The Twilight Saga

Bella (21)- English major
Edward (21)- Bussiness major

Bella and Edward both go to an ivy league college and come from rich, high class families. They don't know each other in school an meet each other at a party hosted by Edwards family. They are both sophmores in college. What happenens when these two meet? Will it be true love? Does college love last forever?

Should I write this?????

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yep plz write i would like tonow what happens
Yes please!!!!!
You should totally write it
plzzzz write it asap :)
omg u should totally write it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Write it please :)
I personally think you should :) and If you do, please or please keep me updated on the chapters thanks:)!
post it please
u should totally write it
u really need to write this
I love it already!
keep me updated plz
sounds good!! write please
Chapter 1

            "Okay, that's all for today. You may leave now." Mr. Thomas, my college professer said, and everyone sped out of class.
            I am a Sophmore Yale University and I majored in English. I have long, curly brown hair and am shy. I don't really like to be the center of attention but, that's really hard when you're parents are practically rich. I loved my parents but sometimes, they got on my nerves. They wanted me to go to Med school but, I want to full fill my dream in English. I didn't really know what I wanted to do but, I wanted to do something around the English aera. I was getting around to liking Journalism though. I jumped in my red BMW and drove to my job as a waitress at a local coffee house. Yes, I know. What is a girl who's family is practically rich doing at a job like this? Well, you have to start somewhere. Nothing comes for free in this world. Even though my parents could probably make that happen. 
             Walking in I waved to my friends Alice and Rosalie. They were also my roomates at my dorm. Rosalie is engaged to be married but, is waiting until she graduates High School. She is marrying a Cullen. The Cullens are like my family but, I haven't seen them in forever. I see Emmett every so often but, that's rare. Alice is dating Rosalie's twin Brother, Jasper Hale. He is a Junior at Princeton but, comes to see her for a week every month. I don't know how he does it but, he somehow does. Then, there is me. Plan old Bella Swan who doesn't date. I havent dated anyone since High School and even then it was never serious. I just haven't found the right guy. 
             "Bella!" Rosalie said "Your parents party for you is tonight right?" 
            "Sadly." I sighed. 
             Everytime my parents had a party they would always try to get someone to talk to me and ask me out. I always felt bad turning them down. 
           "It will be fun!" Alice said. 
           "Yes it will be." Rose said "Emmett, Alice, Jasper and I are all going. It will be fun." 
            "That's what you think." I mumbled. 
            We started working once the big coffee rush came in. We had to close down early at 6:30 though. I had to drive home to my parents house. I put my apron over my arm and went to say bye to Rosalie and Alice. 
            "Bye guys! I'll see you tonight. I have to go to the party early." I said.
            "You're changing first right?" Alice asked.
            I looked down at my outfit. I was wearing black heels, Dress pants ang a re,d button up shirt. "No...I'm going like this."
            "You know your mom won't approve." Rose said.
            "Does it looked liek I really care?" I asked. 
            They shook thier heads. "We'll see you tonight." Alice said.
            "Bye." I said runnig out the door.
             I got to my parents house at 6:30 and the caterers were bringing thigns inside and setting up. The party was at 7:30. They lived in an old white victorian house that was beautiful and white on the otuside but, open and huge on the inside. I walked in and followed the sound of my moms voice.
           "No the flowers don't go there....they go there....that doesn't looked right turn them...that's better thank you." She instructed the poor man. He looked so tired. she turned and saw me. "Bella! Dear, how are you?"
           "Good. Working hard in school." I said. 
            She looked at my outfit. "Are you going to change?"
           "No, I didn't know I had to. You just told me we were having a party." I said. 
           "Bella, you know by now that when we have events you have to dress up." My mom said. "Come with me. I have the perfect dress for you."
           "Dress? Mom come on-"
           "No complaints let's go. Now." She said.
           I groaned and follwed her upstairs to my old bedroom. She went into my closet and took out a dress. 
            "How long have you had this?" I asked. 
            "Until you needed it. Now put it on!" She urged.
            I put it on and walked out. My mom smiled. "You look beautiful." 
            I looked at my self in the mirror. It was pretty. It was very pretty. The dress was a strapless, deep red, full-length ball gown. it had gems that were on the top. My mom handed me gold stelletios. 
           "Oh mom, I can't wear these. I'm lucky I can wear the heels I'm in now." I said.
          "Put them on." She instructed.
         I sighed. I knew not to put up a fight with her.I put the stelletios on and looked at myself. "I don't look like me." 
          "You look beautiful Bella." My mom said. "Now, Let me do your make up and hair and we can go downstairs and see everyone." 
          I sighed and she did everything. My hair was in a side bun and I had to admit. I looked really pretty. My mom looked at me and I looked at the time. It was 7:45 already.
          "Ready to go downstairs?" She asked.
          "Why not?" I said. 
          I stopped at the stop of the stairs and my mom stood at the bottom along with my father. This was the worst part of thier parties. I put on a smile for my parents though. 
          "We love our daughter very much." My mother started. "I remember her first steps and now shes a Sophmore at Yale studying English and is growing up. Bella please come down."

