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Best Story About a Different Coven/Vampire


In this comp, you need to write a story about a vampire or a coven that does not focus on the Cullens. It can be about any of the vampires/covens that already exist in Twilight. Such as;


The Amazon Coven





The Denali Coven

Eleazar - Carmen

Irina - Laurent






The Egyptian Coven

Amun - Kebi

Benjamin - Tia


The Irish Coven


Siobhan - Liam


The Romanian Coven




The Volturi Coven

Aro - Sulpicia

Caius - Athenodora

Marcus - Didyme


The Volturi Guard


Chelsea - Afton









The American Nomads


James - Victoria


Peter - Charlotte



The European Nomads


Charles - Makenna


Your story can be about any of these covens or any one of these vampires. Again, please don't make your story too long. But don't make it short either. Please post you entry in one comment. Posting it in several parts only makes it confusing.



  • No vulgarity, foul language, etc.(because this is also the whole group's rule)
  • Please don't be rude to other authors or readers if you don't like what is in one of the entries. You can criticize without being mean.
  • Have fun!


If you have any questions or need any help, send me a message or leave me a comment. If you're not sure if your entry will be acceptable, please send it to me before you post it!



Writers ~ Only 20 Allowed

  1. NinaღRose ~ Entry on Page 8 - 1 Vote
  2. bailey, darling. (: ~ Entry on Page 1
  3. Katie ~ Entry on Page 2
  4. maressa cullen ~ Entry on Page 13
  5. §♥Heather♥§ ~ Entry on Page 11
  6. Don'tByIt ~ Entry on Page 6
  7. MRS TWILIGHT ~ Entry on Page 7
  8. TeamCarlisle+Esme ~ Entry on Page 13 3 Votes
  9. TheDreamWorldIsMyHome ~ Entry on Page 7
  10. ♥Robsessed♫Mieke♥ ~ Entry on Page 13
  11. lacey leanne cullen:) ~ Entry on Page 8
  12. ℓαurεη hαwthorη™ ~ Entry on Page 11
  13. TωilightFrέak~{Peeτα}~> ~ Entry on Page 9 5 Votes
  14. кяιऽऽιε ~ Entry on Page 11 - 1 Vote
  15. Lauren Jackson ♥ ~ Entry on Page 11
  16. Wolf Girl 101 ~ Entry on Page 10
  17. Isabella Marie Swan ~ Entry on Page 8


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Can I be a writer in this ? It looks like fuuun. (:
I want to join Nina!!
I wasn't Aro's favorite, but I guess that's a good thing. I wasn't gifted, and I didn't have a mate to comfort me when I closed my eyes and saw the man.
The man's name was Leon. I was a twenty year old young seeking adventure in Paris, France when he found me on the top of the Eiffel Tower late one night.
"Bonjour," the man said. "Do you speak English?"
I looked toward him. He wore a dark overcoat, and his hair was an ashy shade of blonde. I never saw his eyes, only his pale skin.
"Oui," I responded. I could hear my mother's voice in my ear, telling me that I was making a mistake.
"My name is Leam," he introduced. I took the hand he was holding out an shook it.
"Santiago. Nice to meet you," I shook. That's when I saw his eyes. They were midnight black, like a starless night. "Leam, sir, your eyes are remarkable."
The man laughed. "Thank you, your a kind young man. I hear that your kind tend to die young," he stated.
I laughed nervously. "Would you mind my asking what are you talking about?"
In the flash of an eye, it was over - my life. My screams could be heard all over France.
No one reported me missing, no one organized a memorial service, no one even told my mother. The last time I saw my mother was when she was being lowered into the ground.
I was left there to die. The man named Leam, if that's his name, wanted me to die, but he didn't take enough blood. Renata found me and took me to Aro. I told him that I wanted to die, and he didn't see a point in wasting an immortal. Now, I'm the closest thing - undead.

"Santiago, Aro would like to see you in the Hall promptly," Felix ordered. I followed him into the Hall of the Volturi, where only Aro sat in his chair. Felix left us alone, and Aro and I were alone.
"Santiago, please, we must have a serious talk. I feel you have... Served your purpose here on the Guard. I made a mistake, and I'm genuinely sorry for what's about to happen... But, girls!" He clapped twice and two twin girls emerged from behind his throne. "This is Abigail and Aleese. They are here to kill you. Girls, please," he gestured toward me with his hands.
"Death." They said in unison. Poor children, they looked no older than nine or ten years old.
I didn't fight the pain, I accepted it, welcomed it. I wanted to die, I wanted to see my mother again, and apologize for everything. I wanted to sleep again. I wanted human life. When I felt my skin beginning to crack and chip, I didn't scream. I was reduced to a pile of dust in only a moment.

