The Twilight Saga

Bella (21)- English major
Edward (21)- Bussiness major

Bella and Edward both go to an ivy league college and come from rich, high class families. They don't know each other in school an meet each other at a party hosted by Edwards family. They are both sophmores in college. What happenens when these two meet? Will it be true love? Does college love last forever?

Should I write this?????

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Chapter 23 (part 2)

          It was the night before the wedding and I was so nervous. Rosalie and Alice's had gone by fantastic and they were beautiful. Edward and I were getting married at a church then, having the reception at my parent's country club. It had a big ballroom. I could barely get to sleep so, I went downstairs to get some tea or coffee or something. I turned the light on and Sean was getting some tea.
        "Hey." I said. "Can you make two cups?"
        Sean nodded. "I thought you would be down here."
       "How did you know?" I asked.
       "The night before getting eloped I did the same thing. I came down here and just thought about everything."
        Sean gave me some tea. "I'm nervous." I said "I mean, I'm going to be married. I never even thought I would talk to another guy after what happened with Jake."
       "Maybe that's a hint that you're supposed to be with Edward." He said.
       "I hope so. I'm happy now."
       "I'm glad. I always wanted you to be happy." Sean said.
       "You're an awesome big brother you know that right?" I asked.
       "I tried my best." Sean said.
      "Well, you did great." I smiled.
      "Thanks. You've been a great little sister too...and auntie."
      I laughed. "That's so wierd I'm an auntie."
      "Pretty soon you'll be a mommy." Sean said in a girlish voice.
      I almost choked on my tea. "What do you know that I don't?" I asked.
     "You know I've always wanted to be an uncle..."
      "Okay, you know how I feel about kids. I-I don't know about the whole baby thing. Ecspecially just getting married..."
      "Be that way..." Sean said.
      I laughed. "You'll be an uncle one day."
      "Before I'm 40 please?" Sean asked.
     "Before your 40. I promise." I laughed.
     "Good. Now go to sleep. You have a big day today..." Sean said "It's already 1am."
   "I'll try to." I said giving Sean a hug. "Goodnight."
    "Goodnight Bella." He said.
     I went back to my room and quickly fell asleep. In a few long hours I'll be Mrs.
Isabella Cullen.
    It was 3:30 and Alice and Rosalie were helping me get ready for the wedding. They were doing my hair and make-up.
    "Are you excited Bella?" Alice asked.
   "I'm more nervous than excited." I said.
   "You'll be fine." Rose said "Take a deep breath walking down the aisle and you'll be fine. All of your attention will be focused on Edward."
    They finished my hair and make-up and we got into the limo to go to the church. We got there at 4:45 and the ceremony was starting at 5:00pm. My bridesmaids and maid of honor were all wearing royal blue dressed with white flowers. It looked really pretty. We were all talking before the ceremony started then, my dad came in.
    "They want us out there." He said.
   "Okay let's go guys!" Alice said.
  They started walking down the aisle. My maid of honor was Alice. Then, there was Rose and Sara. On Edwards side, it as him then, his best man, Emmett and then, Jasper and Sean. Edward and Jasper had become close which was great.
My dad grabbed my arm. "Are you ready?"
I nodded my head and smiled. The doors to the aisle opened and the wedding march started. I focused on Edward and not tripping over my own two feet or my dress. Finally, I made it down the aisle. Edward and I said our vows and we got pronounced husband and wife. He kissed me and we went back down the aisle.
We got outside for pictures and he kissed me. "You look beautiful." He said.
"You look good too pretty boy." I smiled.
Edward laughed and we took pictures then, went into the limo to the reception.
"Are you ready to dance?" Edward asked.
"As long as I don't break anything I'm ready." I laughed.
Edward and I walked in after Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett and Sean and Sara. Edward and I went around to people and they congratulated us. We went to the long table where we were supposed to sit at when it was time to eat and halfway through Emmett, Sean and Alice stood up.
"Excuse me everyone but, we would like to make our toasts to the bride and groom." Emmett said.
"Uh-oh." I said smiling.
Edward chuckled. "This can't be good."
