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Hi! This is my second time to write a fan fic and I hope all of you would you like it. Its about Nessie at the age of 17 and she is famous. She still doesn't know Jake imprinted on her. Enjoy!

Renesmee's POV:

I glanced at the mirror and sighed. People behind me were fussing over my hair and my schedules. Its amazing that a few months ago, Our class participated in this show and some Talent scout thought that I had "it", whatever that is, and now, I'm a huge success. Not like were having money problems just surprising. People know me by the name of "Vanessa" and my last name was "Swan". We didn't want people to know the Cullens had a daughter already since its been only 4 years and I looked 17. To others, I'm just Nessie. I wish I could keep my real name (Renesmee). I really loved it. Being famous has is down sides too. Like no privacy and endless meetings. Actually, I didn't have any plans to be famous but if I refused the offer, people would start getting suspicious. It is also weird because, who ever heard of a vampire that is famous? People don't know I'm a vampire of course. Its just weird. We still live in Forks but if I have a shoot or something only mom, Jacob, and Alice came. Their sparkling skin might set us off. They always wore clothes that cover every inch of their skin. I was in Los Angeles, for a live concert. "Dressing time! Alice called. Alice was my personal fashion designer. I don't really care about fashion much but Alice insists. I must have gotten that from my mom. I stood up and went in the dressing room to change. My change of clothes were always placed in my dressing room to avoid fuss.

I slipped in to my outfit which was a White dress that swayed with me when I moved and white heels with a pearl bracelet. I always told Alice to not over do it so she just does this cute outfits like what I wore. I got out of the dressing room and everyone gasped. That always happens. "Oh Nessie, You look like an angel." Mom hugged me.

"Thank you. Alice has done a great job."
"Yeah I know. Your up in thirty seconds so go greet your boyfriend or something." Alice said snappily.
I laughed and searched for my boyfriend, Kyle Stanley. Kyle is actually a movie actor and I met him when I did my first movie. I really love Kyle. He revolves around my world and I know he loves me too. Maybe hes the one for me. I caught his scent and found him outside beside Jacob. My heart thudded against my chest. It always happens when I see Kyle or Jacob. I don't know why. It just happens. It was so obvious Jacob didn't approve of Kyle when I brought Kyle to meet my family. Of course, Kyle doesn't know we are vampires. Normally, I would find Kyle adorably handsome with his reddish-blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes with a built body but when he is beside Jacob,Kyle looked so dull compared to Jacob. I wanted to bite myself for thinking that! I snapped out of my day dreaming. "Hey babe." Kyle stood up and hugged me. I hugged him back.
We heard the cheers of the crowd outside. "Sounds like a storm out there. You ready?" He teased.
I rolled my eyes. "Sure."
Jacob stood up too. "Hi Jake. Thanks for coming with me." I said as I hugged him. His body felt so hot. We didn't let go of each other until Kyle did a theatherical cough. We both let go of each other and I blushed furiously. Why did I hug Jacob in front of my boyfriend?! I wanted to slap myself so badly! To make it up, I turned around and kissed Kyle on the lips. I knew that would make him forgive me. Finally, I let go.

"Nessie! You're up!!" The stage manager called. "See you later." I winked at both of them. "Um," Kyle murmured, still dazed from the kiss. If I saw it correctly, did Jake look angry..? I forgot about Jake as soon as I went on stage. The lights went out and I sat on a feathery couch which matched my outfit. The lights slowly went back on giving me an effect. I began to start singing a song made by dad called, "Its always you.". My family takes turns in making songs for me. The crowd grew wild when I finished my song. I saw some tears on their faces. I began to sing the next song made my Jacob called, "If you just knew.". I have to admit, Jake really did good on making this song. It was such a passionate song its like he could actually feel it. After I sang a couple of more songs, I was done. The crowd really grew wild. I ran backstage and hugged my mom and Alice. "That was so terrific!" They both cried. I smiled. "A stampede is about to happen. We better split Nessie!" Alice called out happily. I laughed. "Be there!" I replied. Kyle and Jacob headed for me and I gave them both a hug.
"You are absolutely the best!" Kyle exclaimed.
"Stop that!" I scolded. I was blushing furiously. For a famous person, I get pretty shy too.
He laughed. "Well, I have a contract signing in my next movie and I have to split."
"Oh." I murmured and kissed him and he left. "You were amazing Nessie." Jacob said and searched for my eyes. I avoided his eyes for some reason. "No! It was your song that made today great." I blurted out unthinkingly. His lips twitched as if to smile. I just smiled back. "Ten seconds before the fans break down the door!" Alice called out. I didn't utter another word and changed into a jeans and a shirt in a matter of seconds. We all headed fro Alice's Porsche just in time to escape the stampede. Alice drove and mom sat in the passenger's seat. Me and Jake sat in the back.
Alice eyed my outfit disgustingly.

"Why do you have to wear a simple jeans and a shirt? Can't you even look famous?" She scolded. I sighed. Were just going home. Whats the big deal? Jacob's hand and mine accidentally touched. A burning sensation went through my body not because of the heat. It was something else..
"Nessie can wear rags and she'd still be famous!" Mom said. I smiled. Alice tsked-tsk. "Why can't we even use a limo? Why my car? Nessie should act like a star, you know!" Alice scolded me again. Alice has been dreading for us to get a limo but I refused. It was way to slow and too obvious. Alice was so pushy because she didn't see a vision of us getting a limo. "Oh come on! A guy is trying to sleep here! Get off Nessie's case and if you want a limo, be a famous fashion designer." Jacob complained. I smiled at his funny defense. "Shut up, dog!" Alice whispered. She was definitely annoyed. A 1 hour later, Jacob fell asleep beside me. Alice kept complaining about why did they have to drive and not ride a jet until mom told her to be quiet. I told them before that I wanted just ride the car instead of a plane because it would be private. But secretly, the real reason was, so that I could be with Jacob longer. I was sure I wasn't cheating on Kyle. I just wanted to spend more time with my best friend. Jacob looked so handsome when he is asleep.

