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hi everyone! i wrote this fan fiction... and i hope it's good. its been 6 and a half years since the Voltury leaders came to forks.

cold nightmare

chapter 1 "birthday" - Bella pov

The sun started rising and again the perfect night with my Edward ended.

"Good morning" Edward greeted me with a smile and kissed me on my forehead. His gold eyes hypnotized me. "We really should wake Renesmee up. We don't want her to miss her event right?" he asked and I still couldn't talk, so I just nodded.

Edward stand up and went to the closet, I walked just after him.

It was still hard for me to find normal clothes in the huge closet Alice gave me, but I could recognize jeans.

Edward brought me a blue T-shirt and when I finished dressing he was waiting for me beside the front door of our cottage. "Are you exciting?" he asked and put his hand on my cheek.

"Very." I admitted. Today is Renesmee's birthday.
And Alice, as usual, was charge of the house designing. Rosalie volunteered to make the cake, and I'm not sure it was a good idea to let her do it. Rosalie loves Renesmee, and she gives her what she wants. And of course Renesmee likes sweet things, but it's just making her grow faster, so she agreed not to eat things with too much sugar, what you can find in every cake.
Edward wrote a new melody especially for Renesmee, and every time he played it – times when Renesmee wasn't in the house – Esme was standing behind him and listened calmly to the piano.
Carlisle cleared off some time from the hospital to come to the party, and to watch over Alice so she won't put to much flowers and balloons – after all, Renesmee was just seven years old.
Emmett ran to bring Rosalie the things for the cake. Poor Emmett, Rosalie demanded to make the cake with special and fresh milk and other things and she didn't accepted "vulgar" flour or whatever she needed to make a chocolate cake.
Jasper helped Alice with her house design's implementation, what took less than a half hour, and then he just sat on the couch in the living room watching Alice go crazy with our dresses. I drove Renesmee to La-Push to hang around with Jacob. Renesmee decided that she want to be with Jacob exactly 5 hours.

"Jacob!" Renesmee shouted and ran to hug him. "Oh, Nessie! I missed you here!" Jacob said and hugged her tighter.
"There's no hug for me?" I asked with a smile. Jacob put Renesmee down and gave me a hug too. "You didn't change a lot from when you were human, you're still short." He laughed and looked down on me. I made a face. "I'm not short. I told you before, you are just inhumanly tall. And you didn't changed much either."
"It’s a werewolves' thing" Jacob said and we both laughed because of the familiar words.
"Momma! I want to go to the water!" Renesmee said, and her smile exposed her white teeth. We ran to the cold water.

The hours went very fast, and I needed to buy a present for Renesmee. So we said goodbye to Jacob and returned to the cottage – I couldn't bring Renesmee to the adorned Cullen's house.
I told Renesmee I had to go because I forgot to tell Jacob something important and that she needs to stay in the cottage with Edward.

I didn't go to La-Push; instead, I went to do shopping in Seattle.
I already get used to the people's many staring eyes all over the car Edward bought me, again. But I have to say that it was nice to get to Seattle in less than a day. And I didn't need to refuel at all on the way.

It was raining in Seattle, and the clouds covered the sun, a perfect day to go out of the house. Now, I already liked the rain, and it wasn't cold anymore when it was raining.
I had to get used to the fact than I can't live in a place where there are a lot of sunny days. It was hard to say goodbye to Phoenix, but in the end I accepted that cloudy days are the best for me.

I looked trough the window of my shiny new car and aw a little store. Something in the store catches my eye. I parked the car in an empty place in the parking and opened my totally unnecessary umbrella when I got out of the car. I entered the store and closed my big umbrella.

Behind a counter made of wood, a blond man smiled satisfied at me. I smiled back and he blushed with the pink color of blood. I was happy that though I was just 6 and a half newborn vampire I didn't wanted to kill the nice man. I walked to what bring me here from the beginning.
"J?" I asked. He turned around and stood in front of me. His face showed surprise and then he looked at me for a while.
"Mrs. Cullen?" he asked and put his hand on his big gray hat. "Long time no see." He said, smiling, like the most of the people I talked to today.
"You remembered me." I said, happy again. The last time I saw him was 6 years ago. He gave me fake birth certificates and passports and driver's license for Jacob and Renesmee. That time I needed them to send those two to Rio to protect them from the Voltury coven.
"Of course I remembered you, not every women look like that," J said and got closer to me.
"Beautiful and pale?" I asked and giggled. "Exactly." He said. "And you didn't change even a little. You stay the same beautiful."
"Tank you." I said politely.
"So I understand you didn't use the papers I gave you." J said, his hand holding his chin.
"I used them once,"- when Renesmee, Edward and I flied to French in a plane as a birthday present for Renesmee's 5 birthday. J's face looked worried. "But not for what I bought them for." I said to calm him.
He smiled again and then said "Well then, I wish the best for you and your family."
J started to walk to the store exit door. "Bye." He said and got out of the store.
I looked at all the pretty ceramics ballerinas and there was one that looked very familiar to me. She had brown hair and brown eyes, she was pale looked shy. I recognized what was familiar to me; it looked like me when I was human. I bought it.