All of the rumors you may hear about vampires not having souls, and being damned, isn't true. I made it to the gates of Heaven, and when they opened, I saw Mother waiting for me, aged and wrinkled. I raced to her, and when I felt her sweet embrace, I never wanted her to let go. When she did, I saw a wet pool of tears soaking her gown.
Finally, freedom at last.
I agree.
My entry is also a Volturi fanfic!
Cool!!! Mine is a Jane fanfic called A Second Chance :)
Cool!!!!!!!!!! I like the picture of Tanya!!!
Thanks! I really didn't think that it was a very good entry, but thanks anyway!
I have a story about Kate and Garret. Is that acceptable?
Sure. I have to find the story first and if not then I'll write another short one. Thanks, Nina!
It's so hard to find good pictures of strawberry blondes, I've tried looking for them on Google and Bing but nothing ever comes up so I always settle for a picture of Cameron Diaz for Tanya. LOL
Here is my entry Nina, it's 2:07AM where I live so this might not be all that good...

A Second Chance: A Jane Volturi One-Shot


The Volturi don’t give second chances, trust me, I would know.


One Hundred Years Ago:

I walked down the street of Volterra, Italy, my home. I was on a mission for my new boss, Aro, I was a secretary in his building, my twin brother, Alec, worked with him inside the throne room.

My mission was to find one of the guard members who had run off, why Aro didn’t send Demitri, I have no clue. I knew what they were, it didn’t bother me.

I’ve been searching for hours now, and nothing. Corin probably fled the country. I hope Aro is not mad at me…

“I told you to find him, no matter what!” Aro screamed, I had told him that Corin fled the country and that I could not track him down.

“But Master, he left the country, how am I supposed to find him?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“You were supposed to bring him back.” He was so angry.

“Please Master, give me one more chance, I will find him!” I pleaded.

“The Volturi don’t give second chances.” He said and bit down on my neck.

Present Time:

I walked into the throne room, “You wanted to see me Master?”

“Yes Jane, I have something I would like you to do for me…” He started, “We have a new member, I want you to train him.”

“Yes Master.” I said and Aro called to Felix. “Bring him in.” He said.

Felix left and returned with a male newborn, he was very handsome. Felix stopped in front of Aro and bowed, he then left and Aro, the newborn and I were the only ones left in the room.

“Jane this is Chase, he is the newborn you will be training. He has a strong power, much like yours, he can bring pain to people by thinking of ways to hurt them, and it happens, very interesting you see… I want you to teach him how to use his power in battle and how to control it. Train wisely.” Aro said and then left the room.

“Okay first things first, get everything right the first time, the Volturi don’t give second chances, trust me, I would know.” I stated,

“One thing down, a million other to go.” Chase said with a laugh.

“Do you think this is funny?”


“Good, now your training begins.”

I’ve been training Chase for a week, he knows how to use his power, and he uses it well. I had a human brought to us during one of our training sessions, I told him to use his gift, but I gave him the way to hurt the human to see how it would work, it did, the human caught on fire after a moment of Chase thinking.

“You’ve done a great job Chase.” I told him after our last training session, “Aro will be proud of you.”

“Thank you Jane, that means a lot to me. Aro is going to be more proud of you than he is me.” Chase said and grabbed my shoulder.

“I’ve been a part of the Volturi for over one hundred years, Aro is always proud of the newborns if they succeed, he is never proud of the trainers.”

“I don’t believe you. You are a wonderful girl, and a great trainer.”

“I’m also a monster, and so are you.” I looked into his eyes, I always hated the color red when I was human, when I became a monster, I hated myself.

“Does that really matter? We get to live forever! There has to be some glory in that!” He sounded just like a child.

“Yes well, Aro is waiting.”

“Jane hold up! Stop for a second, listen to me,” He turned my face so I was looking at him again, “You said we don’t get second chances, what if this--this life--is our second chance, our second chance at life…family…our second chance at love?”

“What if it isn’t?” I asked.

“Then let’s make it.” He said and leaned down and kissed me.


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