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Come to the Dark Side

This story was co-written by Tabi & Kiki. We created the characters of Scarlett & Eleanora; also we own their Grandmother and parents, Anastasia and Desmond Selwyn.


Disclaimer: We do not own Harry Potter, which is the complete property of JK Rowling. She owns the characters, spells, you name it!



            Scarlett and Eleanora are the daughters of infamous Death Eaters Anastasia and Desmond Selwyn. Their parents are known for being very slippery, escaping imprisonment after the first war by running off to the USA where they raised their two daughters. Tricking the Ministry, their Grandmother convinced Hogwarts that the girls were residing with her and not their parents who were on the ‘run’. Finally after almost fifteen years, they were caught and imprisoned in Azkaban. Leaving Scarlett and Eleanora to actually move in with their strict and pureblood Grandmother.


            They want different things though. Scarlett is perfectly content with her life. She’s happy being a Slytherin and willing to accept any orders the Dark Lord will through. But Eleanora is a Gryffindor, not that her parents know, and she is the girlfriend of the boy who lived. What will she do when the Dark Lord gives her a mission that she can’t refuse?



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Chapter 2

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Chapter One:

Scarlett’s POV 


            It’s been two months since my parent’s imprisonment. Two long and boring months of living in my dry Grandmothers house who barely allowed us out. It was for the best I guess, the press would have been eating us up. We basically assisted ‘criminals’ by not turning our parents in. They didn’t charge us though since we were only fifteen. People didn’t stop giving us looks every time we did go out into public though, some disgusted, some just plain out confused, and others slightly afraid. The last one didn’t bother me so much though.


            My parents weren’t bad people though. Well, obviously they were Death Eaters and villainous ones at that. When the names Anastasia and Desmond Selwyn were brought up it sure caused a conversation. I didn’t know what they were being convicted for, killing or torturing, I didn’t want to know. Frankly, they were my parents. They raised my sister and I pretty well. Even though they were slightly crazy and wild, they were always kind and not harsh like some of the others. Trust me, I’ve met the others and I wouldn’t trade mine in for any of the others.


            I missed my old house, the Manor we lived in was hidden in the depths of Montana. I had my own large room and bathroom. We had a library and gathering hall. It was entirely beautiful. Now we had to actually move in with our Grandmother in her extremely small two bedroom house. There was one bathroom, one living room, and one kitchen. It was connected to many other houses, the bedrooms were on the top floor and the rest was on the bottom.


            Neatly folding my clothes and piling them into my trunk, I was waiting for my sister to hurry up. We were supposed to be travelling to Diagon Alley today with our Grandmother to get our final school supplies before we leave in a week. “Ready?” I heard a voice say, I turned around to see my sister Eleanora standing in the doorway ready to go.


            We were fraternal twins, both with the blonde hair and blue eyes, our darker haired parents didn’t know where we came from. You could easily tell the difference between us, no problem. “Yeah,” I said closing the trunk and picking up my bag off the bed, “Is Grandmother waiting for us downstairs?” Eleanora shook her head.


            “She said she was going to meet us there,” she said, “She’s visiting her friend next door. Let’s just take the Floo to the Leaky Cauldron.” We both rushed down the narrow stair way, trying not to trip on the steep steps.


            Eleanora went first, taking a handful of the powers and tossing it in. I went next and we both appeared in the Leaky Cauldron. As we began walking, we got a few nasty looks. Eleanora pretended to ignore them but I glared back. “Stop!” She whispered nudging my shoulder, “Just ignore them, or they’re going to think we’re part of it. If we just ignore them, they’ll forget.”


            “Well then they need to learn to mind their own business!” I said a bit louder than I should have. My outburst earned us a few frightened looks. I smirked in response; Eleanora rolled her eyes at me.


            “Come on,” I said after we entered into the crowded Diagon Alley, “Let’s get our robes first.” I knew she really wanted to get to the bookshop but she was going to have to wait, it was never too crowded in their anyways and it’d be best if we got the robes over with first.


            Entering into Madame Malkins, I spotted that pale blonde head in a crowd of tough looking kids. He turned around at the sound of the bell and I smiled at him. “Carly,” he greeted and walked over towards us. Carly was the nickname I was called by my friends, everyone else just referred to me as Scarlett. Except for Eleanora of course, we have our own nicknames we’ve called each other since we were born.


            Honestly, did my parents expect me to be able to pronounce Eleanora at the age of one? It came out as Lena, so that’s what stuck. In return she always called me Letti for some strange reason. “Eleanora.” Draco nodded at my sister.


            I could tell she felt uncomfortable with all the Slytherins, it must be our twin telepathy kicking in. She didn’t exactly get along with them. “Lena, why don’t you go get our books?” I said to her, “I’ll get your robes, we’re the same size.” She nodded thankfully before taking out of the store. “How was your summer?” I asked turning to Draco.


