The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward have always been best friends ever since they were little there moms wanted them together well they grow up and start to fall in love with eachother but neither one of them will say anything because they dont want to ruin their friendship
will they finally tell eachother how they feel? or will someone else get in the way and stop them from being together?



Chapter 1


"Somebody call 911 shorty fire burnin on the dance floor-OH My God uh how much of that did you see"

edward was leaning against my door frame watching me dance to

'Fire burning' he chuckled and walked over to me "oh i seen this" he grabbed my brush i was useing as a microphone

and started fake snging he stoped and looked at me and smirked "to this"

and he started pounding his fists in the hair while he shook his hair

But since my was longer he just looked stupid i started laughing he stoped and looked at me "what's so funny?"

he smirked "you look so stupid your such a dork i swear why do i hang out with you?"

he acted as if he was thinking about it.

"well there's my charming good looks, my charm, my being popular oh and my sense of style"

he did a little turn when he said style "pick your choice but everyone goes for my looks"

"well its a sad day for you then cause i only like you cause your popular sorry to burst your bubble but i cant stand you"

i patted his shoulder as if i cared he put on his puppy dog eyes that i couldnt resist even when we were little but he was the same could throw that look out and he'd do whatever i asked.

"who let you in here anyway?" i asked not that i minded we were best friends ever since we were little him and his family

moved here from Alaska when he was 5 and we've been best friends ever since he's like a brother to me.

"your mom let me in i already said hey to your dad so he knows im here to so you cant try anything" he said as he

got real close to my face.

I smirked "wanna bet?" i asked he smirked back still just as close

"Oh its on like a butt on a pig" i almost broke out laughing ever since he read that book

he read that line and loved it he knew it made me laugh so he used it a lot.

I took a deep breath "HELP I HAVE A CREEPER IN MY ROOM DADDY HELP" i screamed before edward grabbed me and


covered my mouth "not much you can do when your mouths covered is their" he said

i heard the stomping of my dads feet running up the stairs i bet edward so hard i tasted blood in my mouth

he screamed and let go i fell to the floor and started crawling to the door i didnt get anywhere

then i felt edward grab my leg and pull me back "oh no you dont vampire"


As soon as edward was laying on top of me my dad walked in with a bat

i looked up "DADDY Help Me please" i said only screaming some parts "he's killing me i cant breath"

i choked out i heard my dad laugh then i seen my mom walk by and shake her head

edward chuckled "you can breath or you wouldnt be talking dum dum"

i squrimed trying to get away but failng

"i still have some air left in me moron" he looked a if he was sorry well i know thats a lie i seen in his eyes he thought this was funny

" well bells you might wanna listen to your song" he whispered in my ear "what song" i gasped for air "you need to lose weight man eddie your killing me" he laughed "well then SOMEBODY BETTER CALL 911 CAUSE IM KILLING BELLY ON THE BEDROOM FLOOR WHOA WHOA" He screamed by the time he said somebody"I would if i could get a phone but i cant move DADDY GET YOUR GUN SHOOT HIM IN THE BUTT HELP" i sceamed


if this was smeone else dad would of had a gun to his head with his hand behind his back in hand cuffs but it was edward he was like my dads son. Which was good im glad my parents loved my best friend but are moms had a different idea they

wanted us together as in boyfriend girlfriend at times it could get a little embarrassing. But we knew it was are choice and we just let it go

"Nobody can help you now little girl" edward laughed as he gave me a wet willy


I screamed he got up and ran yelling "VICTORY IS MINE" I scrubbed my ear sometimes he was so immature but i loved him anyway.

i walked out of my room with a foam bat green my favorite color. as i walked down stairs i looked in the living room no sign of dorkzilla.

as i turned the hall i was hit in the head by a foam sword we were ready for battle we used to do

this all the time when we were little we still do it now just not as much he grabbed at the bat and yanked it out of my hands

and pulled my back against his chest as he held the sword to my throat

"surrender and i might let you live" i tried to get out of his grip with no such luck he was stronger than me

"never!!" i screamed


"kids dont you have a movie to go see tonight?" my mom asked us as she walked in on us fighting "oh yea i forgot let me go edward i need to get ready" he let me go and i ran upstairs to get ready i put on a medium blue shirt with dark blue jeans and some flats i brushed my hair and kept it wavy put on some make-up and walked down stairs.


