The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

Imogene's POV

"It'll be ok, Maxine." I knew I was lying, and she did too, but I couldn't help but hope.
Our parents had decided we should go camping. They'd thrown us in the car with out even thinking to get camping gear. My dad with his dumb driving, drove us right of a cliff. Both our parents had died, I had a broken leg, and Maxine had some nasty cuts and a broken wrist. I'd managed to climb back up the cliff to look for help. It'd only been a couple hours ago, but I was sure we'd lost so much blood it wasn't worth it to look for help.
I am almost sixteen, and she's six. She's very smart, even understands some of the math I have to do.It wasn't fair that her life would end so soon.
"Are we going to die?" She looked up at me with her huge, dark blue eyes, and I couldn't lie to her, even to protect her.
"I think so. I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault."
'Whoosh' The bushes in front of us moved.
"Get under me." I got on my hands and knees, and Maxine crawled under me. It probably wouldn't even make a diffrence, with my bad leg, but I had to try. Anything to make her life last longer.
The bushes behind us moved, and Maxine whimpered.
"Show yourself!" I yelled, thinking I sounded pretty dumb, but of course I only thought of that after I said it.
"We wouln't bite!" I heard a girl say, and a boy laughed.


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Sorry everybody!
I think I finished this chapter, but then didn't post it!

so sorry!
Hey everyone! I'm so sorry its been so long! School, homework, and my goal to read 100 books this year has really kept me busy. I think I'll be updating once a week. Here's a new chapter!

Chapter 21

Maxine POV

We ran in a V, like how birds fly when they go south for the winter. Ren practically hugged me as we ran, and I was glad. He looks so worried, and not that I'm not worried too, it's just I don't want to show it.
We soon came close to a clearing. I could tell because I could hear the wind flow freely instead of hitting the trees.
"Rosalie, take Renesmee and hid up in one of those trees." Instructed Carlisle.
"I can fight!" Argued Renesmee.
"Thats why your up in the tree. Your the secret backup weapon, okay?" Replied Alice.
"Uh huh." Renesmee said skeptically. I watched her climb up the tree, and saw her little face poke out of the leaves when she got to the top. She waved, and Bella waved back, clearly relieved Renesmee was somewhat safe.
"Ren, come here." I said, pulling him off to the side.
"What?" He asked.
"Hold my hand."
"Okay. What are we getting at?"
"You'll see." I replied. "Now turn invisible."
"Would you just do it please!" I demanded.
"Okay, okay." I watched as he faded from detection, and looked down at myself. I was gone too! I ripped my hand from his grasp, but only barely. I was visible again.
Suddenly, I was on the ground, and something was on top of me. I realized, as he appeared, it was Ren. He laughed, shock probably written all over my face.
"Thank you so much."
"It was just an idea." I told him.
"But it worked."
He leaned down, his eyes soft and loving. And we kissed. It was soft, but enough to send my heart flying.
"Why doesn't your invibility turn the ground invisible or stuff like that?" I asked, realizing he might not even know.
"I think it's because I have to want to turn it invisible. I wanted to hold your hand, so it worked." That makes sense. I think.
"I'll keep you invisible." Ren told me. He held his hand out, and I took it, confident.
We headed into the clearing, the others aware of our invisiblity. Ren and I were indetectable by anyone, even the rest of the Cullens.
The Volturi appeared, not bothering to make an entrance. They were out of patience for the olympic coven. Ren and I snuck up behind the Volturi, just in case a surprise attack should be needed.
The Volturi did indeed have a newborn army. They reminded me of what I thought Imogene would be, and what I was. It was kinda creepy. Their eyes darted, unable to stay looking at one thing for too long. Stanced in a hunting position, they looked ready to attack at a moment's notice.
Carlisle and Aro crossed to the middle ground, representing each side.
"It seems we have some complications." They said at the same time.
omg thats so cool
Chapter 22