            “Fine,” he said to me, “I heard about your parents.” I grimaced at the mention of them, “The news I’m going to tell you is going to make your day then.” I looked up at him anxiously, “There’s going to be…a meeting tonight at my place, word is that they’ll be there.”


            “Really?” I asked shocked, “They’ve broken out already? When? Why haven’t I heard of this?” I asked, slightly hurt that Draco knew about it before I did.


            “This morning,” Draco whispered again, “The aurors at Azkaban are trying to keep it on the down-low. It was the fastest break out yet, they are really embarrassed I’ve heard. It’s at my place, so don’t say anything. Only to your sister.” I nodded, filled with nervousness and excitement to see them. “Speaking of your sister…she isn’t still seeing Potter is she?” He added disgusted.


            “Will do.” I said answering the ‘not mentioning to anyone else’, “And I don’t really know. She doesn’t talk about him much. Probably thinks I’ll blurt some of his secrets out.”


            “And you would, wouldn’t you?” He said to me, “It’s kind of your job right? Your sister…Eleanora,” he spit out her name. They didn’t get along well, “Is like a direct source to Potter.”


            “Obviously.” I smirked, not entirely sure of it though.




 Eleanora’s POV 


            I was wandering around Diagon Alley, hoping to spot someone I recognized and ignoring all the looks I got. I made sure to wear my Gryffindor scarf, just to prove I didn’t convert to the Dark Side or anything. Of course I’d have to take it off when I saw my Grandmother. No one else besides my sister knew I was in Gryffindor. They were all so proud that I was Slytherin.


            Mostly I was hoping to see Harry, he was my boyfriend and I hadn’t seen him all summer, or heard from him. I’m sure his awful relatives had him stuck in the house all day. Strangely, I could relate to him this summer. From a far I spotted long flaming red hair, “Ginny!” I called. She turned around and rushed over to me. I hugged her happily, thankful to see someone from the outside world.


            “Ellie,” she greeted, “How are you? Sorry about…you know, you’re parents.”


            “It’s alright,” I answered hoping to change the subject, “I’ve just been stuck in my grandmother’s house all summer. We’re barely allowed to leave. By the way, not that I’m not happy to see you…but where’s Harry? And the others?”


            “That’s too bad about being stuck in all summer, it’s been the same for the rest of us. And they’re at the place…” Ginny glanced around, “That I’m not supposed to mention in public.” She laughed, “But I can tell you, that Harry’s been expelled.” I gasped what?! “Wait! Before you freak out, there’s a good chance he’ll be let back in. His hearing is tomorrow.”


            “But…WHY? What did he do to get expelled?” I said completely shocked. This is Harry freaking Potter we’re talking about. He can’t get expelled.


            “He used the Patronus charm in front of his cousin for self defense. Ridiculous if you ask me, the fact that Dementors were so far away from Azkaban anyways.”


            “Oh, well then if it was a self defense thing, he can’t get in that much trouble right?” I asked nervously, “I’m sure he’ll be fine!” I said out loud, mostly to myself. I couldn’t imagine Harry in Azkaban. Not with those people…people like my parents. I knew what they did, Scarlett didn’t but I did. “So, anyways, how was your summer?” I asked her.


            Ginny and I walked into almost every store, buying all the supplies we needed and complaining about our boring summers. Apparently hers was just as bad as mine. “I guess you know how I feel,” I said giving her a shaky laugh. “Well, I have to go find Scarlett. Bye Ginny, it was good seeing you.” I gave her another hug before walking off.


            “Bye Ellie,” I said to her, “See you soon.”


Scarlett’s POV


            “She’s coming…” I whispered to Draco. I watched as Eleanora began approaching us, we were talking about the plans for later and I didn’t want to break it to her yet. “Lena!” I called, “Get your books?”


            “Yeah, and yours too.” She said handing me a bag, I handed her the robes I got her as well. “So, what were you guys talking about?” She glared at Draco.


            “Thanks!” I said taking the books from her and then glancing at Draco, “Maybe we shouldn’t say it here.”


            “Say what here?” She asked looking back and forth from us.


            “You’re right,” Draco said to me, “I have to go. I’ll see you later.” He gave me a final smirk before taking off after his parents. Both who waved to Eleanora and I. They didn’t know she was a Gryffindor; I made Draco promise he wouldn’t tell them. I noticed she even removed her Gryffindor scarf before she found us, smart girl.


            “See us later?” Eleanora said looking at me. I grabbed her arm and dragged her back towards the Leaky Cauldron with me, ignoring her pestering questions.


