The Twilight Saga

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I say they are. Sorry if the summary is short. SUMMARY: Julianna Collin sees her long lost Boyfriend while on a plane. Julianna and Kevon get back together on the plane they go from Forks to Youngstown when they get there they have about a day before Angie Julianna's Twilight sister says she is coming over and her parents are coming homee they live in a hidden house but the Plane Crashes while the Cullens and Julianna Jump off  of the plane to be safe. Julianna's Parents become vampires as well as Julianna and Angie becomes a werewolf they both faint and they wake up in Heaven in these rooms that either says Vampire Angel or Werewolf Angel. God walks in and talks to Julianna and Angie and they have to help Justin Bieber during his outbreak of breaking his foot. They tell him and they become friends.

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just tell me when u write more
part 2 :I asked Kevon how I was out and He said just long to get Tokio Hotel here from Germany so about a day and I got a phone call saying ''This is Scooter Justin Bieber's manager I would like to meet with you while Mr. Biebers in our presence to find stuff out about you please give me a call when you get up or have time to say yes or no thank you

I am working on Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Omg Justins Manager Scooter called wanting to meet me but for what? Then I hear Justins voice saying bring Angie too. I called her and told her what happenedand as did I she screamed at the same time but Tom and Bill were with her so I asked her I could speak with her alone and as I thought she accepted. I told her that we have to meet Scooter but she did not know who Scooter was so I told her and she understood. I called Scooter Justin's Manager and left a message that I will be there but will be bringing my friend Justin said to bring her. We are going to meet them at one of our favorite restaurants it is the mall they reserved it for only us four. No one else can eat here this afternoon. It is Japanese he actually reserved the entire mall but the kids cannot be anywhere near Justin unless he has his guards blocking him but he also has emotional guards which it is Angie and I. He was running a little late so we just waited for him and well he should be up ten minutes later but we didn't mind Justin introduced us to Scooter and we Talked about ourselves and Justin is very outgoing. He is more outgoing then I am. gotta sleep BOO!!!!!!!
awesome sissy
you will be laughing lol like meez when you see what i am going to do : o
lols seriously
yes seriously
write more


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