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Hello, my name is Isabella Swan. But most people call me Bella. I'm 24 and for 2 years I have been working for the Alice corp and Alice magazine. Founded by the one and only Mary-Alice Cullen. This is my dream life...well not exactly. My dream life is working side by side with Alice herself. But we all know my chances are slim out of thousands of people wanting to work with her. I'm just another employee who manages the lines. The designers that call in to be put on the magazine. I know, not that exciting. Answering the phone and speaking to the secretary of the creator of Dolce&Gabbana (D&G), Nina Ricci, GUESS, XOXO, Nine West, you get the point.


Still living with my parents in Pittsburgh it's been tough. I should be out of the house by now but with my son Gabriel it's been hard. I got pregnant when I was 19. I fell in love with a boy named Jacob. We'd been best-friends since third grade. When we turned 15 we became more than just friends. Dated for four and a half years. His dad (Billy) forced him to join the armed forces. We slept together the month before he left me. After that I never saw him again until one of the army men came to his father home saying his son had died while on duty.


Jacob knew about Gabriel. He left knowing when he came back he would see his baby boy. That never happened and I never loved again.


But from now on my life is going to change. Alice's assistant-secretary got very ill. She has cancer and soon she will start chemo. Alice is looking for a new assist-secretary and well...I got and interview after sending in my resume. This is my dream to work with Alice and Alice magazine. To be a part of creating it. My only chance is to get that job. And I will do what every I can to get it.




Authors Note:


Ok guys, I got this idea of making a story like this after watching “The Devil Wears Prada” and everything just sprung together. Just to make it clear the Cullen's are humans and Bella is also human. Charlie and Renée are still together. I hope you liked this. More updates soon.



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Please update me, I love this!!!

Quil? You have to be kidding me. But fine by me.

Cover Girl


Chapter Four: Coming Forth...


I stood there staring at the beige painted wall. He's coming. I kept telling myself but for some reason it felt like all a dream. Ok so here the story, Quil was one of Jacob's best-friends back in Washington. That was when they were bad. Really bad. Jake told me about those times once. I could still remember the time he sat me down in my kitchen table to tell me the story.


* * *


It had been a three years and somewhat months now we've been together. I knew close to nothing about Jacob and today of all days I couldn't handle because he came back from Washington for a woman named Emily's funeral.


He sits me down on one of the kitchen chairs and starts passing. A few minutes pass and I murmur, “Jacob please.” So he sits down in front of me and takes my hand.


I wait for him to speak and something bubbles inside of me when his lips purse then part from each other. “Ok here it is, Bella. and Quil were bad. I mean real bad. We got in trouble a lot. Not just by our parents. But the law. You know by stupid boy stuff like lighting fireworks illegally in park or spray painting walls.” Jake pauses.


I hadn't really met anyone of Jacob's friends down in La Push. Only one named Seth who seemed pretty nice so I thought the rest were ok too. But that was back when I lived in Forks and he La Push. I moved to Pittsburgh in seventh grade and Jacob's been visiting when ever Sam Uley Jacob's older brother comes to see his girlfriend also in Pittsburgh. We both went to Forks Elementary together though.


I squeeze his hand to tell him he should keep going. He takes a deep breath and sighs it out slowly. “But there was this one time–” He continues. “I don't know what I was thinking. But of course I was sixteen and stupid.”


“You were only sixteen not long ago.” I say.


He glares at me. “That's what I mean. I grew out of it, you know?”


“Anyways, we thought it might be cool to stalk Quil's new girlfriend.” When I give him a disapproving look he takes to defensiveness. “Quil didn't like her anyways. He was about to break up with her 'cause he found out she was with Newton family.”


I blink to that. “Ok. What was wrong with the Newton family. Mike was nice.”


Jacob doesn't say anything but looks at our hands. “Uh, they were absolute geek, Bella! You know that.”


I try to protest but his fingers block my lips and so I give up. “Forget about it.” He says. “Do you want to here this or not?”


I nod.


“Ok. We were stalking her and making weird noises to freak her out. We being childish I know but I never really liked her myself. I didn't realize that Quil brought a prop knife with him from one of Rachel's play she used to do. I heard them talking about it a couple of days ago but I didn't put much thought into it.” He says.


