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Okay so this is set 4 Years later. Bella and Caspian are missing each other like crazy. One day Lucy and Peter go back to Narnia, Caspian is glad to see them again but sad to see that Bella is not there with them. He is depressed, but Bella is dealing with some personal issues at home. One day she escapes and is back in Narnia and with her Caspian. The two lovers grow more closer and their loves blossoms. But Old Enemies return and Bella discovers who she really is. What will Happen?

This is a Sequel to Realize :) Click Here to Read It

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Chapter 1~Narnia Again

Chapter 2~The Return of Bella

Chapter 3~ Surprise

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 1

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 2

Chapter 5~Hurtful News

Chapter 6~The Goodbye

Chapter 7~Ramura's Island

Chapter 8~It's True

Chapter 9~Haunted

Chapter 10~Back From The Dead

Chapter 11~Back Again

Chapter 12~ Sweet Revenge

Chapter 13~Saved

Chapter 14~Caspian and Bella's First Born

Chapter 15~Proposal

Chapter 16~Royal Weeding

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Chapter 6~The Goodbye

Lucy cried her self to sleep as she held onto Aslan, he gently lifted her up with his teeth and set her on his back and he took her back to the castle. Peter picked Lucy up in his arms thanking Aslan for taking her back and he carried her and he layed her down on the bed in her room and covered her up. He sighed and kissed her hair softly then joined the others outside.

Dorian saw Aslan and he sighed "So, I gather you heard?" he said and looked down at the floor, guilt written all over his face

Aslan nodded frowing "Oh yes, and I am ashamed of you" Aslan said "Lucy is a nice girl and you hurt her" he said and shakes his head at him and left

Dorian sighed and went to his room, he layed on his bed and stared at his ceiling, he hated how he hurt her, He didn't want to, he wanted to tell her, he just could not force it out of his lips until Alexis showed up. He was a coward, no body needed to tell him that after the way he acted. He sighed and closed his eyes falling asleep.

Next Day:

Dorian knew he had to talk to Alexis and then to Lucy, he could not marry Alexis and he was not going to. His mind was made up, he got up and found Alexis in the rose Garden. He looked at her "We need to talk" he said as he tried to think of something to say to her to explain his change of heart, but his heart was never in this, he didn't have the choice.

Alexis looked at him and frowned "If it's about that Lucy girl, I don't want to hear it" she said as she flipped her hair back and crossed her arms over her chest glaring annoyed

Dorian sighed as he looked at her "Leave Lucy out of this!" he snapped at her "I had enough of you thinking you're better then anybody else, what I came to tell you is that I am not marrying you, I don't love you and I never did, this was all arranged and I am not being forced into marriage. I love Lucy!"

Meanwhile, Lucy was out by the portal. she was in tears, she hugged Bella tightly "I know you might not understand why I'am doing this, but I need to" she sobbed as Bella hugged her "I'll miss you sis, you belong here with Caspian" she said and tears ran down her cheeks

Bella held her as she sobbed as well, she didn't want to see her sister go "Will you come back?" she asked, she probably knew Lucy would not, but it was worth a shot

Lucy sighed and rubbed her back as she sobbed as well "I..I don't know, most likely not, I just don't belong here anymore" she said and hugged her sister again then she hugged Caspian "Take care of Bella and my brother. they will need you when I am not here" she said and sighed. she hated goodbyes

Caspian hugged back tightly and rubbed her back "Don't worry, I will" he said, he knew why Lucy was leaving, he did not want her to, she was like a sister to him

"You and Bella, will be happy together" Lucy said as she looked at him "Good luck, with everything" she said and then hugged Peter as well "I love you Bro" she said as more tears slid down her cheeks

Peter sighed as he held his sister, he kissed her head "I love you too sis" he said and sighed, he hated to see her go, but he knew why she was going, it was what was best for her. 

Caspian wrapped his arm round Bella who was sobbing, she buried her face in his shirt as she sobbed, she didn't want to see her sister go. She was the one who said her goodbyes last time she was here and now it was Lucy. History repeating it self? she thought to her self, she hoped not.

Lucy let go of Peter and was about to step into the portal but Dorian grabbed her wrist "Lucy, don't" he said looking at her

She slipped from his grip "Don't what?" she asked as tears slid down her cheeks as she looked at him "You have Alexis, so forget about me" she said and looked away

"Don't go, Lucy" He said, her was begging her "Please, I don't want to lose you" he said as tears were in his eyes as well

"Too little, too late" Lucy said as she stepped into the portal and it closed behind her and she found her self in her room back in London.