Everyone was downstaires talking "come on edward i dont want to be late" i whined like a five year old he stomped his foot as he got up "urggg fine whatever lets go" he whined right back i giggled i could see in his eyes that he was actually calm i waved at my parents

"bye mom bye dad dont wait up love you" i called while walking ou the door

"love you too" they called back. and we we off to see 'my soul to take' i grabbed his hand and we skipped to his volvo that he got last year for his sixteenth birthday he loved his car never let anyone drive it i swear it was like he was a mom

and that was his child.


if you like it tell me and I'll write more im goning to update 'I wasnt planning on falling in love with you'

tonight and if you like this story I'll update this tonight to

tell me what you think








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Chapter 7

"i love that band and song i wouldn't think someone like you listened to that" Jacob said shocked i nodded. "yea sugarcult is awsome i love there song pretty girl (the way) its just i dont know i just like it" i said shrugging we laughed jacob was really sweet i felt really close to him whoever leah was she was really lucky to have him.

"what do you think about bowling for soup?" i smiled "i love them favorite song would have to be girl all the bad girls want" i said he thought about it."yea thats a good song" we were walking over to his car "what kinda car do you have?" i asked he looked at it then back at me and grinned "its a rabbit"
"does it go fast?" i asked playfully " uh its- its decent" he said and nervously chuckled i laughed "im kidding" he looked a little relieved "good because it only goes about 100 mph" he grinned we had a lot in common we liked a lot of the same music, movies, shows ect. ect. He just had something abut him that made me feel safe.

"well your really lucky im all about safe driving dad being a cop and all" i smiled he backed up and held his hands up in surrender "well then mabe i dont ant to get to close i wouldnt do to well in jail" he said playfully I laughed and playfully punched his arm while rolling my eyes. "just dont get on my bad side and i'll think about keeping you a free man mabe" i chuckled i looked behinde me feeling someones eyes on my back and seen tanya glareing at me and edward glareing at jacob.

Whats that about i mean edward usually never glares at anyone well except for a few boys but that because they wouldnt leave me alone but he wasnt bugging me he didnt hover over me makeing me feel like their was nowhere to run and he had a girlfriend. "Jacob take me home....Now" tanya said with venom in her voice. He rolled his eyes "sure sure.....bye bella see ya tommrow?" he asked getting in his car i nodded "yea see ya jacob" i said walking toward edward.

"hey eddie how was your day" he was still glareing at the car jacob drove off in he finnaly looked at me "fine how was yours" he said in a hard tone "umm it was fine are you ok did i do something wrong?" i asked he got in the volvo "get in" he said i crossed my arms over my chest who does he think hes talking to

"um not with that attitude im not whats up with the tone?" i asked with a hint of a attitude in my voice he was not going to tell me wha do do at least not eith that tone he wasnt. He sighed "please Izzy get in " he said in his velvet voice i dropped my arms and got in "thats better now whats wrong?" i asked he shook his head "do you like him that....jacob guy" he said his name with haterd. well i mean yea i liked him he was a sweet guy and a good friend. "um yea i guess" he gripped the stering wheel so tight his knuckles were turning white.

Edward was glareing he looked like he could kill something or someone. "um edward are you ok?" i asked he nodded his head but i didnt believe that one bit. "why are you all um angry?"i asked again he turned to me his eyes showing no emotion their were blank. "he isnt your type Izzy he just screams player hes a jerk trust me i should know" he said i gasped i couldnt believe he was telling me this i mean really he hasnt even gotten to know him.

"you dont even know him and your telling me hes bad have you see his sister i only said hi welcome to our school and everytime i see her she glares at me ok has jake glared at you no he hasnt you know what just take me home i dont want to hear this!!" i said angry i cant believe him hes my best friend but hes acting a jelous boyfriend.

