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Okay so this is set 4 Years later. Bella and Caspian are missing each other like crazy. One day Lucy and Peter go back to Narnia, Caspian is glad to see them again but sad to see that Bella is not there with them. He is depressed, but Bella is dealing with some personal issues at home. One day she escapes and is back in Narnia and with her Caspian. The two lovers grow more closer and their loves blossoms. But Old Enemies return and Bella discovers who she really is. What will Happen?

This is a Sequel to Realize :) Click Here to Read It

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Chapter 1~Narnia Again

Chapter 2~The Return of Bella

Chapter 3~ Surprise

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 1

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 2

Chapter 5~Hurtful News

Chapter 6~The Goodbye

Chapter 7~Ramura's Island

Chapter 8~It's True

Chapter 9~Haunted

Chapter 10~Back From The Dead

Chapter 11~Back Again

Chapter 12~ Sweet Revenge

Chapter 13~Saved

Chapter 14~Caspian and Bella's First Born

Chapter 15~Proposal

Chapter 16~Royal Weeding

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Yeah lol :)

I found it when I searched for Royal Engament rings on Google and I liked this one best, sorry about the hands though lol

The ring is so pretty !!!!!

And yeey there ar gonna marry !!!!!!!

Caspian And Bella Forever And Ever !!!!


Thanks and yeah it is pretty :)

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 1

Bella was laying on the blanket beside Caspian snuggled into his arms, they were both watching the stars in the sky. She saw a star falling "Quick wish for something" she smiled and closed her eyes

Caspian leaned on his elbow and he kissed her lips "I have everything I am ever gonna need, right here" he said and smiled as he kissed her again

Bella blushed at his words "Aww" she kissed him back softly and wrapped her arms round his neck, her body was pressed against his, they were as one. This moment could not be more perfect then it was, Caspian kissed Bella's forehead softly and smiled at her.

Bella leaned her forehead on his and stayed in his arms, she soon fell asleep and they both slept on the deck in the warm breeze, when they woke up the next day, the ship stopped moving, Bella sat up and rubbed her eyes, her dress and hair were a mess from the wind.

Someone coughed "Well morning" Bella looked up to see someone like Caspian standing on the shore, but slightly younger by a bout a year or two, but they both looked alike. She blinked as she looked at Caspian and then the person standing on the shore.

Caspian saw the puzzled expression on Bella's face and he chuckled as he pulled her up "Bella, this is my cousin Prince  Dorian" he said "Dorian, this is my Bella" he said and smiled

Dorian chuckled as he smiled "Its nice to finally meet you Bella, Caspian has been talking about you non stop for the past 4 years" he said and chuckled smiling

Bella nodded slightly in shock "Umm, its nice to meet you too, I would want to say that Caspian mentioned you but sadly, he didn't" she said and bit her lip 

Dorian chuckled as he nodded "Ah, forgetful Caspian" he said and smiled and at that moment Lucy and Peter walked out onto the deck, Lucy's eyes fell on Dorian's, he looked at her and his breath caught in his throat, she was the most beautiful girl he ever layed his eyes on. Lucy felt her self blush as she bit her lip and she blinked, she was suprised to see someone else she did not know here, she wondered if he was related to Caspian, but the similar looks, the armor kind of answered that for her.

Peter looked between Lucy and Dorian and he coughed "Ahem!"

Lucy jumped a bit at her brother's cough "Umm...." she said and looked away and bit her lip more, what was with her, her heart was beating faster against her chest, it was impossible to hear anything else.

Bella looked between Dorian and her sister and she smiled, she could tell that they both would like each other, finally, someone for Lucy. She smiled to her self at that thought, now they would have to find someone for Peter. 

Caspian chuckled "Lucy, this is my cousin Dorian" he said as he turned Lucy to look at him again. Dorian was smiling widely at her beaming with happiness

Lucy blushed as she nodded "Its nice to meet you Prince Dorian" she said as she looked at him, he took her hand in his gently kissing the top of it

"Its my pleasure to meet you too Lucy" he said, his accent so soft and rich, like Caspian's but to Lucy it was something new. She never felt this way before. about anyone in her life.

Peter smiled as he watched his baby sister then he looked at Bella and he whispered to her in her ear "I think someone is liking someone over there" he chuckled

Bella giggled as she nodded "Yeah, seems like it" she said and smiled. She looked at Caspian "So are we stopping here?" she asked, she was not sure what they were doing, or if the voyage was over.

