The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 



Why do they exist? They are fragile, they cede to quickly, they die quickly, and they don’t believe in things they can’t see. They truly useless creatures. They are also responsible for they real sky disappearing…

I miss the sky. The new sky belongs to humans who have given up because they want something so badly. They are called Contractors. Contractors are humans who want one thing so bad that they are willing to give everything away for it. Including their emotions.

Then there are dolls. They do what they are told. End of story. Dolls are empty shells. Still, they are better than contractors.

Contractors have powers; like my kind, but contractors pay a toll called “The price of their contract.” There are some pretty crazy prices out there like; putting a foreign object in the contractors mouth then spitting it out, most contractors use the tobacco in cigarettes. They bite the butts of the cigarette off. There are so many other prices I can’t begin to name them all.

I hate them all. The stars in the sky represent contractors. A star glows, or becomes active, when a contractor uses his or her abilities, and when a contractor dies a star falls from the sky and vanishes forever…




Chapter 2 



I stared into the dark night, up…at the contractor’s sky. Hard to believe contractors and dolls have only been around for ten years. I wish I could pick them out in the street like I can my own kind, the monsters that hide among the humans. I can pick up their energies quickly, but contractors and dolls are still humans. They just dont act like it.

The wind blew wildly shaking my short, boyish, white hair with the leaves of the tree I stood under. I heard metal click. I used my quick reflexes on instinct and found my hand with sharp claw like nails two inches from a young boys face. He was putting together a telescope. I moved away a bit and looked back at the sky. “You know the real stars aren’t there anymore. So, what’s the point in watching them,” I asked him. “It’s a habit I guess. I used to watch them as a kid. Before the contractors appeared,” He said looking through the telescope. “I thought those things were supposed to be kept a secret from the public?” “I know a few things I’m not supposed to,” He answered. “What about you?”

“I know a lot. That’s all there is to it.”  “So, what’s your name,” I asked. “Lee Shankshun,” He said. “A Chinese man in Tokyo, Japan. An immigrant of sorts?” “No, just school,” he said looking at me. “You want to look?” He backed away from his telescope. “Sure, why not.” I looked into the piece of metal. Gazing at the lives of contractors that could be anywhere in the city. “Do you miss the old stars,” Lee asked. “Yes, I was a child in another village on the other side of Japan when they disappeared. I miss them so much…”

I let him get back to his star gazing. “I’m Konan Hio. I live in the same apartment building as you. I saw you come in this morning. Come and see me if you need anything,” I said walking away from the boy.

He reminded me of a contractor. The only one I respected. The resin I like this one contractor is because there was something special about him. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I just…

His star number is BK201, Name: Hei, Power: Manipulation of electricity. I’m the only one who knows this. To everyone else who knows about contractors he is a rumor called “The black reaper.” The only thing I don’t know is what his face looks like because Hei wares a mask to cover his face. He’s a very clever boy.

I remember meeting BK201 on a plane entering Tokyo.


 Chapter 3



I was going to Tokyo for no real resin at all. I had heard about the stars, the sky and the strange beings, so I wanted to see for myself. Little did I know, I was going to meet one, and become his hostage and his opponent.

There was a rumor that there was valuable cargo on the plane. Contractors only do what is best to achieve their goal. The goal they gave everything for. I guess Hei wanted it to get information from someone else. A fair trade. A man sat beside me. He had on a mask; sometimes when I looked it was smiling a crazy yet evil smile, I liked that face, and others the mask had a straight line making up the mouth. There was also a single purple line on the right side that resembled a lightning bolt that went through the right eye. I could identify his bullet proof jacket quickly; I had one just like it.

The man got up and went to the back of the plane. My sensitive hearings picked up on someone’s heart beat accelerate. Then stop all together. I got curious and followed the man; no one else seemed to care, that made me laugh.

I saw a guard’s corps lying lifeless on the ground. There was no heart beat and he was the only one back there other than me and the man who was nowhere in sight.  I gave up on the guard because he was dead, and continued to the cargo hold.

He ran past me when I was half way there. Hei had something in his hand, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Before I knew it he had my hand. “Play along and you won’t die,” Hei whispered in my ear. I nodded because he surprised me! I was not scared of a terrorist, that’s what I thought he was doing back then.

Guards came with guns. They shot at him, but his jacket protected him. I was tired of waiting! I kicked his shin and ran into the hold again. In the process I had grabbed the thing he wanted. It appeared to be a chip that held information. “You,” I said when we were alone. “What’s on this chip? What do you need it for? And what’s your name?”  “Hei and you don’t need to know the rest,” Hei said coldly.

He charged at me. A blade held in his hand. I blocked it with my bare hands. Not a mark was made on my skin. The blade ricashayed out of his hands and landed far away. “Answer me,” I commanded. We both heard people coming for us. Hei grabbed my hand and we jumped out the cargo hatch!

We fell for more than five seconds before he spoke to me. “Give me chip and go to Tokyo.” “Why?” “I’ll tell you all you need to know.” He took the chip, put his fingers on the tipples on my head, and shocked me. I blacked out after that. Hei had gotten me with his electric shock ability. When I awoke I was on the ground ten miles from Tokyo.

Hei earned my respect that day. I wanted to see him again. So, when he told me about the contractors, the sky, and the stars. I was so happy. He is the only contractor I couldn’t ever kill.


Chapter 4


I haven’t seen Hei in a long time. I really miss him. Not long after I started walking home an ominouse feeling began to follow me. It felt like I was bring watched. I was being warched by a spector. A spector is a type of ghost that is used for survalense, and their masters are the dolls.

      I looked at a pale of water and there it was. The spector.  Spectors need a medium to travle. The most common is water. I kicked the pale over and ran. Spectors are never a good sighn around here.

      Before I knew it there was a thin metal wire around my neck. I was draged away to a different location. It was too dark to see where I was.

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You better type the next chapter up soon. It's interesting... Witch chapter do we get to meether pet???


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