his wife, my new mother. It pained me to think of my own mother and father, burying me, thinking I'm dead, but I knew it was for the best, this new life of mine wouldn't sit well with them, even if I could tell them what I am.
I love this! You should write more soon! ^_^
OMG!!!! u have to write more!!! this is SOOOO good!!! =D keep me updated pleaseee!!!! =D
love it
Ahhh!! OMG!! i love it
more plz
I will be posting a new chapter as soon as I can!!!!! TY soooo much for the comments!!!! They make my day!
Moré plz i love it
i want to know what happens Next is killing me
keep me updated
i love this plz keep me updated
i love it
post more soon plz
That was AWESOME please keep writing and posting this story because I will certinly keep reading it. :D

claire m. cullen<3


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