The Twilight Saga

this is a new twilight story. bella just moved to forks and edward and rosalie are together and they are the cullens with carlisle as there father. another pack of vege vamps move there two. emmett alice and jasper hale. esme is a house disiner.emmett and alice are together. jasper loves bella, bella loves edward,edward loves rosalie and bella ,rosalie loves emmett and edward, emmett loves rosalie and loves alice and alice has a HUGE cruch on jasper. this is just all crazy wrong love. will anything end the way it should? will emmett and rosalie be together? will edward and bella? with jasper and alice?
or will esme and carlisle?

chapter 1 bellas prov. the move
i packed the last of my clothes. i was heading to the town of forks. where my father lives.
i hate that place.
my fun loving mother drove me to the airport.
she looked at my upset face.
"bella sweet heart you reallydon't half to do this..." she started.
"no mom. it's ok i want to go." i said, she gave me a look that just plainly said 'do you really think i am that stupid?'
i was always a bad lier.

at forks
"bella!" called my father charlie.
"dad!" i yelled trying to sound exited. "oh i am so happy your here bells!" he said.
"ya so am i..." i sighed.
"bella i have a surprizefor you." he told me. i purked up. he knew i liked suprizes.
i hated people spending money on me though.

edwards prov.
we were starting over again. heading to forks.
"baby? are you done packing?" asked my beautiful lady. rosalie.
"oh yes i am and why?"i asked. she jumped on me. "this is why." she pined me down and kissed me.
her long flowing hair few into my face.
"rosalie edward time to go!"carlisle yelled to us. she got off of me. i piggie backed her all the way down the and rosalie climed into me volvo. carlisle went in his marsedes.

jaspers prov
we were at the small town of forks. i heard emmett and alice in the other room making alot of banning.
i wish i had a mate.
first day of school was tomorow. i was thinking of asking esme to travle the world to find my mate.
they has to be someone out there... for me.

bellas prov
i drove to school in my rusy old truck. i got to school early. so i went to the front desk.
"um exuseme?" i asked the woman sitting at the front desk.
"she put down her book called 'the pearl' and said "yes how may i help you?"
"um i am isabella swan but i would perefure if you called me bella."i told her.
"ah yes... well here is your class scagaule and a map of the school." she hanned them to me.
"thanks..." i said and trudded off to class.
first i had calus.
i sat down.
"hi. you must be the new girl.. isabella right?" asked a girl with strawbarry blond hair.
"um just bella." i said. i really disliked it when people called me isabella.
"oh. well hi i am jessica." she seemed nice.
"it's nice to meet you jessica."

edward's prov
"rosalie.. theres other vampires here..." i told her. "i know.. i smell then to." we looked around. and then a little pixie like girl holding a really big guys hand walked in. a blong boy followed
they saw us. the pixie like one just skipped up to us.
"hi i am alice hale! this is my mate emmett hale and my brother jasper hale." she said.
"um.." i spoke up "i am edward cullen and this is my fiancee rosalie." rosalie waved to them.
"hey want to sit with us at lunch?" alice asked.
"ya that would be fun." rosalie said.
"ok see you then. and alice skipped to her next class.

so.. what do you think? should i wright more. it will get better.

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he he!! i like evil laughing!
i love it
i really like it
Keep writing it's really good. Keep me updated pleez
chapter 2 bellas prov
i was walking to lunch. i made a few friends today. mike, eric, a really nice girl named angala and.. i forget the last one. but she talked alot.
i pulled out my binder and ffound a free page. i doddled dimonds.
when i was on the fourth row i banned into something. it was hard and cold.. probley the wall.
i rubbed my head.
then i opended my eyes to a hand streached out to me. i took it.
it was a boy with bronze hair.. he was pretty attractive.
"sorry i was not looking where i was going." he said.
"no, no that was my falt. um i am bella swan." i said streaching ut my hand to chake with his.
"edward cullen." he murmerd. his hand was cold and hard.
almost as hard as the wall.
then i let go of his hand and walked to the lunch room. ok now thats why clumsy people like me never doddleand walk.
i spotted angala and happely took a seat beside her that she was saving. on the other side of me was mike.
and beside his was that girl... whats her face!!!
jessie or something?
"so you enjoys the snow jessica?" mike asked the girl.
jessica! well jessie was close. give me some cretet.