I brushed off his hair that was hanging loosely in his face. I sighed. I wish Jacob would find love soon. I knew how hard it is for him to watch love in the Cullens but he shouldn't worry. His imprint will show up soon. Jacob's face was always jealous when he saw love. He would find his soon too. I sighed. Whoever this girl that Jacob would imprint to, better be a nice girl! Some moments later, my eyes fluttered open. I must have slept. I had good sleep. I was really warm. I saw Alice, mom, Dad, and Rosalie in front of the car watching me. Why are they watching me from the outside? I stood up and gasped. Oh my gosh! I slept on Jacob's chest while we were in the car! He was still snoring loudly and wasn't aware of what just happened. His gray shirt clung to his chest, showing his muscles. I panicked of what just happened and stumbled my way out of the car. Geez. A clumsy vampire. I thought as Mom and dad helped me up and brushed me off. I'm not clumsy. Actually, this is the first time I've been clumsy. "Did you had a nice nap?" Dad asked. I blushed. "Don't tell Jacob okay?" I asked. They all exchanged glances and smirked. "Sure." They all replied in unison. I heard Emmett burst out laughing from inside of the house. That woke up Jake. "W-what?!" He glanced frantically side by side. He calmed down when he realized it was just Emmett. He noticed us looking at him. "What are you all looking at?" He complained and watched me. I blushed and dashed inside.
Gosh! I am so stupid! Why did I run away? Ugh! That was so embarrassing. "You were great Nessie." Carlisle and Esme complimented. "Thanks." I laughed, still embarrassed from the running away. Dad, mom, Jake, Alice, and Rosalie poured in. I blushed again. Jake opened his mouth as if to say something but the phone rang and I dove for it.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Nessie? Its me Kyle." He said. I smiled.
"Hey! Whats up?" I fiddled with my hair and I saw Jake glancing at me.
"Um, I was wondering if, we could go to dinner tomorrow, if your not busy or anything." He stuttered.
What was he so nervous about?
"Wait. Let me check my schedule." I shot a glance at Alice and she took one quick look at my schedule and presented me a thumbs up.
"I'm free!" I announced.
"Great. I'll meet you in our first date place. You remember where our first date was right? He asked teasingly. Of course I remembered. It was in a fancy French restaurant where he told me that he loved me.
"How could I ever forget? Sure. Does seven sounds good to you?" I asked.
"Yeah." He whispered.
I hung up. I felt relief that Kyle asked me out on a date. I was too busy with concerts and movies and stuff. I guess Alice is probably preparing my clothes right now. "You got that right." Dad laughed.
I laughed. "Why do you go out with that jerk Nessie?" Jacob grunted. He was obviously not expecting an answer but I answered anyway. We had this quarrel a couple of time already. "Because I love him. Thats why." I snapped at Jake. He flinched and I instantly regretted it. "I'm going to Billy's." Jake announced and went with shoulders slumped. "Augh." I groaned and flopped down on the couch. "Whats wrong?" Rosalie asked and sat next to me. "Its Jacob. Why does he keep looking out for me? What does he care if I love Kyle but I feel awful when I snapped at him. Why is that?" I rushed. Rosalie touched my shoulder gently and shrugged. "Its just a misunderstanding. Besides, you should get used to him. He was there before you were born. I'm already used to that mutt." Rosalie laughed a bell chime laugh. I joined her laughter half-heartedly.
"Maybe your right. I'm going to sleep now." I muttered and walked upstairs. I'm so exhausted. A lot of things happened today. Good thing I'm home-schooled. I kicked off my shoes and went inside my even-larger-walk-in-closet. Alice just had to re-did my entire my closet when I became famous. As if my old closet wasn't big enough. I got into a soft sweater and pants and slept. I slept dreamless.

I yawned loudly when I got up. I looked at clock and it said, 2:34. Wow. I slept that long? I sighed and got up. I took my morning shower and got dressed. I was about to o down when Alice called. "Nessie. Come here." She whispered from her room. I went to her room and saw two outfits being held by Alice. One was a dress in a deep shade of red

. The other was a simple black dress

. "Which do you want?" Alice asked. I rolled my eyes and said, "Black one.". Alice nodded and began to dig for accessories. She was probably going to take forever so I left and went downstairs. "Good Morning honey." Dad and mom said. I gave them a peck on the cheek and said, "Don't you mean 'Good Afternoon'? I've been sleeping forever." I moaned. Esme came in the house with an envelope on hand. "Its for you." She handed it to me. I saw from the outside of the envelope it was about my upcoming movie. I opened it and read the letter:
Fuego association would just like to give you details for your upcoming movie.
You will play as a girl whos boyfriend died tragically. Please come to us in Los Angeles. Shooting will begin on the 21st of June.

With absolute thanks,
Fuego association.

I smiled. Fuego was the association that found me. What a sad story. I wondered what would happen to me if I lose Kyle. Maybe I would practically cry all day. I shook my head to get the pictures out of my head. I placed the letter on top of the counter and looked around. Where was Jake? He was usually in our house. The pack was practically free. No vampires threatened Forks or La Push anymore. "Wheres Jake?" I asked no one in particular. "I saw him walking along the woods." Carlisle answered from his studies. "Thanks" I called. I wanted to search for him and say sorry but I did a double take. I looked around the living room to do something.

"Maybe you should write your own song." Dad suggested. I nodded. At least it was something to do.
I grabbed a paper and pen and locked myself in my room. I got a book and placed the paper on top of it so that I could write in bed. What song should I write? Hmm.. Maybe about something that I feel.
I started the First line.

Do you remember, when we looked into
each others eyes? Do you remember
when you said you loved me?

I bit the back tip of my pen. It was about Kyle of course. What next? I wrote the song which took an hour. I had to choose the words carefully. The song turned out to be:

Vs 1:Do you remember, when we looked into
each others eyes? Do you remember
when you said you loved me? My whole
life started then. Each kiss. Each touch was
everything I ever wanted it to be.

Chorus: I made it through the mist. I finally found you.
When you kissed my lips, wipe my tears, held my hand
I knew that no one would ever replace you. My life was brighter than
the sunshine. You took me away to place I never expected to be.

Vs 2: Every pain I felt in my body, you just touch my cheek and
everything is perfect. When you smile, my heart melts. You searched my
eyes and I finally know that you were the one for me.

Vs 3: I'm going to treasure every moment and say I love you every time.
When I touch your hand, its then I understand, the beauty thats within
its now that we begin. You always light my way. I hope there never comes a
day no matter where I go, You'll always love me so..

*Author's note: I suck at writing songs so please forgive me. :D

I gave it a tune when I was done. It was my true feelings. Even if Kyle and I had been a little distant it because of the acting and concerts and such. We were still madly in love with each other. Oh well. I got bored and printed my song. I should send this to Feugo and let this be one of my songs then I would sing it on stage in front of millions of people so that Kyle could see that I loved him that much. He would be flattered I hope. I'm really in love with Kyle. No one could be more perfect than him. placed on a shirt and jeans. "I'm going out!" I called. I grabbed mom's keys and I dashed out the door. I was supposed to get a car soon but I was too busy. I always borrowed mom''s Ferrari. I drove to send my mail to Feugo. After I sent my mail to the post office a group of fans squealed.
"OMG! Its Vanessa!!" A girl cried out and a mob ran to me. I laughed. "You are so amazing! I love your songs! and Kyle is the hottest!" A girl exclaimed. I laughed and signed their autographs and took photos with them. After they left, I drove home. I glanced at my watch. It was 5o clock already. I should start preparing for our date. Its going to be a long way to the restaurant which was in Los Angeles. "Alice! Wheres my outfit? "I asked as soon as I entered the house. "In your room." She called back. "Thanks!" I called out. I heard some rumbling sounds from upstairs. Geez. Ugh. Rosalie and Emmett are always doing "it". I shuddered and got dressed. I took one glance at the mirror. I look decent enough. Alice persuaded me too do wear make up but I refused. Make up just itches and its impractical. I'm more like mom. I grabbed a red coat which Alice would approve and rushed downstairs. "I'm going now!" I called. I grabbed mom's keys and drove away.

