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Best Story About a Different Coven/Vampire


In this comp, you need to write a story about a vampire or a coven that does not focus on the Cullens. It can be about any of the vampires/covens that already exist in Twilight. Such as;


The Amazon Coven





The Denali Coven

Eleazar - Carmen

Irina - Laurent






The Egyptian Coven

Amun - Kebi

Benjamin - Tia


The Irish Coven


Siobhan - Liam


The Romanian Coven




The Volturi Coven

Aro - Sulpicia

Caius - Athenodora

Marcus - Didyme


The Volturi Guard


Chelsea - Afton









The American Nomads


James - Victoria


Peter - Charlotte



The European Nomads


Charles - Makenna


Your story can be about any of these covens or any one of these vampires. Again, please don't make your story too long. But don't make it short either. Please post you entry in one comment. Posting it in several parts only makes it confusing.



  • No vulgarity, foul language, etc.(because this is also the whole group's rule)
  • Please don't be rude to other authors or readers if you don't like what is in one of the entries. You can criticize without being mean.
  • Have fun!


If you have any questions or need any help, send me a message or leave me a comment. If you're not sure if your entry will be acceptable, please send it to me before you post it!



Writers ~ Only 20 Allowed

  1. NinaღRose ~ Entry on Page 8 - 1 Vote
  2. bailey, darling. (: ~ Entry on Page 1
  3. Katie ~ Entry on Page 2
  4. maressa cullen ~ Entry on Page 13
  5. §♥Heather♥§ ~ Entry on Page 11
  6. Don'tByIt ~ Entry on Page 6
  7. MRS TWILIGHT ~ Entry on Page 7
  8. TeamCarlisle+Esme ~ Entry on Page 13 3 Votes
  9. TheDreamWorldIsMyHome ~ Entry on Page 7
  10. ♥Robsessed♫Mieke♥ ~ Entry on Page 13
  11. lacey leanne cullen:) ~ Entry on Page 8
  12. ℓαurεη hαwthorη™ ~ Entry on Page 11
  13. TωilightFrέak~{Peeτα}~> ~ Entry on Page 9 5 Votes
  14. кяιऽऽιε ~ Entry on Page 11 - 1 Vote
  15. Lauren Jackson ♥ ~ Entry on Page 11
  16. Wolf Girl 101 ~ Entry on Page 10
  17. Isabella Marie Swan ~ Entry on Page 8


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Siobhan was my creator and Liam her partner and me ... I am Maggie the vampire with powers. I know they love me, well Siobhan does Liam has always been silent and strange to me. He never sai to much, like he knew what was needed and what not. But when he and Siobhan were together no words were needed.

That's how this little cottage had become my little spot, I had discovered it on one of my walkes. After some little adjustments it had been prefect. I had painted the seeling black with the moon and sparkling stars. The walls had all a different theme: forest, beach, mountains and a library wall. For the rest I had placed an old seat, a little table, some candles and bookshelves in it. The windows I had painted black so that they wouldn't show it that somebody was in the little house. I loved spending my time with the books that I had found. Most of all I loved Alce in Wonderland, to travel through that magical world.

While reading it again, I heard something and it was moving fast. I placed the book on the table and didn't blew out the candles, cause vampire eyes saw more than human eyes. So he or she would notice the tiny difference in the black windows color. I didn't moved I only chringed myself for the attack and hoped I would be strong enough. Suddenly I only heard silence and looked to the 4 little windows to see if I saw something that didn't belonged there. But I couldn't see nothing, the only difference was that I didn't want to go outside. When the door opened the only thing I could do was to crowl into the fartest corner oppposite to the door.

It was very hard to keep looking to the door, what was happening with me?!?

I heard a whispered "Hello" and all of a sudden I felt normal it was so strange that I looked into the most beautifull blue eyes and I whispered "Hello" back.

I started laughing because of that and closed the door. This felt so right, I could nor sensce one tiny bit of anger from this vampire.

"I'm not allowed to talk to strangers so let me introduce lyself. Hi I'm Maggie!"
"Glad to meet you Maggie and I'm so sorry for what happened a couple of seconds ago, I'm Fred"

I was baffled "So you mean that you were the one causing all of those feelings, it felt horrible." But when loking into his eyes again I saw regret and the knowledge he already had about his powers. 'I'm sorry but I only have one seat and no chairs; I never expected any visitors." I said smiling.

"That's no problem at all Maggie the floor is good enough for now." He said smiling back.

We started talking and I knew this was just the beginning of a magical part in my own everlasting life.

(I know that it's not vey long, having some creativity issues. But hoping it's okay.)
Yep that Fred. I thought they would make a great couple hehe. I love Fred.
And thank you Nina!!!!
*Sniff* poor irina...and i know how you feel about the length! i was considering writing a ffic about the denali sisters...would you like to co-write?
love it
hmm. this was really hard because everyone's story was unique but my vote goes to........

ilove this story soo much *

--x good job to everyone who participated =]
I vote Three Coins in a Fountain by Team C+E
That was good and sad. You should write a full story about the Irish coven. I've never read one. I've read stories on 4 different sites. Not a one on them. They were a good choice .
grr they're all soo good!! i hate voting! it's so hard!!
but still, i suppose i should.
hmm Haunted, Electric Circuits or Lie to Me...
*pulls hair*
*bites thumb*
*twists chair*
my vote goes to:
Lie to Me
I vote for Lie To Me
My vote goes to:
14: Krissie ♥
I really like it. It's awesome


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