Imogene POV

I had no idea where Maxine was, and that kinda freaked me out. I tried to calm myself down. Carlise walked up to meet Aro in the middle. I could see Bella in front of me, her whole body tense. She was working hard to keep us safe.
"Hello Aro." Carlisle greeted Aro.
"What seems to be the problem?" Carlisle asked.
"We have concluded that your coven is too large to go unnoticed and not be considered a threat." Oh great. Yay us.
"You know me well. I pose no threat intentionally." Carlisle explained.
"But it is your unintentional threat in numbers as well as gifts that have brought us to this situation." Aro replied.
"And what is this situation from your point of view?"
"You have an extremely large coven of twelve," I realized he didn't know about Ren. "Possibly another, for we lost an experiment only a little while ago, and we have tracked it here," Apparently he did know. I realized how much it bothered me that he called Ren an 'experiment' and 'it' instead of he.
"Valeria, come here please." Aro called out. A small girl came forward. She looked about fifteen, and she had long black hair. Her posture and face exaggerated the fact that she was scared out of her mind. I felt bad for her, but I also knew that I probably looked like a tasted snack, because of my being some human vampire thing.
"Would you be willing to ask Carlisle some questions for me?" Aro asked Valeria. Why would he have her ask Carlisle for him?
"Yes Aro, sir." I watched, perplexed.
Her ruby red eyes darkened, and went out of focus. She turn towards Carlisle, and I saw him stiffen. Bella flinched.
"Have you found our lost experiment?" She asked.
"Yes." Carlisle said, almost tranclike.
"Are both your newcomers vampires?"
"One is, the other is half."

Renesmee POV

Alec looked up towards me, and nodded. I nodded back, letting him know I understood. He'd told me that when he told me, I was to tell mommy that she should let him out of the shield, that way he could go after his sister in surprise.
I wiggled my way into mom's head, sending her a message.
~Alec want out of the shield. Please let him out. This isn't working.~
She didn't turn to look at me, but she nodded slightly, letting me know she got the message and she would.
I turned back to Alec and smiled. He smiled back, and turned towards his sister.
Suddenly, Jane and Alec collapsed at the same time, having attacked each other in the same second. No one moved for three seconds.
Suddenly, Ren and Maxine appeared right behind Aro. Maxine went for Aro's close guard, Ren went for Aro himself. They worked together, synchronized. Like twin blades, killing mercilessly.
Hi everyone! Yes, this is chapter 24, because I have two chapter 18's. Sorry for the confusion!

Chapter 24

Maxine POV

I watched Jane and Alec fall together. Instantly, that was our cue. Ren and I appeared behind Aro and his guard, ready. I struck as Ren had told me. Aim at the neck. Just as my hand hit, I changed it, so it was sharper. I struck true, and the close guard slumped.
I turned to find Ren. He was on Aro's sholders, strangling him. I came in front of Aro, and did the same to him as his guard.
"Thanks." Ren said.
"A little help, maybe?" I turned and asked the Cullens. We were losing our advatage of surprise.
Suddenly, everyone crashed together, fighting. I wormed my way through and found Imogene.
"Come here!" I yelled, grabing her arm and draging her with me.
"What are we doing?"
"Emmett's plan." I told her.
"Yes!" I could hear Emmett a little farther away. He must have heard me. Good for him.
I stood behind Imogene, and focused. Carefully, I turned single blades of grass into huge rocks. Imogene sent them flying, also moving some of our family out of the way.
Once I figured Imogene had enough rocks, I looked to see if I could see Ren. As I looked, I realized it was raining, pouring even. Lighting struck almost every three seconds. It was getting dark, so I was thankful for the light it provided.
Suddenly, a hand appeared around my mouth and an arm hooked around my waist, and started dragging me.
"Imogene!" I yelled
"Little busy!" She yelled back, not even looking. I feel so loved.
Who ever it was draged me around to a tree, hiding us behind it. They let me go, and I turned around.
It was Valeria.
"What are you doing?" I asked, flabbergasted.
"Help me, please! I hate the Volturi, I need your help!" Her red eyes were filled with worry.
"Why? And what did you do to Carlisle?" I asked, furious and confused.
"Compulsion. That's my gift. And please, I'll help you guys."
"How?" I asked.
"Do whatever you did before, and get me up high, so I can use compulsion on the rest of the Volturi and their army." She said.
"How do I trust you? You could be turning them against us?"
"Incase you didn't already notice, they are against you, and if I some how make it worse, you can kill me." Valeria explained.
"How do I know your not lying about the 'you can kill me' part?" I asked.
"Would you just do it?" She asked.
"Fine, come on."
I headed out to the middle of the field, near Imogene.
"How you doing?" I asked her.
"I'm still alive." Sweat and rain poured down her face.
"Good. You can stop now. I've got an idea." She dropped a rock in midair, and it sailed to the ground, almost crushing Alice. She shot her a mean look before flipping around to clobbering a newborn twice her size.
Quickly, I took a blade of grass and changed it, so it became a stand, with stairs up it on the back.
"Go, now. And hurry!" I pushed her up the stairs.
"What are we doing?" Imogene asked.
"Her gift is compulsion, and she's going to stop the fighting. I hope."
"You hope?"
"Yea." I said. The rain continued to fall, dripping down my face, and sticking my hair to my face.
The dwindling number of Volturi and newborns stopped moving, and suddenly I could hear Valeria's words over the rain and thunder.
"You will leave! You will not remember this! You will never bother this coven again! Leave now!" Valeria cried out, thunder rumbling. Lightning flashed, stricking right in frount of the stand, and the Volturi left.
But there was one left.
A boy, around fifteen, still stood in the soggy battlefield. His short brown hair hung in wet, sticky clumps around his face. Even though he had a gash in his leg, he limpt forward.
Valeria must have recognized him, because she jumped down, and ran to him.
it's really awesome!!!write more!!!!!!1
Chapter 25

