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This is those who read the story Crank by Ellen Hopkins. And if you haven't then don't worry because everything that happens in that book is being put into my story. It strats in new moon after edward leaves, bella meets a boy named Adam. He intruduces her to the moster. Crank(crystal meth, for those who don't know) It becomes an adittion and she can't stop. Should I write it? Open to all comments.!! :D

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yeah! It would be very interesting!
sounds like a good plot line i think u should write it tbh :)
I have been waiting to read the Crank books!
It sounds really good!
Tell me if you are going to write it! :D
writing right now!!
Only four months ago my only love left me. Only four months ago I had no clue about the monster. Now I can’t seem to run away from him.

I met Adam four months after Edward left. He was a new student at our school. Our shy eyes met from across the room. He smiled at me. I smiled right back. Weird. Usually everyone ignores me because I’m crazy. Adam approached me during lunch, inviting me to sit with him.
“Sure, I guess.” I said as I followed him to an empty table.
“What’s your name?”His voice sound so sweet almost as if you could taste it.
“Bella,” I said.
“Bella,” he echoed me. “Pretty name, of course not as pretty as you.”
I blushed. What was wrong with me? Adam still stared at me waiting for me to say something.
“Look Adam, I know what you’re trying and it’s not gonna work so might as well give up.”
“What’s that? Something wrong?”
I sighed. “I just broke up with my boyfriend and I’m still not over it.”
“Oh. We he was a jerk. Who would give you up? How about we talk about in my car. Don’t worry. No silly games here.”He said with a smile.
I thought about it. Maybe if I just tell him everything he will go away. He stood and hand out his hand to me. I took it. He held my hand as he let the way out of the cafeteria and into the parking lot towards his car.
We climbed in and sat there for about two seconds before we said anything.
“So this ex-boyfriend of yours, what was his name?”
“Edward” I flinched. But somehow the hole in my chest didn’t hurt as much as before.
“Tell me about him.”
I told him how we meet, our meadow, my attack form James, every precious thing over the summer, then my recent birthday party. I couldn’t help but cry at the end of my tale. Well maybe now he will leave me alone. Instead Adam took me into his arms and held me gently.
“Well, like I said before, he is a jerk, how could anyone dare to leave you?” I stare into his hazel eyes that nearly matched his cream coffee skin. He stared right back until he slowly brought his face towards mine. I didn’t even try to stop him. I wanted him to kiss me. And when he did my life change forever.
i would like to know what happens next ,i think maybe you should make chase her a little more before the kiss, bella is not so forward . it would be interesting to see him chase her and win her over a little x
sounds good
Wow keep on writing its so good and plez keep me updated plez!!!! lol And theis sonds really an AWSOME story lol keep on going update soon!!! lol
I read the book, sound a very good version.

Chapter 2 Adam kissed me soft and gentle. I expected hard, rough, and mean. He wasn’t being careful and I was. I pulled away.
“Sorry it’s just that I still love my-“
“No need to explain. I was going too fast, just friends for now?”
“Sure.” He pulled out a cigarette, and then looked at me.
“Do you mind?”
What should I care? His car. His lungs. “Go ahead.”
He lit it up and took a drag. He offered one to me. Usually I would say no, but I didn’t want to seem like a total loser. After all he is the first person I really had a conversion in four months. I took the cigarette, inhaled a puff and tried not to cough my lungs out.
“You’ve never tried this before have you?”
I shook my head and blushed.
“Here let me show you.” I took a second drag. It tasted a whole lot better. Soon I knew how to inhale and exhale to smoke that filled my lungs.
“If you really want to drag, you gotta try the crank. It will take you to heaven. Forget about your problems, cuz once you’re on crank your flying.”
Heaven? Flying? Crank? Well I’d like to forget about the for a little while maybe crank is exactly what I need. Maybe Adam just might a good friend after all.


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