The Twilight Saga

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Best Story About a Different Coven/Vampire


In this comp, you need to write a story about a vampire or a coven that does not focus on the Cullens. It can be about any of the vampires/covens that already exist in Twilight. Such as;


The Amazon Coven





The Denali Coven

Eleazar - Carmen

Irina - Laurent






The Egyptian Coven

Amun - Kebi

Benjamin - Tia


The Irish Coven


Siobhan - Liam


The Romanian Coven




The Volturi Coven

Aro - Sulpicia

Caius - Athenodora

Marcus - Didyme


The Volturi Guard


Chelsea - Afton









The American Nomads


James - Victoria


Peter - Charlotte



The European Nomads


Charles - Makenna


Your story can be about any of these covens or any one of these vampires. Again, please don't make your story too long. But don't make it short either. Please post you entry in one comment. Posting it in several parts only makes it confusing.



  • No vulgarity, foul language, etc.(because this is also the whole group's rule)
  • Please don't be rude to other authors or readers if you don't like what is in one of the entries. You can criticize without being mean.
  • Have fun!


If you have any questions or need any help, send me a message or leave me a comment. If you're not sure if your entry will be acceptable, please send it to me before you post it!



Writers ~ Only 20 Allowed

  1. NinaღRose ~ Entry on Page 8 - 1 Vote
  2. bailey, darling. (: ~ Entry on Page 1
  3. Katie ~ Entry on Page 2
  4. maressa cullen ~ Entry on Page 13
  5. §♥Heather♥§ ~ Entry on Page 11
  6. Don'tByIt ~ Entry on Page 6
  7. MRS TWILIGHT ~ Entry on Page 7
  8. TeamCarlisle+Esme ~ Entry on Page 13 3 Votes
  9. TheDreamWorldIsMyHome ~ Entry on Page 7
  10. ♥Robsessed♫Mieke♥ ~ Entry on Page 13
  11. lacey leanne cullen:) ~ Entry on Page 8
  12. ℓαurεη hαwthorη™ ~ Entry on Page 11
  13. TωilightFrέak~{Peeτα}~> ~ Entry on Page 9 5 Votes
  14. кяιऽऽιε ~ Entry on Page 11 - 1 Vote
  15. Lauren Jackson ♥ ~ Entry on Page 11
  16. Wolf Girl 101 ~ Entry on Page 10
  17. Isabella Marie Swan ~ Entry on Page 8


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thank you lol
That was....sad.

Mine is about Kate and Garrett together, I decided finally. I luuuurve them!
I love it Nina!!
me too i loooooooooooooooooooove it
This is so good you should make it a full story.
My story is is a short story about Peter and Charlotte.This is about them and there life before going back for Jasper.

Leaving the New born Army:

My name is Charlotte and I'm a newborn about to be killed.Jasper called my name to be next.I walked into the barn type thing were Jasper and Peter the stronger Vampires of the group."Jasper we cant kill her",Peter said.
"Yes we can Peter",Jasper said.I looked terrified till i was picked up by Perter.
"Fine Jasper then I'm leaving send my regards to Maria",Peter said before running off with me.We finally stopped.He looked me in the eyes."I'm sorry Charlotte i couldn't let them kill you i love you to much",He said Peter loved me.
"I love you two",I siad and i meant it.He lend down and kissed me.He grabbed my hand and we went hunting.I drained four without having to fight someone for it.I liked not having to fight for my food.And i had no fear of being killed any more.After that Peter pulled me down onto the rock.I kissed him."Peter what do you think will happen to Jasper after we left",I asked?
"I don't know Charlotte",He said.With that he kissed me again.

Present day:

Me and Peter we going back to get Jasper to take him with us.We arrived at the army.Jasper was sitting alone on a rock."Jasper lets go we can do so much better than this place",Peter said.
"What do you mean",He asked?
"There's a place you can go were you don't have to fight for food were you don't have to be afraid of being killd just come with us",I asked?He looked up thinking for a long moment.
"Fine ill go but were",he asked?
"Diner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,",I said.
"Okay lets go",he said.We ran to the Diner and Jasper walked away from us.He came back later."Pete and Charlotte im leaving",He said.
"Okay Jasper Its your choice im sure we'll meet again Fair well Jasper",Peter said.
"Fair well Jasper",I said.
"Fair well Peter Charlotte",He said.Jasper walked away from us to a pixie like girl who hugged him.
ik it soounded fun anyway hee hee i like to write:)
lol im sorry it just sounded fun i never thought about righting a story like this so i wrote and thx:)
My internet got shut off. But I wrote the story on my computer. I'm at my friend's house. So...I promise I'll have it up ASAP, kay? I'm getting my internet turned back on in a couple of days, I think...
I will get mine done and added soon - is there a dead line?

One Shot by Lauren Jackson

Did he realize how strong he could be?
The power he holds?
Does he know he can crush a tiny little human’s head with his pinky finger?
What about love?
Do you think the strongest of strong could love someone?
Even with a tiny heart and huge muscles, that big lump of vampire, could and does – love.
You ask who would love him.
Well maybe someone who is as strong as him. Someone who loves a man who can fight.
What if the Master did not approve?
He would take her into a dark corner. Even though she was his mate, she distracted him from his work.
Aro did not approve of Felix’s love for Emma.
He would take her to that dark corner and a dark room – all alone.
He would crush and kill her. Turn her into vampire dust.
Crush her head. Break off her helpless arms. Crack her tiny little lady legs off. Burn her to ashes. Burn her until that sweet smell would fill the halls of the castle.
Felix was not happy of what Aro did in that dark corner in that dark room.
He ran out of the castle in rage. He was so angry he fed that night like he never fed before. Drinking blood to calm him – which did not work a bit.
Rampage ran through Volterra. Mast murders were popping up all over the city.
Families in fear. Quaking in their boots. When they can’t even afford a crumb of bread, they have to watch out for their families.
He did not know what he was doing. Feeding, planning – Feeding on poor souls and planning against Aro, wanting to take him down. Wanting to kill him. Do what he did to her. Burn him. Crush and kill him.
But Aro did not approve of all Felix’s killings, but he did not let the others know.
He called Felix back to the castle. No one was there. They went to clean up stupid Felix’s mistakes.
He is no longer the strongest. No longer the most threatening to all life.
Maybe because death, real death, brought him troubles.
Aro was once proud of his guard. But then he found love and became careless.
So he simply took him into the dark empty castle.
He was not expecting what Aro was going to do.
In that instant of complete silence, in that instant when He didn’t know what Aro was going to do, all Felix heard was, “You were strong – so sad you had to disobey.”
And he heard a crack.
His body fell to the ground. His body burned up in the flames and for a second time, the sweet smell filled the Volturi Castle.
But you think it ends there?
More and more. More, more and more killings appeared.
The Guard still has not returned.
Aro grew angry.
The Guard turned against him. Leaving him to burn up in anger. Swelling with rage, Aro killed himself.
And the world burns to a crisp from vampire rage in 3043.


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