Dorian dropped to his knees when Lucy was gone and the portal closed behind her

OMG!! Awesome!! Loved all the chapters!!!

Poor Lucy though!!! Those girls don't have much luck in at the start of their relasionships, do they?

Can't wait for more!!

Sorry I didn't read them before now but life was so busy.

Thanks ) I am glad you liked them

Yeah :( that's so true, not much luck when it comes to being in love with someone from Narnia

Its okay, I gathered you were busy so I posted few chapters to keep you busy lol

NOO !!!!!!

Gosh i hate Alexis it’s all here fault !!!!

Lucy belongs to Dorian and Dorian belongs to Lucy !!!


I know I hate Alexis too. Lol

Yep its Dorian and Lucy forever

Chapter 7~Ramura's Island

Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks and weeks slowly formed into a month. Dorian was broken that Lucy left and he missed her it was unbearable. It was like someone ripped his heart from his chest and smeared his life with it. He missed her so it much it hurt more each passing hour. He wished Lucy was here and that he was with her. he hated him self for what he had done, he knew she was gone because of him. He stood on the deck of the ship as he watched the waves crush against the side of the ship.

Lucy was back at home and trying to lead her life as if nothing has ever happened. But she was haunted by deep memories she had of Dorian, each time she closed her eyes and tried to push them from her mind, she just pictured her self in Dorian's arms, which just hurt more. She missed her brother and sister, but she knew that they belonged there and she did not. She thought of how Bella was doing, she wished her and Caspian all the best. She also hoped that one day Peter would find someone for him self as well.

Bella saw Dorian on the deck and she sighed, she knew he did not mean to hurt her and now everyone understood why he kept it a secret from them all. She put her hand on his shoulder softly and sighed. He looked at Bella "Bella....I" he tried to say but he just trailed off

"I know you miss her Dorian" Bella said as she looked at him "We miss her too" she said and sighed "But, it was her choice to leave, we have to respect that, even if it hurts" she said looking at him

He nodded as he sighed "I know, I just wish I would have told her how I felt and explained why I didn't tell her about Alexis before but I doubt she would have listened to my anyways" he said as he sat down on the little step from the door to the deck and leaned against the door

Bella looked at him "Maybe she would have, but we all know that Lucy at times can be stubborn" she said and sighed and then saw an island close by, she smiled, they were there. Caspian walked out behind Bella and kissed her hair as he held her close.

Peter noticed the Island in view "Is that it?" he asked as he squinted his eyes slightly, there was some mist around it and it was rather smaller then he expected it to be.

Caspian nodded looking at him "Yeah, that's it" he said "I know it looks bit smaller then most" he said as the ship stocked at the dock and they got off.

Bella coughed a little as the dust and smoke from the fog went into her nose and she walked inside what seemed like a cave with the others "Hello?" she asked and her voiced echo'd. Hello? .........Hello? .........Hello? ........Hello?

"Okay creepy" Peter said shaking his head slightly

Lilliandil appeared in a soft blue glow, her hair fell to her waist and it was very light blonde "Can I help you?" she asked softly smiling at them 4.

Peter was about to say something but his breath got caught in his throat, she was the most beautiful girl he ever layed his eyes on, he just stared at her

Bella elbowed Peter in the ribs "Stop staring" she said under her breath to him, but of course him being his self he did not listen to a word Bella just said. She looked at the girl in front of them "I am sorry, he doesn't usually stare like this" she giggled "Umm we're looking for someone called Ramura, he needed our help with something" she said

Lilliandil sighed "He was my father, he passed away shortly before you arrived, but I am sure I could help you with what ever it is he needed to say to you"

Bella sighed softly "I am sorry for your loss, I am Bella" she said and smiled at her softly

Lilliandil smiled sadly "I know, my father spoke of you and Prince Caspian, he mentioned you two would come with some friends of yours" she said as she looked at Dorian and Peter

Caspian smiled " Oh, that's my cousin Dorian and the one who keeps staring is Peter, Bella's half brother" he said as he chuckled slightly as Peter just stood there stiff as a rock staring

