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Hello, my name is Isabella Swan. But most people call me Bella. I'm 24 and for 2 years I have been working for the Alice corp and Alice magazine. Founded by the one and only Mary-Alice Cullen. This is my dream life...well not exactly. My dream life is working side by side with Alice herself. But we all know my chances are slim out of thousands of people wanting to work with her. I'm just another employee who manages the lines. The designers that call in to be put on the magazine. I know, not that exciting. Answering the phone and speaking to the secretary of the creator of Dolce&Gabbana (D&G), Nina Ricci, GUESS, XOXO, Nine West, you get the point.


Still living with my parents in Pittsburgh it's been tough. I should be out of the house by now but with my son Gabriel it's been hard. I got pregnant when I was 19. I fell in love with a boy named Jacob. We'd been best-friends since third grade. When we turned 15 we became more than just friends. Dated for four and a half years. His dad (Billy) forced him to join the armed forces. We slept together the month before he left me. After that I never saw him again until one of the army men came to his father home saying his son had died while on duty.


Jacob knew about Gabriel. He left knowing when he came back he would see his baby boy. That never happened and I never loved again.


But from now on my life is going to change. Alice's assistant-secretary got very ill. She has cancer and soon she will start chemo. Alice is looking for a new assist-secretary and well...I got and interview after sending in my resume. This is my dream to work with Alice and Alice magazine. To be a part of creating it. My only chance is to get that job. And I will do what every I can to get it.




Authors Note:


Ok guys, I got this idea of making a story like this after watching “The Devil Wears Prada” and everything just sprung together. Just to make it clear the Cullen's are humans and Bella is also human. Charlie and Renée are still together. I hope you liked this. More updates soon.



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Cover Girl


Chapter Three: Falling back hard....



It's been stuck with me all day until the next morning. The kiss I mean. It doesn't matter what I do or at least try to do my lips still tingle at the warmth of his. I know it smelled horrible. He smelled like booze and vomit but that day I felt something stir inside of me. Something I hadn't felt it a while. And to tell the scares me. I...I'm not ready. I'm not ready to move on. I know I have hanged on to Jacob for 5 years and that's a long time. But to me it doesn't feel right to just leave him or even enough time to get get back out there.


Yes, I know what he would have said if he were still alive. “Bella, you have to find happiness.” He'd say in his deep husky voice, “You can't hang to me for this long. You must move on,”. But I have to hang on to him. I have to have some sort of connection with him. Leave my body pure and honored to only him. But I can tell this feeling for Edward would not let up. At this point. I really don't know what to do. So for now I'll let the chips fall where they may and pray they fall correctly and that I would stay away from him. I will not jeopardize my career with Alice Fashion.



* * *


It was nearing 3:00. My eyes stared at Elena as she typed on her computer right across from me. But I wasn't really staring at her. My mind was somewhere else completely.


Finally she looked up to meet my blank eyes and scowled. “You know that's starting to creep me out.”


I shrugged my mind still not completely back.


She sighed and continued typing. But then the door opened and Alice came in. A smile on her round face. She was talking to a trainee who was going to be taking my place. But I wasn't really focused on her as she blabbed on to the tall girl with golden locks. I looked at the new girl. She was drop dead gorgeous if you don't register the fact that she's a little pregnant. Probably four to five month. You've at least got to meet her. She was blond and had a slim figure. Her eyes were blue. I mean not just any blue but they literally looked like a splash of water.


She caught me starting and smiled at me flashing her pearly white teeth. Her face wasn't all that caught my attention. It was what she wearing. She could be wearing a potato sack for all I cared and still be rocking it.


I smiled back to her and that's when Alice noticed our little silent communication. Alice looked at me and her eyes slightly narrowed her lips parted and said, “Bella, get back to work. I don't pay you to stare.”


She looked away from me to the blond girl and uttered in a polite tone, “Follow me, Rosalie.” Then they were gone. Into Alice's office.


The entrance door opened again and Edward walked in. With out even glancing my way he also went into Alice's office.


My eyes immediately went to the floor and I completely forgot that Elena was there too in that scene.


“Oh no.” She said, “Don't tell me you falling for him.”


She snickered. “Let me tell you honey...don't waste your breath or your time on him.” Elena sighs the next moment. “He's not worth it.”


My lips purse and I begin to get up. “I'm done here, Elena. Can I go home?”


Elena nods. “Sure, whatever. I'll finish up here.”



* * *


On the ride home I couldn't help but think about what Elena had said. Was she right? Was I wasting my time on a man who never really cared for me? I wasn't sure. And it made me even more unsure when I drove into the drive way and watched Gabriel who sat on the front lawn brighten up and give a smile. He reminded me so much of his father sometimes it hurts.


“Mom!” He yells.


I smile as I get out of the car bending down and arms wide open to catch him. He runs right into them and I hold him close. Then he begins to push away. “Guess what?” He says.


My grin gets bigger. “What?”


“Grandpa promised me to go to Disney World on March break.” Gabriel continues.


My eyebrow raises in surprise. “Oh really?”


He nods. “Really.” He breaths.


From the corner of my eye I see my dad walking towards us. “What, are you really going to crush a poor boys dreams, Bella.”


Gabriel shakes his head. “Yeah mom. That's low.”


I scrunch my eyebrows. “Where did you learn that?” And in that second he is our of my arms and running for the house giggling with delight.


I look up at my dad as I straighten up. “What's this?” I ask. “I know you not only doing this for Gabriels benefit. There is something up.”


He sighed and his lips begin to purse. “Okay. I have notice you have been having a hard time lately. And with Jacob––” He trails on about Jacob.


“Just spit it out dad,” I say.


“Right. With Jacob not here anymore and your work plus Gabriel asking so much about his dad...I know it can be stressful.”


I nod. “Thanks dad. I appreciate it.” I walk myself up to him and hug him. At first he stiffens and the gesture then places his hands on my back hugging me in return.


We walk inside and I get right on to the project Alice had given me a day ago. I hadn't even touched on it and it was due in three weeks. It just an organization of her knew brands she was creating. I was suppose to organize it according to name, year it was going to be let out then (I don't know why but) color. Plus I had designers products who made it past the waiting list and got to get on the magazine. I had to plan how we are going to do this this season. Last year we did plaid.


Suddenly my phone vibrates. I check the callers name but it says private name.


“Hello?” I ask.


“Hey, what up?” I freeze at the voice.


I swallow hard before answering. “Quil?”


“Yeah, you actually remember me honey?” He says.


“Uh...yeah.” I hadn't seen Quil or the rest of the La Push boys from Washington since Jacob's funeral. I mean I live in Pittsburgh. How were we suppose to meet.


His voice turns blissful,“Do you wanna meet up. I'm is Emsworth. Were close right?”


“Sure. We are.” I shudder.


“Okay then lets meet up this weekend. Can you?”


“I can.”


“Same address? Of course. Bye Bells. See you then.”


“Bye.” I reply. Then the phone cuts off.


Quil is coming?



Wats up w/ Quil and Bells? She seemed kind of.....scared, if I may. I hope nothing's wrong in between them.
Whats with Quil?? SHe seemed freaked!
She is. Thanks for reading.
Wow loved it
love it!!!
love it cant wait for more
Update me!!!!

Interesting. I love it. Really really really love it. Can't wait to read more and... Could you please, update me?

- Ash


oooh, interesting, I love it, post more soon :)




Thank you for reading... You just might be right on that one.


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