When I got back to the house, Alice opened the door for me before I had time to do that by myself.
"Let me see! Let me see!" she said and took the box with the ballerina in it from me.
She sat on the floor before the couch and opened the box fast. She was so exited to see it; you could think it was her birthday present.
"It's gorgeous!" she shouted. "It's look just like you when you were human!"
"You think she would like that?" I asked.
"Absolutely!" she said. staring at the ballerina.
Then we heard someone knocked on the door.
Alice stood up and went to open the door. "They're coming." She said with a smile.
She opened the door and the Denali family came in.
"Hey Bella, hey Alice. Where is Nessie?" Kate asked. Carmen and Eleazar walked behind her with presents.
"She is in the cottage with Edward. You know, this is a surprise party." I said and went to hug her and the rest.

I noticed Tanya standing last with her face down. I wanted to ask what happened to her but it was rude so I didn't say anything.
Edward entered the house and gave me a hug too.
"Where is Renesmee?" I asked.
"She is playing with her dolls in the cottage." Edward said.
Suddenly Tanya held Edward's hand and pulled him up stairs.
"What happened Tanya?" he asked and tried to release his hand.
"I need to talk to you, now." She said, still not showing her face. We all heard the tone of her voice; she scared, terrified.
"Okay." He said and went to his room with Tanya.

I hope you liked it.

Chapters so far:
- Chapter 1 "Birthday" - Bella's pov
- Chapter 1 "Bloody eyes" - Edward's pov
- Chapter 3 "Understanding" – Edward's pov
- Chapter 4 "Aro's present" – Bella's pov
- Chapter 5 "Visions" – Bella's pov
- Chapter 6 "Panic attack" – Bella's pov
- Chapter 7 "Fading fire" – Bella's pov
- Chapter 8 "Reasons" - Jacob's pov
- Chapter 9 "Blush" - Bella's pov
- Chapter 10 "The Sover family" - Bella's pov

Pay attention everyone! I will update only my friends from now when I post more of the story, so I can't update you if you arn't my fried.

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this is good so far :)
post more soon
I will, thank you.
hey! I wrote more! hope you will like it!

Chapter 2 "bloody eyes" – Edward pov

Tanya closed my room's door behind her and sat on the couch next to me.
She looked very scared.

"Tanya? What happened?" I asked her, worried.

"Edward, I hate myself." She said quietly and bit her lip.

"Why? You did nothing wrong." I said, trying to cheer her up.

"I did, and it was horrible." She said with a sad voice.

"Just tell me what happened." I said and put my hand on her shoulder.
She looked like she was about to cry, so I hugged her. She hugged me back.

"I can't tell you. I'm too much ashamed of myself." She said in a small voice. "But you can guess it easily."
I tried to think on things that could make Tanya feel so bad, but I found nothing.
I gently tried to remove her off me, but she was strong, too strong. She was stronger than even Emmett I think.
She looked at me with frightened eyes, and something different was in her eyes. I looked deeper into her bright eyes, bright red eyes.

I was shocked.
"You. hunted. A human." I said slowly, my words sounded like a question.

"Shh!!" she whispered.

"Why?" I asked her. I didn't understand the reason, Tanya was not a murder.

"I don’t know." She said, crying without tears. I hugged her again.

"It's okay. Everything's okay." I tried do calm her. "Tell me what exactly happened."

Tanya took a big breath and started; "I was hunting in the woods near Alaska, and then I smelled a human scent. It was a very good smell, more than anything I'd ever smelled. And then he came closer to me. And I was hunting the big bear I found. I don't remember what happened after this, when I was myself again the man was dead and his blood all over me. The blood smelled so good, I think it smelled to me kind of like Bella's blood smelled to you when she was human. I didn't want to kill him. It was like my brain wasn't connect to my body… and then I came back home and looked in the mirror, and my eyes were red and I was scared and I really didn't know what to do and…" I put a finger on her lips. She looked at me, crying tearlessly.

I hugged her tight. "It's okay, don't worry." I said.

"But I KIILED him! Don't you hate me?" she asked, worried.