Caspian smiled at her "It's one of the places we are stopping at, next stop is Ramura's Island, as we have to help some Narnian's there but I though we'd payed my cousin a visit and so I could intrude you three" he smiled "And than Maybe take Dorian along" He said as Lucy blushed at the last bit

Dorian chuckled and smiled "Well, consider me part of the voyage then" he said as smiled "My Castle's not that far away, just a few minutes on foot" he said

Lucy bit her lip, wondering where Ramura's island was, to try and take her mind of Dorian, but that proved slightly impossible as she had to walk right in between him and Peter. Her eyes darted over to Dorian and his hand brushed against her making her blush redder, she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear

Bella smiled walking beside Caspian "I thought you were twins" She said to Dorian

Chuckled as he shakes his head "No, No, I am 2 years younger then my cousin" he said and smiled "But everyone always thinks that because we look alike"

Bella nods and smiled "I am not surprised" she giggled and smiled and soon they got to his castle, it looked similar to Caspian's but equally as beautiful, the garden was big and had lots of roses and other wonderful flowers around. Lucy looked around as she inhaled the sweet smell of roses.

Dorian smiled at Lucy as he picked up a lavender and tucked it in her hair, she blushed at his rather soft as his finger tips slid down her neck making the hair on her neck stand up slightly.

Peter smiled as he watched them, he looked around "You have a lovely castle here" he said looking at Dorian

Dorian smiled back at Peter "Thank you...." he trailed off as he saw the engagement ring on Bella;s finger and he looked at Caspian and smiled "So, you finally asked her huh?" he nudged him

Caspian chuckled as he nudged him to walk on "Yes, I did" he smiled and wrapped his arm round Bella's waist holding her close to him as they walked inside.

Bella smiled as she wrapped her arm round his waist walking beside him, she smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of it.

The hall was grand and beautiful, made of mahogany and gold, some silver was here and there as well, it took the girls breath away, the ceiling was high up and the chandelier made from crystal and diamond. Dorian smiled at her and he showed them to their rooms, Bella and Caspian had a big room, with a balcony and a piano in the corner. The sheets were made of silk. Lucy had a room besides Dorian's and Next to her's was Peter's. All the rooms were big, Lucy had a balcony as well which over looked Dorian's Favorite part of the garden, the roses and the orchard. 


After they all got settled in to their rooms, they all went to the dining hall and had some lunch as they were all hungry. The lunch was rich meat, some wine and vegetables, The plates and glasses were light and very beautiful decorated as well. 

Yeeeeeeyyy !!!!

Lucy and Dorian !!!!

Now only Peter have to find someone one :P

Loved it !!!!


Yeah I guess he does :) poor Peter

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 2

After they all ate, they went to their rooms, well mostly, Peter, Lucy, Bella and Caspian so they could unpack for their stay here. Bella and Caspian were in their room while Lucy and Peter were in their seperate one's unpacking, After Peter was done he flopped back on his bed and he dozed off, he was too full of delicious food, he snored slightly.

After Lucy unpacked she went to her balcony and closed her eyes inhaling the fresh air, she did not notice Dorian behind her, she felt something warm on her neck, it was his breath, she turned around and lost her balance, almost falling back over the railings

Dorian quickly wrapped his arms round her catching her and he brought her close to his chest looking at her "You alright?" he asked looking at her, worry in his eyes, he thought of someone but pushed that thought to the back of his head.

Lucy swallowed as she managed to catch her breath, her hands were rested on his arms, she looked at him and nodded "Yes, thank you, I am didn't hear you come in. I'am..." she trailed off as he put his finger to her lip

He chuckled "No need to apologize, I should have announced my self, And I am glad you're okay" he said and smiled "Would you like to take a walk with me in the garden?" he asked looking deeply into her eyes, the thought came into his mind again and he closed his eyes trying to push the thoughts out of his head.

Lucy looked at him "Are you okay? you seem distracted or something" she said as she looked at him worried, she wondered what was going through his mind

Dorian nodded "Yeah, I am fine" he said trying his best to sound like he was, but deep down he knew one day he'd have to tell her the truth....the dreaded truth.