Valeria POV

They ran from the battlefield, and I knew I was safe. No longer would I be beaten by Aro and Jane and Dimitri. Lightning flashed, and I saw him.
He stood there, in the middle of the field, and I realized who it was.
I leapt from the stand, so happy he was there. I ran to him, and he lifted his arms and hugged me.
"Damon! Damon, are you okay?" I asked, realizing he had a cut through his leg.
"It's not deep. Guess you'll get to fix me up this time, huh?" I remembered all the times when I'd been abused by Jane. She'd come down to see us just so she could cause us pain. She cut me more than once, and every time, Damon had helped and healed me. That was his gift.
Damon looked up at me, and I was so glad.
"How are you here? I sent you away."
"You want to know?" He asked me, teasing.
"Please." I asked really nicely. He smiled, and pulled me closer.
"I love you." His lips touched mine, and we kissed for the first time. My heart soared with happiness. The rain poured harder, but I couldn't have cared less. Everything was okay.
"I love you too, Damon. I love you so much."

Imogene POV

"Alec!" He lay on the ground, looking very dead. My knees buckled, and I fell next to him.
"Alec, Alec please! Alec I love you! Alec!" I screamed and screamed.
His eyelids fluttered.
"Alec! Alec, are you okay?"
"Imogene." It was just a whisper, but it was enough.
I leaned down and kissed him. It was hard and fierce and loving, all so much at once. I pulled him up so we were standing. He pulled me up into his arms, and looked down at me so lovingly I thought I'd melt.
"Thank you." Alec said.
"I love you."
"I love you too. I could never love someone more than I love you."
He kissed me, and the rain kept falling, and we kept kissing.

Maxine POV

"Maxine!" I heard Ren call me. I turned and saw him running towards me, his hair bouncing cutely. I ran to him, and jumped into his arms. He fell backwards, and landed on the ground, laughing.
"Ren! Are you okay?"
"Are you?" He asked.
"Of course!" We both laughed, and he kissed me. It was quick, but I loved it.
"Can I try something?" I asked.
"Sure, what?"
"Here, stand up." He stood, pulling me up with him.
I focused, and closed my eyes.
"Maxine." Ren whispered. That told me it had worked.
I opened my eyes, and saw Ren. Fourteen year old Ren.
"I guess I'll have to wait untill your older."
"To do what?" I asked.
"Ugh. Fine." I fast as I could, I changed myself.
"Wow. You are amazing. You defy time itself." I giggled. "And, after all you've been through, I think you deserve to ba a little bit older."
And we kissed. In the rain. As fourteen year olds. The world would never be more perfect.

The End

I hope you enjoyed it! This for me was a 5 month project, and quite a challenge. Some days I just didn't want to type, and some days I did four chapters. I hope you've loved reading it as much as I've loved writing it.
Keep reading--Ashley
the end?????Really?????come on....i want more!!!!i'm to sad it's was an amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
this is awsome i love this story so much


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