"j-jake you have a nickname for him already let me guess he told you to call him that he probly has every girl call him something you know why because he's a PLAYER!!" he yelled the last word i cant believe were haveing this fight....i cant believe were haveing a fight we always get along we were the same people like we were made for each other

But things change.....people change and thats something i have to get in my head edwards not going to be with me my whole life he wont be by my side keeping me out of harms way he will have a girlfriend that will beome his wife, he'll get mairred, have kids, and i'll be nothing but a memory mabe its time i let him go he seems like he likes that tanya girl.

But why does it hurt so bad thinking about this because hes part of me thats why but it'll be better for him i thought to myself i took a deep breathe. "forget it i'll walk home" i said with acid im my voice make him think you hate him let him go my mind told me. i opened the door and slamed it shut and started walking off he did the same "Izzy wait im sorry i shouldnt of raised my voice at you its not your fault im being stupid i just dont want you to get hurt im sorry." he said to me i started jogging but he grabbed me by the arm.

"i heard you grabbed her butt is that true" i asked sternly with tears in my eyes he looked torn and hurt "yea but it was a dare bells i know i shouldnt of and i dont know why i did im sorry" he said honestly. i cried harder

"please bella stop crying ok i dont want you to get hurt i hate seeing you cry and i hate the reason your cryng is because of me i never want to hurt you Izzy id rather die then be the cause of that pain."
It hurt so much to hear that why? mabe because jasper was right mabe i was falling in love with him. but i couldnt let him know that i couldnt ruin what we have or what we had considering what im about to do.

I took a deep breath its time to let him go bella dont ruin his life sooner or later we were going to seperate and live our lifes s why not start now.
Im sorry edward but its for the best I thought to myself "I think we should stop being friends it would be for the best" i said he looked hurt
"bella if its that tanya thing i told you i was sorry and the jacob thing im sorry it was stupid of me i know that please dont do this im sorry"
he said almost in tears himself.

"no edward we cant be friends because I HATE YOU OK JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" i yelled i turned to run away "your lieing bella i know it im sorry please" i shook my head "im not lieing i never ant to see you again I HATE YOU" i saidwith acid in my voice while running away. I ran without tripping i looked behind me he stood their dumbstruck i left my life behind me i cried even harder than before.

"I will always love you eddie" i whispered while running i felt like my heart was ripped to dust but this would be good it would be good for him anyway he can start a new life without me.

hey guys i know its short but as soon as i get my computer fixed ill write a longer chapter and sorry for any spelling mistakes

that was amaZIng!! i loved it!! more please!!!
Poor Edward!!
update soon
omg wtfreak she do that 4!? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr bella!

okay I just read the first chapter and then never read the rest so I'm like a new reader???

OKay, Bella R U seriuos??!?!! Why break up what hasnt started?.. just stupid

Eddie boy. Why did you grab Tanya's but... that was also stupid and just tell Bella how u feel.. it has worked in other stories :) *LOLing* Maybe it will work here to..

Dear Eddie boy: Climb up to Bellas room and tell her every secret then do like the Movie Twilight Robert said to Kristen.. "Dont move" then he kissed her. That, will win Bellas heart. It won almost every girl, mother, woman hearts in the world

LPT, Sofia

Okay I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this story I just love to fight with the characters, is something normal for me LOL hahhahaahhaha

And Jacob STOP flirtibg u have a GIRLFRINED!!! lol

Omg wow please update ASAP please!!! Silly Bella! She should have said "no edward we cant be friends because I..... LOVE YOU BE WITH ME FOREVER!!!" LOL UPDATE SOON! AND IF HE GOES OUT WITH TANYA....... I'M SURE HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE FROM................YOU GUESSED IT! BELLA!
post more soon
I hate that Bella hurts Edward like that.... It never makes sense to me to hurt someone you love..... Cant wait for your next post
one word=> AMAZING.
wow! love it!


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