“I freak out on him when I notice it in his hands 'cause I think it real. When I realize it isn't I calm down a little but get this uneasy feeling. But being me I didn't back down on the mission. We stalk her for a couple of blocks trying to scare her. Then Quil gets the idea of confronting her with masks. I say yes cause he is my best friend and we do.” Jacob starts to giggle. “She totally freaks out when she sees us. What I didn't know is that she had called 911 cause she noticed us and seconds late we heard sirens buzzing near us. They were only a few feet from where we stood and a cop comes out of a car. Quil totally makes a run for it and I just stand there paralyzed.”


Jacob sighs. “Long story short we went to those station jails and spent a week there for harassment. The sad thing is when I told Quil couldn't hang out with him anymore he freaked. He thought it was all his ex-girlfriends fault. Three weeks later we get a visit from the police saying that Quil's ex-girlfriend was seriously injured and Quil was nowhere to be found.”


He shakes his head ashamed and I rub his back. “I guess I know now why you wouldn't tell me about you mysterious La Push friends. Are they all that bad?” I ask.


Jacob shakes his head again. “No. You've seen Seth. He's and angel and Paul isn't so bad. Jared might be rowdy but he has his serious moments, Embry is a doll.” I laugh at the last one. “Leah is cool too.”


I raise my eyebrow after that last name. “Leah?”


He laughs at that one. “Yeah. She's Seth's older sister.”


“Hmm...” I say and everything is back to normal. I'm not mad at Jacob anymore for not telling me. I understand now that some people's past aren't as pretty as mine is and I respect Jake for that.



* * *


Suddenly a knock on the door disrupts my thoughts. I jump and look around. I begin to panic and quickly put away my things. Then I here a voice call from the front room. “I'll get it!”


“Gabriel,” I whisper. Then I'm running out of my office on the main floor and through the kitchen and the living room to the hallway. Abruptly I stop and gasp. It wasn't actually Quil. But Edward instead.


“Gabriel go watch TV and turn the volume real high.” I say.


A grumpy face come to contact and he replies, “Why?”


“'Cause I said so. Now go!” I push him away from the door then watch him leave.


When he's gone I turn back to Edward. “Why are you here.”


A crocked smile appears on his lips. “I wanted to ask you something.” He walks into the house and looks around.


“What?” I say eyes narrowed.


He flinches. “Why the angry face. You aren't mad about kiss, are you?”


I shake my head to quickly and reply. “No,” to strongly.


Edward laughs. “No harm done.”


I clear my throat and decide to be the one to confront this question first. “What do you want?”


He passes me and walks into the kitchen. I follow him an realizes he stops right in front of one of the wall pictures I hanged. It was the one of Jacob and I when I was six months pregnant with Gabriel. Jacob was stroking my stomach was visibly shown. Smiles of both of our faces.


“That is the boys father?” He says.


I nod. “Gabriel. That's his name. And that's Jacob, he died in a war before he got to see him.”


Edward strokes the picture with his thumb and forefinger. “That's nice.”


My eyes narrow. I didn't understand what he meant by that. How is it nice that Jacob died? I want to scream at him. How is it nice that he left me with a young child to take care of and a career to work at? You so stupid, Edward.


“Anyways.” He continues. “Alice is having a faculty party to begin the fashion year at this fancy ballroom called La Belle Prix. She asked me to invite you. Dress nice. In a gown I mean.”


I nod. “Sure. So are you going around to every faculty we have in the building and inviting them?” I ask sarcastically.


He shakes his head. “No. Closest faculty only.”


“Oh.” I watch his him walk out of the kitchen and out the door. Nothing more said. I knew Quil wasn't coming today after that. I didn't know how I knew but my mind was so full of Edward that nothing else mattered. How could you stay away from a man like that? How could you even imagine it?


I can't.



Love it!!! Update soon!!
love it!!
I love it!! post more soon!!
oooo, sounds amaaazing. i love that movie too ^.^
thank you.
He is. But it's just and invite. It doesn't mean anything.
love it!!
i swear Alice will flip out and have both of their heads!


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