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Okay so this is set 4 Years later. Bella and Caspian are missing each other like crazy. One day Lucy and Peter go back to Narnia, Caspian is glad to see them again but sad to see that Bella is not there with them. He is depressed, but Bella is dealing with some personal issues at home. One day she escapes and is back in Narnia and with her Caspian. The two lovers grow more closer and their loves blossoms. But Old Enemies return and Bella discovers who she really is. What will Happen?

This is a Sequel to Realize :) Click Here to Read It

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Chapter 1~Narnia Again

Chapter 2~The Return of Bella

Chapter 3~ Surprise

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 1

Chapter 4~Caspian's Cousin Part 2

Chapter 5~Hurtful News

Chapter 6~The Goodbye

Chapter 7~Ramura's Island

Chapter 8~It's True

Chapter 9~Haunted

Chapter 10~Back From The Dead

Chapter 11~Back Again

Chapter 12~ Sweet Revenge

Chapter 13~Saved

Chapter 14~Caspian and Bella's First Born

Chapter 15~Proposal

Chapter 16~Royal Weeding

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Yeah he did really tell her off. Yeah secrets come out in the open

You'll have to wait and find out if he really is or if there is something else up my sleeve



And what is Bella

a prinses or something else ??

And OMG Lucy is back !!!!!


Yeah Bella is a Princess, her father is a king in Narnia.

Chapter 9~Haunted 

Lucy layed there in the freezing snow as she cried her self to sleep, she layed there in the snow as it kept snowing, it was like she forgot it was cold and snowing, part of her wanted to forget maybe.

Peter along with Bella, Lilliandil and Caspian went to pay their respect to Dorian;s grave stone, they got there to see a girl sleeping curled up near it. He looked closer and gasped "Luce" he said and picked her up in his arms, Lucy's head and arms were limp and they fell back and to the side as he picked her up

Bella looked worried "We got to get her inside" she said, shivering slightly, Caspian rubbed her arms softly to keep her warm, Peter carried Lucy inside and he layed her down in her room, in the warm bed and covered her up to keep her warm, one of the maids lit up the fire place to warm up the room more.

Peter sighed as he sat down beside Lucy on the bed. He watched his little sister whimper and sob in her sleep, she was sobbing out for Dorian. He rubbed her back softly, Dorian died about 6 months ago, no one was really sure how or what happened to him,  but it was tragic. He felt so bad for Lucy, he guessed she came back as she missed him and wanted to work things out with him but it was just too late.

Lilliandil sighed looking at Peter "Maybe we should let her sleep in peace" she said and Peter nodded as he got up and he hugged her and sighed. Lilliandil kissed his head and sighed and linked her arm with his walking out of the room closing the door gently when Caspian and Bella walked out of it as well.

Lucy was tossing and turning in her sleep, she heard a soft whisper Lucy, Lucy....Luce. She sat up and clinged the sheets to her self as she looked around, she swore she just heard Dorian's voice calling out to her. She sobbed and buried her face in her knees crying.

Lucy! the voice said again, this time it was like he was right beside her, whispering her name in her ear, she shakes head and curled up on the bed trying to escape from it, it felt like a nightmare, she was being haunted by his death, it was all her fault, if she never left then he would be still alive. She stayed curled up like that till the morning, she barely slept as she kept hearing the whisperes but as they went on more things were said.

It's not your fault, Lucy

I love you

I'll be here with you, in spirit

I miss you

Next Day:

Everyone was at breakfast when Lucy walked in, she looked paler then a ghost and she looked all cried out. She didn't even get to the chair before she sat down, she landed on the floor.

Peter helped her up and he set her on the chair, she was just staring into space, which was creeping everyone out. Bella watched Lucy worried and she shivered from how Lucy was just staring into space, Caspian held Bella close while Lilliandil looked worried

Lucy picked up her glass of water about to take a sip, when she saw....his reflection, smiling at her in the water, she droped the glass in shock as it slipped from her hand.

Bella looked at Lucy and looked worried over at Caspian, did Lucy see something? she asked her self, as she saw Lucy was shaking with fear and more tears spilled down her cheeks then she broke down on the spot

Peter wrapped his arms round his sister and he held her close rubbing her back "Aww, Luce" he said and held her close rocking her softly in his arms.

Caspain sighed and he got up pulling Bella with him, he whispered to her "Let's go and talk to Aslan" he said and they walked out to find Aslan.

Bella held her coat around her more as she was cold, they walked around "Aslan?" she called out calling for him, he appeared making her jump a little

He looked at them "Yes, how may I help you my children?" he asked, looking at them.

Caspian sighed "It's about Lucy, she's back and she's not dealing with well my cousin death so well, we're not sure but I think she might be haunted by his spirit" he said

Aslan nods and sighed "I see" he said looking at them

Bella looked at Aslan, she knew he was very powerful and he had more powers then any of them knew and realized he even had "Can you bring him back?" she asked looking at him

Aslan was silent for a few moments then he looked at them both "Yes"

Wow! Poor Lucy!!! That must have been really hard for her!!!

OMG !!!!

Dorian can come back !!!!

Yeeey !!!!

And Dorian is right it isnt Lucy’s fault !!


I know thanks to Aslan :)

Chapter 10~Back From The Dead

Bella sighed in relief with Caspian "Thank you" they both said, Caspian held Bella to his side as he rubbed her arm as Bella was shivering a little, his other hand was placed on her stomach.

Bella smiled and leaned her head on Caspian's shoulder as she had her hand on her stomach as well, she snuggled into him and was feeling slightly tired.

Aslan nods "Welcome" he said and took a step back as he began to chat an old ancient spell to bring people back from the dead. Dorian's body appeared in front of them floating, his hair was grey and he looked pale as a ghost and wasted away, as Aslan kept chanting the spell his hair became darker full of color, his color came back to his face and rest of the body. Dorian soon began to breathe and he had a steady heart beat and pulse, his eyes opened and he was teleported into Lucy's room by the balcony

Lucy was by the mirror brushing her hair when she saw Dorian's reflection, she thought it was just her going even more crazy again, so she shook her head and walked out of her room and into the garden, she had her jumper around her, she was by the frozen lake in the rose garden.

Dorian looked confused as to why Lucy did not see him, or maybe she did but because she heard his voice and saw his reflection she thought this was her mind playing tricks on her again, he walked outside and stood behind her "Lucy" he said softly

Lucy gasped and fell back but he caught her as she looked at him "''re" she couldn't even say it, "am I dreaming?" she asked as tears were in her eyes

Dorian wiped her tears away with his thumb softly "No, you're not dreaming Lucy" He said and he hugged her tightly and he kissed her hair "I missed you so much Lucy, I am so sorry that I did not tell you about Alexis, but I could not go through it, I could not marry her, but before I told you, you left" he said

Lucy buried her face in his chest as he held her "I missed you too" she said and sighed and held onto him more tightly, her head snapped up when she realized he did not marry Alexis "But...."

Dorian cut her off by pressing his lips against hers kissing her softly, he held her closer to his chest as he kissed her softly with love and passion he felt for her, he pulled back and kissed her forehead "I love you Lucy, I loved you from the moment we met, I never felt this way about anyone, only you" he said looking at her

Lucy blushed and bit her lip "I love you too" she said as she looked at him and placed a soft kiss on his lips

Awww that was sweet!!!

Wow Aslan is so awesome!!!

Can't wait for more!!!

Thanks :)

Yeah Aslan just keeps getting better and Better Lol

Yeey !!!

Dorian is back !!!!!

It is Lucy and Dorian !!!

Loved it


Yep its them :)


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