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Cold (An Edward and Bella VAMPIRE story) Free For Adoption Just Message Me

Bella is fifteen and spending her last summer in Forks, only something happens that changes her life forever. How will this effect her and edward's relationship?

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OMG I am SO SORRY i havent posted in FOREVER, as school was winding down things got majorly hectic and my teachers were being buttheads int he way teachers are and I was dealing with my bff moving like four states away, while the other bff was in emotional turmoil because were headed off to high school and her bf would still be in middle school ( i never condoned that relationship at the start) so im off to write and i promise an update SOON!
Edward's POV

I knew the moment we stepped on to our property something was different. The scent hung in the air, filling our little piece of paradise with the unmistakable scents of lavender and freesia, the sweet scent was decidedly mouthwatering but in a very nonhuman way.

I watched the worry blanket across Esme's face as she identified the smell of an unfamiliar female vampire. Her thoughts showed her insecurities as she contemplated Carlisle being alone with another woman and I reached out for her hand as I slid my volvo smoothly into the garage. I glanced up into the review mirror, throwing Jasper a loaded look, and the tense atmosphere calmed down immediately.

We all piled out of my vehicle, Emmett and Rosalie emerging from his jeep further on.

“What has you grinning like that stupid cat from Alice in Wonderland?” Rosalie demanded, and I took in Alice's expression. It was a wonder, because she did look like the Chesire cat, her golden, pixie like grin stunning, but all I got from her head was the musical score from some play. I gave her a questioning look myself.

She just grinned some more. “You'll see.” She replied cryptically. Jasper gave her a lazy smile and shook his head, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her closer.

Emmett and I were still on alert though as we made our way into the house, where the perfume wafted in an intoxicating cloud. It was then that I registered Carlisle's thoughts, coming steadily closer from the back yard.

Have to do this right. Have to present her properly. Oh, Edward if you're listening just give her a chance alright? She's so small, and fragile. God to see her laying there on the gurney. They thought she was dead, but I could hear it, hear her heart beat. She was just barely alive Edward, just barely. She only had an hour left at most, and I doubt she would've lasted that long with the condition her lungs were in.

His worried ramblings preceded him as he entered the room in a flourish. The wonderful scent clung to him, and Esme's worry deepened. That is until he spoke. I could already see the words forming in his head, and my head was shaking back in forth as I refused to listen.

“In a few moments I will be introducing you all to the newest member to our family. Her name is Isabella, she prefers Bella though.” His eyes searched ours, trying to will us to grasp how important this was to him. Rosalie was staring at him intently, Emmett's curiosity was peeked. Jasper's gaze was firmly fixed on Alice as she all but did a dancing jig for all too see. She bounced with excitement. Esme seemed more relaxed, but her motherly worry was starting to kick in. None of them knew what I did. None of them how old Isabella actually was.

“Tell them Carlisle.” I demanded. “Tell them how you changed a fifteen year old girl!”

“You WHAT?!” Spat Rosalie, her anger spiking. “How could you?”

“She had drowned, her lungs were shot. She had less than an hour to live. I couldn't just leave her there! To die without ever having experienced life, or love, or any of it!” He defended vapidly.

“Fifteen Carlisle?! She's just a child! What if the Volturi catch wind of this? It could spell disaster. And what about her family? We'll have to move again!” I responded, practically growling. I stalked back and forth across the room. How could he, it's wrong, she's just a girl. Inexperienced, frenzied....hormonal. Would she have restraint? Would we end up having to clean up the murderous streak of a monster?

"We just got here, it will be suspicious if we move right after her death! People are going to ask questions, think were involved." Rosalie added, I didn't bother to question how people would think we were involved in a legitimate drowning, but at least I knew I had her on my side, even if her reasons were selfish.

And then she entered the room. I could almost taste her on my tongue as her scent assaulted my senses. Begging me to move closer. She stood at about five four, with a cascading mane of chestnut hair. She was fair, and slight, and all the things I saw in Carlisle's head. With puckered lips, the bottom one just a tad to big for the top, and a quizzical look on her face. She was a vision, a beautiful, red eyed angel. I saw her eyes take us in, the questions and hurt unmistakable. Then her ruby red's locked with mine and there was a pleading quality to her voice as she sang, like wind chimes. “I appreciate your loyalty to your family, and though I'd hoped you'd all show me the kindness Carlisle has, I understand I am an outsider and that I pose a threat. I would just like to ask that you let me stay with you though. I have no where else to go.”

I was stunned, a maturity far exceeding her age rang out in her voice and I was once again drawn inexplicably to this creature. Of course, that was all Esme needed and she was launched into mother mode. And then, to my astonishment, my only alli left.

She looks so young, so innocent. She's like a little baby, just experiencing the world for the first time. I bet she was such a good little girl. Finishing up summer before starting at high school? Or would this be her second year there? I wonder if she had a boyfriend? What about her poor family. And just like that Isabella had Rosalie as a second mother, codling her like a child.

Alice flitted by me in a euphoric haze as she moved around upstairs. I only took notice when in one of her movements I caught sight of some of my cd's. “Alice.” I snapped, causing her to turn around with a poo-eating grin on her face.

“Yes oh brother of mine?” She questioned, arching her eye brow.

“Why do you have my cd's?” I reached to snatch them away as I saw what was going on in her head, but she saw me coming and easily dodged.

“We have to make room for some of Bella's stuff. She'll be sharing your room of course. And you have plenty of these old things, putting a few on the entertainment center won't hurt anyone.” She answered back.

I glowered. “Yes it will, it will hurt my pride to have my manly music replaced with all girly hearts and flowers and rainbow friggin ponies. No.” I stated decidedly.

“Yes.” Alice answered smugly, turning to go.

Then the angel's voice rang out, and it worried me that I was referring to her like that. I might have to get out of the house for a while, leave before I do something stupid.

“Alice, put Edward's things back please. He doesn't need me intruding. I don't necessarily need a room anyway. I've been informed that I don't actually sleep, so the point is moot.” She smiled, seemingly pleased with herself for coming up with such a resolution.

Simultaneously Alice and I replied, “Nonsense.” and “Yea right.” Alice of course the latter in a decidedly sarcastic tone.

Isabella glared.
OH! THANK GOODNESS! I THOUGHT THAT YOU WERE DEAD! Jk, jk,LOL XD Anyway, it's amazing!! Thank you so much for posting!!! XD You have no idea how much I love this story! :D POST ASAP! XD
and you have no idea how much i love feed back, glad to see i didnt lose all my followers!
Omg I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Amazing chapter I love it!!
Haha I got to agree with Alexandra I also thought you were dead too but I'm super glad your not hah lol jk
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