"Of course not, Tanta, it wasn't your fault." I said, hugging her tighter.
Tanya hugged me, too. It felt comfortable. But not as comfortable as hugging Bella.

"What am I going to do?" she asked.
I thought about it for a second. Her eyes were red, so I needed some yellow contacts to make them orange or yellow and white to make her eyes honey color.

Alice thoughts came closer to my room. She knocked the door. "Hey, Edward? Can I come in? I heard your conversation in my vision, and I think I can help you with the contacts… I have these colors, wait for a sec." she said and then disappeared to her room.
She came back and entered my room with too little boxes in her hand.
"Here." She said and opened the boxes. In one box there were tons of yellow contacts. Alice gave Tanya two of them and closed the box. In the other box there were white contacts, she gave two of them to Tanya and closed the box.
"Put them on, it will give your eyes the color of our eyes." Alice said and waited for Tanya to put on the contacts.
Tania hesitated, and then put the contacts on her eyes. The color looked good enough to convince the family that nothing unusual – for us, the "vegetarian", anyway.

"You will have to remember; you need to put on new contacts every two hours, if you won't, the color will fade and the red color will be your eyes color again." Alice said to Tanya in whisper before we came back down stairs.
Tanya nodded in understanding and we went to the living room to wait for Renesmee.
Bella wasn't there. I looked at Alice with a wondering face.
She went to bring Renesmee. Alice thought.
"Thank you." I said.
"Anytime." Alice said with a smile.

"Tanya? What happened earlier?" Kate asked, confused from the smile on Tanya's face.
"I was just worried about Edward; last time I talked to him he sounded bad." Tanya explained.
The wolves already were in the living room, how ironic, the only living ones were in the LIVING room, and the dead ones in the hallway in front of the front door.

The door opened and my lovely Bella and my cute little daughter came in.
I hugged them, happy more than anyone in this world. What more can I ask for? I had my love of my existence as a wife, a beautiful daughter, a family that loves me. I had a perfect life.
"Happy birthday sweety." I said.
"Wow, for me?" she asked.
"Of course!" Bella answered her, hugging me and her.
"Thank you momma" Renesmee said and gave Bella a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you daddy" she gave me a kiss on the cheek too. "Thanks a lot for all of you" she said, her face shining.
"Jacob!" she screamed. Jacob and the other wolves stood up and got their turn to hug Renesmee, after that Tanya's family hugged her and we all went to the living room that was full with flowers and pink candles and balloons in all of the colors. I put my hand on Bella's waist, hugging her.
Suddenly, Alice had a new vision.

I looked at her. She saw Aro, and Jane and Demetri behind him; they're all coming to the patry. Felix a few feet's behind them. And Aro and Felix held colorful boxes.
"What did Alice see?" Bella asked me, all of the family staring at me and Alice.
"Aro… wants to be in Renesmee's party…" Alice said in a small voice.
"WHAT?" Bella shocked.

"He and some of the gourd are in their way already…" she said.
"NO!" Bella shouted. "They can't! I invited Charlie! They can't be in the same place he is!"
"Charlie will be here in three minutes." Alice said.
"NO!" Bella panicked. My hand on her waist hugged her tighter.
"Grandpa is in danger?" Renesmee asked. It was amazing how much she understands.
"Yes..." I answered.
"What can we do?" Renesmee asked, more worrying now. Bella couldn't talk without scream the words, so I answered instead of her.
"Nothing" I said.
thank you! I'm writing the third chapter now.
Here!! I wrote more!! tell me if you liked that!!

Chapter 3 "Understanding" – Edward pov (part 1)

2 minutes passed and Bella tried to calm Renesmee and herself when the family and I searched for a solution to this problem.
"Maybe if Bella will say to Charlie to stay in his house…" Kate started. We were in the kitchen seating like a family meeting – well, it was a family meeting.
"This won't work. Charlie's scent is all over the house, he came earlier to help Alice with the ornaments. They will smell him and ask about him and of course that if Aro is with them he will know everything even if we hide Charlie." I said. Aro would find out no matter what. And we can't stop him from coming here.

"Charlie would be here in 45 seconds" Alice announced.
I thought for a second. Charlie doesn't know anything, he doesn't know that Bella is a vampire, he doesn't know that we are vampires. So Aro can't blame us about things we didn't do. And if he will just stop for a minutes, I could tell him that there is a human in the house and that the human doesn’t know about vampires… and maybe Bella and Renesmee will go with Charlie to his house while I will tell Aro what happening… and Alice could watch over Charlie so we will know that he is safe.
Alice looked at me with trusting eyes and smiled.

