The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1: Nessie
"Death is easy, peaceful. Life is harder," I rambeled on to my English teacher Mr.Bailey. He looked at me like I was the crazy one for getting an f- in his class, and then quoting my mothers words from the first time she was in the hospital after a vampire attack when she was human. By the way, my mom is Bella Cullen. Who got me a c+ on my English final.
I left the horrid class for senior students. This was the hardest class because of my stupid teacher. My dad gave me a 45 minute lecture about how I should be smarter than I was acting. I thought about telling him that my papers were so good, he teacher hated it. But he never stopped until he forced me to go study MORE.
I turned into the hallway and Jacob, my boyfriend, slammed his locker because he has some anger issues. But I loved him the way he was. Plus he is REALLY sexy! Even when he is angry.
"Hey Ness! What's up? Ya gotta sister I don't know about?" he said cooly.
"No I got a c+ on my English final," I said, explaining my look of confusion.
"Who cares? Don't answer that, Nessie. It's the last day of school, remember?" He smiled at me. His gaze broke when Seth came over to chat.
"Hey guys! What's up?" Seth asked us. We stood in silence as the boys explained something using their telepathy link. Jake broke the awkward silence.
"Ness, my motorcycle is broken so can I use your weird, expensive car? I gotta get to your dad cause he wanted to talk to me." I nodded my head reluctantly and handed my keys to him. He left me there and came back.
"Ness do you wanna come with? I forgot you have to get home to. We can go to Burger King if you want?"
"Sure. Later Seth!" I called while Jake pulled along. I got in the car and I sat up front, but Jake pushed me overt the passenger seat. When no one was looking, he pulled off the shirt I bought for
him. We stopped at Burger King and ordered our lunch. I had a Whopper Jr. and some fries. Jake
split it all with me and to top it off he ordered one strawberry milkshake. He hated strawberry milkshakes!
I fed Jake his fries while he drove. It was weird to be this in love with him... But tone didn't care how weird it was for me because of the imprinting thing I still didn't understand.
When we pulled up to the house he carried me inside like he used to when I was little. Like the maturity of six but the age if three. Piggyback style! He laughed when I fell off his back but he just picked me back up and tried again.
Before he opened the door, he pecked me on the cheek and set me back on my feet. And then the door squealed open. And hen there was my father, glaring at him.

"You guys wanted to talk to me?" He glared back just a stone like as Dad. Even though my dad is as hard as stone. Literally...

"Yes, Jacob. Please have a seat," Mom said softly.

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Ok I'm up and ready!!! A little! Halfway through chapter 1 even though there are like seven chapters!


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