Peter breathed out "You're beautiful" he said that out a bit to loud, he was thinking it and it just slipped out, he realized he just said that out loud and he blushed bright red like a tomato

Lilliandil smiled softly "I am Lilliandil" she said and blushed "Well thank you Peter" she said and placed a soft kiss on his cheek and smiled at him softly which made him blush even redder

A cold voice behind them said "Aww, how very touching" the Witch smirked as she looked at Bella "I see you returned" she said and glared evily

Caspian pulled Bella behind him and drew out his sword "Yes she has and she's not going anywhere" he said and glared at the witch

The witch laughed "Aww, you think I am scared of you?" she said and laughed a shrill cold of a laugh that made Bella shiver and get goose bumps on her arms

Lilliandil frowned as she stepped forward "What do you want?" she asked put Peter felt an urge to protect her so he pulled her back and held her beside him to his side. She did not mind and she stayed close beside him, rather touched and flattered at how he wanted to keep her safe

The witch looked at her "Oh, not you my dear, a half star is no use to me" she said and pointed at Bella "I want her" she said

Bella looked a bit scared "" she stummered and her hand gripped onto Caspian's arm tightly, she had no idea what the witch would want to do with her.

Caspian glared and held Bella to him with his free arm "You will not touch her, you hear me"? he said raising his voice "I lost her once and I am not losing her again, so you can just forget about the fact that you want her" he said and tightened his arm round Bella.

She laughed shaking her head "I don't want her" she said "I want her" she said pointing to Bella's stomach, more clearly now

Bella looked confused as she looked down at her stomach and her hand touched it softly. I am Pregnant? Bella asked her self  in her mind

Wow!! I didn't see that coming!!!

She's pregnant!!! yay!! Of course the way she had to find out had to be that way!!! Evil, evil witch!!! lol

Can't wait to read the next chapter to find out what happens!!!

I kind of gathered I would throw in a few tricks :) lol

Yeah, Bella and Caspian are gonna be parents :), yeah not the best way to find out but hey at least they know

I will post soon :)

WOW !!!!!!!

Rachel is right i didn’t see that coming !!!



I know :) Surprise

Chapter 8~It's True

Peter was in shock, he looked at Bella then Caspian then at the Witch "You're lying" he said, of course the Witch would lie, she is evil.

The Witch laughed "Oh, I am not lying, It's true" she said then looked at Bella "She's pregnant with Caspian's child" she said and smirked "And when that time comes, that child is to be mine" she snarled.

Caspian looked at Bella was seemed scared and freaked out and he looked at the Witch "You will not touch Bella or our child, you hear me"? he snarled at her

The Witch laughed "Oh, such courage" she smirked "But I am not scared of you" she said and stepped forward looking at him "You think I'd be scared of you? Prince Caspian" she said

Caspian felt enraged as he looked at her "It's King Caspian!" he said, correcting her.

The witch smirked and laughed "Big woops" she said then took a step closer to Bella but Caspian kicked her away and put his sword to her neck 

"Don't you even dare come near her, or I'll slice your throat" He said, the edge of the sword dug into the witches neck drawing some blood as a warning, she smirked and disappeared. 

Peter and Dorian stood by Bella with Lilliandil and they rubbed her arm as Bella was upset and she was fighting back the tears in her eyes.

Caspian put his sword away and he pulled Bella to him and he hugged her tightly, he kissed her hair as she sobbed into his chest softly. He held her close "Shh, love, its okay" he whispered "She won't touch your or our unborn child" he said and placed  hand on her stomach

Lilliandil sighed "I think we just figured out what the problem was" she said talking about the witch, that was why Lilliandil's father wanted their help.

Peter nodded "Yeah" he said as he looked at Lilliandil and smiled at her softly, he then patted Bella's back softly, he was happy for his sister and Caspian but worried that the Witch would have her way, the Witch was evil and very sneaky, which just probably scared Bella more as she was in the clutches of the witch before 4 years ago.

Dorian sighed "I am going  for a walk" he said and walked out, he walked around the gardens then off to somewhere else, his mind was on Lucy, he sighed and wished she was here so he could fix everything. He was gone for hours, hours went by and he had not returned yet.

Caspian was beginning to worry about his cousin and he was pacing up and down on the deck while Lilliandil was inside talking to Peter. 