I locked the car door when I arrived. I was two minutes early and Kyle wasn't still there. Being on time is not one of Kyle's strong points. I smiled at the thought. I went inside the restaurant. I was greeted by the usher who was obviously flirting with me. That was embarrassing. "Will you be eating with your family Ms. Vanessa?" He asked as he led me to a table with a lot of chairs. "No. I'm with my boyfriend." I smiled at him. He blinked rapidly and led me to a table which had sign said "Reserved".
"Of course. Mr. Stanley reserved this table for you two." He said and left.
I sat down and began to hum the sung I made. Finally, Kyle arrived. He was wearing a light blue polo with black pants. His hair was neatly combed and he looked adorably handsome. He was mobbed by 4 girls and he signed their autographs and came to sit across me at the table.
"Hi." I breathed.
"Hey babe." He said his usual greeting.
I was about to order our food but Kyle interrupted me. "I want to talk about something." He said and looked down. I began to worry. Was Kyle in trouble?
"What is it?" I asked and searched for his eyes but he kept avoiding it.
"I..I d..don't think its.... w-working out... between.. u-us." He looked at my eyes finally.
I touched his hand on the table. "I'm sorry I've been so busy. I promise I'll have more time with you." I said.
"No. Its not you. Its..I've been cheating on you and I feel guilty and.." He swallowed hard. I stared at him in disbelief. Cheating on me? It was as if I have been burned! I kept my cool and breathed in heavily. "How are you cheating on me?" I whispered. He gulped and said, "I've been seeing with another actress. I'd rather not say the name. I paid the paparazzi to keep it a secret." He explained.
I closed my eyes for moment. Hes been cheating..cheating..on me.
"I forgive you. Do you promise that I'm your only girlfriend from now on?" I breathed. I would give him a second chance. Just the second time.
He sighed and stuttered, "You don't get it Nessie..I-I'm..breaking up with you."
I almost choked. Kyle! My fist love is breaking up with me?! I loved him my whole life! He was the one who cheated and I gave him a second chance and he broke up with me...
"!" I screamed and clutched his hand. We were still holding to each other. I could feel everyone looking at us now. Nosy reporters with cameras were snapping at my tearing face. I ignored them. "I'm sorry." He whispered.
"Please. Don't. I love you so much. Please. Please Kyle.." I begged through my tears and held him more tightly. He winced because of my strength and wiggled out of my hand. I let him go. "I'm sorry Nessie. Its just that.. I don't feel any chemistry between us anymore." He said and stood up. He grabbed his coats and went outside being mobbed by reporters which he ignored. I shook alone on the table. This couldn't be happening! How could he?? How..? Does he feel any chemistry with this actress? Why Kyle..? I love him so much..I even wrote a song. I began crying on my table alone while people flashed their cameras at me. No.. I wanted to scream at them but I couldn't find my voice.

After a few minutes, I was still crying. I had to get out of this place. People are mobbing me now and the guards aren't doing a good job. I reached for my phone and dialed Jake's number with shaking fingers. Jake answered it on the first ring.

"Nessie? Whats wrong?" He asked worriedly. I forced to give myself a deep breath and answered with a shaking voice with tears.
"Please. Come pick me up." I asked. I wonder if he understood me. I was shaking so hard.
"At the restaurant right?" He asked worriedly.
"Yeah." I nodded even though he couldn't see me. I was really losing my mind. The paparazzi finally broke through the restaurant and asked me painful questions.
"Did you two break up?!" A reporter asked.
"Why did he dump you?!" Another one said.
That was just too painful. Are they really that desperate for gossip? even if it hurts me? I cried and cried ignoring them. How Kyle..dump me? I thought we belong with each other..
Finally, after an hour, Jacob arrived. He pushed through the crowd and grabbed my hand. Reporters clicked away their cameras. Jacob had an angry face. I rode in the Ferrari and Jake sat in the driver's seat. Did he run all the way? I couldn't bring up my voice to ask. I just kept sobbing.
"Hes a jerk Nessie." Jacob grunted as we sped away.
"He isn't..Hes idiot." I whispered. Why am i defending Kyle? He is an idiot!

"Are you okay?" He asked me, sound worried now.
I shrugged. "I don't know."
We remained silent for a moment, Jacob kept muttering curses under his breath about Kyle. It was frustrating me. I kept on crying. When I thought I found true love, it left me..
"Stupid, idiotic jerk!" Jacob whispered again. We were 1 block away from the house now. I never knew how much time passed while I cried in the car.
"Shut up Jake! Just shut up! Can't you freaking shut up?!" I screamed at him while he muttered his curses. I had the feeling I still had to protect Kyle even if doesn't love me anymore. Jacob looked at me as if he had been punched in the gut so hard. It broke my heart to see him sad but I didn't care right now. Kyle...
"Its true Nessie. He is a jerk." Jacob whispered defensively but his voice was still hurt. He parked the car outside. I couldn't take it anymore. Can't Jake understand what I'm going through?! Had he ever experienced being dumped?! Had he ever experienced that the girl he loves, loves another guy!? Well he hasn't 'cause he never imprinted yet!!
"Shut your mouth Jake Black! I am so frustrated right now! You don't know how I feel okay?! You never experienced loving a girl that loves another guy, so shut up!!" I screamed. I stepped out of the car and slammed the door with more force than needed. I didn't look back on him. I thought I heard him say, "I know how you feel." but I must have just been imagining. I couldn't hear clearly because of the sobs escaping my throat. I stormed in the house and mom and dad were in front of me in a second. "What happened?!" Mom let out a startled cry. Dad brushed my hair off.
"I don't want to talk about it." I snapped. If I talked about it, I'd start sobbing again. I stormed off to my room. I locked my door and leaned against the door. I could feel tears welling up my chest again. I began to cry. "Kyle...Kyle..."I whispered in a choked voice. I kept on crying until I had a control of myself. My body as shaking as I lay down on my bed. I cried again. I cried and cried until I fell asleep.

I stared blankly at my cereal in breakfast. I had a opened letter beside me. It was from Fuego. Alice gave it to me. The letter said that they would accept my new song and let it be in my newest albums. I stood up slowly, leaving my untouched breakfast. I wasn't sure what I should do today. I usually spent most of the time with Kyle---wince. "Um..Nessie, You have a concert today in 3 hours to release a new song..I'll cancel it if you want" Alice told me sympathetically. I stared back for a while, not understanding. "I'll do the concert. Anything to keep my mind off." I mumbled. Alice was still frowning but her eyes were dancing I knew exactly what she was thinking.

New outfit.

I sighed and waited for the three hours to pass. Me, mom,and Alice boarded our jet to get there faster. They all gave me space in the jet. Jacob was still hurt with what I did to him yesterday. He ignored me looked at me from time to time. We landed and drove off to the concert area. The backstage, was bombarded with reporters firing questions to me about our breakup. I ignored them and got dressed Alice threw me an outfit. It was just a regular jeans and puffy white blouse. It was really simple. I forced a smile at Alice and said, "Thanks Alice." I muttered. "Anytime." Her eyes danced.

Crowds were pouring in on the concert arena. I could her them chanting, "Ne-ssie! Ne-ssie!".
"Make up time!" Alice announced, holding a bag that contained torture make up materials.
I sighed and faced Alice. I closed my eyes as she dabbed goo on my face. "You shouldn't be sad! Your Nessie, the famous singer and actress!" Alice exclaimed. I sighed again and said, "Yeah. I'm loveless too." Alice frowned. I could feel the wetness of lipstick on my lips. "There practically zillions of guys out there. He just might be in the corner" Alice muttered. My eyes unintentionally flickered to Jacob who was standing on the aisle looking at the floor. Alice stopped and followed my glance. I looked away instantly. "It could be Jacob." Alice muttered. I heard a deep growl from the chest from Jacob even though he was across the room. I winced. Hes mad. He doesn't like me, I thought. Alice was just making a joke but Jacob got mad. I guess Jacob didn't want us to be anything than just friends.

I sighed. Duh. Of course. He'll find his imprint and they'll live happily ever after and I'm still nothing. "Very mature Alice." I shot back. Alice continued to dab make up.
"25 Seconds!" The stage manager called. Alice was just adding finishing touches. I didn't glance at mirror anymore. Who cares what I look. The stage lights blacked out and everybody took a deep breath. I entered the stage and stood in front of the microphone. The lights slowly went back on and it was dead silence. The song tune began to play. I stiffened. This was the song I made for Kyle. I bit my lip to stop crying. An image of me appeared on a big screen behind me. Everybody cheered thinking my sad face is just an act. I bit my lip again. I began to sing.

Vs 1:Do you remember, when we looked into
each others eyes? Do you remember
when you said you loved me? My whole
life started then. Each kiss. Each touch was
everything I ever wanted it to be.

It was too painful. I couldn't stand it. I sang with such emotion. This was sadness. I could feel sobs rise through my chest.

