The Twilight Saga


Title: Consilium

Author: Alyssia Marie

Fandom: Twilight

Pairings: Original Characters

Rating: PG-13


Fawn Vasile is slowly losing her memories as a human. She does not remember her mother's name, or her father's—the only names she knows now are Aro, Caius, and Marcus. According to the three of them, she is the perfect vampire for their guard. Recruited alongside her new companion, Everette, Fawn soon realizes how dark the Volturi truly are.

With the help of a Cullen, the two are given assistance in evading them.

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          Jane will hurt you, if you don't get up.

          Her throat was burning; blistering and fiery each time she swallowed. But swallowing wasn't necessary. But she had to. Breathing and swallowing made her feel something normal. Her was keeled over on the floor, whispering softly to herself, willing herself to get up. The training she endured every day was harsh. She wanted to stop.

          But Aro would be disappointed if she stopped her training too soon. The past month living with her new family—and she'd grown dependent on them. Every thing she did was only done to impress them. She fed with a ravaging thirst, but fought every ounce of her instincts with dexterity. If Aro inclined his head, with a steel smile, then she knew that she did it right.

          She heard the hiss of Jane, the growl that closely followed. She was always vicious when they trained. What better way to truly learn than to do it in a vicious manner? But Jane didn't like her. Not when Aro kept most of his attentions onto Fawn.

          “Again, newborn.”

          Newborn. She didn't even use her name. Fawn willed herself to move, sitting up onto her haunches with a grin. Her porcelain skin was cracked like stone. While it will heal in a matter of seconds, the scar would remain. Until she fed later that night.


          The hiss turned into venom in Fawn's ears. She had no choice now but to listen. If not, then the pain would radiate through her body, until she was a crumpled mess on the floor. And she desperately didn't want that to happen again. Anything but that. So she stood, and swallowed down the burning heat in her throat.

          Soon she won't have to train ever again.


Sounds intriguing.  Why is Aro so interested in her and why won't she have to train ever again soon?  Will her training be complete or is she planning to leave them?  Please keep me updated. S

This sounds interesting :) I wonder what Aro needs with her, does she have some kind of powers he needs for his coven? 


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