Bella sighed as she looked at Caspian "He'll be back soon, maybe he just needs some space" she said and put her hand on his shoulder, she wanted to believe what she said, but she was beginning to worry for him.  She sighed, and wondered how far Dorian could have wondered off and if he was okay

Caspian wrapped his arms round her hugging her closely to his chest "I hope so" he said and he kissed her hair softly and he buried his face in her hair and then he heard a strange voice, it called our Bella's name.

Bella looked up to see her mother standing on the shore with a strange man, who has his arm round her, he looked like he was a king or something "Mum? what are you doing here?" she asked confused just as Peter walked out of the Cabin with Lilliandil and he stopped dead in his tracks.

Bella's mum looked at her "To take you and Peter back home" she said looking at them

"I am Home, this is my home" Bella said, she did not want to get mad with her mother but she was so close to yelling at her "I am not going back to London, I am not! I am not leaving Caspian again just because you think I would be better off with someone like that jerk Paul!" she started to yell

Peter frowned "We belong here" he said looking at his mother "And I am not going anywhere, so you might as well just Jog on and who is he?" he asked looking at the man who had his arm round her waist

The man looked at Peter "And why does that concern you young man?" he asked looking at him with a raised eyebrow

"Because, the woman you have your arm around is my mother and the girl you keep watching is my baby sister!" Peter snapped at him 

The man chuckled "Oh my dear boy, I know all of that, the girl I am watching happens to be my daughter"

Bella blinked "I....what?" She said yelling and looked at Mum "Mum, why is this man talking gibberish?" she asked shaking slightly.

She looked at her "He's not talking gibberish Bella, he is your father, we met when I was 17 but ten I had to go back to London, I came back a few years later when Peter was born and got pregnant with you and returned back when I found out, Lucy and Peter's dad thought you were his, as I got pregnant around the same time he left for war and you always looked more like him and me." she said

Bella was mad and upset, she looked at her "Why? why didn't you tell me and more importantly what right do you have to keep me away from here?"

Peter was too shocked to speak, his sister, belonged here? or at least partly? she was royalty. Okay he was not expecting that.

She looked at Bella "I am your mother, I say where you belong!"

"I belong here!" Bella snapped "I already said that, I am not leaving so you can just forget about me going back to London with Peter" she said and then saw Aslan behind her mother

Aslan snarled at her mother "Bella belongs here, so does Lucy and Peter, but Lucy is too upset to know that clearly at the moment, Bella's stay was made permanent the day she came back which was the day Bella and Caspian's love blossomed and tied with a knot of her carrying his child and their engagement the next day."

She frowned "Bella is not to stay here, I am her mother!"

Aslan looked at her "She does not wish for you to tell her what to do, she is a young lady and she knows what she wants and Peter knows what he wants as well,so I suggest you leave now before any more damage is done, on my part" he said as he growled at her as a warning.

"I wanted to protect her" she said trying to fight her way back into the argument

"Protect me from what"? Bella asked looking at her mother, confused.

"From this moment, from knowing who you really are" She said as she looked at Bella

Bella frowned "Well, I know who I am" she said "I am King Caspian's fiancee and the love of his life and I am going to be with him no matter what, you will not force me back to London!" she said "I am not going back, so you can just go home and forget the fact that I am not going back with Peter" she said

Caspian held Bella closely to him, he was slightly in shock but then again he knew there was something special about Bella. He kissed her hair and he pulled her close to him and he smiled at her and kissed her lips softly as he held her close.

5 Weeks Later In London (6 months later in Narnia):

Lucy was at home, she was in her room and she stared at the wall, she sighed. She missed Dorian and she kept thinking about him, she sighed and leaned her head against the wall "I miss you Dorian" she muttered to her self and portal opened up behind her and she landed on her back...back in Narnia. in the snow. She shivered as she rubbed her arm as she was only wearing jeans and t-shirt. She looked around, she saw some grave stones by Caspian's castle, she wondered what she was doing here. One in front her had a name on it. only a bit of it was showing and it said ian.

Lucy swallowed worried, did something bad happen here? She knelled down in the snow and wiped the rest of the snow away to reveal the name. It read Prince Dorian, died aged 21

Lucy's whole life flashed before her eyes as she collapsed fully in the snow, tears running down her cheeks. He was gone.....dead. She was not see him again

Way to go Aslan!! Now I know why her mom didn't want her in Narnia!!

Hmm is Dorian really dead? I hope not!!!

Can't wait for more!!!


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