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A members asked me if there was away to read complete fanfictions... and I wasn't sure how to respond... so I decided to create this thread. If your fanfiction is complete, please post a link to it here to make it easier for people to accept finished fanfictions.


Lady Minny Of Raven

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This story was great I loved it!!!!
A picture of Kate Voegele :D
That was what I was thinking, it's a change to have a singer/actress on the banner. I watch One Tree Hill, I see by reading other's pages they do too.
Yeah, I agree :)
she does look JUST like her. lol
final imprint was great i loved, i just cant believe that makayla and seth and leah all die! espicially makayle that part i was crying my eyes out at :(
lol great way to ruin it, before I've even read it!
ik right
awesome banner!


this story is finished now.


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