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hi , everyone

how are you?

i really don't what to say cause i really don't have anything to say


just if you want from me to make for you a banner




the link of the story


the titel

the back ground colour

some details


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Hi! I'll get you the info later.


Hi here's the info!

Title: Shadows

By: Alice:)




Color: Black or A sunset



hope you like it

if you don't tell me and i'll make another one

Thnx a lot it's ASUM!!!!!!
i'm glad that you like it

Title: Iris

Author: Shelby


what about the background?

maybe like a forest or earth colors

hope you like it

tell me what do think

I love it :) thank you
i'm glad that you like it

hope you like it

if you don't.. tell me


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