The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

Imogene's POV

"It'll be ok, Maxine." I knew I was lying, and she did too, but I couldn't help but hope.
Our parents had decided we should go camping. They'd thrown us in the car with out even thinking to get camping gear. My dad with his dumb driving, drove us right of a cliff. Both our parents had died, I had a broken leg, and Maxine had some nasty cuts and a broken wrist. I'd managed to climb back up the cliff to look for help. It'd only been a couple hours ago, but I was sure we'd lost so much blood it wasn't worth it to look for help.
I am almost sixteen, and she's six. She's very smart, even understands some of the math I have to do.It wasn't fair that her life would end so soon.
"Are we going to die?" She looked up at me with her huge, dark blue eyes, and I couldn't lie to her, even to protect her.
"I think so. I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault."
'Whoosh' The bushes in front of us moved.
"Get under me." I got on my hands and knees, and Maxine crawled under me. It probably wouldn't even make a diffrence, with my bad leg, but I had to try. Anything to make her life last longer.
The bushes behind us moved, and Maxine whimpered.
"Show yourself!" I yelled, thinking I sounded pretty dumb, but of course I only thought of that after I said it.
"We wouln't bite!" I heard a girl say, and a boy laughed.


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why did you stop there it wuz getting 2 the good parrt lol :) luv ya and pleze email me we need 2 talk
Chapter 2

Imogene's POV

A short girl with spiky hair, and a blond guy walked out of the forest.
"Don't hurt us!" My voice broke. They didn't have guns, or rocks or anything like they were planing to hurt us. Maxine cried softly under me. I could feel hot, salty tears stream down my face.
The boy kept his distance, but the girl came right up to us. She knelt down, and I relaxed a little, and sat on my good leg.
"Are you ok?" She asked, her golden eyes filled with worry.
"We're gonna die!" Maxine yelped, and cried harder. She leaned over into my lap.
The girl looked at my leg, and Maxine's wrist, and I realized we both had them in akward positions. The girls eyes went out of focus, and my vision blured, probably because of my leg, and lost blood.
The last thing I heard was the girl.

Maxine POV

Jasper blured over to Imogene, and caught her just as she colapsed.
"Sissy!" I yelled, crawling with difficulty to her side.
"Is she dead?" I asked the girl.
"No. She just passed out. My dad is a docter, he can help you if you want. We can take you."
I didn't have much of a choice.
"Climb on my back, and close your eyes."
I climbed on her back, it was kinda hard with my bad hand, and she held me to her back. I closed my eyes, and I could feel her running under me.
After a while, I felt her jump, and I could hear a river.
"Here we are." She pulled me off her back, and I felt my bare feet touch grass. My shoes had been destroyed in the crash.
"Wow!" There was a huge mansion in front of me, and the wall facing us was made of glass. And then I realized something.
"Where's Imogene?"
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Chapter 3

Maxine POV

"Hello?" THe girl's eyes had glazed over, and I wondered if she could hear me. She blinked a couple times, and looked at me.
"I said, where's Imogene, and what's your name?"
"Imogene is with Jasper, and my names Alice! Come on, lets find Carlisle."
She lead me inside the house, and introduced me to six other people.
Esme, the mother, with soft, brown hair. She smiled sweetly
Edward, with short, bronze tinted hair.
Bella, who was with Edward. She had long, dark brown hair.
Renesmee stayed with Bella, and she looked like a perfect blend of Edward and Bella.
Emmett, who was huge, with dark hair.
And Rosalie, was with Emmett, and had long blond hair.
All of them had bright, golden eyes except for Bella and Renesmee.
Bella's were dark red tinted, but didn't look too unnatural. Edward sighed as I thought this. Hmm.
Renesmee's eye's were and dark chocolate brown, and were very pretty.
"Come on, let go see what Carlisle can do for you guys." Alice held my hand as she lead me up the stairs to Carlisle's office. I stumbled a lot, even without the cut on my leg making it worse.
Jasper came walking down the hall quickly, with his hand over his mouth, like he might throw up. Alice kissed his cheek, and he smiled, but still looked pained.
"What wrong with Jasper?" Alice didn't look at me when she answered.
"I'll tell you later." She seemed distracted. She let go of my hand to open the door, and I fell, not able to hold my own weight anymore.
"Ugh." I grunted when I fell.
"Sorry, here." She pulled me up into her arms, and I realized how cold all of them were. I held back a shudder.
Inside the room, there were bookshelves alined in a row, blocking of the back half of the room. I figured Imogene was back there, but I didn't know why I couldn't see her.
"Please, sit down." Through a little gap in the bookcases, a man in a docters outfit slipped through. He must be Carlisle. I sat on the small hospital bed, and decided to stop thinking about why everything was so weird.
Alice left the room, and soon, Carlisle was putting bandages, and stiches, and casts all over me.
"All done." Carlisle smiled at me, on of those 'I'm sorry about that' smiles.
I smiled back, and drifted off.
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Chapter 4

Maxine POV

I blinked my eyes open, and remembered where I was. I decided to check out how bad it was. I had a cast on my foot, but it wouldn't be hard to walk in. My arm was in a cast, but a small one. There were crutches leaning next to the head board of the bed. I brushed my fingertips along my arm, and my legs. They had many stiches.
I could hear Carlisle, Edward, Bella, and Alice outside the door, and I strained to hear what they were saying.
"It was the only thing he could do!" Alice said.
"I agree, but what about her sister?" Carlisle.
"She could stay with us, no one knows she's gone, and when she's old enough, she could too . . ." Bella.
"I think she can hear us, but her mind is fuzzy, somewhat like Bella's is, but less protected." Edward said this, and it was quieter. I tried to clear my mind as best I could, and thought a message.
~I'm done with rationality, and I want to know.~
"UGH!" Edward grunted.
"What?" Bella sounded extremely worried.
"She says shes done with rationality, and she wants to know. And her message was very loud."
I thought, trying to be quiet.
"Thank you." Edward said louder, meaning it was meant to be heard.
"We will tell her tonight." Carlisle said, ending the discussion.
Alice entered the room.
"Hey Alice."
"Good job giving Edward a headache, and freaking out Bella." She said with a chucke.
"Can I see my sister?" I asked, eyeing the small hole in bookcases.
"Not quiet yet." I doubted I could fit through the space anyways.
"Why don't you practice walking with your curtches? You've been asleep for two days."
I looked at my bedside clock. 5:30 PM
"OK." I grabed the crutches, and tried to stand, but toppled back onto the bed. Alice helped me stand, and after a while, I could walk around the whole room, and was pretty good at it.
"I'd better go. OH! One more thing."
Alice walked over to one of the bookshelves, stroked the spine of a book, smiled at me, and skipped out of the room.

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I love it! :)
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