"Perfect" Alice said, the others looked at me confused.
"I thought that Bella and Renesmee can with Charlie to his house while I will tell Aro that Charlie doesn't know anything and Alice would watch over Charlie's future so that we would know if anything would happen to him." I explained quickly.
"Well, that is a good plan… but what if they won't listen?" Carmen asked.
"They will listen." Alice said in confidence.
"Okay then. Bella, Renesmee" Carlisle called.
"Yes?" Bella asked and came with Renesmee to the kitchen.
Alice stood beside Bella. "You and Renesmee need to go with Charlie to his house while we are solving the problem."
"Okay." Bella said.

"Charlie will be here in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…" Alice said and the door opened.
Charlie ran to Bella and Renesmee and hugged them. "Happy birthday honey" he said to Renesmee.
"Dad, we need to go to your house. Is that okay?" Bella asked Charlie.
"Um… I think so…" he said. I wonder why… he thought.
"Well, bye everyone, were off" Bella said and pulled Charlie back to the door.
They went to Charlie's and the wolves after them to protect Charlie if they needed.

I and the rest of my family and Tanya's waited for Aro to come.
"They're here" Alice said and then we heard them.
There was knocking in the door and I went to open it.
Aro, Demetri, Jane and Felix stood there. Aro and Felix did bring presents for Renesmee.

Aro put his free hand on my shoulder. "Hello Edward, my young friend. Where is your lovely daughter? I came especially to wish her happy birthday." He said and touched my hand shortly.
"Brilliant! So you found a way to hear her mind eventually!" Aro said, excited.
"Just when she agreed me to hear" I said, satisfied.
"And the human, I understand he doesn't know anything." Aro continued. His eyes focused on me, suspecting.
"Anything" I said.
I tried to stay calm though it was very serious issue.
"Hmmm… I think its okay, but if you will ever tell him about us…" Aro started. "I know, I know. And he won't find out." I said, stopping him.
"And your mate, can I really trust her with not telling him? He's her father after all." Aro said, pressing my hand harder.
"She won't tell." I said.
And your daughter? Aro asked in his mind.
"She won't tell him either." I said.
Great. Aro finished.

"So, can you call Bella and yours daughter? I really want to greet her for hr birthday, and I brought a gift." Aro said, still not letting go of my hand.
"I brought a gift too!" Felix shouted and raised his hand.
"Alice?" I asked. She saw in her vision what I was going to asked.
Sure! She thought, and went to call Bella and Renesmee.
They will be here in no time. I thought, and Aro released my hand. Then he held his chin and thought about Tanya for a second.
"So Tanya dear, I understand you hunted a human" Aro said full of joy.
Tanya shocked and then her face fell down in shame. She put her both hands in her face and cried. I stood close to her hugged her shoulder.
"You WHAT?!" Kate screamed.
Made me giggle. The part at the end. Aro ruined it. Of course. Thats just him. But its still mean. :( Keep me posted? :)
thank you both! i'm writing the next part and its so funny, i will post it soon!
chapter 3 "understanding - Edward pov (part 2)
"So Tanya dear, I understand you hunted a human" Aro said full of joy.
Tanya shocked and then her face fell down in shame. She put her both hands in her face and cried. I stood close to her hugged her shoulder.
"You WHAT?!" Kate screamed.
Felix chuckled.

"It wasn't her fault." I said, protecting Tanya much as I could.
"Tanya" Carlisle said in a tone of uterus.
Edward? Carmen and Eleazar both asked in their mind.
I looked at them, and then at Tanya. She couldn't talk, she was too miserable.
Edward! Please help me! Please… she thought, even her thoughts were crying.
"It was like what happened to me with Bella, the smell of the blood was stronger than ever, and Tanya was midhunt, and there were no witnesses. It really wasn't her fault." I said. And then Alice came back with Bella and Renesmee.

"So… what did we miss?" Bella asked.
"Nothing really" I said.
Thank you Edward. I heard Tanya's crying thoughts.
"Okay, Hello Jane, Demetri, Aro." Bella said in a polite tone. "Hey Felix" she said, friendly.
"Hey Bella! I brought present!" he shouted, and then he saw Renesmee. "Hello Renesmee! Happy birthday! Wow you grow up fast!"
"Haha, thank you" Renesmee said, too much happy.
"Happy birthday Renesmee" Aro said, and held his hand to Renesmee in offer.
She touched Bella's face, imagining touching Aro's face. She was scared of him a little. She remembered that he was one of the vampires that wanted to kill her.