edwards prov.
i was walking down the hall to the lunch room. then i rememberd i left my binder in french class.
i started walking back looking down at me feet. then something bummped into me.
a girl fell to the floor.
i strechedout my hand to her. she rubbed her head and took my hand.
i tryed to read her mind. nothing.
i tryed again.
well this was getting fustrateing.
"um sorry i wasn't lookig where i was going." i said to her.
"no,no that was my fait. i am bella swan." she streched out ther hand for a shake.
"edward cullen." i said. her human instinks should be tellig her to run! maybe there was somthing wrong with her brain.
this is something tell carlisle and rosalie. she shiverd at thefelling of my cold hard hand.
then she walked away. i was still trying to read her mind.
it was impossibe. what i would give to get inside her mind. when she left the halls were pretty much clear. so i ran to french class and backto the sam spot as fast as i could.
then looked for rosalie.she was sitting beside that... emmett boy. she patted a seat beside her. i walkedup the the seat and gave her a quick kiss.
then i notest bella was watching me. i looked away from her.
then i looked at.. jasper washis name?
i read his mind.
*why can't i fell her emotions? werid.*
he thought. that was werid.
"so..."emmett began.
"what bringsyou here? and you don't drink human blood?" he asked.
"no" i anserd.
"i didn't think there was anyone else like us." alice said.
"you know that don't drink human blood.well lets get to know each other better.. do you have any special abiliteys?" she asked.
"um i can read minds." i said.
"i can't do any thing really. but edward thinks it's my extram beautiy!" rosalie said smileing. i smiled at her. she really was the fariest of them all.
jasperfake gagged.
"so you to are together i am gessing" alice said.i nodded.
"well i can see the future. emmett her can't do anything but he is alot stronger than other vampires."alice said the planted his a kiss on the cheek.
"i can control emotions." jasper said.
"hey youguys know that swan girl?" jasper asked. that cought me off gaurd.

jaspers prov
i kept staring at bella. i couldn't fell her emotions or anything!
maybe i could get alice and edward to try to use there powers on her.
"hey do you guys know that swan girl?"
"um ya. why" eward asked. "i can't control her emotions" i said.

i will wright more later.
g2g 2 church.
i really like this i cant wait to see how this is going to play out
this is so good
plz write more
This is good ^^ write more please
more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
chapter 4 edward and alices plan
jaspers prov
there was one thing i knew... bella was different then other humans. something about made me... happyer. being around her made me less thursty now.
like i was ment to be with her... NO JASPER! remember what alice said,
"she's a human jasper! you can't love a human. you could kill her!" she had yelled at me.of chores i am not a danger to her. i don't thurst when i am around her.
alices prov
i loved jasper. more that i loved emmett. i always have. but when emmett showed compassion for me.. i couldn't turn him down. but he go's to fast for me.i like relationships to go slow.
so i sat there looking into the future hopeing to find me and jasper holding hands or something. but everytime... i got him in bellas room her laying on his chest.
i needed to find i way to keep him away from her. i new this would happen evenchwaly. he would find someone. but not a human.
that gave me a better exuse to keep him away from her.
i wanted jasper... for me. i know selfish but i really do like him. his beautifuly curved lips just made for kissing. his flaless chest his brillyent hair...
then i heard a knock on the door.
"coming!" i yelled and skipped to the door like nothing happend. crap.
"um... hi edward.' i mumblled.
"ya hi alice. why don't you tell jasper you li-" "shhhhhhhhhhhh!" i yelled. then i pushed him out of the house. i took him deep into the forest so noone would here.
"so you like jasper?"he asked. i took a deep breath breathing in aall the sentsaround me.moss the leaves and the moring dew sliping off a leave above me and landing on my foot.
"yes." i admitted. "but i love emmett to. i- i don't know what to do edward." i said. i would of cryed... if i could. "shh alice. don't cry. i can help you get him... but theres a problem." he said.
"what?" i wined. "he is in lovee. with the human girl bella." he wisperd the last name. then i had a viston.oh god. "you like bella!" i yelled. "shut up alice. no i don't!" he angerly wisperd.
"opps sorry. but you will.. i see the future remember! we could help eachother get our mates!" i yelled and did a little dance. "no, no alice. i love my fiance rosalie."he said.
"uh hu really? then why do i see you running away from her at the alter?" i asked. i like looking into the future ok? i just wanted to see what the wedding looked like! i litterly screamed in my mind.
"ok,ok fine i do kinda like is kind of interesting. i can't.. i can't read her mind. it's just that she is so... mysterious. she talks in her sleep and says my name.. i-"
"i know you can't help but love her. i understand. i know exackly how you feel. but try feeling like this for 26 years!" i yelled.
"i have an idea." edward sceamed.
"what edward! what is it!" i litterly screamed. "shhhhhhh! ok i will tell you. step 1-"
bellas prov
i read my e-mail as soon as i got up. i had 5. wow. all from mom. i laughed quietly to myself. that mom of mine. i dobble clicked on the first one,

i miss you already. so does phill. is it raining? what kind of question is that?
i miss you! god you got old to fast. how is charlie??? how is school? make any new friends?
anyway i g2g plez wright 2 me soon baby!
love, mom.