            We arrived from the fireplace in the living room. Grandmother mustn’t have gotten back yet, she wasn’t the type to wait for us anyways or come back when we do. “There’s a meeting tonight…” I said to her, “And Mom and Dad are going to be there.” Her mouth dropped.


            “How? I thought they were still…” I could tell she didn’t understand, “Meeting with who?” I frowned at her dumb question, who did she think, Santa Claus?


            “You already know the answer to that, Lena.” I said putting my hands on my hips, “It’s formal though. We need dresses, let’s go look in our closet.”


            She began protesting but eventually gave up, there was no way out of this meeting. We only had two hours to get ready. We raided our closet, I eventually settled on the dress I wore to the Yule Ball. It was black and had a trail of silver dust going down the side. “Wow Letti,” she said as she came out of the bathroom, “You look awesome.”


            “I know right?” I teased as I continued putting on my makeup, “Oh and you look nice too I guess.” I smirked and she rolled her eyes, “Seriously though, I love that dress. Have you always had it?” It was black, like mine, and went to her knees. The top half was all sequined; it was pretty if you ask me.


            “I bought it for the Yule Ball, but decided I could do better at the last moment. I kept it though just in case. So, where is this meeting anyways?” She asked grabbing some of my makeup and putting it on.


            I knew she wasn’t going to like hearing this, “Er, it’s at…the Malfoy’s. Hey, who wants to go make pie?” I added real quickly, “We can make blueberry. Your favorite.” I smiled at her. She stared at me.


            “PIE? How can you be thinking of pie at a time like this? The Malfoy’s?” She yelled, “I have to spend my evening with them? Please tell me you’re joking.”


            “No, I’m not joking. Don’t worry sis, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy, you know, your favorite crowd…” she growled at me. “But most importantly, I’ll be there. So don’t worry.” I smiled and continued finishing up my makeup, “And about the pie thing, I’m not kidding. We need to bring some kind of dessert, or that’d just be rude.”

            “Fine,” she frowned giving in, “But I’m not letting Crabbe or Goyle eat any. Last time, they ate all the good pieces.”

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Chapter 2:


Ellie’s POV:


             “Fine,” I growled, “But I’m not letting Crabbe or Goyle get any. Last time, they ate the good pieces.” I smiled secretly to myself. The thought of bringing delicious pie, and telling those two buffoons they can’t have any just put a rain of sunshine in my stormy day. Scarlett and I go downstairs to leave.             

            Scarlett and I are probably two of the closest but most completely different pair of twins you will ever meet. Not only do we look different, (with our same color hair and eyes, we have different characteristics.) You would have to be blind to mistake us for each other. We have totally different personalities, interests, and choices. That’s probably the main reason why our reactions to the situation were so different.        

            As we walk, our grandmother barely acknowledges our existence. I pray for the day I leave this place for good. Scarlett mumbles something along the lines of “meeting” and “Dark Lord”. With that our Grandmother waved us off and let us go. We use Floo powder to the Malfoy’s.    

            I want this to be very clear. I am NOT a Death Eater. I am not a follower, and I’m not a supporter of the Dark Lord. I only pretend to be because if I don’t, I die. Because of my parents, Scarlett and I are destined to be cruel, bitter Death Eaters and serve under Voldemort. And naturally, I would have accepted that fate. But after I was put into Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat (much to my surprise, since my sister and whole family have been in Slytherin) and met Harry Potter, I’ve chosen a different side to follow. I support Dumbledore, and nothing will change my mind. After Harry and I started dating last year (much to the annoyance of Scarlett and her oh-so-annoying-want-to-be-boyfriend Draco Malfoy, I even planned on joining the Order of the Phoenix.  

            As we arrived at the Manor I fix my hair and my dress. I know I shouldn’t care about being here, something about being in the same place as the most evil wizard in the world, plus my parents, creep me out. Scarlett and I follow one of the house-elves to the table with all the “guests.” We’re greeted by dark, cold faces, not all of them familiar to me. Only two stick out.    

            "Scarlett!” A woman came up and gave her a hug.

             “Hi Mother!” Letti said happily.    

             “Wow! You’ve grown!” My mother, Anastasia, said. She looked at me.    

            “Nora!” She exclaimed, giving me a hug. I flinched at my old nickname. I’m strangely annoyed at her good mood. She’s acting like she went on a long vacation, not prison! Where’s our ‘sorry?’ ‘sorry for leaving you guys with a terrible grandmother who doesn’t give a rat’s arse about you? ‘Sorry for leaving you because I made a mistake?’  My mother has always been liked that……crazy and wild and outgoing. My father too. I’m surprised Azkaban didn’t break them.       

               I stiffly said “Hello, Mother.”She must of notice my awkwardness, because she asked, “Is something wrong?” Before anyone could answer, my father came up to us.      