Chorus: I made it through the mist. I finally found you.
When you kissed my lips, wipe my tears, held my hand
I knew that no one would ever replace you. My life was brighter than
the sunshine. You took me away to place I never expected to be.

Vs 2: Every pain I felt in my body, you just touch my cheek and
everything is perfect. When you smile, my heart melts. You searched my
eyes and I finally know that you were the one for me.

I could feel tears roll down my eyes. It was seen on the big screen. Everybody just swayed to the music. Kyle..This song was for you. A sob accidentally escaped my throat. Only a few noticed. I could see some audiences with tears too. People were almost near thousands just to watch my concert and I won't mess it up. I held back the tears.

Vs 3: I'm going to treasure every moment and say I love you every time.
When I touch your hand, its then I understand, the beauty thats within
its now that we begin. You always light my way. I hope there never comes a
day no matter where I go, You'll always lov--

I stopped. I couldn't say it. You'll always love me so.. I couldn't say it. I couldn't! Kyle doesn't love me. I panicked. People stopped swaying and stared at me with tears rolling like crazy down my face. I looked at them, not knowing what to do. Another sob escaped my throat. I was really crying now, in front of thousands of people. "Whats happening?" A fan asked. I couldn't speak or sing. I couldn't say that last line. It was too painful. Why did you do this to me Kyle? I stood there with my hands shaking and my eyes crying. "Sing! Sing! Sing!" People began to chant. I shook more. Just one line Nessie and your outta here, I reminded myself but the chant grew louder and I couldn't take it anymore. It was too much. I looked around, panicked. Stop it! I wanted to scream. I placed my hand on my ears and shook my head violently.
I ran out of the stage and everybody gasped. I went through the backstage ignoring the stage crew's concerned questions. I found my mom and held her elbow, "Mom. Lets go. Please!" I begged through my tears. Without another word, we all left. I could feel the stage manager's glare when we left.
"We payed big buck for this concert! Bring out Nessie!" A man called from the concert area. The stage manager took the microphone and said to it, "Sorry. Nessie just had an important emergency. Concert will continue soon. See our website for details.". People began to boo. "We payed for a concert now!" A female called. The stage manager glared at us for the last time as we dash out.

We drove to the jet and went in the jet. Alice had to support me all the way because I was crying so hard, I couldn't stand up. She placed me in a chair. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.." I said with a shaking voice. "Its not your fault Nessie." Jacob soothed and tucked a hair behind my ear. Mom glanced at Jacob. Jacob glanced back with sad eyes. My intuition flickered; there was a secret that I didn't know.
We were home already and Jacob drove all the way to the Cullen's house. I got down from the car. I stopped crying already but my eyes were so numb. I could still remember their demanding chants on my head. "SING! SING! SING!" I blinked off the memory as dad rushed out of the house to get us. "Oh dad!" I cried and threw myself to him. "I know what happened. Its ok. Its ok. Its not your fault." Dad said and carried me to my room just like I was a child again. I didn't protest.

Dad lay me on the bed and he and mom sat beside my bed. Dad began to sing a lullaby. I saw Jacob sat on the armchair across my bed and watched me. I curled up into a ball and slept while mom and dad were there. Just like a baby...

I woke up. It was a rainy day in Forks as usual. I saw Jacob still in the armchair since last night.Hes going to get a stiff neck if continues to sleep like that. I slowly carried him to my bed and lay him down. He turned and snored. I couldn't smile. I hope everything was dream but it wasn't. I took a shower and went downstairs. "Mom? Dad? Alice? Rosalie? Jasper? Emmett? Esme? Carlisle?" I called everyone in a hoarse voice. They were sitting on the couches already in a flash. "Yes honey?" Dad asked. I sat down and breathed, "I don't want to be a singer or an actress anymore." Everyone looked surprised, except dad. "A-Are you sure?" Rosalie asked. "Yes." I whispered. "Of course. Anything you want." Mom said. Emmett said, "What will you do then kiddo?"
I shrugged, "Its not like I need a job."
"What Emmett means, what will you do to cover yourself? You can't just disappear. You still have to be see in public or it will reveal our identity as vampires." Jasper said. I haven't though about that.
"I'll be a regular teenager. I'll go to school and shopping" I said without enthusiasm.
"We'll support whatever choices you make." Carlisle and Esme said. I nodded and forced a smile.
Alice sighed and pulled out a phone and said, "I'll tell them that your quitting." I nodded at Alice. After Alice fought with my agency she said, "You should come tomorrow to them and sign your papers.". I nodded numbly again. I remembered a mom's face and Jacob's face and blurted out, "Are you keeping a secret from me?"
They all looked at each other.
"No." Dad said. He looked as if he was telling the truth but I knew better how dad could act. Jacob suddenly came yawning down the stairs. "Hey. Whats up?" He yawned. Rosalie shuddered. "I'm quitting." I whispered. That snapped him out. "Are you sure?" He asked. I nodded and said, "I'm going to search for the perfect guy who won't hurt me" Jacob looked expectant. All the Cullens left the room. I was awkward with Jacob. "Nessie, how do you feel about me?" He asked looking straight into my eye. Before I could speak, Jacob held my face very gently and I didn't back away. I knew I should but something held me in place. Slowly, he leaned down to kiss me..

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Chapter 8.

1 week after the pregnancy issue, I went back to the showbiz world and Feugo welcomed me back with open arms. I was still going to school. Alice managed to squeeze my acting schedule and school. At school, me and Tracy had become the best of friends. I didn't wear half-naked clothing anymore. I wasn't popular and doesn't have a boyfriend. David is still scared of me and Eve keeps taunting me. Her hair was cropped short, near her chin. It turned out, Tracy was a smart student and very quiet but once you get know her, she is so energetic and full of life you just have to smile! She still argues with me if I tell her she is pretty. She strongly denies it.

"Good morning everybody." I greeted as I went down the stairs. It was a good rainy morning. I wore a blue shirt and jeans. They all kissed me on the cheek and sat down beside Jacob who was scarfing down hot dogs. "Where is mom and dad?" I asked Rosalie, who was unwillingly cooking breakfast. "They went out somewhere which leaves me to feed this demanding mutt." Rosalie said while cooking. Jake snickered and whispered in my eat even if Rosalie could hear, "Bossing her around if kinda fun. Your mom begged Rosalie" I just smiled. "You look beautiful." I complimented Rosalie to steam her off. It worked. She smiled as she looked at her reflection from a mirror behind us. Jacob rolled his eyes. "I'm off to school!" I announced and said my goodbyes. "Hey, I'll pick you up later with Embry and Seth." Jake called before I closed the door. "Okay!" I called back. I drove to school happily. As soon as I got down from the car, I spotted Tracy walking to school. "Tracy!" I waved my hand and she saw me. She looked exhausted and the day haven't even started yet. "What happened to you? Wheres your car?" I asked. Tracy groaned. "My car broke down and mom and dad used the other cars and my brothers just had to borrow the car and I can't bring a limo to school! That draws to much attention!" She said