i opened up the second
why havn't you e-mailed me back yet?? i am getting worryed.
hey sweet heart have you seen my pink blouse?
i need it for party i am going to tomorow.
well love you and wright soon!

now the therd.
wow my mom! then i opened up the second last one. that one was from yesterday night.

i dobble clicked the last one as began to read. it was from this moring. it said,
i hope you are safe bella. i love you. wright back before i go mad honey!!
love, mommy

i quickly made my way to "new e-mail" and started to tipe.
mom mom calm down! i am fine. you know we should both get an msn so we can just talk strate up.
and yes... of chores it'ss raning mom. charlie is fine. happy that i am here. school is.. fine. i made some friends. jessica, angala, mike , ben, eric lauren and tyler.
and you left your pink blouse at the dryers. you where saposed to pick it up remember??
i love you mom!
love, bella
getting ready for a boring wednesday at school.
i walked outside and sliped on some ice. "are you ok?' charlie asked. i rubbed my head. "ya fine." i responded.
charlie came over to me and helped me up.
"i hate ice. and winter, AND SNOW!" i yelled. charlie laughed. "you might want to get used to it kiddo" i laughed. "i am trying."
i was eager to get to school. i really wanted to see... edward. i was going to demand to know what was happening.
and jasper.. kept looking at me. he was charming i'll admit to that.. but there is something.. mysteryous about him.
i wanted to know more.
jaspers prov
i watched bella come out of her house while i was hiding in the bushes. then she slipped on the ice. i fought the urge to help her up ask if she was okay and to hug ger to me. and for her to hug me back. an then to take a step back and look into ly eyes and hoestly say...
"i love you jasper hale." it was hard to fight that urge. i wanted to be hers and for her to be mine... but i didn't want to hurt her.
a soul like hers disurves better... but i wasn't going to leave. i loved her to much. i was going to stay and maybe.. just maybe ahe would fall in love with me.
Edwards prov
me and alices plan was easy. it's wouldn't be to hard. first.. get esme and carlisle together so we all live together. then when rose and emm are together alot something might.. click.
i was pereparing myself for a long byosigey with bella and her mouth watering sent!
"hey rose, emm jazz. alice." i said siting at out table. "hey edward. um guys me and edward where thinking... i mean you guys are like family to us so what if we.. got esme and carlisle together. we could all live together as a big family!" alice said exited. "wow. we would be a big coven." jasper said.
"and would we be the cullens or hales?"rosalie asked. "well i thing we should be the cullens because carlisle is a cullen and if he marrys esme.. she is a cullen tow. so if both of them are cullens.. souldn't we be to?" emmett suggjested.
"woh! hold up! first we need to get them together!" alice said.
"then we can focuse on the small things like are we going to be the culens or thee hales or we are going to be to huge of a coven.. what ever!" alice yelled.
"howare we going to get them together?' i added. "um... i got it! ok get this we have a party just the seven of us. we make sure esme and carlisle are together to hole time.
hopefully they will fall in love a little. we just keep having get togethers. like hunting.. and shopping." emmett said and looked at alicee and kissed her litly on the lips. she smiled and then giggled. i read her mind.
urg! i hope this plan works i want jaspers lips so badddddddd!
i shot her a disscussed face.
opps sorry edward. she thought.
" wow. emmetts smart.that could work... ok lets get the party planed." rosalie said. i smiled at her. she looked like she would of blushed and she looked down to the ring i gave her and played with it.
"you thinks he's smart. ha! try living with him" jasper laughed. rose shot him a glare. alice smiled. "it's true though." alice said aloud. then rosalie shot her glar to alice.
"well, we will all be living together soon anyways so i will experience him myself!' she snapped at jasper.
yes, yes she would "experience" him herself.
i chucked darkly to myself.
This is really good, please post more soon!


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