The Twilight Saga

this is a new twilight story. bella just moved to forks and edward and rosalie are together and they are the cullens with carlisle as there father. another pack of vege vamps move there two. emmett alice and jasper hale. esme is a house disiner.emmett and alice are together. jasper loves bella, bella loves edward,edward loves rosalie and bella ,rosalie loves emmett and edward, emmett loves rosalie and loves alice and alice has a HUGE cruch on jasper. this is just all crazy wrong love. will anything end the way it should? will emmett and rosalie be together? will edward and bella? with jasper and alice?
or will esme and carlisle?

chapter 1 bellas prov. the move
i packed the last of my clothes. i was heading to the town of forks. where my father lives.
i hate that place.
my fun loving mother drove me to the airport.
she looked at my upset face.
"bella sweet heart you reallydon't half to do this..." she started.
"no mom. it's ok i want to go." i said, she gave me a look that just plainly said 'do you really think i am that stupid?'
i was always a bad lier.

at forks
"bella!" called my father charlie.
"dad!" i yelled trying to sound exited. "oh i am so happy your here bells!" he said.
"ya so am i..." i sighed.
"bella i have a surprizefor you." he told me. i purked up. he knew i liked suprizes.
i hated people spending money on me though.

edwards prov.
we were starting over again. heading to forks.
"baby? are you done packing?" asked my beautiful lady. rosalie.
"oh yes i am and why?"i asked. she jumped on me. "this is why." she pined me down and kissed me.
her long flowing hair few into my face.
"rosalie edward time to go!"carlisle yelled to us. she got off of me. i piggie backed her all the way down the and rosalie climed into me volvo. carlisle went in his marsedes.

jaspers prov
we were at the small town of forks. i heard emmett and alice in the other room making alot of banning.
i wish i had a mate.
first day of school was tomorow. i was thinking of asking esme to travle the world to find my mate.
they has to be someone out there... for me.

bellas prov
i drove to school in my rusy old truck. i got to school early. so i went to the front desk.
"um exuseme?" i asked the woman sitting at the front desk.
"she put down her book called 'the pearl' and said "yes how may i help you?"
"um i am isabella swan but i would perefure if you called me bella."i told her.
"ah yes... well here is your class scagaule and a map of the school." she hanned them to me.
"thanks..." i said and trudded off to class.
first i had calus.
i sat down.
"hi. you must be the new girl.. isabella right?" asked a girl with strawbarry blond hair.
"um just bella." i said. i really disliked it when people called me isabella.
"oh. well hi i am jessica." she seemed nice.
"it's nice to meet you jessica."

edward's prov
"rosalie.. theres other vampires here..." i told her. "i know.. i smell then to." we looked around. and then a little pixie like girl holding a really big guys hand walked in. a blong boy followed
they saw us. the pixie like one just skipped up to us.
"hi i am alice hale! this is my mate emmett hale and my brother jasper hale." she said.
"um.." i spoke up "i am edward cullen and this is my fiancee rosalie." rosalie waved to them.
"hey want to sit with us at lunch?" alice asked.
"ya that would be fun." rosalie said.
"ok see you then. and alice skipped to her next class.

so.. what do you think? should i wright more. it will get better.

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