             “Girls!” Desmond said happily. “How’s it been?”

             “Um, it’s been good.” I said, looking down at the ground. “Just been getting ready for school…..”“

            "Oh? And how is school?” Mother asked.      

             “You guys have O.W.L.s this year, right? I bet my little Slytherin girls are top of their year!” Before I could answer, Scarlett jumped in.    

             “School doesn’t start until next week,” She said, “And yes, we do.” She laughed. “We’re totally going to do amazing on them”  

             “More than amazing!” boomed my father. “You have our blood, and we just broke the record for the fastest escape from Azkaban!”          

            One of the house elves signals that it's time for everyone to sit down. Another one leads us to our seats. Scarlett is next to Draco. I'm in between Crabbe and Goyle. Oh Joy.             

            We got the signal the Dark Lord was coming. We all took our seats and waited for his presence. I nervously waited. Something about being in the presence of the Dark Lord, even when you're not a supporter makes you want to throw yourself at his mercy.


Voldie’s POV:  


            I glided into the room. I looked to see the faces of my followers and their children. I smirked and took my seat at the front of the table.    

             “Hmm…Isn’t today a good day?” I asked. Everyone nodded and agreed.    

             “Well, I’m sorry to say that today, isn’t going to be a good day. We have some………. business to take care of.” I said. Some people’s looks grew in fear, as if they were in trouble.          

                “My Lord,” a follower said, “We’ve done everything you asked, and everything’s going as planned-      

                “SILENCE!!!” I hissed.            

                “My business is with the children.” I announced. Parents looked shocked.      

               “You all,” I sneered, looking at the young faces, “will be useful to me.”          

                “First off, some…arrangements will be made about your future.” I started off. Everyone stared at me with anticipation.           

               “You will all be part on an arranged marriage.” I said, cutting to the chase. Some people protested in anger. “Silence!” I repeated. Silence fell quickly.            

            "I have a list of all the…couples.” I announced as a house elf came in with the list. It was passed along the table. The whole table was deadly quiet as the list was passed around. Some people seemed happy with the arrangement, some looked ready to explode.          

             “My lord,” Desmond Selwyn spoke up, “When will this take place?”      

             “After they turn 17.” I replied. I turned my attention backed to the younglings.

             “If you are all going to be my future followers, then you must keep your family line with pureblood. This is the easiest way I can think of.” Eventually, the list got back to me.     

             “Now that that is settled,” I started off, “There’s something else. If I want my plan to work, I will not only need the Ministry, but Hogwarts. I will need all of your help to do this. Each of you will be given missions to complete by the end of the school year. And if you fail……” I trailed off, waving my wand in the air, signaling death. I loved to watch the fear in their eyes.        

            "Some of your missions will be done in groups, some indivisibly." I named of some people and gave them missions.           

             “Scarlett, Eleanora and Draco?" I said looking down at them,  

            "Your mission is to get inside information on Potter and Dumbledore.”       

            “No doubt they'll be planning. Draco, you work closely with Snape. He'll help you with your special part of the mission. Eleanora, I want you to work a little more closely with Potter. Scarlett……you handle Dumbledore.” I demanded. “ This is one of the most important missions.” I told them. “Do NOT fail.”


Ellie's POV:


              The rest of the meeting was a blur to me. I was to bust thinking about what I had learned about my future tonight.
                I, Eleanora Selwyn, is now arranged to marry Gregory Goyle. GOYLE? I almost gagged at the thought. From what I learned from the list, my sister was matched with Malfoy. Lucky her, she always fancied him.        

               Finally, the meeting was over. We said goodbye to our parents (who were going to remain in hiding) and went back to Grandmother’s house.            

             Scarlett and I remained silent from the time we leave the manor until we reach home. I said Goodnight to my grandmother, and then headed up to my room with Scarlett. I was the one to break the silence.              

             “I’m not doing it.” There was a long pause.

             “I can’t betray Harry like that Letti! You’re not…you’re not going to do it either …right?”    

            She looked at me like I was mental.       

            “What do you mean you aren’t doing it, Lena?” She asked in shock.  

            “You have too! He’ll kill you. Obviously I’m going to do it; I don’t want to end up dead!”      

             “But….what if we get caught?” I blurted out, “We’ll be sent away! Do you think h cares about what happens to us? Obviously not, if he would kill us so easily! It’s a suicide mission.” I told her. I took a deep breath and ran my fingers through my hair. “Look, it’s been a long day. I’m tired, and I want to sleep. Goodnight.” I went into the bathroom to change. I couldn’t wait to get into bed. I have a lot to think about.

OMG.they have to get married?

Poor Elenora has to married Goyle..

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and tells HP and his friends.

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