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This is those who read the story Crank by Ellen Hopkins. And if you haven't then don't worry because everything that happens in that book is being put into my story. It strats in new moon after edward leaves, bella meets a boy named Adam. He intruduces her to the moster. Crank(crystal meth, for those who don't know) It becomes an adittion and she can't stop. Should I write it? Open to all comments.!! :D

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wow bella....way to ruin ur life...
when and if edward comes back...its gonna get interesting...
man yaya, i just might have to read crank. if it weren't for alejandro soto, i'd still be interested. is it easy like annie's baby was for me. 'cause i only read that in 3days.and don't forget about my and my sister's books. i'll call you tomorrow
wow this is good. funny besides sm, ellen hopkins is also my favorite. have u read her other ones? he book tricks came out, i didnt get it yet
wow this is good keep writin and keep me updated me it does not sound like bella...but i love the idea! <3
please post more soon! :)
Not a good way for Bella to be ruining her life.
when are you gonna write more?!?!?! this fanfic is really good!!!!!
yup this weekend!
i'll update this weekend everyone!!
collio cant wait!!!!
when are you gonna update?!?!?!?


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