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hi , everyone

how are you?

i really don't what to say cause i really don't have anything to say


just if you want from me to make for you a banner




the link of the story


the titel

the back ground colour

some details


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i'm so glad that you like it

have a nice day

you to. cool images.

























These Hard Months

Purple and Black?


hope you like it

Hey ...I'm looking around for a banner for an upcoming fanfic...and i hope you're the one that can help so...

Name: A romance in Italy

Author: Kimberly Thorne

Link to Story: I don't have it out yet as it's still in the making

Quick summary: It's a story bout Alec falling in love

Quotes: He was my own personel guardian angel...

Pics: have the freedom to choose but it must have Alec! (And can the background be a castle or a scene in Italy?)

So....can you do it?

sorry for being late

hope you like it

i'm so glad that you like it

sorry for being late

hope you like it

i love the banner.....but just out of curiosity...where's his love?


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