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Hey everyone!! A lot of you have probably seen me comment on your stories and I've finally decided to write a story!!! I hope you like it!!

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Chapter 1

I was bouncing up and down with excitement.
My dad finally said I could go visit Grandma and all my old friends back in La Push Washington.
I haven't been back since the incident. The incident was when my mom was killed in Seattle a few years ago. It changed my father forever. He used to be a laid back business man. After the incident all of his life revolved around work and properness. He keeps trying to turn me into a preppy, perfect daughter when I know I'm the exact opposite. That's why he wouldn't let me go to La Push.
This is perfect timing because at the end of the summer, my dad is remarrying to a witch. She has short, fake blond hair and is only marrying him for the money, even though she's rich. Her evil Siamese twin daughters are the most annoying children ever.
This is why I wanted to leave. This is my last chance of freedom because they are moving in this summer.
The plane was landing.
I couldn't wait for the rain! My dad and I live in Chicago, Illinois. It doesn't rain often. I got used to the rain when I was a child because I grew up in La Push.
I also couldn't wait to see my older brother Nick, who spent the year at Yale. He never wanted to go to college but Dad pressured him into it. So he unhappily went.
Nick and I have this connection. He's one of the only people in the world that understands how much my life sucks.
The pilot announced that we had landed safely in Seattle.
I started shaking with excitement.
I couldn't wait to see everyone.
People started to get up, so I joined them.
I grabbed my bag that had the clothes I had been wearing at the beginning of the flight. I grinned at them. They were $!utty clothes because I wear them to piss off my dad. I didn't have time to get out the blue highlights in my blond, curly hair. Sadly I have my dad looks, instead of my moms, where as Nick looked just like my mom.
I walked off the plane and started to look for my grandma.
I spun around and saw my Grandma.
I hugged her tight and kissed her cheek.
She held my cheeks and silently studied me. She hasn't seen me since I was ten. "You look so much like your father." She whispered.
I groaned. "Sadly I do. Is Nick here?" I looked around for him.
She shook her head. "He's at home, getting some rest from the jet lag. Lets get you your luggage."
I had two large suitcases filled with normal clothes.
I love to shop.
"My my! You have so much stuff!" She said rolling one of the suitcases toward the exit.
"You sound just like dad."
We silently walked to her old convertible. It is a dark green.
We put our stuff in the back and headed off for a long drive to La Push.
I could've taken this time to catch up with grandma but I felt an urge to just listen to my ipod.

A hand gently pushed my shoulder.
I jumped.
"We're here." Grandma whispered
I must've fallen asleep.
I yawned and got out of the car to look at the house. It is worse condition and falling apart.
Grandma came to stand next to me. "Nick already volunteered to repair some of the stuff around the house. Believe me it's better on the inside."
We opened the trunk and wheeled in my huge suitcases.
Everything looked the same. A plain living room, filled with old pictures. I stopped to look at all of them. Laughing at some, crying at the memory of my mom.
"All right. I can't handle it anymore. You need something to eat." Grandma said tsking me.
I nodded solemnly.
She gave leftover pasta from last night.
It was good, but I couldn't taste much.
I yawned when I was done.
"I brought your stuff up to your room. You need to rest, go to sleep." She made a shooing motion.
I laughed and went upstairs to the end of the hallway. The door has a picture that I drew when I was seven of my family holding hands.
I slowly open the door. My room looks the same. With a pink bed set and the small desk.
I sat on my bed. Grandma had already unpacked my clothes.
I was to lazy to get changed into PJs. So I decided to sleep in my t-shirt and sweat pants.
I went to sleep smiling of what Nikki, Sethy and Ethan would think of me when I would see them tomorrow.