*Take note: Its a school for rich people. Not Forks High School*

I laughed. "You should have called me. I would have picked you up." I said and she just shrugged. "Did you hear what Eve is saying about you and whats up with David?" She asked with sparkling eyes. Here comes her enthusiasm. "Nope but for the record I don't care about David but tell me." I said.
"Well, Eve says you sell drugs and stuff like that. She also said that was the reason why David broke up with you. Can you believe her?! About David, he is dating Cameron aka Eve's minion! Eve was so frustrated! I saw them fighting in front of a restaurant." She said, happily. I laughed. When your down, you just have to go to Tracy. "Forget her. Oh, by the way, I'm having a premiere of my new movie next Tuesday and I want you to come." I invited Tracy. "Really? Sure! But, what am I going to wear?" She said, suddenly worried.
"Oh please. You can wear rags for all I care. Your so pretty no one will car--" I started when Tracy cut me off. "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not pretty! If I am, why don't I have a boyfriend?" She said. I frowned. She wanted to be so fast on love while I wanted to take time. "You will soon." I said. We walked to our next classes and as usual Eve gave me
her daily insult. "Nice shirt freak." She teased. I ignored her and sat on my chair. "Hey Nessie, Are you busy after school?" Josh asked me. He was the only one of David's friends who still talks to me and always ask me out on dates.
"Yeah, I am." I smiled. He shrugged and went away. Sometimes, time flies by so fast, I just suddenly found myself walking with Tracy to lunch. I didn't even remember going out.
"You want a ride after school?" I asked her.
"Sure." She said. We sat on one of the corner tables at the cafeteria. Tracy pulled out her Macaroni salad and began to eat. "I know you have a secret. Please, tell me." She begged. I rolled my eyes. Tracy is being suspicious of my diet and my strength. I beat 4 guys in an arm wrestling match during GYM.
"I have no secret. I just don't like the food here and I'm just naturally strong." I explained. Now she rolled her eyes.
"Right and your parents have bronze eyes! You have your Mr. Swan's hair and you tell me your adopted!" She said. Mom and Dad came to school for a parents-teachers-conference. They had no choice.
"Sssh. I am adopted. Can you just drop it?" I said. "Fine." She grumbled. I could never tell Tracy that I was a vampire and so was my family. She could be in a lot of danger.
"Speaking of your parents, did you know a lot of students has a crush on your parents? They took photos of them secretly while they were in school days ago." Tracy said, making it sound like a science trivia. I just shrugged.
"I really don't believe that they are 30. They look as the same age as you!" She exclaimed. I just rolled my eyes. I can't let anything slip my mouth.
The bell suddenly rang. Lunch was over. "Oh, my friend's friends are coming to pick me up okay? I'll meet you at the parking lot." I called to Tracy before we got separated in the crowd. She flashed me a thumbs up and she disappeared.
I passed by David and his eyes grew big. He walked away quickly. He was still scared of my threat.
"You' will pay for this" I said before. I never did it though.
Classes flashed by with the teacher's eyes sliding past my seats.

During dismissal, I was waiting for Jacob and his friend and Tracy. Jacob, Embry, and Seth came, walking to school. "Hey Jake!" I waved and hugged all of them. "Its been a long time since I've seen you!" Seth cried and gave me an extra hug. Seth wasn't a kid anymore. He was as old as we are permanently. I laughed. "Grown girl." Embry complimented. I laughed. "Lets go?" Jacob asked.
"My friend needs a ride. That's okay right?" I asked. "Sure." They all said. Tracy finally appeared, wondering where to find me. I called her and she walked to me. "Sorry I was so late." She apologized. "Its okay." I said. Tracy smiled meekly to the guys behind me. "Oh, Tracy this is Jacob, Embry, and Seth. They are close family friends." I explained. Tracy had to look up a little to see their faces. "And guys, this is Tracy, my best friend," I introduced. Jacob and Seth smiled at her. Tracy smiled shyly. She was the shy Tracy I knew when I first met her. Embry stared at Tracy and Tracy stared back. My intuition flickered. Me, Jacob, and Seth exchanged glances with shock. Our mouths were hanging open. Could it be? Embry and Tracy are staring so hard at each other. Don't tell me Embry..Oh my gosh! Embry really did! Jacob and Seth were speechless. Who ever thought Tracy would find her perfect guy with me?! Embry just had an imprint!! And its on Tracy!! Embry looked like he was a blind man who had just seen the sun. After a moment of Tracy and Embry staring, Tracy flushed so hard and looked away.

Me, Jacob, and Seth collapsed into laughter. Embry blushed in a deep shade of red when he tore his eyes away from Tracy. "Am I missing a joke?" Tracy said. That made us laugh even harder. I can't believe they stared at each other for more than 2 minutes without blinking! We all went to the car. I sat in the passengers seat while Embry, Tracy, and Seth squeezed in behind. Jacob drove away. "Nessie, 2 days from now, I have something to tell you." Jake said.
"Why don't you just tell me now?" I asked.
"Blame your dad. Blah!" He grunted. I dropped the subject and spied on Tracy from behind. Embry was in the middle and Seth and Tracy took the window seats. I caught Embry peeking at Tracy and Tracy was peeking too. We dropped Tracy off at her house. "Thank you guys, Nessie." Tracy said as she stepped out. She took one last glance at Embry and went in her house.
"EMBRY JUST HAS AN IMPRINT!!" Seth declared in the car when we started to drive away. Embry punched Seth on the gut. "I never thought, Embry would imprint on Tracy." I said. "They were lost in goo goo world when they stared at each other!" Jacob teased and we burst out laughing. "What about your imprint Jakey?!" Embry teased. The car grew quiet. I was mystified. Jacob..had an imprint..? "You had an imprint and didn't tell me?!" I demanded, all joking gone. I confided Jake everything. Why won't he tell he his imprint? I won't strangle his imprint to death if that what he was thinking!
Jacob threw a glare at Embry and Embry showed a face of regret. "Who wants to go to the beach?" Seth asked. We ignored him. "No, I don't." Jacob whispered, not meeting my eyes. He drove looking at the road.

"Why didn't you tell me who it is?" I demanded again. It was obvious he was lying He shrugged and said, "No one"
"Sine when did you have your imprint?" I asked, ignoring his answer again. "I said ' no one'" He said. "I can't believe you won't tell me you had an imprint! I won't strangle her to death, mind you," I said. Jacob was my best friend and he didn't tell me he had an imprint!
"I don't have an imprint. Just Drop it. Embry just made a joke" He said and smiled at me. His smile made me hard to stay mad. I laughed, "Fine." I said. He laughed. Seth and Embry snickered from behind. I can't believe no one liked Jacob yet. Hes so handsome and strong and caring and kind and funny and his smile was really infectious. They dropped me off at my house. "Er, Nessie, tomorrow, know," Embry asked, blushing. Jake and Seth burst into laughter. I nodded and went in my house.

"You won't believe what happened!" I exclaimed when I entered the house. "What?" They all asked. I paused for a dramatic effect. "Embry imprinted on Tracy." Dad said, ruining my effect. Emmett burst into laughter. "Gee dad, How did you know?" I asked sarcastically. Stupid mind reading gift. Dad laughed. I went to my room and thought deeply.
I can't believe Jacob still doesn't have an imprint yet and Embry already has one!! After random thoughts of anger, I fell asleep. A phone call woke me up. "Mmm. Hello?" I said as I picked up the receiver. "Nessie, Its Tracy. Want to go shopping after school the day after tomorrow? I need an outfit for your movie premiere." She asked. "Sure." I said and hung up. I slept again for five more minutes and woke up. After doing my morning stuff, I drove away to school. I remembered about the imprint and was getting mad. If I was honest to myself, I was jealous. Jealous that Jacob had a love of his life while I don't. When I got down from the car at the school parking lot, I saw a b*** of photographers taking snapshots of me outside the school gate. I ignored them and found Tracy locking her car. "Hey Trace" I greeted her. "Hey." She mumbled.
Woah. She looks in the pits. Whats bugging her? She isn't flooding me with the usual gossip. We walked to our classes quietly. "Whats bugging you?" I finally asked. She sighed and said, "Yesterday, Your friend, Embry right?, looked at me and I just had to look back. He was quite..handsome. When I got home, I checked myself in the mirror if there was any gum or dirt on my face but I saw that I was wearing a lousy outfit and my hair was all messed up! That was so embarrassing! Did anything" She asked shyly. I forced myself not to giggle. Tracy liked Embry too!
"Actually, he was asking m what you think about him! He totally fell for you!" I exclaimed, loving to play matchmaker. Tracy's eyes grew wide. "Really? Hes okay. I guess." She said quietly. I snorted. "You can admit it anytime that you like him back too!" I said. Tracy blushed. "I guess I like him..but I don't know him that much." She said.
I rolled my eyes and pulled out my cellular phone and punched it a number.
"Hello?" Embry answered.
"Hi Embry, Its me Nessie." I said. Tracy's eyes grew wide.
"Um, did Tracy say anything about me?" He asked.
"Yeah, Tracy asked about you. She said your quite handsome." I said.
Tracy looked so pale that she might pass out. "I can't believe you said that!" Tracy mouthed.
There was a pause. "Oh. Um. Why did you call?" Embry coughed.
"I was wondering if you and Jake can pick us up again. Tracy's car broke down." I lied. Tracy tried to reach my phone but I dodged it. "No!" Tracy mouthed.
"Sure! Meet you there later." Embry said. I said goodbye and hung up.