Chapter 2 
          I took a deep breath and made my way down the stairs. Everyone stared at me and I concentrated on not tripping. There were a lot of people here. I spotted out Alcie and Jasper and Rosalie and Emmett. I made my way down the stairs and my mom handed me a glass o,f most likely, champange. She made a toast and I made my way to my friends. 
           "You look beautiful Bella." Rose said. 
           "Thanks." I said smiling. "My mom made me." 
          Alice laughed. 
         I talked to them for awhile and then they went to dance. I stepped outside and went over to get more champange. I didn't really like to socalize at these parties. Then, someone tapped on my shoulder. He was tall and had black heair and green eyes. 
       "You must be Bella?" He asked.
      "Yes, and you are?"
       "Mark. Your parents said that you major in English?"
       "Yes." I said "I major in...English..."
       "You're not very talktive are you?"
       "I really don't want to be here." I said.
      "Oh well, then maybe we shoud l go somewhere." He said.  
      Then, someone came over and put thier arm aroudn me. "Bella, sweetie sorry I'm late. You look beautiful tonight."
      "Oh, well, sorry your parents didn't mention...I'll leave now." Mark said and left. 
       The mystery man next to me took a sip of his champange and laughed. "Sorry but, you looked tourched over here. My parents do the same thing to me all the time and it gets really annoying. I'm Edward Cullen." 
          "Oh no, thank you for that. I was getting ready to slap him and walk away so you saved me from making a scene." I said. 
          Edward laughed. "You're funny."
          I thought for a moment. "Is your brother Emmett Cullen?"
          "Yes why?" Edward asked.
          "He's dating my friend Rosalie Hale. Shes my roomate well, one of my roomates." I said.
         "Oh yeah, I see you talking a lot. I cant believe I've never seen you before. I also go to Yale."
        "What's your major?" I asked.
       "That's probably why." I laughed. 
       There was something about Edward. I just felt so comfortable talking to him. He had tousled bronze hair and hazel green eys. I heard a slow song come on inside. 
       "Do you want to dance?" He asked.
       "Sure." I said. 
       He took my hand and brought me inside to dance. I saw Rose and Alice look at me and they were freaking out. I laughed. 
       "What's so funny?" Edward asked. 
      "Look at your brother." I said.
      He looked over and laughed. I rested my head on Edward's chest. I don't know what it was but, I felt so comfortable around him. I didn't want this dance to end.

Chapter 3
We pulled apart and my parents got everyones attention.
"We going to start serving the dinner now and the tables are numbered and set so please go to your respectful tables so there are no mishaps." My dad said.
"Well, my table is way over there." I said "I'll talk to you later?"
"Definetly." Edward said.
I walked over to my table and saw someone who I hadn't seen since I left.
"Sean?" I asked excited.
"Bella!" He said running to me. He picked me up and hugged me.
"What are you doing here?!" I asked.
"I was finally able to get out of California." He said.
Sean was my 25 year old brother who lived in California. He worked in business and got to travel the world. I remember him bringing me home little things from different countries when I was in high school. I still have all of them.
I hugged him. "I've missed you."
"Ive missed you too Bells." he said. "Im guessesing mom dressed you."
"Yes." I said "this was also another 'let's get Bella a new boyfriend party' but, that changed and someone helped me get away from the guy who was hitting on me and he's so sweet. I didn't even know him! I guess he goes to the same college as me and is the brother of Rosalie's fiancé. You remember her right? And Alice?"
"Wait, back up a minute. You talked to a guy?" Sean asked.
I smirked. "Yes."
"You know the boyfriend routne right?" Sean asked.
I laughed. He was always so over protective of me when I came to guys.
"So which one of these lucky guys is....uh....-"
"Edward." I said.
Sean went bug eyed. "Edward Cullen?!"
"Yes...." I said.
Sean took a sip of his champange. "I approve."
I laughed. "Hes studying business too."
"I definetly approve." He said.
Sean always knew how to make me laugh. Unlike my parents, he completely understood me. He always knew when something was up with me. I could talk to him about anything.
"So where's Sara?" I asked.
Sara was his wife.
"Back in California. She had a lot going on at the store. I just got here. Mom and dad havent seen me yet. They will be mad she's
not here." Sean said. He looked behind me. "Speaking of the devil, take a sip of your champange. You'll need it. She looks too happy this can't be good."
I tried not to laugh. My mom walked over and hugged Sean.
"Sean! I didn't see you come in!" my mom
said enthusiastically.
"Thats because I just got here!"
I lauged at the way he said that. He went from enthusiastic to bored. I saw him smirk. My mom gave a dissatisfied look.
"You two are so immature." She said shaking her head and sitting down.
Me and Sean shared a quick look. The complaining was going to start. We each took a sip of champange.
"So where's Sara?" My dad asked.
"Back home....she couldn't leave the store." Sean said.
"She couldn't leave the store? That's A good excuse...." My mom said.
"Think what you want mom." Sean said.
I tried to tune everyone out and just looked around. Everyone was talking and happy. I looked over to Edward. He looked over at me. A slow song came on.
"Help me." I mouthed to him.
I saw him laugh and come over.
"May I borrow Bella for a dance?" He asked.
My mom looked at him shocked.
"Oh yes! Please go ahead." She said.
He grabbed my hand and I put my champange down. Sean wigggled his eyebrows at me. I giggled.
"Thank you." I whispered. "My parents were bombarding my brother and I. I can't do it!"
Edward laughed. "Sounds like fun. I've never had that happen."
Edward and I move to the tune of the music and I, once again, did not want this dance to end. I wanted to stay right here forever.


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