The next morning someone sat on me.
I shrieked.
"Geez Meili (pronounced Mey-lee) relax! It's just me!" Nick laughed. He called me by my childhood nickname. People call me Melili, Mia, Amy or Amelia.
I hit him. "Shut up!" I laughed. "Get off me! You weigh like twice my weight!" I messed up his perfectly gelled black hair.
"Hey don't take your anger out on the hair! Speaking of hair. Why's yours blue?" He slid off me and next to me onto my bed. He unsuccessfully tried to smooth it out.
I grinned. "I did it to piss off dad."
"Did it work?"
I nodded. "You could've just waited 'till I got up. You didn't have to sit on me Nikki!"
Nick glared at me. He hated that nickname. "That was more fun."
I rolled my eyes and got up.
Nick followed me downstairs.
We ate breakfast in silence because grandma was reading a book in the next room.
"Can we go to the beach today?" I whispered to Nick.
Nick grinned. "Of course! I already talked to Jacob, Embry and Quil." He was best friends with Jake, Quil and Embry.
I on the other hand hung out with Sethy and Ethan (Embry's younger brother).
I put my plate that is clean of food in the sink. "I'm gonna get changed then." I head up the stairs and into my room.
I pick a blue bikini to match my eyes and hair. I pick a pair of short denim shorts to wear with a green tank top over the bathing suit.
I take a quick shower and change into my clothes. Then go down stairs to annoy Nick.
Nick shouts, "Grandma! We're goin' to the beach! We'll be back in a couple of hours."
We head outside and start walking down towards the beach.
"How's college?" I ask.
"Boring! I wanna drop out so badly!" Nick says angerly.
"Well at least you haven't Cruela De vil and the evil twins."
"Hey, if I could switch places with you, I would."
I smirked. "Aww how sweet." I sighed. "I wish you could too."
We walked the rest of the way in silence.
When we reached the beach there was a group of four guys huddled together. We walked towards them.
"Jake! Quil! Embry!" Nick shouted.
They turned towards.
Geez they are hot! All the guys were shirtless, revealing six packs. They are also really tall!
There was also a girl with long black hair holding hands with....Seth?
"Nick!" Jake, Quil and Embry all gave him man hugs.
Quil eyed me. "Whose this? Your girlfriend?"
That's how much we looked unrelated.
I groaned. "I'm offended. Personally hurt that you don't remember me. But no, I'm not his girlfriend thats just gross!"
Seth grinned at me. "No way!" He whispered and got up to give me a hug.
"Hey Sethy!"
"Geez! You look so grown up, besides your still short and all." He laughed
I punched his shoulder.
"Ow!" He whined.
I rolled my eyes.
The girl fake coughed to get attention to fall on her.
"Oh," Seth said grabbing the girls hand, "this is Marie, my girlfriend. Marie this Meili, we grew up together."
Jake actually interrupted. "She's also my adopted daughter."
I looked at his hand. There was a wedding band. "Wow. You're married? you're only like twenty."
He nodded and walked away to join his friends.
I politely shook Marie's hand. "Nice to meet you. Who would've thought Sethy would ever get a girl? I thought that was Ethan's job."
Ethan's a total player.
Seth never dated.
I was in between them.
Seth glared at me.
Marie laughed. She seemed nice.
"Where is Ethan?"
Seth pulled out his Env touch. "Ill tell him to come to the beach."
I grinned. "Good."
Seth looked up at my face, studying me. "What up with the hair?"
I rolled my eyes. "Why does everyone ask that? I did it to piss off my dad."
"Figures," Seth muttered. "How is your dad?"
I groaned. "Getting married to the evil witch at the end of the summer. I'm spending the summer here with Nick and Grandma."
Seth looked shocked. "Remarried?"
I nodded. I wanted to change the subject. "So what have I missed out on the last six years?"
Seth looked down at his hands. "Um, my dad died."
I felt myself paling. "What?" I whispered.
"He died of a heart attack." Seth choked out.
"Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you! Ugh! I should've been here! Not in stupid Chicago!"
"It is not your fault."
"I'm so sor-" I was cut off.
"What's the emergency?" A voice shouted behind me.
Apparently all the guys around here all had six packs and are freakishly tall.
I spun around to see who shouted.
I grinned.
He jogged towards us, looking at my body the whole time.
When he reached us the flirty smile was placed on. "Hey, I'm Ethan. I don't think we've met."
"Oh we've met!" I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.
"Are you sure?" He raised an eyebrow.
I rolled my eyes. "Of course bozo! Ill give you a hint. I was your first kiss."
"Meili." He hugged me again.
"Damn, you look hot." He grinned.
"Hey, I try."
"What are you doing here?"
"My dad is getting married to the evil witch at the end of the summer so I'm spending the summer here with Nick and Grandma. It's my last chance of freedom!"
Nick joined our conversation then. "I think you're being a little over dramatic."
"Hey!" I snapped. "You have not met her!"
"I still think she's not that bad." Nick muttered.
"Lets go cliff diving!" Quil shouted.
I was confused. "Cliff whata?"
They all laughed except Nick who looked as confused as I felt.
"Cliff diving is when you jump off one of the cliffs." Embry kindly explained.
"Oh," I said.
"Sorry, I can't! Aunt Alice is dragging me and Mason shopping for our birthday party in a few minutes," Marie said.
Marie and Seth were looking like they were having a non verbal argument.
"Fine," Marie muttered defeated. She looked at me. "My twin brother and I are having a birthday party. Do you and your brother want to come?"
I looked at Nick, he shrugged. "Sure."
"Do you wanna come shopping too?"
I shrugged my shoulders. Of course I wanna go shopping. "Sure." I said nonchalantly.
"Okay, will be here in a min-"
An yellow porsche pulled up and the woman driving honked.
Marie rolled her eyes. "That's my aunt." She kissed Seth on the lips.
We walked in an awkward silence to the car.
I climbed in on the far side. I buckled up.
"I'm Alice," the woman said. She had short hair and a great fashion sense.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Amelia. Is it true you love to shop?"
"Love isn't the right word." The teenager in the front seat grumbled. "More like obsessed."
They ignored him.
Alice said, "Yes, why honey?"
"I love to shop too."
Something in Alice's eyes lit up. "Really?" She said full of excitement.
I nodded slowly.
Marie laughed. "You have no idea what you just got yourself into."
"What do you mean?"
"You'll find out." The teenager grumbled.
"Aren't you gonna be polite and introduce yourself to our guest?" Alice said.
"Fine," He muttered. He looked at me, "I'm Mason."
"I'm Amelia." I grinned.
He turned forward fast.
I think I saw him blushing.
Alice burst out laughing.
Marie looked confused. Looking back and forth between Mason and I.
What just happened?

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I named Amelia the main character after this little girl that died in my town. Even though I never met her, I would like to dedicate this to her.

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