I laughed so hard. "Why did you tell him that I said he was handsome?! I almost died!" Tracy exclaimed. "They're picking us up later." I said. "But my car isn't broken!" She wailed. I rolled my eyes. "Then we'll break it." I said with an evil smile. "Fine. But if it is permanently damaged, you'll pay for it." Tracy said. I laughed. Tracy was so rich! "Maybe Embry could fix it. He knows how to build cars you know." I teased. Tracy almost fell. "He does?!" She demanded. I laughed. "Lets go to your car later and break it." I said. Tracy laughed. "Okay but not too much damage. Who knows how long that car will take to be fixed. I don't want to walk to school you know." She said. I laughed and nodded. We went to our classes with smiles.

"Pathetic adopted girl." Eve told me her daily insult.

During lunch, Tracy and I went to the parking lot to destroy some parts of her car. "What part should we destroy?" She asked. I snickered at her use of word. It was like the car was just a pencil. I opened the hood and pulled a red wire. I didn't know what it was though. "I guess that's enough." I said. "Yeah, one wire is enough." She agreed. We went back to the cafeteria and talked about Embry.
"What do you think about him?" I asked a little too directly. She blushed.
"Um, I think hes handsome and he has a gentle smile." She said shyly. I pressed my lips to stop laughing.
"I know he likes you." I said seriously. Tracy laughed and said, "Oh gee, Love at first sight. Wow." She said sarcastically. If only Tracy knew, for Embry it was love at first sight.
"What do you think about that guy? I mean, what was his name? Jacob right?" She asked darkly.
"W-w-what? Jacob? I t-think hes o-o-kay." I stuttered. That question just popped out of no where!
"You like him!" Tracy accused.
"No!" I disagreed quickly "He has a crush on someone."
"Do you know who it is?" She asked.
"No. He won't tell me." I explained, suddenly getting annoyed that Jacob didn't tell me the truth if he imprinted or not.
"I bet its you." Tracy said as she sipped on her soda. I didn't say anything. Jacob told he doesn't have an imprint and I trust him..

The bell rang and we went to our classes.
I didn't think of anything during classes other than who might be Jacob's imprint.

"Nessie!" Jacob called. It was dismissal time already. Embry was beside him looking all shy. Tracy was beside me looking shy too. "Hey. Hi Tracy." Jacob greeted us. Tracy smiled. "Hi Nessie, Tracy," Embry said shyly.
"Hi Jacob, Hi Embry." Tracy greeted. I just had to laugh! It was so awkward! "Embry, Tracy's car broke down, can you fix it?" I asked. Tracy pointed to a car and we all went there. Something caught my eye, The red cable was beside the car, lying down. Uh-oh. We didn't dispose the evidence. Tracy must have notice because she blushed like crazy.
"What Did you deliberately cut this off?" Jacob asked, picking it up. Embry laughed and Tracy joined in.
"I can fix it. Lets go for now." Embry said.
"Okay. I'll call a tow truck later to pick it up." Tracy said. Embry's eyes glittered. "Um, if you don't mind, I'll, uh, come, uh, with you? Just to, uh, make sure your," Embry said. Me and Jake were practically crying from laughter.
Emby just looked like an idiot. "Sure!" Tracy said without hesitation and blushed. Me and Jake burst into laughter and rode in my car.

I immediately took the front seat to leave Tracy and Embry behind. Jacob drove away. "Do you mind if you just drop me off in the music studio?" She asked shyly. Tracy takes singing lessons every Friday and wow, shes good. "Sure." Jacob said simply. "You sing?" Embry asked. Tracy blushed and said, "Yeah, its sort of a past time."
"Cool." Embry said and I knew he meant it. "And," I added "Tracy had a lot of mountain climbing experiences."
Embry's eyes grew big. "Daredevil girl?" He teased Tracy. Tracy finally smiled. "Yeah. You shouldn't underestimate me." She shot back and Embry laughed. Despite Tracy's shyness and glasses, she was an extreme sports fan. She might not look like it but she is.
"What do you do?" Tracy asked, gaining confidence. Embry thought for a while.
"Building cars and..cliff diving." He grinned. Jacob rolled his eyes. "Everyone does that." Jacob whispered to me and Tracy couldn't hear. I chuckled.
"Really? You have to take me to cliff diving sometime!" Tracy exclaimed and bushed. I knew what Jacob was thinkning, Tracy was like my mom in some ways, reckless but smart.
Embry laughed. "I can't do that." He said.
"Its because I'm a girl isn't it?" She said and frowned and looked out the window. Embry looked hurt. "No! I just think how dangerous it might be" Embry protested.
"We'll take you Tracy. I've done it before." I said to break up the fight. "Okay." She said and Embry flashed me a thankful glance. We dropped off Tracy.
"Jake, are you going to tell me if you imprinted or not?" I asked when Tracy went down, forgetting about her and Embry.
"Tomorrow Nessie." He said.
Did Jacob imprint? Why do I have to wait for tomorrow!?

The next day, all the Cullens left the house when I woke up. I decided to absent for school since Jacob told me so. Who is the girl?! I couldn't take my mind off whoever Jacob imprinted on. I found Jacob sitting alone in the living room watching a movie. "Hey Ness." He greeted and stood up. "Hi. Whats the big announcement?" I said and sat down. He sat beside me.
He took a deep breath and said,
"Renesmee, I wanted to tell you this all along, ever since you were born, I loved you and will always love you. I promise to never hurt you. I'll be whatever you want me to be, a protector, lover, best friend, brother. Anything! I love you Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I'm sorry I never told you that I imprinted on you. It was for you. I wanted you to live a normal life. I love you..more than my own life"

I didn't speak. My thoughts swirled and I got dizzy. What was he saying? Is this a dream? It had to be. He loves me? I unconsciously touched my necklace mom and dad gave me. There was engraved there, "More than my own life"
I was too stunned. I was right? Jacob imprinted on me? All this time? I've been searching and here he was just beside me? I've been going through a lot of pains because of love and he was just there? I went through painful experiences and he just kept it as a secret? He just told me now?! When I decided to give up on love? I wept every night in bed because of the wound in my heart love caused me and he just expects me too love him too!? He lied to me all this time?! All those friends crap when he loves me?! I loved him too but why did he wait when I was badly hurt and have given up? He imprinted on me but never told me? Did he think that if I was badly hurt and then he'd tell me he imprinted on me and I'd just run into his arms?! Questions crossed my mind.

