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A members asked me if there was away to read complete fanfictions... and I wasn't sure how to respond... so I decided to create this thread. If your fanfiction is complete, please post a link to it here to make it easier for people to accept finished fanfictions.


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Title: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Characters: Edward & Carlisle

This is Edwards POV of his transformation into a Vampire. It's a One-Shot and thereby completed.
A Cinderella Story
Alice & Jasper

Full Summary: Alice lives with her parents and brother, Emmett. Bella is her best friend. Alice works at her mom’s diner that she owns and helps her mom with her new decoration projects for houses. Jasper is the popular jock. Everyone loves him because he is on the football team and one of the hottest jocks. They meet in a chat room on a school day. Will that change there lives forever?
I LOVED this story!!! I definatly recomend it to everyone!!!
Imprinted was beyond awesome
I have two stories finished, I'll be glad if you read them. if you click on the name of the story, it would send you to there. IT's a link....

The first one is called UNBEARABLE and I just finished. It is about Edward's pov during New Moon. I know there's an awfull lot of this one around her, but please, try it. The plot is original and I'm possitive you like it if you give it the chance.

The second one is called A FATHER'S LOVE and this one is about Edward being a daddy (you know, the first time he hear she, the birth, and some bonding time between daddy and daughter). I don't know if theres something like that around here, but when I post it, the story was a first. It is a cute one and I'm suere you'll like it even more than the first one
Hello Paula! I am currently reading both stories! I read Unbearable during my breaks at work, and A Father's Love at home to relax. Only on the first chapters, so far, but love them both! 'Doc'.
What would you do if suddenly you started getting strange but wonderful text messages from a stranger? Would you freak? Would you play along? Find out what Lindsey does when it happens to her!

This my completed short story. It seems longer than it actually is because around 75% of the story is in text message form. Need a quick Edward fix? Check out this story.

Go to story:
its not working...
Title: The Tear of Phoenix

It is an Alice and Jasper story!!!

When Alice receives a weird premonition of a guy killing her family, there was only one thing to do, to find the guy and to ask him what he wants from Alice. Alice is heartbroken to leave Jasper and her family..but she has no choice.


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