Emmett coughed. "Okay so, Edward and I have been friends for a long, long time now. Before we were brothers we were best friends. Then, a day came where Edward had to leave the orphanage to go to a family. I would've had to stay there if it wasn't for him. I most likely wouldn't be here right now watching my best friend and now brother get married. We've kept each other strong while we were in the orphanage and didn't let anything get to us. Edward always gave me hope that we would one day find a family that would take us and we could have normal lives. I never believe that but, now Edward, I do believe that we can have normal lives and make our dream of opening an orphanage come true so, congratulations to you both and Edward, here comes the normal life you always said we would have."
Emmetts speech left a lot of people crying. Including me but, he ruined that. He ran over to Edward after the speech and jumped into his arms. "I love you man!" He yelled. Then, he looked at me. "He's still mine Bella. I get him on weekends. Remember that."
I laughed and it brought up laughter to a lot more people too. Count on Emmett to make a crying moment into a laughing moment. He sat back down and Alice spoke up and said her speech which was so long that I had to yell "Get on with it!" during her speech but, that was her plan all along to make me say that. Next, was something I didn't expect to talk. It was Sean.
"Um, alright so, I know that usually it's only the Maid of Honor and Best Man who speaks but, I thought that I should say something anyway. I wanted to say a little story. For those of you who don't know this, I'm Bella's brother, Sean. So, Bella and I have been very close these last few years. Our parents and us have not gotten along with each other and there were always bumps in the road. This mostly started when I started dating my wife, Sara. Bella was there for us when no one else was. She was there when we needed someone to talk to, when we eloped, when we had our daughter and whenever we needed anything. When, she first brought Edward to meet me I wanted to kill him." A lot of chuckles went off and Edward squeezed my hand. "Told you." he said. I smiled and Sean went on. "Sorry about that Edward but, you know why I wanted to now. From Bella's past relationship I was very protective of her and she was of me. It was just they way we were. Then, I got to know Edward and figured well, he must be great for Bella. He pushed her to do things she probably would never do. I figured this out when we went to Paris one summer and she wouldn't shut up about him and coming from Emmett, Edward did the same." I threw a piece of bred at Sean. He smiled. "Nice aim little sis. Anyway, I see them today and realize that Bella's happy and that's all that matters. She might be married but, she'll always be my little sister and I'll always be there for her. Oh and Edward, shes a handful....good luck!" Sean said.
He came around to me and hugged me. "I love you Bells." He said.
I smiled. "You havent called me that in forever. I love you too Sean. That was really sweet. Thank you."
Then, Sean hugged Edward. "Congradulations and take care of her." he said.
"I will." Edward said.
Sean smiled and went back to his seat.
The rest of the ceremony went by smoothly. There was a lot of dancing and it was a lot of fun. Edward and I threw cake at each other and we had a lot of fun. That was all that really mattered that we were happy and having fun with no drama. Before the ceremony ended though, Edward and I had a present for Sean and Sara. We went to the DJ and took the microphone.
"Okay everyone," I said "My brother Sean and his wife, Sara need to come over here and if you wouldn't mind, could everyone please leave the dancefloor. Thank you."
They walked over to us. "What are you up to?" Sean asked.
"We have a present for you guys. For helping us out and being there for us." Edward said.
"And for helping me when no one else knew my secret." I said.
I talked into the microphone. "Sean and Sara eloped because of...things in the family that were happening and they never got a first dance. I know that Sean has always been upset with not being able to do that for Sara so this is their song and as a special gift from Edward and I this is going to be their first dance." I said and had the DJ put on thier song.
Sara looked like she would've cried and gave Edward and I a hug. "Thank you guys." She said.
"Thank guys are awesome." Sean said.
I laughed "I know."

*************Is there anything else anyone would like to see in this story besides Bella getting pregnant and the orphanage? If there isn't the next chapter will most likely be the last one. Any ideas for the story would be wonderful!************
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that bella teaches in the new orphanage but then a guy named james and his wife victoria try to adopt a kid but they only want him or her to sell organs and the Cullens and the Sawns have to fogure out what to do when they try to kidnapt not the child in the orphanege but Bella and Edwards baby

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