"Nessie?" He asked after a while and stroked my cheek. I stood up. "Don't touch me!" I snapped. He winced. "I've been going a lot of pain Jake and you know that! Now, you tell me and what? Do you expect me to run into your arms and say 'I love you too?! Jacob, I'm wounded! You can't just jump on me like that! I told you! I've given up on love! Why did you have to wait until I was hurt and destroyed and incomplete?! Worst of all, you didn't tell me earlier! You lied to me that you didn't have an imprint!! How sickening! YOU LIED TO ME JACOB BLACK!" I screamed. Jacob winced and I started to cry. NO! I don't want to feel pain again. I bit my lip to stop the tears from flowing. Jacob lied!
"I wanted to tell you, believe me. Its just that.." He said.
"Just what?! huh!?"" I demanded.
"Its your parents. They want you to live a normal life and I agreed but I didn't someone would hurt you.." Jake said in a rush so I couldn't interrupt.
Mom and dad was involved?!
"I'm sorry.." He said.
"Get out." I whispered, looking away. He looked so hurt, I wanted to hug him but he hurt me.
"What?" He whispered.
"I said 'get out!'" I screamed, pointing to the door. Tears were flowing out of my eyes so much that it was a blur.
"Please Nessie.. I love you.." He whimpered.
"GET OUT JACOB BLACK! I HATE YOU!" I screamed. I saw a tear escape his eye as he walked out of the door. I slammed the door hard when he was out..I didn't see eyes were blurred by the tears..

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Chapter 9

Someone disturbed my crying by knocking on my bedroom door. "Go away!" I yelled. "Its your mom Nessie." Mom said. I sniffed and opened the door. She went in and sat down on my bed looking at me with sympathetic eyes. "Why?" I croaked. "Forgive Jacob..please. He only meant the best for you." Mom whispered. I shook angrily. I knew very well it wasn't from sadness but anger. "That's easy for you to say mom, you and dad and Jake planned this!" I said managing to control screaming. She sighed a heavy sigh.
"We didn't know this would happen." She apologized.
"Well it did and it hurts so damn painful!!" I screeched.
"Just give him a second chance...Hes so sad." Mom pleaded.
"Oh! So this was about not hurting Jake's feelings, not mine!!!" I snapped.
"No! Its for the both you honey, We are so sorry.." Mom said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.
"Why did you do it mom? Why did you tell Jake to tell me so late?" I whispered, crying.
"We wanted you to live a normal life and not be locked up in the house snuggling all the time with Jake. We wanted you to feel the air outside.." Mom explained sadly.
"CRAP! MOM! YOU DON'T WANT ME TO DO THAT BUT YOU DO THAT WITH DAD EVERYDAY!!!! I'VE BEEN SO ALONE!! SO LOST!! THAT'S YOUR REASON?! YOU HAD FREAKING LOVE MOM!! WHEN YOU MET DAD, HE WAS THE FIRST AND THE TRUE ONE!! YOU NEVER EXPERIENCED GETTING DUMPED!!!!! WHAT DO YOU AND DAD KNOW?! HUH?!? WHEN DAD LEFT YOU, HE STILL LOVED YOU AND WHEN KYLE AND DAVID LEFT ME, I WAS NO ONE TO THEM ANYMORE!!!! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!" I screamed so loud. I realized I was shouting 5 inches away from her face and she was crying. I leaned away and sobbed. I can't believe I said that to my mom! I couldn't find the words to apologize. Mom stared at me but was still crying. "Whats going on?" Dad boomed in my room and hugged if he was protecting her from me..."Why did you say those selfish things to your mom Nessie!?" Dad said with his voice pure of acid. "It was the truth." I whispered.

"Don't ever say that to your mom!!!!!!" Dad bellowed. "Oh shut up dad! I'm not a kid!! Don't play with me anymore!!! You and mom keeps on doing goey goey with each other while I've been suffering like crap!!!" I back fired. I didn't care if I hurt there feelings anymore. I only spoke the truth. "I'm very disappointed with you Nessie," Dad shook his head.
"Well your a disappointment as parents too!!" I shot back. I wish I didn't say it. Dad looked really hurt and so did mom.
Dad took mom by the arm and said, "You hurt Jake's feelings and hes the one you lean on for support. He never meant to do anything wrong. He loved you so much..and you don't know how many times you have hurt him." Dad whispered and left the room with mom.
I hurt Jakes feelings..? I began to track down every memory that happened to me.

"Because I love him. Thats why." I snapped at Jake
"Shut up Jake! Just shut up! Can't you freaking shut up?!" I screamed at him
"Shut your mouth Jake Black! I am so frustrated right now! You don't know how I feel okay?! You never experienced loving a girl that loves another guy, so shut up!!" I screamed.
"Are you really that desperate for love?! Do you want me to fall in love with you and you walk away when you find your imprint?!!!! Don't toy with me Jacob!!! Your no different from Kyle who uses girls!!!!" I screamed.

I snapped out of my flashbacks. Wow. I really was mean..terrible.Why did Jake lie to me? Why? My phone rang and I ignored it. It kept ringing so I finally picked it up. "Hello?" I said, voice croaked.
"Its me Tracy..are you okay?" Tracy asked, immediately catching the sadness in my voice.
"Yeah. Yeah. Whats up?" I asked while sniffing.
"Just seeing why you were absent.." She said. There was a dead silence.
I finally said, "Do you want to go shopping now instead of tomorrow?"
"Sure! I've got loads to tell you about when Embry went with me to get my car!" Tracy exclaimed. That hurt a bit.
"Sure." I whispered.
"Bye! Meet you at the mall!" She said. I expected she would just hung up the phone and not wait for me to say goodbye too.
"Nessie?" She asked worriedly.
"Bye.."I trailed off and hung up.
I wept for a few minutes and changed, wanting to get out of the house. I ran outside before mom and dad would ask me. I slipped in the car and drove to the mall. I could feel my nose running because my my crying. I tried to think some happy thoughts...and winced. All of my happy thoughts involved Jake..I arrived first at the mall before Tracy. I looked around for something to do but I was mobbed by a few fans from inside the mall. I signed their autographs and a little girl asked me, "Miss Vanessa," She said shyly "Why are you sad?" It pierced me. This little girl could see right through my act even though I pretended to look please with my fans and she saw through it. "Nothing." I convinced her with a smile. She smiled back and I signed her autograph. When the crowd broke away from me, I saw Tracy standing on the corner looking at me.

She jogged to me and said, "Gosh, there were so many fans I wasn't sure if it was you." She said. I laughed and I didn't fool her. "Whats up with you?" She asked, catching the none hearty laughter. I decided to tell her.
"My friend Jake, likes me and I said some bad things and I don't know if I want to be with him but I do but.." I trailed off.
"Don't you like him back?" She asked as she watched some window shops.
"I love him! but, not in the romantic least..not yet." I muttered.
"I don't know what happened but whatever your heart is saying, you should follow it and maybe you should say sorry to Jake. He just loves you." Tracy encouraged. One things I like about Tracy is that when your serious, shes serious too, when your sad, she makes you happy.

I hugged her. "Thanks Trace." I muttered. Though, I wasn't really convinced since Tracy didn't know anything about vampires and werewolves. "Anytime." She muttered. We pulled back and Tracy gasped. "That dress! Its perfect!" She exclaimed. She pointed through a glass window with a frilly red dress.

I laughed as Tracy pulled me in the store. She bought it after she wore it and I had to admit, it was showing off her beauty.
We chatted more, well, Tracy did most of the chatter and walked around the mall. I couldn't concentrate on Tracy's little gossip. I was too concerned about Jake.. Did I over do it? It wasn't his fault that I got hurt..Maybe I shouldn't be blaming it all on him. But, Do I love him..? My heart automatically thudded in response. I shook my head to snap out.
Me and Tracy went home after darkness fell. I drove home feeling lost and uncertain.

