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hi , everyone

how are you?

i really don't what to say cause i really don't have anything to say


just if you want from me to make for you a banner




the link of the story


the titel

the back ground colour

some details


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Pics: I have a twilight-like book cover on the link, so maybe include a feather some-where in there, but renesmee pictures and cullers and maybe a jacob as-well, and charlie, and volturi. Ok, don't include like all cullers and stuff, but still :)

Title: sunset forest

Background: probably a sunset over a forest!

Details: a sequel to breaking dawn where the Voltouri come back, because they had close contact with a human. Along the way they have a contact with a werewolf, so maybe the one the cover as well.

Quotes: as the sun rose over the forest, I could see now. It was sunset in the forest.

My chocolate eyes went blank.

They were coming back.

Thanks, and please try! maybe have a bit of mystery in it too.

Thanks again,


hope u like it ... if u don't tell me and give me other pics

nice story by the way :)

Thank you, this is perfect! I really like the feather!

u r welcome :)

Thats neat how you do that.



the titel:Home is Where The Heart is

Backgroud color: green

if you don't like just tell me...

I love it thank you so much

can you add one more thing for me?

like that?

perfect thanks

u r welcome :)


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