Lucy nodded still slightly worried "Okay then" she said and sighed as she walked outside with him to the garden, she walked beside him, she looked around "The gardens are lovely" she said and smiled

Dorian smiled at her "Thank you" he said as he pulled off a peach from the peach tree and handed one to her as well, she smiled as she took it thanking him, she bit into the peach, and a wonderful sweet taste filled her mouth, it was the most sweetest peach she ever tasted in her life

Dorian smiled as he watched her, he felt connected to her but he was engaged to someone, not that he wanted to be, it was all arranged, he barely even liked the girl he was supposed to marry but he had to pretend. He hated how he didn't have a choice in this and yet his cousin Caspian did.  If he had a choice like his cousin then he would be with Lucy, the only trouble was how could he tell Lucy? He didn't want to hurt her


Dorian is engaged ?

But it is Lucy and Dorian right ?

Wait maybe it could be that girl and Peter :P

But Dorian loves Lucy !!


Yeah he engaged as it's an arranged marriage.

Chapter 5~The Hurtful News

The Next Day:

They were all in the stables taking the horses out for a ride when someone else walked in, she was rather slim, had long brown curly hair that fell to her waist and piercing blue eyes, she flipped her hair back slightly as she took in the scene and looked at Dorian "Who are they?" she asked and raised an eyebrow

Dorian looked around as he heard Alexis's voice, he sighed as he looked at her "This is my cousin Caspian, his fiance Bella, and Bella's sister and Brother Lucy and Peter" he said then looked at them all "This is Alexis, my soon to be wife" he said after a moment of silence

Lucy looked at Dorian and she felt her heart snap in half. He was engaged? Just like me to fall for someone I can't have, she thought to her self and tried to look happy for him but she just looked away. Dorian saw the look on Lucy's face and he knew she was hurt.

Bella looked at Dorian with Caspian in total shock "Oh," she said.

Peter wrapped his arm round Lucy's shoulder rubbing it softly as he looked at Dorian, inside he wanted to rip his head off at the moment but he could at least pretend he was happy for Caspian;s cousin "Congratulations, when's the weeding"? he asked trying to make conversation

Alexis noticed a strange look in Lucy's eyes and she tried not to snap at her for it, she just faked smiled at Peter as she looked at him "3 days" she said, this just made Lucy feel worse then she already did, how could she face Dorian at his weeding? She could just not go, she knew what she had to do. In that moment it became clear to her.

Peter looked at Bella worried as he looked at Alexis again "Oh, how wonderful" he said trying to smile his best smile at her but deep down he felt like he wanted to kill someone. Lucy just slipped from his arm and she walked off and into the woods, she walked to find Aslan

Caspian looked at Dorian "May I have a word with you? outside?" he said trying his best to keep a calm voice, he thought of Lucy as his sister and right now he hated his cousin's guts from being like this, why did he not warn then before? To Caspian it seemed like Dorian liked Lucy but he was just a jerk.

Dorian swallowed and nodded, he walked outside with Caspian and he looked at him "Before you say anything, I think I know what you'll say, and I just want to say that this whole thing between me and Alexis is all arranged, if I had a choice in this I would be with Lucy but I don't and didn't have a choice like you do"

Caspian looked at him, wanting to slap him right now "And you think that's an excuse? I thought you liked Lucy and why didn't you tell us before?" he raised his voice at him

"I wanted to, I just didn't know how to" Dorian looked down "And I do, I love her" he sighed "It's not like I meant to hurt her like this, I will hate my self for this all of my life, if that makes you feel any better"

Caspian raised an eyebrow "Does that make me feel better?" He raised his voice more "Are you kidding me?" he grabbed him by his shirt "Lucy is like my little sister and you just made her feel like she's a complete and utter useless person!" he was mad with him "Just be thankful Peter hasn't ripped your head off yet" he shoved Dorian back and glared at him.

Dorian sighed "I....I am sorry it came out wrong" he said and saw Peter walk out, he took a step back as Peter glared at him.

Lucy found Aslan, she has tears streaming down her cheeks "Aslan, I need to ask you off something" she said, her voice breaking as her knees were trembling

Aslan looked at Lucy worried "What's wrong?" he said as he placed a paw on her lap when she sat down on a rock

"I want you to send me back to London" Lucy said after a while looking at him upset "I...I just can't be here anymore, I can't"

Aslan looked at Lucy, he was silent for a while and then he realised what was wrong....Dorian. He sighed "Lucy..."

"Please Aslan" Lucy was crying, she buried her face in his fur as she broke down

Aslan sighed "Alright, I'll send you back tomorow"

Noo !!!!

Lucy loves Dorian and Dorian loves Lucy !!!!

She cant go back to Londen !!!

She just cant !!!

I dont like Alexis !!!

I thought maybe i could be Peter and here

But never mind !!!!


No, Peter will be with someone later on.


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