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hey guys. this is my first fanfic and my first try to write anything. so plz cut me some slack. i wouldnt mind constructive criticism. please comment and tell me what you think. also i think im will change the name but i dont have a replacement if you have an idea, please tell me. huge thanks to alias for the idea and for being my editor

what if Edward hadnt come back after he went to Denali?
what if Bella was turned to a vampire?
would they love each other?

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feelings could be confusing. one minute you think you hate someone, the other you're in love with them.

Chapter One EPOV
It's been two years since I've come here, to Alaska. There's still a part of me that wants to go where I belong… with my family. But not after I've come this far. Soon, the girl would head to collage, I cant jeopardize a human's life just because of my prejudice. I heard someone's thoughts, and not long after, their footsteps, I already knew what was Tanya's going to ask but I let her say it, anyway.

" Hi Edward" she started

"hello Tanya" I answered, just to be polite, although I was a bit annoyed with the direction her thoughts had taken.

Kate and I are going hunting, do you want to come with us she asked, she still hadn’t given up. It amazed me ,how someone can keep getting rejected and still try again, with the same person who always rejects them.

I hadn’t hunted for two weeks, my eyes were pitch black "sure, Tanya" I answered her.

A smile crept down her lips, and I, instantly, felt guilty for leading her on.
She frowned, I guess she saw my expression and understood I didn’t mean it like that.
" Im sorry, Tanya " I apologized.

it's ok, I know. I just cant help getting my hopes up. Now lets go, Kate's probably waiting.

" okay" I recuantly agreed.

After I satisfied my thirst, I went to the house. Got up to my room, -and before I could continue reading a medicine book- my phone rang, I opened it, and saw the caller ID, it was Alice.
"hello ,Alice. How are you" I answered.

"hey Edward, missing you, how've you been?"

"you tell me, im sure your doing some psychic stuff to watch every step I make" I teased.

"hey, there's nothing wrong with checking up on you" she began "or making sure
you're safe, and it's better than invading the privacy of every person to a five-miles radar"

"Alice, it's not like I can help it"

"me too. I called to tell you that Bella is leaving to visit her mother, and then heading of to collage from there, you can , finally, come back"

" really Alice? When is she going?"

"Thursday" that's after four days.

"that's excellent news, Alice" I was happy, I really missed my family, and I wanted go home, although the Denalis had been great and treated me like one of their own family. But still it's not like being with my own family.

" Jasper wants to hunt, I have to go. Talk to you later"

"goodbye" and then the line went dead.

I went downstairs and told Kate and Tanya that I was leaving.the others were on a hunting trip, Tanya was disappointed that I was so eager to go. She thought she was the reason I wanted to go.
"no ,it's not that, Tanya. I just want to go home and spend time with my family" she smiled a little, letting me know that it was just a passing thought, nothing she really considered to be true. But I could see in her head she was just saying that, but I didn’t say anything as to not embarrass her.

Finally, the day has come, I said goodbye, to Kate, Irina, Tanya and Eleazar. They wished me good luck. I wanted to run back home but I though it would be more convenient if I flew there.

In the plane I thought about why I left forks.
Because I didn’t want to kill a human, I still hate her because she was the reason I wasted two years of my life… or existence, and although I hate to admit, she made me feel weak, a coward who runs away because I cant deal with the problem, but if that was the price I had to pay to not be a monster, then I would pay it.
All of this anguish was because that girl just decided to come to Forks. she didn’t even realize what she was doing to me.
I still felt like a coward, a week, fragile human made me run away from my family. Again I felt the unjustified hatred for the girl.

The plane landed and strangely I didn’t find , Alice or any of my family members waiting for me. I ran to the house, opened the front door, expecting Alice to jump on me when I saw the most unexpected thing I've ever seen………

Please tell me what you think, because i dont want to write something people wont read.

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please write more.
please please pleeeeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeeee write more i just got into it and there is nothing else to read please post more!!!!
You should continue with it
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!

OH NO YOU STOPPED THERE?!!!! ahhh this is soo good :D

love it! wonder what she's going to do next?

xoxo--Dancing Vampire

Add and keep me updated while you can (:


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