When I arrived home, I found mom and dad snuggling with each other on the couch and they immediately stood up when I entered. They were lost in their lovey-dovey world that they didn't even hear my car coming. "How are you?" Mom and dad asked. "Fine." I lied and stalked off. I had the urge to cry when I was alone in my room but forced it. All my life, all I ever did was cry..I want to make a change..I hate feeling sorry for myself..No one could hurt me anymore, I promised to myself. Not even Eve..

3 days later, I never talked to Jacob and avoided him but it pained me though. Jacob knocked on my house and I told him to "Go away!". He left sadly and I went back upstairs. Was it Jacob's fault? Not really..I told myself uncertainly. I sorted out my thoughts until I slept and had a dream about me and Jacob..

I found myself with Jacob in the cliff where we were before. The sunset was beautiful and so was the greenery like I remembered. Jacob placed his hand gently on my face and I looked at his eyes. He leaned slowly and I leaned too. Soon, our lips found each other and kissed passionately like any movie. It looked so romantic than any movie. He held me tightly to him and finally, we broke away. I saw Jacob looked at me sadly and said, "I'm sorry that I did that. Without your love, I don't have a reason to live.." He said sadly. He walked to the edge of the cliff and enjoyed the view. "Not even nature's beauty can compare to yours." He said sadly and took one step to the edger part of the cliff. I realized what he was doing, he was trying to kill himself! The Nessie in my dream reached out for Jake and her mouth opened but no voice came out. Jake jumped off the cliff and fell the dark endless nothingness. The Nessie in my dream just kept weeping ...

I woke up, panting hard. That dream. Jake would never do that!! He can't kill himself just because of me!! But your his imprint and you broke his heart, a thought occurred to me. I wanted to slap myself for even thinking that! I breathed in trying to calm myself. Sweat was trickling down my forehead. I flicked on the lap I glanced at the clock beside me. 11:08 pm. The clock said. I breathed. What a dream. It was so romantic..I could feel Jacob's lips into mine.. it felt so..real. I sighed as I knew it was just a dream but Jacob killing himself was horrible!! I need to calm down, I told myself. Jacob wouldn't kill himself. Hes not that stupid. But your dad almost killed himself for love, another thought crossed my mind. Where were these thoughts coming from?!?! Dad went to the Volturi because he thought mom was dead..
That means Jacob could kill himself too, another thought crossed my mind. "AARGH!" I cried with frustration. Seriously, where all these thoughts coming from?!!? I shifted my position because my legs were becoming stiff. My eyes darted to the phone beside me. Maybe I should apologize to Jake...It wasn't his fault that he hurt me..before he does something stupid.

I reached for the receiver and punched in Jake's number. After a 2 rings, I put it down. Billy might be asleep and I wouldn't to wake him up. I'll try tomorrow..I doze off to a weary sleep..My dream had repeated again but this time, I was able to scream, "JAKE---I--LOVE YOU!!" but it was too late he had already jumped..

I woke up again but it was morning now. 7am. I was still sweating. Stupid. Stupid dream. It was Thursday and I planned to be absent for school..again. I dressed and went downstairs. "headed to school?" Mom asked glumly. I flashed her a smile and said, "Headed to Jake." Mom smiled as I went to my car and drove to Billy's. Who cares if I'm hurt? The important thing is, Jacob isn't. I finally arrived at Billy's and knocked on the door. Billy opened the door. Billy had aged. "Nessie?" He asked, surprised. "Hey Billy. Is Jake there?" I said, glancing inside. "Nope. Hes at the hunting spot. You know, the nice view, he said he wanted to watch the sunrise and got off early." Bily explained, searching my eyes.
"NO!" I cried. My dream! It was telling me something. "Whats wrong?" BIlly asked, worriedly.
"Thanks Billy!" I called out as I slid into my car, ignoring his question. I drove at full speed to the hunting grounds.

I got out of my car and ran and ran. Please be still alive Jake, I begged mentally. I felt tears gather around my eyes. "I won't cry." I promised and shook away the tears. I ran at full speed begging silently. I saw brightness up ahead
and knew it was the cliff. I heard someone groaning and footsteps walking around. Oh no!! I begged. I ran faster and as I entered, the brightness blinded me and I had to close my eyes..

"Jake!" I cried. Jacob was standing at the edge of the cliff, crying. Even when crying, Jacob looked so handsome. So handsome it pained me to see him crying. He wasn't sobbing, just tears streaming down his face. Jacob looked startled and took a step towards me. I miraculously stopped my tears from flowing. It pierced my heart thousands of times to see him crying. My heart thudded widely against my chest. I couldn't lie anymore. I love Jake. More than a friend. I always knew that but it was buried so deep in my heart."Nessie?" He asked as if I wasn't real. "Jake," I repeated. He took awkward steps towards me and away from the cliff. "Why?" He asked, trying to stop his tears. "I-I'm sorry." I whispered. I was amazed that I actually controlled my tears but I couldn't stop my tearless sobs. "Its.not your fault." He said, and lowered his head.
"It is! I'm so sorry Jake!" I cried. I wanted to hug him so badly but..does he want to hug me?
"I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have waited.." He trailed off.

He turned around and watched the view. Just like my dream except that were talking and did not kiss, a thought crossed my mind. I wanted to kill myself for thinking of that. "I know that," Jacob whispered. He still had tears flowing out of his eyes "you don't love more than a friend but..I will always..lov--" Jacob stopped as I screamed, "I LOVE YOU JACOB BLACK!!". Jacob looked shocked. I was surprised that what I just said came from out of my lips.
Not lips, but your heart, a thought flashed my mind. I was so happy to know that I didn't have all negative thoughts.

"R-really?" Jacob stammered. He looked so helpless. "Yeah, I love you Jacob Black." I muttered, staring into his eyes.
He took a hesitant step towards me. I was so tired that I flung myself to him and hugged him. No more awkward moments! He hugged back and I crushed him to me. I could feel his tears dropping behind my shirt but I didn't care. I hugged him and it felt so good. We finally pulled each other away for what seemed like an hour. He wasn't crying anymore but his eyes were red. " you too, Renesmee Cullen." He whispered. I like the sound of him telling me that he loved me and the sound of my real name..the real me. Me and Jake sat down on the grass wand watched the view while apologizing to each other. Our mood went from glum to awkward to smiling to laughter and finally, happiness. I finally brought up a question that was bugging me. "Were you um..trying to....kill yourself?" I asked and flushed. Jacob laughed in a husky tone. I was instantly grateful that he found it funny. "Well, I did consider it..its been 3 days you know..and..those 3 days were so long..but, yeah, I was considering it...I can't live without you Nessie." He whispered. I winced but I think he didn't notice.

"But I had to take care of Billy since hes old now and the pack is counting on me.." He continued. I nodded thoughtfully.
"Why did you think of that?" He asked suddenly.
"I just had a dream and realized, I wanted to be with you while I still can.." I said honestly.
"You sound like the end of the world is coming." He teased. I laughed.
"You never know what could happen to us.." I trailed off. Jacob winced I didn't want to talk about losing each other since we just got together. We stood up, ready to leave. Like in my dream, Jacob gently held my face and leaned down. I leaned to hip too. Our lips met and it was as if our surroundings has been filled with light. Jacob and I kissed passionately until my knees went weak. He broke away. I was afraid, this might be a dream again and Jacob would jump off the cliff. Instead, he took my hand and we left the cliff, hand in hand.
wipeee!!! next please!!!
Love it!! jake and NESSIE ARE FINALY 2gether <3
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love it love it love it
post more soon please :)
I loved that movie! It was so funny!!!


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