"It's okay sweety" I encouraged her.
She touched Aro's forehead with one hand, she imagined the time when Bella said goodbye to her and how sad she was. I chuckled. She was angry with Aro. She imagined him leaving, still showing him what she thinks. Then she made a mad face at Aro. He laughed.
"You're still bearing a grudge against me?" he asked full of joy.
Renesmee stuck out her tongue to him. We all laughed, except of Jane and Demetri.
Jane growled in anger and looked like she was about to kill someone. Demetri just stood there with a face that didn't show any emotions.
"Peace, Jane." Aro said. "No need to get mad. Renesmee has a reason to be angry with me. And I'm apologize for what happened, I'm truly, truly sorry."
Renesmee thought for a second about what he said. Hmmm… he did bring me present, and he said 'sorry'…"Okay, I'm forgiving you." Renesmee said.
"Thank you." Aro said. "Now, do you want to open the present?"
"No" Renesmee said, like it was so obvious that everyone should have known it from the beginning. "First we eat the cake!"
She took the presents from Felix and Aro and put them gently on the couch in the living room. Everyone went after her.

"I see, or in this case smell, the dogs are here?" Aro asked, he knew the answer.
Jacob stood in front of Renesmee in a protective way.
"I thought they were with her six years ago just to protect her life, I thought it was because they were protecting human life. Then why are they here?" Aro asked.
"They are Bella's old friends, and besides, the wolf right here loves Renesmee like she was his sister." Emmett said and pointed on Jacob.

"Ewu! They smell really bad!" Felix said and covered his nose.
"You are not much better bloodsucker!" Jacob said.
"Hey, Jake! I'm agreeing with Dracula nine, you really need a shower." Seth said and covered his nose too. Laughs sounds almost everywhere.
"Dracula nine? Then who is the Dracula three and four and the rest Seth?" Jacob asked.

"Dracula one and Dracula two are these Romanian vampires Vladimir and Stefan I think, and Dracula three is the freaky vampire leader with the white hair, Dracula four is the other freaky vampire leader with the black hair, you know, the noisy one, Dracula five is the happy vampire leader right here, Dracula six is the crazy vampire girl Dracula five called Jane, Dracula seven is the quite guy over there and I have no idea what is his name, Dracula eight is Blondie girl that stand next to Emmett, and come on Jake! Dracula nine is the present's guy that just said you smell awful!" Seth said and everyone laughed, except of Jane and Demetri of course. Oh, and Rosalie too, she didn't like the fact that Seth called her Dracula…

"Aro, tell the Cullen's to keep their stinky pets to themselves, they're getting on my nerves!" Jane complained.

"No way Dracula six! This is funny, so, Seth right? Did you named more vampires after Dracula's name?" Felix asked in joy.

"Oh!" Jane irritated.

"Of course! Dracula ten is the weird guy that looks like a twin of Dracula six, and dude! It's creepy!" Seth continued to tell Felix about his Dracula collection while Bella cut the cake, and then all of the wolves ate the cake and nothing left. Lucky that Renesmee took a piece before that happened.

"Presents' time! Yay!" Renesmee shouted and went hand in hand with Bella to the presents.
We all stood next to the table and watched Renesmee opening the presents.
Renata stood behind Aro all the time and she looked like she needs a serious break of her job; protecting Aro.

"First momma's present!" Renesmee shouted and Bella gave her a green box.
Renesmee opened the box and saw a ballerina that looked like my Bella when she was human. It had a melting chocolate eyes and a brown hair and it was pail and looked shy.
"Momma! I love it!" Renesmee said and gave Bella a hug. She is so beautiful; I will put her in my room next to Mr. goldy!
"Now daddy's present!" Renesmee said and stood next o me. "I will give you my present after the party" I said and kissed her forehead. She went to open the other presents.

"Ok, then Kate present!" Renesmee shouted and opened one more present. It was a cell phone. "YAY! A PHONE!" Renesmee screamed.

"Sorry were' late!" someone shouted from behind the front door.
"Garrett! I missed you" Kate said and hugged him.
"Nessie!" Zafrina said and went to hug Renesmee. "I brought you a present!"
Zafrina noticed Aro and the others. What are THEY doing in NESSIE's party? She asked in her mind.
"Aro wanted to come to the party" I said to her.
"Well, Nessie! Open the present I gave you!" Zafrina shouted.
Renesmee opened the little box. It was an airplane tickets to where Zafrina lives'.
"Thanks! I will come over!" Renesmee said. Now Aro's "Okay, now Aro's present!"

"Here" Aro said and gave her the present. He imagined it for a second, it was really special gift. Lovely isn't it? Aro thought.
"It is a good present" I whispered to him.
Renesmee opened the blue box.
thanks! I will update more tomorrow or two days from now, and by the way, here in Israel, now is 22:45 Pm.. so my tomorow is not your tomorrow...


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